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Tears In a Vial

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Neo Kaos Kaiser, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. Okay... Here's another attempt to write something that I'll actually finish, (Not getting my hopes up...), but anyway enjoy and any criticism is appreciated.

    Chapter 1

    The sphere of energy flew from my mouth. Before it started falling, I fired three streams of frozen energy that instantly froze the sphere solid.

    "Now when it comes down use Razor Shell," My trainer said smiling. The ball started falling and I took the two shells of my hips. I jumped and surrounded the two shells with a blue aura. I swung one arm upward, diagonally, straight through the frozen ball then twisted and swung my other arm the opposite way before falling back down to the ground. I landed on one knee, with my hands pressed onto the grass. Four quarters of a sphere fell down around me before hitting the ground and shattering. I stood up and replaced the shells to my hips.

    "Well, well..." someone said watching from the edge of the trees. My ears twitched when I heard someone other than my trainer speak. I looked over and saw a woman staring at us. She eyed me with a look that clearly stated that she wanted to steal me.

    "That was excellent!" he said excitedly, "Now try swatting this one." he added kindly, and I nodded, shivering. I repeated the combo but instead of jumping and slicing it, I waited for it to fall before smacking it with the flat side of my shell. It hit a tree trunk shaking it to the point where a couple of Pokémon living in it fell. Pieces of ice surrounded my feet as well as the tree's base. I looked at my trainer and smiled at what he wore. It was a black long-sleeved shirt with a red fireball on one sleeve, black denim jeans and black construction boots. He glanced at his black and green wrist watch and smiled.

    "I can't bring myself to tell him how I feel..." I thought to myself. "If only he knew..."

    "Alright let's go. Driftveil should be about a thirty minute walk from here." He said kneeling down and poked my red oval shaped nose. I had light blue fur that covered most of my body. My ears, hands and feet were black in color. Long "V" shaped whiskers and a pointed crest were located on my head. Two fan shaped shells rested on dark blue fur that wrapped around my waist like a belt. My trainer walked to the edge of the dirt path.

    "We could use a Pokémon like that..." A woman said causing my ears to twitch again. I got my trainer's attention. He knelt down and I pointed over to the tree line, and he nodded. He stood up and looked over to the spot I pointed at.

    "Dewott use Water Pulse, flush her out of hiding." he told me, laughing at his pun. I sighed before doing as I was told. I charged up a blue sphere of energy and fired at the tree behind her. It exploded and a torrent of water pushed her into the center of the clearing. She stood up, soaking wet. I saw she was wearing light blue elbow length gloves and knee high boots. She also wore a hood of the same shade with a black "X" on it. Black pant legs and sleeves were on her arms and legs. A white poncho-thing had a shield, half black and half white, with the letters "P" and "Z" on it. So in short she looked like an old knight from the movies my trainer watched.

    "Oh great now I'm all wet!" she whined and my trainer stared at her. I hid behind my trainer's leg and waited for him to talk to her. She stood up, dripping and flipped her arms back along with some water. My trainer walked over but I was a little more hesitant.

    "How long have you been standing there?" he asked looking angrily at her.

    "Long enough to see what your Pokémon's capable of." she replied flipping more water off herself.

    "What do you want with my Dewott?"

    "I just want to free it from a corrupt trainer's heart."

    "What?" he asked looking confused. She threw a red and white sphere, more commonly known as a Pokéball it hit the ground releasing the Pokémon within. It was small and black with two long arms. Hands with three fingers were located on the end of the arms. It watched us with red eyes and a gold mask that was only attached to the body by a thin trail of shadows... I assumed.

    "Okay Yamask, Shadow Ball!" the woman yelled the command, and Yamask nodded. It launched a blob of strange energy at me. It hit me in the chest, before exploding, sending me flying back a few feet before my back hit the ground. Sliding back a few more feet, I finally got up.

    "Water Pulse then hit Yamask hard with Razor Shell!" My trainer yelled in response to the surprise attack. I launched another blue sphere into the air before lunging at Yamask, my shells covered in a blue aura. I slashed its tail then smacking it with the other shell's flat side. The Spirit Pokémon landed under the Water Pulse's location when it landed on the collapsed Pokémon's back. A torrent of water then flowed outward before receding. The Yamask was surrounded by a half-bubble of ghostly energy.

    "Alright Yamask free it from this man's brainwashing with Energy Ball!" She yelled an overconfident edge in her voice. I looked worried but took a deep breath to reassure myself.

    "Protect then Ice beam!" he said snapping his fingers. I tossed my shells to the side, where they hovered a few inches from my finger tips. But nothing else happened, beyond a laugh from my opponent.

    "Am I supposed to be scared of that?" The Yamask started laughing hysterically. He drew energy from all the plants around him.

    "Um... I would be a little worried if I were you, just a little heads up." I told him but the human's didn't understand us. He fired the now finished Energy Ball which flew at me, rapidly closing the distance between us. The smile faded from the woman's face, when she saw a version of protect my trainer had come up with. I formed a ball of ice and two streams faced the Energy Ball which froze it solid. It hit the ground, shattering like the Water Pulse from earlier. The third and final stream hit the mask and froze it solid along with the Spirit Pokémon. I caught my shells and replaced them on my hips. I walked over to my trainer and we walked away from the battle field. Out of the corner my eye I saw the woman fall to her knees and returned the ghost type to its Pokéball.


    We arrived in Driftveil fifteen minutes later than my trainer figured. The first thing he did was go to the Pokémon Center. When he entered he left me with the nurse and went to the room he rented. I followed the nurse back to the recovery room where I would have normally went inside my Pokéball but he didn't return me so I had to get treated the old fashioned way. I normally go crazy getting healed like this, but the nurse found that out personally... a bruise was on her left bicep from me hitting her. The first thing she did was put me to sleep, so I don't know what happened after that.


    "Where am I?" I wondered to myself looking around it was all black except two circles, one of which surrounded me. The other surrounded a Pokémon the looked like a white fox. It was white in main color with blue eyes. It also had fangs that poked out past its muzzle. Its feet looked like high heels that female humans wore. A few hairs stood out on its chest, which looked like a "V". Two bands surrounded its tail and neck. Two arms looked kind of like a bird's wings, three fingers and a thumb were located near the top.

    "You are inside a world in which the subconscious forms the shape." The white Pokémon briefly explained. I thought about hat for a second before realizing I was in a dream. "Do you accept what I say?" it asked, and I nodded.

    "Who are you? Where is my trainer?" I asked looking into the great beast's eyes.

    "I am Reshiram... And you're trainer is perfectly safe but not in this dream." Reshiram explained calming me down slightly.

    "Okay Reshiram. Why did you appear in my dream?"

    "I only appear in a dream because my physical form is sealed, for now. I actually have a request for you, Dewott."

    "You have a request for me? But you're a Pokémon in the Unova region's legends. I mean you fought against Zekrom and on top of I'll never be as strong as you."

    "But you will... It's about my Master Kyurem."

    "The being you and Zekrom split from?"

    "Yes and no, he is still angry at humans for their thirst for blood. But I need to find a human who's pure of heart and does not wish innocent blood being shed for selfish reasons. I would like to have a human go and talk to Kyurem and ask that he forgives all humans for the past."

    "But what am I going to do? I can't speak human nor am I able to tell my trainer that Kyurem hates them for something they can't help! Humans naturally want things other humans have and they don't always ask nicely. I'm not really sure I can trust that all humans to be peaceful... fighting always dwells within the heart and it eventually breaks free and causes a war. I'm not saying it's impossible but I think it's highly unlikely that Kyurem will believe him. Also I think you and Zekrom could fix this because it was you're original trainers that fought for days without rest. I believe he feels this way because he saw the two of you fight for what humans wanted but before the conflict ended he assumed that they were fighting for selfish reasons. I'm not sure I could convince him other wise, because I'm just a girl who spent her entire life with a human. He might think my mind is as corrupt as an evil human's heart." I told the legendary Pokémon how I felt about the matter but it just nodded.

    I turned around because I felt tears form in my eyes but when I turned I saw another Pokémon standing there. This one was dark gray, possibly black, with red eyes and studs on its neck. Wing like arms protruded with three small fingers located on the bottom. It also had two wings above the arms, which I assumed was for flight. Two very strong looking legs were slightly bent like it just landed. A yellow glow came from behind it.

    "You spoke freely, unburdened... like one who is not afraid. And yet a great fear for what Reshiram said has formed in your heart." The new comer growled the yellow glow faded.

    "Zekrom thank you for coming... I deeply appreciate it." Reshiram said walking toward Zekrom and bowed slightly.

    "You are always one to help Reshiram, and I owe you a debt of gratitude for assisting me at Dragonspiral Tower, though you were sealed and lost in the desert." Zekrom said returning the bow.

    "As for you Dewott I would normally leave our discussion at this but I would ask Zekrom to tell more of the situation at hand." Reshiram said taking a step back and Zekrom took a step forward.

    "Long ago Master Kyurem did choose to live amongst us but left for a long while. He must have received vision from our eyes because when he returned Kyurem found us in the Dragonspiral Tower and attacked us. We barely drove him off but when I looked at Reshiram he was gone I then received a vision showing sand all around... I knew he was in the desert but couldn't go find him for I was too weak to fly there. As soon as I regained my strength I looked but couldn't find Reshiram, so I went looking for Kyurem and saw a Giant Chasm with a thick layer of Ice covering the ground. And knew he was there, and I returned to Dragonspiral Tower and waited for something to happen but nothing did and my physical form is sealed like Reshiram's." Zekrom explained the past events that lead to Reshiram's brief explanation to Kyurem's hate for humans.

    "And all this was after your battle for the humans' ideals?" I asked and they both nodded.

    "You must have thought me a fool for not being able to hear your words!" Kyurem bellowed landing with a ground shaking force. I turned and saw he had a grayish-blue body with light blue around his arms and head. He had yellow eyes and a yellow crest. He had two horns on his head but the right one was much shorter the left one. He had slender legs and short arms with two claws on the ends of his "hands". Two wings were also light blue with two icicles on them. On the base on the icicles were two yellow dots. His tail was shaped like a disc with three points on the edge.

    "Kyurem... why do you cling to the past, the future is still being shaped by humans!" Reshiram shouted looking at the ancient looking dragon.

    "What Reshiram says is true! Humans may have fought each other in bloody battles in the past but now they settle their conflicts with Pokémon not spears and swords! Our hopes now ride with new humans beginning journeys with Pokémon as friends!" Zekrom growled at the one who nearly destroyed them both.

    "So you think humans like the ones who controlled you and caused you to fight can show acts of kindness! Even I, who once loved humans, was never this foolish! I once thought of a specific time where humans would have never existed would be one of eternal peace!" Kyurem bellowed ice crystals falling from his wings.

    "Even if humans aren't perfect they still deserve to grow as a race. But you're vision is haunted by the past! If you would just see the world that grows today you would be surprised!" Reshiram pleaded to Kyurem, who only grew angrier at each word they spoke. I turned and saw that Reshiram was crying, and Zekrom looked like he was about to explode and strike Kyurem.

    "So you think humans are going to stop fighting? Do you think that they are going to make an era of peace that will..." Kyurem started to say but he didn't expect anyone to interrupt him.

    "No I don't but I think they will continue to grow like Reshiram said. As for Zekrom's statement humans are going on journeys and they make new Pokémon friends and they are starting to enjoy just spending time together but yeah some still fight for themselves but some just enjoy making new friends. Some even fight to protect others and some fight to make a friendship stronger!" I yelled tears streaming down my face. All three of them stopped fighting and looked at me. "Though what you're saying makes sense Kyurem I just think you should open your mind to some other scenarios." I said falling to my knees. If the whole conversation hadn't made Kyurem angry my comments sure did. He charged at me but Zekrom knocked him out of the way and Kyurem summoned a huge blizzard from cold wind stored in his wings that struck Zekrom on the side of his head. He was about to fall on me but I woke up and the battle stopped, all around me was black and I sat on my knees crying.


    "You're Dewott is all better now." the nurse said handing me to my trainer. He took me and I hugged him around the neck.

    "Relax, I got you now." he said hugging me back. He sat me down and thanked the nurse walking outside a small white and green Pokémon stood waiting for us. It had a green dome on its head with a pink horn it looked up at us and I saw it had light brown eyes. It held out small white arms and walked toward us tripping over a white "dress" on the way over. My trainer helped it up and held out its hands again. We each took a hand and we disappeared with a bright flash of pink light. It felt like my head was being pulled away from my feet and before I knew it I was standing on a beach some where...

    Hoped you enjoyed and don't forget to comment, please.
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