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Ask to Join Team Shade

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by GottaKetchumAll, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. Welcome to Team Shade. I see you have agreed to join our ranks and embark on a journey unlike any other. Of course, you having come already know your expectations. You must swear complete and utter loyalty, undergo several tests, and finally, obtain your very own Pokemon by any means necessary. If you have your own they must be retrained to be vicious, powerful, smart, and bloodthirsty. They must be wild but you also must be able to control them. If you do betray or attempt to leave Team Shade, you will be hunted down and dealt with accordingly. Knowing these terms, do you wish to proceed?

    Congratulations! You are now an official member of Team Shade.

    Data will be destroyed. Countdown commencing. 5... 4... 3..

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    "Greetings, squadron of 2020! It is a brilliant day to be a member of Team Shade." A voice said from the darkness. From within the blackness a light formed- and that light grew larger and larger until the entire room was illuminated. There was a sleek, black stage, and rows and rows of chairs. The chairs were packed, with men, women, and their Pokemon of all ages, all ethnicity, united under one roof. A woman entered the stage, and cheering erupted.
    She truly was beautiful, in all her rugged beauty. Her long, black hair fell down her back in cascading curls, the tips fading to a lovely ash grey. Her eyes were emphasized with silver eyeshadow, her lips the colors of ashes, and she wore a startling dress the color of moonlight. She was young but experienced, and by her side stood three terrifying and dignifying Pokemon. They seemed a little larger than usual, but it was probably for the best. to her left sat her Midnight-Lycanroc, snarling, exposing white fangs and pink gums. To her left was a shiny Absol, and behind her stood a massive Zoroark.
    "Do you know who I am? Of course you do! My name is Thena, and 10 years ago today I battled my way up the ranks and fulfilled so many missions I, after a power struggle I ultimately won, became the Leader of Team Shade."
    "Meaning, this marks a new year! New grunts, Admins, missions, pokemon- new objectives and a new future! All of you have graduated at the top of your classes, and have taken your first step towards a greater cause, a darker future. An era for Shade Members alone!"

    She smiled her brilliant smile, and outstretched her arms. "Now, my wonderful children, you have fought by each other by now, but I doubt you've spoken much. As a team- no, a family, we must know each other. United we stand, Divided we fall. I shall be giving a select few missions- the ones who stand out the most, with the most drive, charisma, strength, intellect- people who will one day run Team Shade- if they complete this mission. I must say, this mission is probably the most difficult yet, but the prize will be well worth it. I need at least three worthy volunteers to stand with their pokemon." She clapped her hands together.

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  2. Tor leaned back in her seat, smacking a piece of gum quite loudly. Some of the grunts around her glanced over to her, often with confused and almost humoured looks to their faces. They all thought that it was a joke that the kid with blue and black striped white hair was one of their bosses. Tor gave a slight side glance to them, making a glare that rivalled the move itself. "Yea, yea. Just make your point already! We don't have all day!" She called out, surprisingly to others that her voice covered most others. It wasn't that, it was that everyone went silent when the teenager spoke aloud to the boss. Seconds after Tor spoke, the whole stadium went silent. The only sound to be heard was the smack of her gum. Tor made a gesture that often meant continue. She really didn't want to be here, there were many other things that needed to be done. Like vandalize the new statue of the champion. That would be fun.
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  3. Thana smiled, and her pokemon snarled in response at the blatant disrespect. She would've loved to have Tor destroyed or have her rank dropped but she was much more useful alive. Tor had a brilliant knack for battles at such a young age, and she just had to hope Tor would grow up eventually. A young man, deemed to be her coffee boy, walked quickly up the stage, whispered something in her ear. She frowned, seeming annoyed, and she cleared her throat.

    "It appears that we have something much more important to discuss involving the maturity of our bosses. I apologize for the inconvenience."
    She stared dead at Tor.
    "Now, Tor, why don't you meet me in my office?" She asked, before walking off stage, meeting adjourned.
  4. Agni, like usual, hadn’t attended the meeting. She sat outside under the welcome shade of a tree. A green jacket was worn to cover her uniform, and it was just long enough. Her back was laid against the trunk, four Pokemon accompanied her. She considered them friends, allies, rather than the vicious beasts Team Shade wanted her to make them. Pokemon were more than that, and she knew it.

    A shiny, female Ninetails rested her head on Agni's lap. All nine, fluffy tails were curled around the Pokemon's body. On her back, a male Flareon slept. His limbs were spread out in a carefree fashion. It almost made the trainer chuckle. The other side of Agni was taken up by a Kangaskhan that sat next to her. The mother was busy watching over her child in a protective manner. Last, but not least, a female Girafarig sat in front of the group, just fooling around in general. It always made Agni happy to see them without worry in times like this, well except for the Kangaskhan of course. She did have a child to worry about after all.
  5. As the meeting was adjourned, people began getting up, chatting to each other, leaving on work duty until the next meeting. Damien, a new recruit, was still sitting on a chair, all the way in the back, pencil and sketchbook in hands. His Eevee jumped on his shoulder to peek the drawing of three pokémons: a shiny Absol, a Midnight-Lycanroc, and a, well, massive Zoroark. Loosing his focus, and noticing that everyone was leaving, he close his sketchbook, change to casual clothes, and walked outside, the Eevee still on his shoulder, and his two other pokémons following him.

    "I should volunteer to that "dangerous" mission the Boss was talking about," he thought out loud "the faster we rank up, the better its gonna be for us" now talking to his pokémons. As he walked, he noticed a girl sit under a tree with her four pokémons. He though that the view was cute and would make a great piece of art, thus immediately getting his sketchbook. He started drawing, standing up, in the middle of the road, and planned to do so until the meeting that has been adjourned would carry out.
  6. It took a while before Agni noticed a male drawing... in the middle of the road? It took even longer for her to notice he was a Team Shade member. She almost instantly adverted her gaze when two and two were put together. Pulling her jacket tighter, she feared for the worst. What punishment would be bestowed upon her now for skipping yet another meeting? If only leaving the dreadful organization was that easy...
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  7. Thena didn't think the organiziation was dreadful. It was family in her eyes. Rules were rules, and if you broke them, you, well, died.
    Leaving her office she applied another light layer of makeup, making herself look impeccable. Her beloved Lycanroc sat by her desk, and whimpered. She came over and rested her head against the pokemon's having a heart to heart moment. It was hard running this lifestyle but it was for the best.
    "Let's go see what are little babies are doing right now, huh?" She said, and the pokemon thumped it's tail against the ground. Thena snapped her fingers and her Zoroark got to it's feet, nearly touching the ceiling, as well as her Absol. In public she had to be the Iron fist, no mercy, to make sure things got done and people stayed in line. But nobody saw the soft her, the way she looked at newborn babies or kids, how she handled her pokemon. Nobody could, besides her co-boss.
    She walked side-by-side with her Lycanroc and Absol, her Zoroak taking the back. She noticed a figure, standing in the road, and she realzied it was Tor, who had avoided her meeting, as well as another grunt. She stood, wavering, not sure to approach them or let them be. Finally, her pokemon decided for her. Her zoroark, which was the newest and least trainer, charged forward rather excitedly at the sight of the Absol.

    "Lycan, fetch!" She commanded, and the two other pokemon leapt forward and grabbed the Zoroark by the limbs in their sharp teeth, restricting the movement of the larger, bipedal pokemon. The animals began to tussle then, the Zoroark fighting back but it was overpowered by the animosity of the two creatures, and finally, it sat down, giving up on play. She snapped her fingers and the Lycanroc retreated to her side once more, rubbing up against her side lovingly. She smiled a warm smile then, not at the people but directed to her partners.

    "Well, Tor. I see you're playing hooky. Again."
  8. Akeya was walking through town. She kept an eye on all the trainers and Pokémon, noting any threats or possible targets. Her faithful Houndoom was by her side. The Houndoom, whom Akeya named Takea, was shifting its gaze along her.
    Out of the corner of her eye, Akeya saw a young trainer, maybe around 10 years old. He looked about ready to challenge her. Sure enough he did.
    “ Hey lady! How about I show you what a real Pokémon looks like! “ He mocked. Akeya sighed and shook her head. “ Alright kid. But you really aren’t gonna like what happens. “ She warned.
    She looked down at Takea, and nodded. The Houndoom strutted towards the kid, teeth on display. The trainer looked determined and sent out his Pokémon, a feeble looking Rattata. Takea looked at the Rattata and snorted.
    Akeya chuckled. “ Same. “ She whispered under her breath. She looked back at the trainer. “ You go fist, I guess. “
    The trainer nodded. “ Rattata! Use Tackle! “ The opposing Pokémon charged at Takea at full force. The Houndoom simply stepped to the side. The Rattata fell and skidded, but got up.
    Akeya sighed again. “ This is boring. Takea, Inferno. “ She commanded. Takea realeased a twister of flame, and it bore down on the Rattata. As the dust cleared, the winner was obvious.
    The kid called the Rattata back into its pokeball with tears in his eyes. “ Come on, lady....not cool....”
    Akeya laughed and walked away, Takea once again by her side.
    She made a mental note that that kid and his Pokémon were worthless.
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  9. While drawing, Damien started to feel that something was wrong, and lost his focus, again. The girl and her pokémons didn't have the same smile they had earlier. Actually, they weren't smiling at all anymore! He realized that they probably notice him, and that they thought he was creeping on them. He wish he could have finish his sketch, it was almost done, but he thought the girl would maybe call the police he kept drawing them. He was going to pack up and leave when he noticed the Boss and an Admin, having a not very friendly conversation, down that side of the road.
    "Going this way would probably not be a good idea" he thought. Looking at the other side, the Co-Boss was there, beating up a kid's Rattata.
    Seeing that he couldn't avoid human interaction, he quickly finish his drawing, took the page off his sketchbook, give it to his Linoone and asked him to give it to the girl, in the hopes that it would repair the beautiful scenery he himself accidentally ruined.
  10. She slightly tensed when the Linoone appoached, but Agni soon relaxed and let out a shaky sigh when she saw what it was carrying. “So he’s not going to get me caught...” she mumbled to herself, putting her head back on the trunk. Absentmindedly, she began to pet her Ninetails on the head.

    The fire Pokemon was aware of what had occured with the Zoroak, but her trainer wasn’t. One eye slightly opened, she stared at the male Pokemon and his trainer, another Team Shade member she had assumed. Most of those... membes were vile. She was thankful Agni was the one who got her.
  11. Damien sat down on the grass, at some distance from the tree where the girl was, out of sight from the road. The Eevee was still on his shoulder, his Linoone sat down with him, and the Zorua aggressively climbed up another tree. Damien disliked human interaction and knew that he wasn't really good at them, but the awkward silence was just worst, thus why he tried starting a conversation with Agni.

    "I... should first apologize if it looked like I was creeping on you're Poké...-I mean, on you. That was not my intention as you can see from the drawing Nov... -I mean, the Linoone, gave to you" Damien hesitated with almost every word. "...Anyway, you're in Team Shade, right? Your Pokémons look rather friendly, unlike they're suppose to..." Damien stopped, glancing at his Eevee and Linoone, you were also not fully trained at Team Shade standards. They were quit smart and strong, knew how to be vicious and Damien could completely control them, but were still very nice otherwise... Except for that one crazy Zorua, it's just in it's nature.
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