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Team Rocket's Meowth... Alola form?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by RLRL, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. The sun and moon trailer with Samson Oak shows a normal exeggutor turning into alola form, if the form change isn't permanent, what's everyone's opinion of TR's meowth changing to an Alola meowth?

    I'm wondering if the reason the developers chose meowth as one of the lucky few to get a new form is because of the anime's long standing affiliation with Meowth? I personally think it'd be quite a nice change to see meowth in it's new form, but as we still don't know everything about Alola forms, it could be a sometimes-used mechanic, furthermore we don't know if it will impact the series going forward, pokémon could potentially have no end, and I can imagine they'd have to switch meowth back to its normal form which means he could potentially have another form for a few years then it'd be forgotten about, yes we know the anime writers love to do that (gs ball?) but would it be good for his character to have a change in type?
    I could see a great episode where meowth does go alola but turning dark type suprisingly changes his personality to being really good because he's "dark enough already as a normal type" and the moral of the story will be don't change who you are, despite the fact the games will continue telling us to mess around with as many forms as possible.

    The promo photo for sun and moon makes me think jesse will end up with a Bewear, and james is likely to have caught a mimikyu (or they're just going to get chased by one a lot).
    If TR's meowth doesn't go alola, I'd like there to be an Alola meowth that either becomes a rival of meowths, or an ally. It would be pretty awesome if Ash caught an Alola meowth, which caused for constant cat fights, with TRs, but also I just get the sorta digimon vibe where TR's could change form instantly and as soon as Ash's meowth appears in battle TR's just runs in literally form changing at that moment to leap into battle with Ash's.... Likelihood close to none, but it's fun to dream.

    Any ideas on how Alola meowth will change the anime?
  2. I think it would be cool to see Meowth change its form or for Team Rocket to get an Alola Meowth. I don't think it will happen because Meowth is a staple of Team Rocket. The writers will probably have some fun and Meowth will probably freak out a bit if it runs into an Alola Meowth. It could provide for some funny moments.
  3. Meowsie 2.0 people... if anyone hasn't watched the episode she was in, Meowth had a massive crush on her and learned to "Speak Human" to impress her. But in the end she rejected him. What if Meowth gets a real girlfriend this time? Maybe one of Ash's friends' Meowth?

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