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Team Rocket Make Their Return In Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

  1. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    POkemon Rainbow rocket.jpg
    A brand new trailer has been released for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon today reveals that Kanto evildoers, Team Rocket have set their sights on Alola!

    Having undergone a name change to 'Team Rainbow Rocket' and recruited team members from many other evil teams from over the years, like Team Galactic and Team Plasma, it looks like Alola is facing an evil like never before.

    The new trailer also reveals the existence of a new battle facility, known as the Battle Agency. Here trainers will be able to rent Pokémon and take part in 3v3 Single Battles against strong opponents. If that wasn't enough, it has also been revealed that players will now be able to find Totem Stickers in areas around Alola. Collect enough of them and you'll be able to exchange them for Totem Pokémon of your very own.

    The trailer also gives a run-down of the legendary Pokémon we can encounter through the Ultra Wormholes (some of which are version exclusive), so if you're eager to learn more about that aspect then definitely watch the video above.

    Pokémon Ultra Sun
    and Pokémon Ultra Moon are due for release worldwide on the 17th of November, but the official Japanese site says more news is coming for the games on the 10th, so looks like we'll have at least one more trailer to go before now and launch!
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Demelza, Nov 2, 2017.

    1. What Did You Do To Snoke?
      What Did You Do To Snoke?
      Interesting Things to note:

      • Maxie and Archie are wearing their Ruby and Saphire gear, NOT their ORAS gear
      • Ghetsis is wearing his Black and White gear
      • In the Japanese trailer, there's some footage of an angry Togemaru before showing us footage of some of the regular totem pokemon, meaning Togemaru might be a totem pokemon
      • It appears in the poster as if Guzma is going to be helping the player for the Rainbow Rocket quest as he is standing near them, as does Sophicles and a few iconic pokemon-possibly Lille judging by the Alolan-Ninetales?
      • Faba is depicted on the side with the evil team leaders in the poster-this means he will probably be leading the 'evil' part of the aether foundation this time and not Lusamine, so Lusamine is going to be good/good-er.
      • With about 4 of the legendaries, you fight them in the locations they came from. This was confirmed in the Japanese trailer
      • The lengendaries are split up between the games.
      • Giovanni has a Mewtwo
      • Inside of the Rainbow Rocket Base, the rooms are red with teleporters like in some of their earlier bases and there are giant Meowth statues. They will probably work how the Persian statues did in the rocket hideout in the Johto games.
    2. Linkachu
      For anyone who's curious, here's the corresponding Japanese trailer - which offers a somewhat deeper look into the Team Rainbow Rocket segment's gameplay:

    3. alolatrainer
      This is a great way to end the series on the 3ds.
    4. BlueMew392
      Well.....looks like they're going all out on this one.....YEAH!!!!!
    5. Trick the zorua
      Trick the zorua
      It seems their bringing back almost every legendary Pokemon. I wonder if they'll be post-game or you battle them for the story.
    6. Lord Of Pain
      Lord Of Pain
      For years I've had my fan made team called team rainbow..... ME DOES FUTURE PREDICTING MAMA! XD
    7. Mr.Munchlax
      The only thing I’m not excited about would have to be the Totem stamps. At first, I thought they were going to be equip items that make any pokémon Totem sized, but instead they’re just trade offs to use specific Totem Pokémon? I’m also not that crazy about the Battle Agency because the Battle Factory was always my least favorite facility.

      However, everything else is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!! They’re literally going all out to make this the ultimate Pokémon game
    8. Gio20400
      I CAN'T WAIT
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    9. Stargrounds
      This looks like.... umm... The end of the Pokémon series here. Sort of?
    10. Aura
      Woah woah woah woah woah woah what the frick? Okay, out of all of the things they could have pulled here, Team Rocket assembling the game's prior villains and making a return was probably the last thing I would have expected. Judging by some of the outfits the leader's are wearing and just a vague hunch I have, this feels like postgame content featuring Ultraspace. I'll be very curious to see what they've done either way.
      Last edited: Nov 3, 2017
    11. Pokemon Ranger Kip
      Pokemon Ranger Kip
      I Can't wait - My gramma pre-orded it and she said she would give it to me on my b-day :( my b-day is in July
    12. UniverSoul
      To paraphrase Lockstein from Lokstin and Gnoggin "They would be the last game in the series at least until a software reboot" He was originally talking about the games Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon but now it applies to Pokemon Ultra sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon
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    13. GalacticDeg
      I feel really sorry for you. Maybe try and persuade her. Either way, I hope you can get it soon(er)
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    14. Retro Rewind
      Retro Rewind
      Mind blown! *Head blows up*
    15. Psycho Monkey
      Psycho Monkey
      ALL the villains!? And they wear their original outfits no less! I'm going to run on the assumption this will be similar to the World Tournament in B2W2 where the Gym Leaders were brought in unaged from their previous appearances. It's still a really cool concept to have Rainbow Team Rocket formed by all of the previous teams.

      And all the Legendaries as well too! This is turning out to be a massive fanservice game. I wouldn't be surprised if we got all of the Mythicals via events or QR codes to complete the collection. I'm actually disappointed that Magearna was the only QR event we got.

      Speaking of QR codes, including the Starters gotten in S&M, USUM makes it so the only set of Starters unobtainable is... Sinnoh. Sinnoh remakes confirmed! *shot* Idon't have an opinion on Totem Emblems yet so I'll just have to try it out when I get the games. I do like the Battle Agency though. It's a nice change of pace from the usual nonsense we've gotten the last three Generations. I'd like it if they brought back gimmicky battles as found in the Battle Frontiers of old.
      Linkachu likes this.
    16. YourLittleSylvia
      Ask for the game for Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, or whatever else you celebrate! That'll be the perfect way to get it sooner! I'm getting it ASAP, but my mom got it for me as a super-early Hanukkah gift! I'm getting Miitopia as a New Years gift (it's a Russian tradition :) )
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    17. Pokemon Ranger Kip
      Pokemon Ranger Kip

      Thx guys
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    18. Marshadow8787
      It's team rainbow rocket but I didn't know they get the bad guys from every game!\_(._.)_/
    19. Talos
      Shut up and take my money Pokémon Co!
    20. YourLittleSylvia
      Literally me tho
    21. Talos
      Could not agree more.
    22. Sniperipheral
    23. 13InHeaven
    24. StellarWind Elsydeon
      StellarWind Elsydeon
      Welp, it happened.
      80px-Galactic-logo.png 80px-Rocket-logo.png 80px-Aqua-logo.png 80px-Magma-logo.png 80px-Plasma-logo.png 80px-Flare_logo.png 80px-Aether-logo.png

      Not quite 'Grampfs' but, 'Grampfa' works regardless.

      Don't get fooled, it's all a ruse - it is merely a smaller part of Team Reading Rainbow Rocket. LeVar Burton and his Mega Ho-Oh have been the ultimate mastermind all along.
    25. Luke The Riolu
      Luke The Riolu
      VILLAINS ASSEMBLE !!! (Marvel Comics Easter Egg Confirmed ??!!)
    26. Stargrounds
    27. Silver-Solis
      Woa now I'm no longer irritated that it isn't Sinnoh Remakes

      Also, those Rocket Grunts [​IMG]

      They look awefully like them don't they?
      Cloudswift and Luke The Riolu like this.
    28. Luke The Riolu
      Luke The Riolu
      Oh my god . . . . You're right !!!
    29. Silver-Solis
      I have made a comspiracy. Gladion and Silver are gonna meet some how and they are going to do the dual sneasel combo and the edgy no dad thing.
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    30. TheStargazer
      I wish the battle agency was more like the Pwt. That was really fun.
    31. What Did You Do To Snoke?
      What Did You Do To Snoke?
      I'm suprised there's actually a large amount of people NOT getting this game, yet they got Sun and Moon. Think people! The games are going to be twice as long, story wise!
    32. Pokemon Ranger Kip
      Pokemon Ranger Kip
      I know Isn't it awesome
    33. YourLittleSylvia
      I already preordered it so that I could get Dusk Form Lycanroc, as well as get an early start on it. Unfortunately, the day after this comes out (which is Sun and Moon's one-year anniversary, by the way), I have to go to an event. It's a fun event, so it's not exactly unfortunate, but that means that if I get the game at that time, which likely won't happen, then I won't have a chance to play it because I'll be in Chicago, going to a Christkindlmarkt event, which is basically something my German class does. It's a Christmas event, but it's a German festival. I think it'll be really fun. It's going to be my first time going and I can hardly wait! :D
    34. Frontier Master
      Frontier Master
      I’m just gonna say it I prefer ORAS Archie and Maxie over RS Archie and Maxie, their new designs are way cooler
    35. Cloudswift
      Omfg that's perfect XD
      Silver-Solis likes this.
    36. Vaporeonn
      how am i supposed to be scared of a man who is the leader of a gang called rainbow rocket
    37. Vaporeonn
      anyway.. i shouldn't be as exited as i am
    38. Pokemon Ranger Kip
      Pokemon Ranger Kip
      It's not supposed to be scary, just entertaining
    39. Frontier Master
      Frontier Master
      Rainbows can be scary, Cosmic Rainbow fields can theoretically destroy anything that comes into contact with it

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