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Team Pokemon V.S. Team Disaster

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Pichu, Sep 18, 2011.

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    Credit to MBX from YCMF for the banner!

    Ever since ancient times, many an evil clan have been trying to capture Legendary and ordinary Pokemon in order to take over the world. Every time they try, they just get more powerful, more cruel, and more evil. All know about the ultimate goals of these fiendish people. Now, the evil clans are joining forces, for they share the same goal, thus making them unstoppable.
    One such evil clan is Team Disaster, they consist of many evil clans throughout the globe, as in, Pokemon world. This evil team has one simple goal - to capture all Legendaries on the planet.
    This simple goal is made difficult for them since there are numerous good people, such as Pokemon Rangers, or even regular Trainers! However, these good people too, are not invincible.
    This then led to the rise of Team Pokemon, a team whose goal is to stop Team Disaster. Team Pokemon became heroes and always put Pokemon first!
    But, which side are you on? Pokemon or Disaster?

    1. All roleplaying rules apply.
    2. NO Short Posting! Doing so will result in 1 strike beside your name, and get you in Spoiler of Shame.
    3. NO Power Playing/God Modding! Doing either of those will result in 2 strikes besides your name.
    4. If you get 3 strikes besides your name, you will be kicked from the RP, NO exceptions.
    5. In Pokemon Battles, be fair for how much damage you take.
    6. In battle, you can't always cry "DODGE" every chance you get. Be fair.
    7. You are allowed, at most, 4 apps. NO more, or you get a strike
    8. If you have had your amount of strike at the same amount for 2 weeks I will take one strike off of you. Tell me when I must do this.
    9. Before you have a Pokemon whose Species cannot learn a specific move legally, (For e.g. Eevee with Metronome) ask my permission via PM. You can only have 1 of these Pokemon per Character. I can choose to allow or reject.
    10. Pokemon with event moves, like Pikachu with Surf/Fly, or Riolu with Aura Sphere, do not count as the type of Pokemon stated in Rule 9, since they can legally learn it.
    11: Yes. You may RESERVE a legendary Pokemon to be in your party. You may not start with one.
    12: To be be positive that you read the rules, on your app, make your character's name purple.

    Everything in brackets () goes bye-bye!
    (No applying for leaders/co-leaders unless I say)
    Age: (at least 10, no younger)
    Bio: (5+ lines)
    Main Pokemon:(Gen V Pokemon allowed for the team and main)
    Pokemon Team:(NO movesets required, I HATE those things!)
    Other: (Rank, and any other random info we should know)
  2. Have you even read our RP rules at all?

    Rules 9-11 are a moot point since we strictly do not allow Pokemon that can learn moves they're normally not allowed to (this includes events) and/or legendaries without a mod's consent.

    Also, requesting Trainer Bios isn't necessary. We have a thread dedicated to that already. All you have to do is look up the person's OC.

    PRP building guide
    General Role Play rules
    Rule Regarding Legendaries

    I suggest you read up on all that and rethink your RP. Might even want to look around at the other RPs and get an idea of what the standards around here are.

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