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Private/Closed Team Plasma in a New Region

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Icena, May 29, 2016.

  1. ((ooc))
    We all start in Ritina Town, except for Team Plasma, which could show up in Route 1 and all the rest of the cities and routes, just not Ritina Town!

    Amy ran out of the hotel, accidentally dropping Mawile's pokeball, causing it to open. Mawile shot an angry look at Amy.
    "Whoops, not again, sorry Mawile!" said Amy, sighing, and returning Mawile to her pokeball. It happened to her at least twice a day ever since she was called from Kalos to a new region called Mellila. Only very strong pokemon trainers would be told about Mellila, but recently there has been a lot of leaked information, for example, that the Mellila region does not have a professor. When Amy received her anonymous invitation to Mellila, she was told that other pokemon trainers would come too. She was also told that in Mellila you could catch starters from regions!
    She took out all her pokeballs and threw them up in the air. Out came all her pokemon.
    "Everyone, this is the day we go out there and make some new friends!" shouted Amy.

    Somewhere else in Mellila...

    "Everything is going as planned. The new trainers are arriving."
    "And their pokemon?"
    "Very strong, sir."
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  2. Marilynn sat at her computer, typing her report on the different types and power levels of Hidden Power. The clock rang, signalling a break for her. Her Duosion floated over to the coffee machine, made a cup to her trainer's liking, and returned to Marilynn's desk. The scientist gave her Pokemon a small nod of thanks before returning her report.

    Royal ran out of the door of her new house. She tripped over the slippery bottoms of her rainboots, fell face-first, and dropped the two Pokeballs she was carrying. She scrambled to right herself, then grabbed the dropped balls and rushed out to explore Ritina Town.
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  3. Amy spotted Royal, returned all her pokemon but Slurpuff, and ran after Royal, shouting, "Wait!!!"
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  4. Royal skidded to a halt. She turned around, saw Amy, and threw her hand up in the air as greeting. "Hi!" She yelled.
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  5. Amy stopped running just in time, almost running into Royal. "Hi," she said, panting, "My name's Amy. What's yours?"
    "Slur, slurpuff!" Slurpuff cried out happily.
    "Oh, and this is Slurpuff!"

    At the other place in Mellila...

    Someone was waiting for two things: For all the trainers to arrive at Mellila, and for a scientist's report. He was thinking of going himself to see how Marilynn was doing, but decided not to. After all, she's very good at time management, and will probably be done soon.
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  6. "Royal!" The young girl chirped. She tossed the two Pokeballs she was carrying, and out popped a Wooper and a Hoppip. "This is Princess, and this is Bella!" Royal beamed, pointing at the respective Pokemon as she said their nicknames.

    Marilynn scanned over her report, deemed it complete, then printed it out. She briskly stepped over to her boss' door and knocked quietly. Her Duosion floated behind her, holding the sheets with her Psychic.
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  7. Amy's Slurpuff ran up to Princess and Bella. "Slur, slurpuff, slur!" she said, sticking her tongue out, like she always does.
    "Wow, nice to meet you! Your pokemon are so cute! You're really good at nicknames, too! Are you also here because of the anonymous person that sent an invitation?" asked Amy curiously.

    In Team Plasma's new headquarters in Mellila...
    "Come in, Marilynn, sit down. Are you done with the report yet?" Colress pointed to the chair next to him. He was finally finished waiting. Well, half of it. He still waited for the other strong trainers he had sent to Mellila.
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  8. Royal thought for a moment, then replied, "Yeah! My momma got a letter inviting me here!" She turned her attention to Slurpuff, and placed a hand over her head. "May I please pet her?" she inquired.

    Marilynn took the report out of Duosion's control, and then stepped into the room. She took the chair, nodded yes to her boss' reply, then held out the report she had finished a few minutes prior.
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  9. Amy knew Slurpuff wouldn't mind, so she said "Sure you can pet her! Slurpuff likes it a lot!" Amy turned to see a path. She checked her map, and saw it was Route 1. "How about we travel together around Mellila?" she asked Royal.

    Colress was pleased. He took the report from Marilynn, and asked, "And what was it that you were writing about?" He knew, of course, but just wanted to make sure Marilynn was on track, as always, never losing her touch.

    (It doesn't matter what the report is about, as long as it has to do with Colress' usual goal: To bring out pokemon's full strength.)
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  10. Royal pats Slurpuff on the head, slightly ruffling the 'cherry' on the top of her head. She smiless, seeing the Pokemon's delighted reaction. "Sure, it'll be fun," she grinned once she was done petting Slurpuff, "Race you there!"

    Marilynn muttered, "The numerous types and power levels of the move Hidden Power, sir," in her faint voice, "Is there anything lacking?"

    ((ooc: I chose that particular subject as certain types of Hidden Power are desirable because they a. provide type coverage or b. indicate IVs, so determining the type of Hidden Power and the damage it does can bring out a Pokemon's power... Sorry if that made no sense.))
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  11. Amy, who quite liked races, said "Sure!" and started running toward Route 1 as fast as she could go. She almost forgot about Slurpuff. "Whoops," said Amy, and ran back to Slurpuff. "How about we do a pokemon race, too? What do you think, Slurpuff?"
    Slurpuff, very excited, screamed "Slur, slurpuff!"
    Slurpuff got into a running position.

    Colress scanned the report. Finally, he looked up and said, "Perfect, as always." Colress thought for a moment, then spoke again, "Would you mind doing a little research about the trainers' pokemon, and what makes them strong?Negotiate with them if you must, j ust don't let them know about anything, we don't want the same thing that happened in Unova to happen again." Colress knew Marilynn would be able to provide him with the information he needed. After Marilynn would finish, everything would be ready. Well, 99% of everything.
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  12. Princess and Bella sped off after their trainer, somewhat concerned for her safety. They had known Royal for a while, and knew she would hurt herself if left unattended for too long.

    Marilynn whispered, "Of course, sir. Where are the trainers you are looking for?" She quietly motioned for her Duosion to get her a notepad and pencil. The Mitosis Pokemon came back in a few minutes with the requested items.
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  13. Amy ran alongside Slurpuff to the path, catching up with Royal. She laughed, said, "I guess no pokemon race, then, fine with me!" and kept on running.

    Colress pictured the invitation he sent. "They were at Ritina Town, but they would already be on their way to Kaquerie City, Route 1," he told Marilynn.
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  14. Marilynn nodded, jotting down the location on her notepad. She excused herself from the room, changed into her green dress, and exited the HQ. She returned Duosion to her Pokeball, then called out her Crobat. The Bat Pokemon awaited his trainer's order. She climbed on his back, and told him to Fly to Ritina Town.

    Royal stopped and caught her breath in the gate that separated Ritina Town and Route 1. Her two Pokemon caught up with her, and she returned them to their Pokeballs.
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  15. Amy stopped beside Royal. "Wow, I can't believe we're going to explore a completely new region!" she said, smiling. She returned her Slurpuff to her pokeball, started going through Route 1, and called, "Come on, Royal! This'll be so fun! There is a gym in the next city! We could try get our first badge from Mellila!"
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  16. Royal, having fully caught her breath, followed after Amy excitedly. She couldn't wait to see what this journey had in store for her!

    Marilynn and her Crobat touched down outside of the gate leading to Route 1. Hearing the commotion caused by the two trainers, she returned her Crobat to his Pokeball and followed after the duo.

    ((ooc: Can we catch Pokemon yet?))
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  17. ((ooc)) In the routes, there are wild pokemon you could catch, so since we're just entering a route, you could catch the pokemon I wrote down in the discussion for this RP. If you want a certain pokemon, tell me and I'll put it in one of the routes if you want! Route 1 has pikachu, jigglypuff, ralts, and riolu.

    Amy walked along Route 1, looking for pokemon to pop up. She decided that she was going to catch a couple of pokemon in Mellila and have Professor Sycamore take care of the others for a while until she takes them back. She then saw five riolu playing in the grass. She pointed it out to Royal and said, "Look, Royal, riolu! They're so cute!"
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  18. Royal was a bit distracted by a Ralts playing a few feet away. She sent out her Hoppip, and ordered her to use Sleep Powder on the Ralts. Unfortunately, the Ralts had Synchronize, so Bella fell asleep too. The next few turns were uneventful. Eventually, Bella woke up and used Tackle on the wild Pokemon. The next turn, Ralts woke up and used Confusion on Bella. After a few turns and Royal deciding that the Ralts was sufficiently weakened, she had Bella use Sleep Powder again. Once more, the two Pokemon fell asleep. Royal threw a Pokeball at the Feeling Pokemon, and caught it. She checked over Ralt's gender, Male, and decided to name him Walter.

    To try and avoid suspicion, Marilynn quickly caught a Riolu. Holding her new Pokemon in his Pokeball, she quietly walked over to Amy. Inside of her head, she was meticulously planning how to aquire the needed information and not arouse suspicion.
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  19. Amy saw someone walk over to her. "Hi," she said, "Having any luck catching pokemon?" Amy had no idea who this person was, but she looked nice.
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  20. "Yes, I have," Marilynn said in the most 'normal' voice she could muster, "I just caught this Riolu." She tossed the Pokeball, revealing a hasty Riolu. "My name is," the Plasma scientist paused, thinking of a believable alias, "June. What's yours?"

    Just then, Royal ran over to Amy. She held up the Pokeball containing Walter. "Hey Amy," she squealed, "I just caught a Ralts!" She glanced to the side and saw Marilynn. "Who are you?" the young girl chirped. "June," 'June' responded simply.
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  21. Amy was happy to make another friend! "My name's Amy! I can't believe you both already caught pokemon over here! I still didn't even try yet!" she said pleasantly, as if she was falling behind but didn't care. She turned to 'June' and said, "Are you going to challenge the gym in the next city? It seems like you're quite a strong trainer, so just wondering!"
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  22. "Uh... Yeah. Sure," 'June' muttered. Remembering her original purpose, she asked, "Want to battle? I want to train my team for the gym." Royal cut in, "I'm going back to my house to heal my team real quick, so be right back!" She zoomed off in the direction of Ritina Town.
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  23. Amy was happy she finally got to battle someone in Mellila. She called out, "See you later, Royal," and told 'June', "Sure, I'll battle you!"
    Amy sent out her Wigglytuff.
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  24. 'June' recalled Riolu and sent out Crobat. "Edward, Cross Poison," she called in her usual whispery voice. The Bat Pokemon rushed forward, wings loaded with poison, and struck the opposing Wigglytuff.

    ((ooc: The reason Marilynn's Crobat suddenly has a nickname is because she uses nicknames on her Pokemon to make her seem more like a normal trainer. Just wanted to clear that up.))
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  25. Amy was surprised by the sudden start, but went with it.
    "Alright, Wigglytuff, Dazzling Gleam! Let your shine shimmer!" she cried out with delight. Wigglytuff used Dazzling Gleam, and shimmered like a shining star.

    The reason why Amy is telling Wigglytuff to use moves like that is because she likes pokemon coordinating, so she tries to train her pokemon as graceful as possible. She competed in a couple of pokemon showcases in Kalos, but never actually tried a pokemon contest.
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  26. Edward was blinded by the bright light, and missed Wigglytuff. Marilynn took out a notepad and scribbled down, "uses moves in unique ways-Amy."
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  27. ((OOC: So, I'm curious sorry, I couldn't get a good read out of the other form for this, once we add our character in the other form, we're good to just jump on in, right?))
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  28. ((ooc))
    yeah, pretty much!

    Amy saw 'June' writing on a notepad, and thought she was taking notes on battling.
    She told Wigglytuff, "Good job, now Hyper Beam!"
    Amy knew this was risky, since her Wigglytuff just learned that move and was quite bad at aim.
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  29. 'June' finished her note, before directing Edward, "Poison Fang." The Crobat sped forward, toxic fangs bared, and bit down roughly on Wigglytuff. The maneuver left a bit of poison residue on the opponent's Pokemon, giving it the poisoned status.

    Royal ran out of her house once more to join up with Amy and 'June'. She carried a trembling Walter in her arms. The navy haired ten-year-old crashed into someone on her way out of Ritina Town. "Sorry!" she shouted before speeding off.
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  30. Wigglytuff was barely able to stay up. Amy started to think fast.
    "Alright, Wigglytuff, use Thunder!"
    Wigglytuff positioned herself better, and used Thunder on Crobat. It's super effective!
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  31. ((ooc: Cool! Guess I'll just hop on in lol))


    "Potchy?" Lady whisper-shouts, nibbling gently on her lower lip, "Where are you? Oh please come back, I didn't mean to spill that water on you..."
    She sighs, and rests her back against the rough bark of one of the many trees in just the entrance of Route 1. Her father is going to be so disappointed in her if she can't find her not-so-water-resistant-Poochyena. She tries her best to make him happy, but ever since Mom left, it has been hard for them. Her father moved to the new region with her to give her a fresh start, but Lady...well she isn't one to change who she is, even if it is to make her father happy. She knows he just worries about her, saying "Ladybell, you're too nice to people. I'm not saying it is a bad thing, but it is a risky one. Some people aren't so nice in this world."
    But, Lady believes in everyone, and will do her best to make everyone's day better. She steps away from the oak tree, and brushes the brown specks off the back of her jeans. She pulls out her whistle, a gift from her father when he gave her his Mightyena's offspring, and blew into it.
    The bushes rustle, and a tingle of a bell makes Lady smile, "Potchy, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to get you wet."
    The Poochyena tilts its head to the side, only making the tingly bell collar make more noise, but it bounds over to Lady and sits patiently by her feet. She giggles and the pair head off to the Pokemart in Ritina Town to spend some of the traveling money her father gave her on pokeballs.
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  32. Edward falls to the ground paralyzed and at Red health. 'June' scribbled another note on her pad, "Varied movesets-Amy." She then gritted her teeth a bit, recalling that she left her healing supplies back at the Plasma HQ. She ordered Edward to use Venoshock, effectively knocking Wigglytuff out.
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  33. Wigglytuff tried to stay up, but couldn't. Amy walked up to her and said, "Good job, Wigglytuff. You did well. Don't worry, you can try and win next time!" Amy returned Wigglytuff to her pokeball, turned to 'June', and said, "You're really strong! You train your pokemon well! I only had Wigglytuff for a while, so I thought she and I would get a good experience from battling!"
    Amy was really proud of Wigglytuff. It was only her fourth pokemon battle, and she did pretty good.
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  34. "You're an excellent battler as well," 'June' stated blankly. She returned Edward to his Pokeball, then sent out Riolu. "I don't want this little guy to lag behind in levels," she said, internally cringing at her use of the term 'little guy'. At that moment, Royal caught up to Amy and 'June'. "What just happened?" she asked.
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  35. Amy didn't notice 'June' cringing, and told Royal, "Oh, Royal, you just missed our pokemon battle! It was great!"
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  36. Lady holds open the PokeMart door for a young woman with a smile. The woman sticks her nose up in the air, but Lady thinks nothing of it, "Have a joyful day!"
    Potchy snorts and trails after his trainer. Lady twirls once and a while as she walks, allowing Potchy to practice dodging as she does. The low leveled dark type is overjoyed to finally get some action in, even if this kind of action became easy for him within a few moments as he caught up with his trainers pattern.
    Lady seems to notice this and stops her twirling, "Do you want to battle someone, Potchy?"
    Potchy barks out his excitement, wagging his tail so fast that dust starts to fly up around his rump. Lady laughs, "Okay, okay! Let's find a wild pokemon."
    They search the tall grass for a while, looking up and down the forest for a wild pokemon to fight, and finally the pair find on.
    "Pika!" It screeches the second it spots Potchy.
    "Oh, it's adorable!" Lady says excitedly, "You've got this, Potchy!"
    Potchy looks back at Lady, then to the opposing Pikachu.
    "Okay, Potchy! Use roar!" Lady says. Potchy looks back at Lady with an expression of, 'Are you serious?'
    Lady puts her hands on her hips, "Come on Potchy! You've got this!"
    Potchy looks back to the Pikachu. Its cheeks fire off sparks of electricity.
    Lady sighs, "You don't want to use roar?"
    Potchy looks back to Lady, then looks to the Pikachu and gives it a mean look. The Pikachu lets out a screech and comes in quickly for an attack.
    "Potchy, dodge, then use bite!" Lady says as the Pikachu comes in closer. Potchy side steps and turns his head, making a 180 around the Pikachu and grasps its tail tightly and uses bite.
    The Pikachu (as well as Potchy) bursts into a bright ball of yellow. Potchy wails and lets go. The Pikachu flees into the forest. Potchy shakes his fur, and glares up at Lady. Lady looks upset, and Potchy huffs, padding up to her with his bell collar tingling.
    "Sorry Potchy," Lady says quietly, "I'm not too good at battling yet. Dad is the good battler, not me. I just had to come with because we had no other family in Kalos, not since Mom left."
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  37. 'June', thankful that Amy hadn't noticed her cringe, looked at her Riolu then at Royal. "Want to battle?" she asked. Royal, wanting to try out her new team member, happily agreed to the battle. She set Walter down on the ground. "Walter, Confusion," Royal called. "Cobalt," 'June' whispered to her Riolu, "Quick Attack." The jackal-esque Pokemon quickly lunged forward, struck Walter, then darted back to his trainer. Walter shakily used Confusion on Cobalt for super-effective damage.
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  38. Amy sat down on the grass, watching 'June' and Royal battle. She liked watching battles, since she believed that it would help herself become a better trainer. Amy let out her Mawile, hoping to have a chance to understand her more. Mawile sat down next to Amy, looking very disappointed and angry. Amy sighed and said, "Mawile, I just thought you should watch this battle with me, alright? You can learn from it and become stronger!"
    Mawile nodded grudgingly and watched the battle.
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  39. Lady and Potchy had given up their searching, and Potchy had stopped being able to walk a little while ago. Lady frantically searches the forest for a way out, but the duo seem to be hopelessly lost. Lady looks to Potchy with tears in her eyes, "I'm so sorry. It seems like I've messed up everything today."
    Potchy doesn't try to move, but slowly pokes his tongue out to lick her hand. Lady blinks away her tears.
    "Walter, Confusion."
    Lady's eyes widen, a trainer! Her brisk walk breaks into a full out jog into the direction of the voice until she breaks into a clearing where two trainers are mid-battle.
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  40. Once more, Cobalt used Quick Attack on the Feeling Pokemon, this time scoring a critical hit. Walter struggled to stand, before collapsing. Royal pouted, then sent out Bella. Meanwhile, 'June' wrote "knows her type advantages-Royal" on her notepad. Royal looked quizzically at the notepad, shrugged it off, then commanded Bella to use Fairy Wind. Cobalt got in a Quick Attack before fainting. As 'June' called Cobalt back, she tucked the notepad into her trainer bag. "Not bad," she mused, "not bad." Royal celebrated her victory over her first trainer battle. She tackled 'June' in a hug, catching the seventeen-year-old completely off guard.
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