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Ask to Join Team Phantom Rises Disscussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Samira, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. Welcome Guys! Name's Sam. I've decided to start a roleplay! I made this discussion thread to find a few people to roleplay with!

    I would prefer if you were to use this format when making your characters:
    Home region:
    Regions Traveled (3+ to go to this region):
    Age (must be over ten):
    Identifying Marks:
    Team (Instinct, Mystic, Valor):
    Pokémon (Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.):

    If you do not have a picture, I would draw one of this oc for you if you are active enough.

    Rules of this thread:
    1) No harassing people for their OCS or pokemon.

    2) No Mary-Sues. If you score a 36 or higher on this test, edit your character a bit.
    Weird hair colors, styles, and eye colors are the norm here.​

    3) You will not know who is a bad person in this rp until it is too late. This is why, you must message me directly these items, which I will never reveal. YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE THAT WILL HAVE THE ABILITY TO REVEAL EVERYTHING IN THE ACTUAL RP.

    4) This is only for approved people, but you use this thread to show me your oc so I can approve you. Only message your sign up here.

    5) Only one fanmade Pokemon/fusion Pokemon per team.

    6) Max of two played OCs per person. (Not included with additional characters)

    7) No 'shady' discussion on a character's alignment in the rp thread if the character is present. (Ex. "Are you sure ___ is a good guy? They seem kinda... Irritable..." While ___ munched on chips on the ground next to them.) No making a character leave without permission from me if the character is an additional character, or from the character's owner if they are played.

    8) All rp rules are used in this. Consult that before playing.

    9) Glitched Pokemon, Legendary Pokemon, Mega Pokemon, and otherwise rare pokemon are canon, but there must be a reasonable reason you would have one!

    10) One shiny pokemon per person is allowed. This is NOT per character, this is per PERSON.

    The Story:
    Trainers have long since been divided into groups over three main traits-Instinct, Intellect, and Strength. Under the name Team Phantom, an evil, unknown man has begun recruiting trainers. The three groups must band together to defeat the Boss-but even then, their efforts might not be enough.


    A set of islands connected by man-made aquatic tunnels with no known native pokemon. (There are no wild encounters in this rp in the beginning) This island is used for training when people have already established a team. There are myths of a pokemon being sighted, but only fleetingly.
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  2. Name: Emma
    Gender: Female
    Home region: Sinnoh
    Regions traveled: Alola, Johto
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 110
    Hair: Mint green
    Eyes: Brown
    Clothing: Plain gray long sleeved shirt, black leggings, plain black shoes
    Identifying Marks: Scar from battle when younger on hand
    Team: Instinct
    Mimikyu/Minior; Mimiknior; N/A; Disguise; Dark; Ghost/Fairy type, weak to ghost, steel, rock, water, electric, and ice, resistant to bug and flying, stats:HP55 A60 D80 SA50 SD100 SP60; timid natured, wants to be loved, but not for mimicking the most loved pokemon
    Shieldon; Tatetops; Male; Sturdy; Unknown; From the Sinnoh region; quiet natured
    Delibird; Bird; Female; Vital Spirit; Unknown; From Almia, shiny; adamant natured
    Empoleon; Emperor; Male; Torrent; Unknown; Her first pokemon; quirky natured, gets mad when he loses
  3. Hmm, I suppose I shall have my fan made Pokémon for the RP. All trainer and Pokémon bios are in spoilers to save space. I also noticed your character only went to two other regions when the amount specified was three or higher. (Unless if the home region counts also.)

    Name: Her name is Serah Avalon.
    Gender: Female
    Home region: Her home region is Camtonia, a region based off of a mix of Cambodia's traditional past and more relevant events in the present time.
    Regions Traveled: She has traveled to Kalos, Aloha and Etepeal. (A region based off of Europe's relevant times with some characteristics taken from Western civilization.)
    Age: Serah is roughly about 14 Years old, though her birthday is in a couple of months.
    Height: 4'11" / 1.5 m
    Weight: 104.6 lbs / 47.45 kg
    Hair: She has long, blond hair that is curled in a ponytail.
    Eyes: Her eyes are sky blue, as the surrounding area near her pupil is a bit grayish.
    Clothing: She wears a pale white camp shirt and a pale blue, short-sleeved skort. The camp shirt has a picture of a lightly pink heart that has some vague pictures of a familiar Pokémon and human about to hold hands. She has on black, knee boots with socks that are as white as cloud nine and wears a dark brown satchel around her left shoulder that holds her items she carries around; such as everyday supplies and Tyler's Poké Browser since he cannot exactly use it anymore.
    Identifying Marks: She does not have anything too dramatic like scars that one would see from a WWII movie, though she does have some small patches of freckles on her cheeks and nose.
    Team: She is in Team Mystic.
    Pokémon: She has a Signita. (See below for more information.)
    Name: His name is Tyler Frost.
    Species: Signita / Cross Seal Pokémon
    Type: Water Ice
    Gender: Male
    Native Region: His native region is Etepeal, a region based off of Europe's relevant times with some characteristics taken from Western civilization.
    Age: His real age is currently unknown, though his physical appearance does make him appear rather young.
    Height: 1'10" / 0.56 m
    Weight: 17.9 lbs / 8.12 kg
    Special Features: He has some white, elastic bandages snugly wrapped around the top of his head with Serah's help since he has some bruises from prior fights against harassing trainers and Team Regressive.
    Hidden Power: Fighting
    Ability: Torrent (Increases the potency of all Water-type moves when the Pokémon is in trouble.)
    Appearance: Signita is a pinniped, slightly canine-like Pokémon that is primarily pale blue. His head is slightly big in proportion to his body, as he has light blue eyes and a small snout with a tiny nose capable of tracking various scents from a good distance. Two small teeth can be seen when he opens his mouth, as they are in the upper row of his mouth on opposite sides. His arms each have three fingers that lack any claws due to his seemingly young age. His underside and tail is that of a dark cadet gray, as his flipper-like tail has a black striped pattern around it.
    Clothing: Tyler wears a specially made lab coat made by Serah's mother that is tailored for his body and needs. There are some pockets on the inside and outside areas that hold some medicinal items as well as his foldable clipboard and his special black, thick pen made for his small hands; which have a multitude of functions.
    Personality: Tyler is described from his trainer to be an outcast when faced with social encounters, as he rarely speaks due to his voice that others describe as silly and babyish. He tends to hide behind his friends, trainer or any object in sight when forced to answer a question deemed too personal. His fish out of water nature makes it significantly harder to hang around other Pokémon, since he is not as understandable as a typical Pokémon would be under normal circumstances. Although he retains some of his former traits, his emotional side often gets the better of him when it comes to bottling up his rage and tears from significant emotional stress and/or trauma. Due to memory loss however, he does have some trouble doing some basic and understandably advanced tasks for his infantile body.
    Primary Moves: Pound Rush, Examination, Water Snipe, Icicle Shooter
    Other: His favorite treat is a huge wafer coated with a liberal amount of peanut butter.
    Poké Browser Entry: "Signita is the water starter Pokémon for Etepeal. Typically, they are given to beginning trainers, as they can rarely be seen in the wild in colder areas napping on some patches of snow near the frosty seas."
    Moves Information:
    Type: Normal
    Category: Physical
    Condition: Tough
    Power: 10 x 5
    Accuracy: 100%, but can be evaded more easily
    Power Points: 25
    Target: Single Enemy
    Range: Close Quarters Combat
    Description: An elementary move that most species of Pokémon learn from the start or early on. The user strikes the target with a series of quick strikes.
    Effects: The chance of critical hits increases when all strikes connect.
    Type: Normal
    Category: Status
    Condition: Clever
    Power: N/A
    Accuracy: Sure Shot
    Power Points: 35
    Target: Single Enemy
    Range: 10 Meters
    Description: The user briefly analyzes the target and assesses their outlook, behavior and other newly known facts to gain an insight on the target.
    Effects: Reveals partial information about the target this move is used on. This move can be used multiple times on the same target to gain more detailed information.
    Type: Water
    Category: Special
    Condition: Cool
    Power: 70
    Accuracy: 85%
    Power Points: 15
    Target: Single Enemy
    Range: 25 Meters
    Description: The user takes in a deep breath of concentration and launches a dense shot of highly pressurized water at the target. The move becomes stronger if the target is hit at their pressure point.
    Effects: The move's power is doubled if the target is hit in their weak spot.
    Type: Ice
    Category: Special
    Condition: Beautiful
    Power: 15 x 6
    Accuracy: 80%
    Power Points: 20
    Target: Single Enemy
    Range: 12.5 Meters
    Description: The user assaults the target with a barrage of frosty icicles, which may inflict the Expose status on the target.
    Effects: May inflict Expose on the target, halving their resistance to Ice-type attacks.
    Name: Her name is Mindy Avalon.
    Gender: Female
    Home region: Her home region is Bajola, a region based off of a mix of Mexico's past and future eras taken from true stories and legends.
    Regions Traveled: She has traveled to Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos and Camtonia.
    Age: Mindy is 14 Years old, as she will be turning one year older in a couple of months.
    Height: 4'10" / 1.47 m
    Weight: 102.7 lbs / 46.58 kg
    Hair: She has long, blond hair in the style of a ponytail.
    Eyes: She has modest blue eyes.
    Clothing: Mindy wears an early 80s era sci-fi reading glasses, along with her purple, short-sleeved, one piece velvet dress and her white penny loafers. She has a golden watch fitted around her left arm and a platinum necklace around her neck. The necklace has a figure of that of a five pointed star, as there are five small diamonds each on their respective edges. She also carries around a smooth, shoulder strap, leathery purse that has various items stored inside.
    Identifying Marks: She does not have anything special that makes her stand out from the crowd, aside from a few modest freckles near her nose and cheeks.
    Team: She is in Team Mystic.
    Pokémon: She has an Axovenio. (See below for more information.)
    Name: His name is Iago.
    Species: Axovenio / Reefling Pokémon
    Type: Water
    Gender: Male
    Native Region: His native region is Bajola, a region based off of a mix of Mexico's past and future eras taken from true stories and legends.
    Age: He is the equivalent of being around 28 Months old in human age.
    Height: 1'7" / 0.48 m
    Weight: 15.5 lbs / 7.03 kg
    Special Features: He has a light layering of white, wrapping bandages carefully wrapped around his left hand and lower chest as a result of an accident from a battle several weeks ago.
    Hidden Power: Ice
    Ability: Militating Liquidity (The Pokémon gradually regenerates HP in sources of water when out of battle, while steadily lifting the effects of debuffs while in battle.)
    Appearance: Axovenio is a small, amphibious, bipedal Pokémon that has a primarily light blue body with a battleship gray underside. His modest head has small, violet gills on his cheeks that are rather hard to see from certain angles, as his beady eyes are lightly black. His nose has the resemblance of two tiny nostrils, as his small mouth has no teeth whatsoever. There are straight, firm, pale red coral protrusions on the back side of his head that are secreted from a mysterious organ of his should they ever break off. His small hands have four fingers each, while his feet have three toes. His long, tapering gray tail fin has a black outer edge, while its inner gray area has some parallel slate gray stripes within the center.
    Clothing: He wears a sea blue scarf snugly around his neck, which has his name embroidered on its front side with pristine love and effort. He also has on a modest white bonnet along with cloud white, infant-friendly mittens and socks that were lovingly made by his trainer's mother, though he often dislikes having to wear his clothing and accessories however.
    Personality: Iago tends to be stubborn around adults especially, since he tends to get into arguments and quite a bit of trouble at times. His bad temper and impaired communication skills often land him with a lengthy lecture or even the dreaded punishment with the authorities, since he is notorious for using force to rebel against others. He can be quite silly when it comes to his strange habits, as he likes to put his right hand into his mouth to calm himself.
    Primary Moves: Battering Rush, Marina Reflect, Corallum Energy, Aquatic Outflow
    Other: His favorite drink is a sippy cup full of sweet, oran berry juice with frozen cubes of the same type of juice to not let the drink dilute.
    Poké Browser Entry: "Axovenio is the water starter Pokémon for Bajola. They are often seen in sea within the shallow areas resting with other patches of coral reefs to camouflage themselves from other Pokémon at night."
    Moves Information:
    Type: Normal
    Category: Physical
    Condition: Tough
    Power: 10 x 5
    Accuracy: 100%, but can be evaded more easily.
    Power Points: 25
    Target: Enemy
    Range: Close Quarters Combat
    Description: A rudimentary move in which most Pokémon know right from the start or soon in their early years. The Pokémon swiftly assaults the target with a rush of strikes.
    Effects: Critical hits land more easily if all hits connect.
    Type: Water
    Category: Status (Egg Move)
    Condition: Clever
    Power: 0.5x the incoming attack's damage
    Accuracy: 100%, but can be evaded more easily at range
    Power Points: 10
    Target: Self (Move) / All Pokémon in range (Attack)
    Range: 10 Meters
    Description: The Pokémon places up a bubble shield around themselves. While the Pokémon is under their bubble, any attack directed towards the Pokémon will protect the Pokémon from all damage, pop the bubble and send various water pellets flying in all directions. This move can fail if used consecutively however.
    Effects: Protects the Pokémon from an attack and damages all nearby Pokémon after being attacked.
    Type: Water
    Category: Status
    Condition: Cool
    Power: N/A
    Accuracy: Sure Shot
    Power Points: 20
    Target: Self
    Range: N/A
    Description: The user gathers in an immense amount of cleansing energy to gradually patch itself of injuries and status conditions.
    Effects: Gradually restores the user's HP and steadily lifts the effects of random debuffs over the course of three turns. The more debuffs the user has, the bigger the move's potency will be.
    Type: Water
    Category: Special
    Condition: Beautiful
    Power: 75
    Accuracy: 100%
    Power Points: 25
    Target: Enemy
    Range: 15 Meters
    Description: The user launches a concentrated, forceful stream of water at the target; which may inflict Saturation, temporarily halving the target's resistance to Water-based attacks.
    Effects: May inflict Sautration on the target, decreasing the resistance multiplier of Water-type attacks to 0.5x.
  4. Well, I've been yearning for a new RP anyways. Just note that I have school n' stuff and might have a really weird active schedule.

    Bio is in spoiler below...

    Name: Lucius Marsyas
    Gender: Male
    Home region: Hagenthria, a region centered on mainly Italian and Roman culture and infrastructure. Such as this, he has a semblance of an Italian accent to his voice.
    Regions Traveled (3+ to go to this region): Lucius has briefly visited Sinnoh, and has had more long termed experience within the regions of Alola and Johto.
    Age (must be over ten): Turned 16 several months before the beginning events of the RP.
    Height: Lucius is average height wise, standing at a height of 5'8".
    Weight: Bearing a decent musculature, Lucius is 125.3 lbs in terms of weight.
    Hair: Lucius bears short, well kept dirty blonde hair that sweeps narrowly above his hair, which rendezvous with another swathe of hair basically identically with the rest of the hair around his head. He rarely uses any intricate kind of product or hair gel, preferring to use more natural means of tending to that aspect of his appearance.
    Eyes: Lucius has moderately sized eyes, with a dark hazel brown coloring to them. Nothing else about this prospect of him is notable to put here.
    Clothing: Lucius wears a long sleeved tunic like shirt, bearing green sleeves and shoulders however a white back and torso, with a buttoned and loosed sewn top to secure the article of clothing. He then wears variations of Khakis and cargo pants, preferring to keep a minimalistic style of design and overall appearance. Lucius dons hybrid style hiking boots as shoes. (Yeah, I've never really been too good at making summaries of the clothing of a character.)
    Identifying Marks: None, other than a small birth mark on his top right abdomen. Though, that probably wouldn't really externally identify him, hence why 'none' has been put down.
    Team (Instinct, Mystic, Valor): Instinct

    Pokémon (Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.):
    Nickname: Dante
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Rock Head
    Hidden Power: Dragon
    Special Features: Has particularly sharp talons.
    History/Personality: Was originally sold to Lucius in a fossils shop during his trip to Johto, and later, during an experimental fossil revival project conducted by a group of scientists within Hagenthria, (and after Lucius submitting his fossil for experimentation) was able to be revived and turned into a real Pokemon using some external DNA from a Dragonite - hence the hidden power.

    Tell me if I missed anything.
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  5. Name: James Coffey
    Gender: Male
    Home region: Unova
    Regions Traveled (3+ to go to this region): He's spent the longest in Kalos, but has visited Johto and Sinnoh for extended periods as well.
    Age (must be over ten): 17
    Height: 5'9" (±175cm)
    Weight: 122 lb (±55kg)
    Hair: Black hair cut relatively short, styled and gelled up. His undercut has grown out somewhat.
    Eyes: Brown. He wears a pair of black glasses.
    Clothing: James’ wardrobe consists mainly of plain outfits—typically grays, with the occasional white dress shirt for fancy occasions. He does not enjoy vibrant colors. Frequently he’ll be seen layering up, even in warmer weather. His standard outfit consists of a gray long sleeve shirt underneath a black zip-up jacket, jeans (black or navy blue), and white tennis shoes or gray loafers, depending on the situation. He wears a dark purple scarf.
    Identifying Marks: He has a small scar across his left ear, and a larger one on his right forearm. His nose is slightly crooked from having been broken once.
    Team (Instinct, Mystic, Valor): Mystic

    Species: Lampent
    Nickname: Wisperia, or Wispie for short
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Flame Body
    Hidden Power: Ice
    Special Features: Her flame is usually out when not in battle. She has a habit of floating near other light sources.
    History/Personality: Wisperia was James’ starter equivalent, caught as a Litwick in Celestial Tower when he began his journey. She’s remained his most loyal pokemon since. Personality-wise, she’s a quiet, unassuming sort of pokemon, never causing trouble or disrupting things or showing much of any sort of emotion. If a ghost-type could be really said to care for their trainer, though, then Wisperia certainly does.

    Species: Gourgeist
    Nickname: Acanthos
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Pickup
    Hidden Power: Electric
    Special Features: Large-sized Gourgeist. Similar to Wisperia, he can suppress his glow when he wants to.
    History/Personality: Acanthos was caught in Kalos. He’s a bit more cheerful than Wisperia, but not by much—he prefers to spend his time relaxing rather than battling. Laid-back and seemingly uninterested in training, it's something of a wonder that he's still on the team. He has a bit of a sweet tooth, and often bothers James for pokepuffs.

    This looks like a really fun RP, I'd love to join! The setting in particular seems neat. If there's anything I need to change, let me know!
  6. Name: Reynn Kros
    Gender: Female
    Home region: Kalos
    Regions Traveled (3+ to go to this region): Hoenn, Johto and Sinnoh
    Age (must be over ten): 13
    Height: 5' 1"
    Weight: 109 lbs
    Clothing: This
    Identifying Marks: Lunar wing flower necklace
    Team (Instinct, Mystic, Valor): Incstinct
    Pokémon (Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.):
    Greninja-Kaero-Male-Torrent-Ice-Blue Ribbon on arm
    Vivillon-Vi-Female-Compound Eyes- Fire Pink ribbon around neck
    Milotic-Maiamai-Male-Marvel Scale-Dark- Coral ribbon around tail
    Dunsparce-Pence-Male-Serene Grace-Water-White Ribbon around tail
    Togekiss-Sunnyside-Female-Serene Grace-Ghost-Yellow ribbon around foot thing
    Porygon 2 - Onhcet- Attack Helicopter- Electric- Black ribbon

    Do we need to wait for response or can we start posting?
  7. Guys, do not post until Crystal (Reynn) posts please
  8. ouch I just posted right as you said that.
  9. You are fine, you have only posted once. I assumed you wouldn't be available today because of the things you told me, but after that post, we'regoing to wait for Reynn.
  10. That's likely going to be my last post today, if I'm being honest, possible one more.
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  12. Ooh, never seen the post order thing in a while, so I suppose I'll have to make a note of that.

    *a baby Lapras rolls his eyes, as he appears to be having a bad feeling of how the post order could potentially make things turn out*
  13. I'll post what I said to Kiraru here, as they have expressed concerns.
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  14. Been awhile since I've been in an rp that actually did post order!! My timezone is EST aka UTC with -5 hours offset, meaning that at the time of posting it's 1:36 PM for me. I can average about two posts per day comfortably, more if timezones let us speed-rp but it's not at all an issue for me if we can't. I check Pokecharms kind of infrequently throughout the day tbh but I'll always be online at some point. :p
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  15. Well, I usually post in the afternoon to about evening for pacific time since I have college classes in the morning.

    Also, I was wondering if I could have a troublesome Pokémon be in the hotel. (Which will be for later when everyone gets there, since I have a feeling that one Pokémon against ace trainers is like trying to put a Squirtle against a Blastoise with buffed IVs and EVs.)
  16. Of course ^^
  17. Woo, I'm home from school! Time to be super available for the whole weekend. Excited to continue this RP!

    I have a 4 day weekend, too.
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  18. The issue here is time zones and how if one person doesn't post it can hold up the entire RP, and make other people not able to respond, and also drag out even menial conversations a lot. This could get boring and make other people lose interest and such. (Concerning the post order)
  19. That is why if someone does not post within twelve hours of it being their turn, it will skip over them, without notification, which I will post here.
    They will then be notified about posting when their next turn is or notifying me an explanation why they cannot, or they will be removed.
    The only exception to this is if they have not been online the entire time, which I will expect a full explanation before you can start posting again.
    Thank you, I do understand your concerns.
  20. Yes, but if they're in a conversation with another character, skipping over them outright can screw over the other person. I just see too many ways that this could end badly for people with stricter schedules.
  21. I would rather keep this all moving along, and I really know the concerns quite well. If you are having a problem with skipping over a person, we will burn that bridge when we get to it.
  22. Alright, thanks for the insight.
  23. Please skip over me, I'm having a hard time today
  24. So I suppose I am next then, seeing how Crystal posted already.
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  25. Sorry guys! I'll post now. Heres why I was gone all day:
    I woke up to a strange person in my room! Apparently the ac had fallen out when I was asleep and my roommate was panicking because she couldn't get a hold of me (she's in another state) so I had to spend the day making sure nothing was stolen. Really sorry about that, but seeing as nothing was posted, I'll just continue from Crystal's post
  26. Are you using first person in post?
  27. Currently privately giving a certain someone info on the little bear Pokémon since they requested it.
  28. Oh! I'll correct that immediately! Thank you for pointing it out, sorry, I went from writing a first person story to that ^^"
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  29. I think I actually did post almost 12 hours after >_<, but mine is up now too. Salted, if you'd rather we do go to the hotel, I can redirect the ending of my post for that!
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  30. Okay, I really see why this post order is a bad thing (considering I was unable to post yesterday and it might be hard)

    That being said:
    The new rule is you must post at least once every four days, or once everyone has posted three times, whichever comes first. Please inform me if you would like to leave the rp, or are unable to move on because someone else not posting.

    Please give me feedback on this rule as well uwu
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  31. Okay, sorry for the inactivity on my part. Preparing a post now/soon.
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  32. Well, I suppose I shall post soon since the post order thing had been removed.
  33. @Salted_Apples has been removed for now. They might become a part of the rp again eventually, but for now they cannot be a part sadly.
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  34. Understandable. Scheduling can be a pain more often than not, I totally get it :p I've had quite a few RPs that I had to drop because of IRL stuff. Samira, would it be alright if I just continue posting James' story as if he hasn't met Lucius? He'll be drawn to the hotel, same as everyone else (maybe stopping for poffins beforehand >.>). I can also try editing my previous posts if you'd like, but it might be difficult.
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  35. I’ll have that noted, and I was wondering if there are any time skips coming up, so that I can prepare in advance possibly.

    *a Rihuir could be seen sneaking towards a cookie jar with the beat, as it carefully takes a cookie and tiptoes away with the rhythm*
  36. Yep!

    The only time skip that may come up is when everyone is sleeping :D
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  37. To late to join then?

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