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DPPt/HGSS Team Help

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Figs, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Yeah, Hi, new here, anyways, i was wondering if anyone would be willing to give me some ideas for my team in Fire red? so far, all I have Is

    Charizard: 74
    Sunny Day
    Wing attack (Gonna replace w/dragon pulse when D/P comes out)
    Dragon rage (Gonna replace w/solar Beam when D/P Comes out)

    Blastoise: 74
    Ice beam/Rest (Need to find a new way to get rest, as i missed it on the S.S. Ann) :-[ ::)

    Venusaur: 72
    Giga Drain
    Leech Seed

    Dusklops(Noir when available): 57 (training)
    Shadow Punch
    Mean Look
    Rest (Another reason to go through Sapphire again)
    W-o-W (And if you say "world of warcraft", I will send the Chimp Mafia...somewhere...)

    Dragonite: 71
    Aerial Ace

    Kirlia: 20 (need to trade to my FR)
    Thunderbolt(will teach when i can)
    Calm Mind (Ditto)
    Magical Leaf (Ditto...again)

    Never mind
  2. Carmen Lopez

    Friend Code:
    You need a good Psychic type so I recommend:

    Light Screen or Reflect
    This is one of the movesets on one of my four Gardevoir and it was well received.

    Metagross would also be a good choice. I really like Dusclops and its evo Dusknoir will probably be even better on your team.

    Umbreon is my favorite tank/annoyer with this moveset: Toxic, Faint Attack(or bite), Confuse Ray, Mean Look. With its awsome defenses, it can take a lot of hits and get in a hit or two.

    With Blastiose I suggest having both Ice Beam and Surf on it. There will be plenty of grass types trying to take it out. Unfortunately you may be out of luck with Rest. :-\ I think the only way is to have two Game Boys or DS's and transfer Rest from another game to FireRed. I think you're trying to use Venasaur as an annoyer so I won't mess with that moveset. But an alternative could be replacing Protect with Petal Dance via breeding.
  3. Well, i could easilly get Rest Via Saphire (Kinda forgot that option at the time :p ) And I had been training a Dusklops awhile back (took it out for some reason, cant remember why, has a good nature and everything), so thats one, I dont know if i wanna use both Garde and Gross (Garde and Gross, Sounds like a bug spray, no?) I may use one, since i need to play through Saphire again to get rest anyways (So, i Guess Garde, since i dont wanna spend to much time playing to get metagross, and sit there realoading it till i get one with the right nature) Also, Yes, venusaur is an annoyer :p I had considered Replaceing Giga drain, but with energy ball (When available) (Also, Giga Drain has full pp (8) Also, Im not good with Evee/evo's, they take Sooooo long to hatch, and when one does? it the exact opposite of what i need..) anyways, thanks for the help :)

    EDIT: alright, after much thought(or some thought, while coming home on the bus) I have planned out my team, and no longer need suggestions.

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