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Team Checking... As usual

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by SPAZ MAN, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Not so sure if the current team i have is at its full potential (1 factor being none of them are at 100), so, going with the flow of the rest of the people, gonna have my team checked out by the pros.

    Charizard @ lvl 80
    236 HP
    Attack: 174
    Defence: 158
    Sp. Attack: 198
    Sp. Defence 166
    Speed 226

    Flare Blitz
    Heat Wave
    Blast Burn

    Tyranitar @ 71
    246 HP
    Attack: 219
    Defence: 176
    Sp. Attack: 157
    Sp. Defence: 170
    Speed: 122

    Crunch (replacing with dark pulse)
    Stone Edge
    Hyper Beam

    Dragonite @ 64
    211 HP
    Attack: 247
    Defence: 148
    Sp. Attack: 131
    Sp. Defence: 148
    Speed: 127

    Dragon Rush
    Dragon Dance
    Dragon Pulse

    Nidoking @ 63
    187 HP
    Attack: 158
    Defence: 128
    Sp. Attack 126
    Sp. Defence 109
    Speed: 136

    Earth Power
    Horn Attack
    Double Kick

    Feraligatr @ 58
    186 HP
    Attack: 170
    Defence: 153
    Sp. Attack: 123
    Sp. Defence: 108
    Speed: 99

    Hydro Cannon

    Lugia @ 76
    279 HP
    Attack: 175
    Defence: 238
    Sp. Attack: 167
    Sp. Defence: 258
    Speed: 198

    Hydro Pump

    Please review!
  2. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

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    Is this team going to be for battling other people with? If so, then your team is far below 100% :X
    I would strongly suggest you read over this thread here

    If your team is solely for in-game purposes and you don't intend to face other people with it, then I should inform you that you're no longer allowed to post those in the clinic. When the forums borked and got rebooted from scratch, the clinic rules changed a bit [at least, I assume that's when it went into effect]

    Anyhow, suggestions for your team:
    - Blast Burn, Hyper Beam and all attacks like them are a major no-no when facing other players. The turn spent recharging can be used to set-up any number of unstoppable forces while you can't do anything, especially if you'd have to switch out after the recharge turn.
    - None of your pokemon seem to be EV trained. Tyranitar's attack should have been about 200 by the time it was level 50 assuming a semi-standard build.
    - Level doesn't really matter. Once they know all of the attacks you want them to and have been EV trained, you can set levels to 50 or 100 when battling other players. Pokemon above/below the set level will be temporarily changed to match it.
    - Finally, Lugia is considered 'Uber' among most players. Using it in battle won't be allowed in most places :S

    I'll be a bit more detailed if you can edit your team to follow the guidelines in the thread I linked to above :)

    Check my sig for a decent Nidoking that isn't hard to get :)

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