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Team assembly and ideas

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by eishiba, Aug 9, 2010.

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  1. As all others posted in this area, I was hoping to get some ideas about any changes that can be made to the Pokemon I have. These should all be at level 100. I honestly can't tell if I'm getting the EV's or not. There is another website I go to that tells you, for example, if you defeat a slowpoke, you get 1 hp ev point. That is correct right? Anyways, tell me what I can do. I have no problem trying with the same pokemon but a different nature or changing the pokemon completely to something else. Just let me know why so I can have as much insight as I can. Also, none of these have items on them. I'm really bad at putting the right item on a pokemon.

    Impish Nature with Sturdy Ability
    Hp 294
    Atk 273
    Def 322
    Sp. Atk 126
    Sp. Def 148
    Spd 150
    Stone Edge
    Rock Climb(is a good HM for having power of 90, even though everyone said no HM's but why not? its strong.)
    Magnetude(im aware this move is not needed since I have earthquake but what would be a good move to replace it with?)

    Sassy Nature with Blaze Ability
    atk 279
    def 180
    sp.atk 271
    sp.def 196
    spd 202

    Sky Uppercut
    Brave Bird

    Lonely Nature with Klutz ability
    HP 276
    atk 211
    def 194
    sp.atk 149
    sp.def 226
    spd 251

    Jump Kick
    Ice Beam

    Mild Nature with Static Ability
    atk 185
    def 182
    sp.atk 305
    sp.def 193
    spd 168

    Iron Tail
    Signal Beam
    Power Gem

    Adament Nature with Anger Point Ability
    sp.def 172
    spd 281

    Close Combat
    Rock Slide
    Seismic Toss

    Now these two I'm debating on because both are good in their own way.
    Gentle Nature with Clear Body Ability
    atk 340
    def 256
    sp.atk 221
    sp.def 225
    spd 182

    Hyper beam
    Metor Mash
    Shadow Ball

    Bold Nature with Levitate
    HP 278
    atk 208
    def 300
    sp.atk 173
    sp.def 273
    spd 147

    Faint Attack
    Flash Cannon

    Both Metagross and Bronzong are good. However, Metagross seems to be the stronger one yet he falls to ground moves and Bronzong does not since he levitates.
  2. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Overall, your movesets aren't too bad, but there's a few changes that need to be made:

    - Why not Rock Climb? Simple: Golem has tons of moves that are far, FAR more useful than Rock Climb could ever be, that's why. Sucker Punch, Fire Punch, ThunderPunch, Superpower, Rock Polish and Explosion are all available as potential options, and all of them outstrip Rock Climb in terms of usefulness by a tremendous margin. Stealth Rock is an almost-mandatory move for Golem - I say "almost-mandatory" since Metagross and Bronzong can use Stealth Rock too, but as a rule-of-thumb, every team should have a Pokemon with Stealth Rock available - the move is just THAT good. Anything out of Muscle Band, Leftovers, Passho or Rindo Berry can work as decent hold items.

    - Blaziken's nature sucks ass, and I'd suggest a re-breed if you hope to make the most of Blaziken's strengths. Superpower is an alternative Fighting STAB for Blaziken, but Sky Uppercut is just as good really. Earthquake's OK, but Blaziken will likely see more use out of something like Stone Edge, Rock Slide or ThunderPunch for Flying-types that resist his Fighting STAB - ThunderPunch has the added bonus of striking Water-types that would resist Fire STAB too. The last move is filler really - note that Blaziken's main role is destroying defensive Pokemon using his mixed physical and special attacks to strike down specialized physical/special walls by targeting their lower defensive stat, such as Skarmory (high Defense, low Sp.Defense, weak to Fire) and Blissey (high Sp.Defense, low Defense, weak to Fighting.) Life Orb is probably the best item for Blaziken.

    - Lopunny's best role is that of an annoyer/disruptor or a supporter. I'd re-breed again with Lopunny myself since most of its best moves are Egg Moves, most notably Encore, Fake Out and Switcheroo. Switcheroo gets special note due to it working exceptionally well with Klutz - Lopunny can't use items with that ability, and while that may seem bad at first, it also means if Lopunny is holding an item that would have a negative effect, such as Flame Orb, Lopunny will suffer no ill effect from the item since it can't use it and burn itself. With Switcheroo, you can then give the damaging item to an opponent and have them suffer the full, ill effects from (in this case, the Flame Orb, which will burn them while you steal their item at the same time.) Healing Wish, Heal Bell, Endeavor, Mirror Coat, Magic Coat, Baton Pass and Agility are other moves that Lopunny can make good use of - keep in mind Lopunny will be more useful doing these sorts of things rather than trying to attack, since its offensive stats aren't that great.

    - Thunderbolt is going to be more useful than Thunder on Ampharos due to Thunder's horrible accuracy - you never know when it'll screw you over by missing, whereas Thunderbolt's 100% accuracy is completely reliable. Choice Scarf would be my item of choice for Ampharos due to his horrible Speed, although if Lopunny ran an Agility Baton Pass set, you would be able to pass Speed boosts to Ampharos to make him very quick (you can also do this with Blaziken to great effect also.) Iron Tail also will be pretty useless due to bad accuracy and typing - if you do feel like giving Ampharos a Choice item (either Specs or Scarf) then Focus Blast would be a good fourth move - granted, its accuracy is just as horrible as Thunder's, but the Fighting-type coverage it provides will help slay Rock/Ground-types such as Rhyperior, and really, Ampharos doesn't have anything much better than Focus Blast to put in that fourth slot.

    - Your Primeape is pretty cool, pretty nice stats and great nature to boot. I will copypaste Primeape advice from another thread here for you - this advice was given by me to another member:

    Granted, both Primeape sets have a Jolly nature, but Adamant works fine too, so don't worry about it.

    - Now, for Metagross vs Bronzong...I'd say Bronzong would be more useful to you since Golem, Blaziken and Ampharos all suffer weakness to Ground-type moves. Having Metagross would make your team extremely vulnerable to Ground, so I'd consider Bronzong's Levitate mandatory, so you can circumvent that weakness to some extent. As for moves, I mentioned Stealth Rock earlier, and Bronzong's great at using it, probably more-so than Golem, so that's one move for him. Other available options for Bronzong include Reflect/Light Screen for further support, Hypnosis/Confuse Ray if you wish to inflict disruptive status moves on the opponent, or moves like Gyro Ball, Earthquake, Psychic and Explosion if you wish to cause some damage. If I had to pick four moves to make a set, I'd probably go with Stealth Rock, Hypnosis, Gyro Ball and Explosion to give yourself a nice blend of support, status and damage moves. Leftovers for the hold item, definitely.

    Whew...overall, you have a very, very unique and interesting team that is definitely showing promise at this stage. I would, however, possibly re-breed for better natures on Blaziken and Lopunny (speed-boosting Nature works best for Lopunny, if I didn't point that out earlier) as well as egg moves for Lopunny, and I'd also consider EV training if you haven't already. Another good idea would be to look at all the available moves your team members can use (Serebii and Bulbapedia are the best sites for this) and use them to get a better idea of what you'd like out of each individual team member as well.
  3. Does anyone appear to have any obvious EV points? Like I said, I really don't know what the normal stats are. Would Infernape be a better choice than Blaziken? Im also going to assume you never want a nature with lowering defense which is why you suggest re-breeding lopunny. Why would you go for speed boosting Lopunny when he is already fast? Or is his speed not that great on this specific Lopunny. I've been trying to breed another Primeape that has Vital spirit rather than Anger Point because Primeape isn't great on defense and critical hits usually kill him. I also don't see the big deal about Substitute. It seems more annoying than useful or a way to slow the fight down cause when an opponent uses it, and I use a move that takes it out in the same turn, its a wasted turn. Sometimes this happens two or three times to the point where the opponent is too low on HP to use the move again. Most moves used by higher level pokemon seem to stop substitute before an attack can be made while behind the substitute. Primeape doesn't seem to have much HP to be spending anyways, which is odd cause I remember in Pokemon red all the way to crystal, I always found a Mankey and trained it to a Primeape and its HP was always atleast 300. The highest I think I got was about 330. Now I'm dealing with Primapes with HP only at 250 range and its like a let down lol. I never saw use for Punishment either because if the opponent hasn't powered up any and by most of the moves you have suggested for all my pokemon, very very few of them were moves to power ones self up, unless it was a move that had a 10 or 20 percent chance of boosting a stat but whats the chance of boosting a stat a few times in a row? This is just my theories. I'm open to answers and criticing. I'm a noob, I don't understand everything. Plus I haven't played in years. I played Ruby when it came out and stopped after I got Groundon and was bored with the game.
  4. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    That's quite a block of text you have there. I'll break it down for you:

    - I don't know if there's a thread in the forums talking about EV training here, but there is this thread in the old forum archive which explains EVs and IVs in detail:

    http://www.pokecharms.com/forumarchive/ ... ic.php?t=9

    Have a read through that for more information on EV training.

    - Infernape is widely considered to be superior to Blaziken due to it being far faster and having access to certain key moves that Blaziken does not have, most notably Grass Knot, Close Combat and U-Turn. Although I do believe people should use whatever they personally prefer, Infernape is hands-down superior to Blaziken, without any shadow of a doubt.

    - Lopunny wants a Speed-boosting nature simply because its his best stat, and the one it'll end up making the most use out of. The vast majority of Pokemon that have Speed as their highest stat use a Speed-boosting nature to take full advantage of their greatest strength, and Lopunny is no exception to the rule. Keep in mind that while Lopunny's Speed is its highest stat, its Speed stat is actually not that great compared to threats like Salamence and Flygon, which further increases the need for a Speed-boosting nature on it. If you want to annoy and disrupt foes (which Lopunny, as stated, excels at) you'll usually want your disruptive moves to strike before your opponent has a chance to hit you.

    - Apparently you didn't read the Anger Point/Sub Primeape description, or you would have noticed that if an attack crits on your Substitute, Anger Point is triggered by it - this allows you to survive the attack very easily and make full use of the ability. Also, Salac Berry only activates when your HP drops to 25% or lower - Substitute, conveniently, drops your HP every time you use it. As for Punishment, it's for Ghost-types who are immune to Fighting - Primeape doesn't get anything much better than that unfortunately, unless Stone Edge is more your thing. Substitute isn't a straightforward move to use, but in certain situations (like this one) it can prove extremely potent, and it is definitely one of the best moves in the game.

    Don't worry about being new to competitive battle, no-one starts an expert after all, and it often takes players quite some time before they can fully grasp how certain strategies work, and how to use certain moves whose uses are not straightforward.
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