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Team advice ...^_^

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by zethose, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. umm hey guys im also new at competative battleing (herpderp good spelling) and would love some help ... I dont think they are terrible but they could use work soooo yeah ;D here we go

    Crobat - CAP'N NERO
    no item yet
    -cross poison
    -air slash
    -(looking for way to get toxic but currently mean look)

    Forretress - MAD YET?
    -bug bite
    -gyro ball

    Gallade - EXCALIBER
    quick powder
    -leaf blade
    -close combat
    -swords dance
    -psycho cut

    Lapras - ATLANTIS (I love this thing so I might want to leave it alone)
    -ice beam
    -rain dance

    Typlosion - ...!
    (Again deciding item maybe move weakening berry for ground because earthquake murders me)
    -swift (for annoying avoiders seeing as it always hits)
    -focus blast

    Kabutops - Rouge
    Muscle band / expert belt
    -rock slide
    -???(right now rock climb)
    -stealth rock

    After note: Soooo yeah I love the kabutops and lapras combo with swift swim and gallade is fun open to any suggestions please and thanks :p

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  2. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    We're getting there, but a few changes are crucial here. Your movesets alone aren't bad, but there's a few necessary changes:

    - Crobat can make some use of Fly and Toxic potentially, but this is a role best left to something with more bulk like Skarmory since it doesn't really make the most of Crobat's biggest strength: Speed. Instead, Crobat will be looking at moves such as Taunt, Hypnosis and to a lesser extent Confuse Ray to torment targets before they have a chance to strike back. Air Slash works nicely with Crobat's Speed and aids disruption, so I'd keep that - other handy moves include U-Turn and Heat Wave, the former to allow Crobat a quick getaway while inflicting more damage, and the latter to strike foes resistant to Air Slash. I'd consider leading with Crobat actually, using Air Slash, Hypnosis, Taunt and something else filler, while having something like Lum Berry, Black Sludge or Focus Sash as the hold item.

    - Forretress would probably be better with Stealth Rock than Kabutops would since Kabs is better at attacking, whereas Forretress is perfect for setting up Stealth Rock. Rapid Spin is definitely usable on Forry as well, but I've found in the past that having both Rocks and Rapid Spin on Forretress really disarms his ability to do damage outside of Explosion, making him dead weight very quickly. Earthquake works better than Bug Bite here due to it being more damaging and also providing better coverage - I'd drop Protect for Stealth Rock and give Kabs something else instead, more on Kabs when I get to him. He can keep the Leftovers.

    - Gallade could do with something a bit better than Quickpowder really since it tends to be an unreliable measure at best and can be a downright useless one at worst if you're especially unlucky. Also to note here is that Gallade's Speed stat is a bit of a let-down when it comes to using Swords Dance, and he is very prone to having someone faster come in and revenge-kill him mid-sweep to end his fun rather abruptly. I'd personally give Gallade Choice Band here and drop Swords Dance for Trick. With this, Gallade will be able to inflict HUGE damage with attacks right away, while also having a way to "unlock" his moveset if necessary by giving his Choice item to an opponent - you'll want to Trick the Band onto a more defensive Pokemon really, that way you cripple them for the entire match and you've one less adversary to worry about in the long run.

    - Lapras actually works OK here due to Kabs having Swift Swim - I'd go for Damp Rock as his hold item here though, since that way you get 8 turns to play in the rain instead of just 5. I would be careful about having this rain turned against you however, since Typhlosion is weakened considerably by its effects and if both Lapras and Kabutops are down but the rain is still pouring down, your opponent could very easily use it against you - make sure you know when (and when not to) use Rain Dance here. Otherwise, the moves work OK for Lapras and it's certainly an interesting set.

    - Typhlosion luckily won't have to worry about "avoiders" since Evasion Clause bans the use of Double Team and Minimize for you, meaning Typhlosion won't need Swift. Sadly, Typhlosion really is strapped for move options beyond that however and is often forced to innovate in order to succeed, but Typhlosion can catch foes off-guard surprisingly effectively should they underestimate him (and most will do.) Substitute is a standard on Typhlosion since it gives him an effective way to activate Blaze that doesn't require the opponent beating his brains in. I actually prefer Lava Plume on Typhlosion for Fire STAB since a lot of people will oftentimes switch Fire-resistant foes in on him hastily, underestimating Typhlosion's real options and Lava Plume can punish them for that with its 30% burn chance. Hidden Power is a nice pick also if the type you get is a good one (Electric, Ice or Grass are the best picks here - don't bother with it if the type is none of those) and if all else fails, you can run Lava Plume and, say, Fire Blast on the same set, so you have one raw power STAB attack and one less powerful but more reliable STAB that can catch fire-resistant switch-ins out and burn them effectively. Salac Berry or Petaya Berry would be my pick for the item here actually due to how well they both work alongside Blaze and Substitute.

    - We've already established that Kabs doesn't need Stealth Rock anymore and doesn't want Rock Climb either, so it's straight attacks for Kabs here. Superpower and Low Kick are very nice options to strike Steel-types with on top of your STAB moves and X-Scissor can fend off Grass-types attempting an easy kill. You could possibly attempt Swords Dance here, since Kabutops with both a Swords Dance boost and a Swift Swim boost is absolutely deadly, but it's a difficult setup to pull off and I wouldn't really recommend it unless you know of an effective way to get the setup down. Rain Dance itself is also a filler option for Kabs in case he gets caught out of the rain and needs to re-activate it, so there's quite a few options to consider here.

    One issue you do currently have is that you have 3 Pokemon weak to Electric and no-one who resists it - same applies to Rock bar Gallade who resists it, but this especially is an issue with 3 Pokemon suffering a Stealth Rock weakness. I'd keep this in mind if nothing else.
  3. so im thinking this for forre
    -stealth rock
    -bug bite

    im a little unhappy with the loss of earthquake but i guess ill get over it also what did you have in mind for typlosion???
    Im thinking
    -focus blast
    -lava plume/flamethrower
    -thunder punch (smogen said he had it but i dunno where he can learn said move)
  4. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Gyro Ball will do far more damage than Bug Bite on Forretress - Bug Bite itself is relatively useless on everything except Scizor, who gets a boost from Technician for the move.

    ThunderPunch won't do much from Typhlosion to most Water-types since Typhlosion's Attack isn't amazing and ThunderPunch itself has rather low power. Again, check your Hidden Power type (there's a blond-haired man in Platinum/HG/SS Game Corner prize rooms who will tell you what type it is for Typhlosion) and if it's one of the recommended types then go with it - otherwise, you can try out ThunderPunch but don't be surprised if it falls far short of your expectations.
  5. In my experience gyro ball has done very little to anything but ice types. ummm my deam lacks a dark type so the bug attack is needed. Earthquake is another move im considering. So i guess gyro ball or earthquake.
    P.S. I 2HKOed a mewtwo with bug bite on forre :3

    About typlosion im really not sure what to do with him or if i should even use it as im sure i could find i better fire type. I knoww the rules but any sugggestions for sets with a dual type poke?
  6. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Gyro Ball is better than Bug Bite in every way except PP and typing (Steel as an offensive type is ass, I won't lie.) The main reason why Gyro Ball might do poor damage is because it is affected by your Speed stat compared to your opponent's. If your opponent is a lot faster than you are, Gyro Ball will do a lot more damage - if their Speed stat is quite close to your own (or god forbid, even lower) then Gyro Ball's damage will absolutely suck. Just to give you an idea of what you're looking at, using that Mewtwo as an example:

    Max Speed Mewtwo vs Min Speed Forretress = 195 Power Gyro Ball
    Mewtwo vs Forretress = 180 Power Bug Bite (super-effective)

    The numbers don't lie - Gyro Ball will have done more damage there unless your opponent's an idiot who doesn't EV train (and if they're using a Mewtwo against a Forretress and somehow fail to beat Forretress easily before it can 2HKO them or even OHKO them, then they are most definitely an idiot.) Earthquake will take care of the slower stuff for you - note that Forretress's job isn't really to go on mad killing sprees; rather, the aim is to simply outdamage your foe using your superior defenses. I repeat, Bug Bite is NOT worth using on anything except Scizor.

    I would also note here that Gyro Ball may not be as effective against people who don't EV train since their Pokemon will be far slower than they should be - keep that one in mind.

    If replacing Typhlosion, I wouldn't use a Fire-type at all - rather, I'd use a Ground-type to offset your rather severe Electric and Rock weaknesses in your team.
  7. ummm I have decided to scrape the whole thing and start a competitive team for the white i pre-ordered. For my lead I decided on azelf (stealth rock, fire blast, explosion and nasty plot right now) advice?

    Revise: i may also still use scalf-lade with (leaf blade, close combat, psycho cut, and trick)

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