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Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Picnicker Virgil, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. Ok, this thread is basically for discussion about tattoos. Because I am a curious person.

    So here are the things we can talk about:

    -Tattoos you have. If you can't get a picture of it, a detailed description would be cool :)

    -Tattoos you'd get.

    -Tattoos you've seen that you like.

    -Good spots for a tattoo

    -Why you wouldn't want to get a tattoo.

    And basically anything else you can think of :p

    Anyways, if I were to get a tattoo I'd want it to be something meaningful. I can't see myself going to a parlor and just choosing one off the wall.

    Here's one I have in mind~

    It'd be a tree, because I love trees and they're so pretty and neat. On the branches I'd put different little things that are important to me: my favorite animals, maybe a medal that I've won, a ribbon with somebody's name... Etc.
    Instead of roots the bottom would be a hand gripping the ground. I'd probably get it on my back :U

    Anyways, discuss away :)
  2. While I doubt I'll ever get a tattoo (too painful, too permanent)...

    I have always loved the idea of a barcode tattoo on the back of the neck. I'd make it so that the numbers were 31415926535... etc. I heart pi.

    Like I said, I don't think I'll get one, but if I absolutely HAD to get one, I'd get that.
  3. I'm just going to get this out of the way. For me, my tattoo felt no more painful than a cat scratch. It's not even pain, it's basically just irritation. However, different people have different pain thresholds, so I can't speak for everyone.

    I have a tattoo (as you may have seen on the Member Pics Thread) of the Hylian Crest from The Legend of Zelda series. The triforce part of it is colored green, blue, and red, and the phoenix part fades from black to red to orange to yellow. =D I love it to death
  4. Eh, I wouldn't want to get a tattoo. I dislike the permanence and I can't think of anything I'd want on my body permanently. Not opposed to them; in fact, several of my friends have some awesome tattoos

    *Note that I do know they can be removed, but that's pretty troublesome to do.
  5. I think the idea of one would be really cool, like I would want probably a couple of blue-ish white flames, but the idea of it being permanent is gross.... When you get old, it would just sag on your skin, and it would be all deformed.
  6. Just had to add..when you're old (if you're still sane), you don't exactly go flaunting your skin. So unless you get a tattoo in a spot where it's always seen, like your hand or face, then it isn't that big of a worry.
  7. sheesheesh

    sheesheesh Guest

    While I don't like the idea of getting a stain and keeping it for eternity, if I could get a temporary tattoo, it would be the Ten Commandments. Yes, I am a Christian. Sue me. Oh wait... You can't sue a lawyer!
  8. If for some ridiculous reason I had to get a tattoo it would be on the inside of my right arm reading: פילוסוף
    (it means philosopher in Hebrew)
    It would be in a really nice biblical font.

    However, seeing as getting tattoos is explicitly forbidden by my religion, I have no intention of doing it.

    As far as things I've seen, I really liked this highly pixelated tattoo of Inky that I saw on some guys arm at the ballpark. (Inky is the blue ghost from Pacman if you didn't know.)
  9. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I very nearly got one a couple of years ago - I had it booked and everything, but decided against it at the last minute.

    I was going to get a Tattoo of the Egyptian God Horus in full-falcon form, like this:


    It would have been on my right arm, near the shoulder. The reason I didn't get it was because like a silly, I decided to read about the problems they can cause. I have stupidly sensitive skin and I just wasn't willing to risk my health. Sure the studio looked clean, but you never know. So now I just wear a Horus ring instead XD

    As for the whole "You'll regret it when you're older", I can see the problem with those huge 'full back' tattoos that pretty much cover the person. The way colours fade also looks a bit nasty. Mine though would have been very small, just black, and in a place very easy to cover up.

    In my opinion, anyone who's thinking of getting a tattoo should make sure they've really thought about it first. I know a couple of friends who've got one and regretted it almost instantly. However, another couple got one, loved it and got another. Also, in my opinion they should have some sort of personal meaning. Don't see the point otherwise...
  10. I'm completely against Tattoos, probably because I'm one of those people who are completely against doing anything to change your body (You know, having your ears pierecd, plastic surgery and that kind of stuff...) and that includes tattoos. I dunno why, it's just who I am.

    But if I was in a do-it-or-die-no-other-alturnative situation, I'd probably get a dragon twisting up my left arm. Because Dragon's are awesome. And I favour my left arm for some reason...
  11. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    I never really liked the concept of tattoos. I don't mind body art and all, and I do love markings and stuff - but tattoos are too damn permanent for their own damn good.

    So I wouldn't get one. Closest I'd get is drawing on myself with something NOT permanent. XP
  12. Getting a tattoo is actually something that I've been thinking about for a while ' 3'
    Moreover, it's more to do with my own interests and the one basic thing that has inspired me for years and years- namely, ancient Greece/Rome and their religion. I mean, heck, I even took a class that focused solely on the ancient history pertaining to it :V

    I always found the Olympians fascinating, and for a while they were inspiring factors in most characters that I was creating and writing about. That phase is long over of course, but whenever I'm stuck with a block of any sort, I always browse the wikipedia articles about the gods and the legends surrounding them and the heroes like Achilles and Odysseus
  13. I don't think tatoos are really good for your body, unless it's air brushed. Most people don't get that it can do something bad with your body.
  14. A tattoo is about as harmful as any other sort of scratch or sunburn, even less so if you take proper care of it.
  15. I considered getting a tattoo for a little while, but I'm not exactly the kind of person who can pull one off (besides, I decided that it would look too tacky on me anyway; most of the tattoo'd women around me are chavs, so it's not a good basis for making a desicion), but it was going to be a butterfly, of some form, because butterflies hold a sort of special meaning to me.

    One of my friends however, is quite tattoo'd. He has a couple here-and-there, but his largest is a Jade dragon covering the lower half of his right-leg. It was only about a day after getting the flames coloured that he discovered he was allergic to red ink. Since it's a year or so old now, the hole where his skin fell out has healed :)

    Naturally he now wants a Pheonix on his back.
  16. I'd like a scarecrow, in black and white, on my left arm. It'd be scetchy, like an ink drawing. I'd also like a pair a small black angel wings on my shoulders, and barcode on my upper right arm. :D
  17. I don't have any tattoos, but one I think's really cool was on some guy in the swimming. : P It was a massive dragon right down his left arm.
  18. Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh......

    No, I don't think I'd ever like a tattoo. It's just too... permanent! I mean, maybe I'd go for a temporary one every now and then to wear for a bit, but never a real one.

    I don't even know what I'd get, I just.. don't want to think about it xD

    I have nothing against tattoos, though, I mean, I guess they're all well and fine and what not.

    But I do think people should really, really think about 'em before getting them.
  19. Along with agreeing with Cody, it can damage your cells (or was it skin?)and disfunction your body. This excludes air brushed and painted tatoos, as I think are safer...
  20. Haha, I find it funny how no one really has Pokemon tattoos, or wants them. I mean when I googled it, it's mostly a few scene girls with Pikachu next to hello Kitty (like that makes sense)...Idiots...but anyway!

    I want half sleeves! One arm will probly be all my favorite Pokemon, which is kind of up in the air at the moment as to how many...but that's what I want! My friend suggested a Pokeball somewhere, but I can't think of a good place for it. My other arm will be band/book symbols. Only the few of my absolute diehard favs though. XD

    Strange how not many people who really like Pokemon want tattoos. I guess I'm a bit odd. :3
  21. XD My Uncle is friends with someone who owns a tattoo-tent, you know, temporary air-brush tattoos, which he takes with him eveytime he goes to some kind of festival. And a few months ago I was at a music festival, and my uncle's friend was there.

    I went into his tent and looked through all of the tattoos, and there didn't seem to be any I really wanted. There were a few dragons and stuff, but nothing too cool.

    Until -- I found a quite small tattoo, then I looked at it closely ... and it was Articuno. I was like, 'Wait, what? Articuno? Hell yeah." So I got Articuno on my back, and wore short-ish shirts for the next while, so everyone could see Mr. Articuno.

    Hey, I really should've put that in my last post. XD
  22. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    See, two thirds of my family have tattoos and have had them for a while, and there's been no issues surrounding them at all. I don't get why people have to harp on about stuff that's potentially dangerous (tattoos, smoking, drinking, etc.) when the people harping clearly aren't doing it themselves. It's not harming you so why bother? >.>

    Anyways, I have three tattoos planned for as soon as I turn 18. The first, just to make sure that I'm not allergic or anything, will be the outline of a shooting star on my right bicep. Not too big but not too small either, and just the outline. If it turns out I'm not allergic, then I want it coloured in blue.

    The other tattoos I want are a blue star below my bellybutton but above my you-know-what, and a thick black outline of a star on my left shoulder. I did think about big, black and white folded wings on my back but I changed my mind about those.
  23. I'd been wanting one for a while now, I know I want the tattoo to be on the inside if my right forearm/wrist, I just don't know what I want (maybe an outline of a diamond), it has to have meaning to me and has to be something I'll be okay with permanently. Plus I'm allergic to metal but I heard they use hyper allergenic needles so I'm not too worried about that. I'm gonna have to do a lot more thinking about what I want though.
  24. I wouldn't exactly want one really.... but if I had to I would get my name done in a cool font on the wrist of my right hand.
  25. I like tattoos quite a bit as my facebook subscription would attest, though I have none at the moment for lack of something really significant that I would want permanently on my skin. I have made tons and tons of temporary tattoos for myself and others using all sorts of mediums.

    My boyfriend is thinking pretty hard of getting a superman crest on his arm :p if he doesnt gain an astronomical amount of weight with age it should look pretty good even a while down the road.
  26. Basically what Aura said for the whole "I ain't getting no tattoos!" deal, mostly cuz of my religion and just personal taste.

    But I think tattoos are interesting, I watched a documentary thing about one guy who goes around the world getting different tattoos from all the cultures he encountered, and you learned what they meant to that culture. One in like some island in the Pacific was done with a stick, a mallet and ink, verrrrrry painful. It was cool though, and it was a rite of passage.

    As for me, if I were in one of those crazy situations where I had to get one, I'd get one of probably a character of mine, or some tribal thing. Somewhere where I could hide it probably... although a foot tattoo would be cool, in driver's ed there was a girl with a temporary tattoo on her foot, and it looked really sweet.
  27. Well, this topic was still on the first page...so....

    I'm not a big fan of needles, but I have thought about getting a tattoo or two shortly after August this year. (Meaning after I turn 18) I was thinking either a Poke Ball or Pikachu's Tail (You know, a lightning bolt colored like his tail) on my left arm and the Anbu Black Ops tattoo on my right arm. For you non-Narutards this is the Black Ops Symbol:
    Like that, but not pink, it'll be red or black.
  28. Heh, the biggest thing I want for my 18th birthday is a tattoo. I honestly think they're quite cool, and I don't have a problem with it. Of course, my ideas vary, but the one thing I really want is the Dark Mark from Harry Potter on my right arm. It looks so badass. And I'm an HP geek buuut...

    And eventually something transformers related as well, because I'm a nerd, but not too sure about what I want. :p
  29. I, personally, am not much of a fan of jabbing a needle into yourself to give skin a few colors, though I still would compliment those that are bold enough to try. I did once trick my parents into thinking I got a tattoo when it was only henna, which lasts a couple of weeks at most. Though my dad actually has plans to get a lizard tattoo on his back when everyone in my family graduates, and that would eliminate the problem of the wrinkly skin; because his skin will already be wrinkly by then. Problem solved. :p

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