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Tattoos and Piercings!

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Yoshimitsu, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    So I recently got my first tattoo, which you can view here (the tattoo is on my stomach so if you don't want to see a topless boy, you don't have to click it). I've also had a bunch of piercings in my time, including:

    3 lobe piercings on my right ear (only have one now)
    A helix piercing on my right ear (took that out)
    My right eyebrow pierced (still have that)
    Two nose piercings (took one out for school, the other fell out)
    A tongue piercing (still have)
    Four lip piercings (one fell out, took another out, took the other two out for school)
    Right nipple pierced (took it out when I decided I wanted a bar instead of a ring, never got it redone)
    Belly button pierced (got infected somehow, took it out to clean and the hole healed up)

    Piercings I want/wanted include:

    My nipple repiercing with a vertical bar
    Hip piercings (decided against them when I realised how much they'd cost and my mother would disown me)
    Antibrow piercing (too high a rejection rate, kills any and all employability)

    What about you guys? What piercings/tattoos do you have, and what do you want?
  2. Re: Tattoo's and Piercings!

    Even though I've seen a lot of people on whom piercings look really good, I don't think I'll ever have one myself. The idea of having a piece of metal pierced into your skin permanently scares me a bit- I guess it's along the same line as my fear of needles.

    I am, however, a big fan of tattoo's and I plan to get one myself at some stage of my life. I'm not really the type of person who'd have an inspirational quote inked into my skin- Although yours is lovely, El- So I think I'll go for something a bit more tribal, and quite possibly something dragon-related. At the very least, I know it'll be a black tattoo.

    For example;

  3. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Re: Tattoo's and Piercings!

    Oh absolutely, no matter what quote you get someone will criticise it for being too popular/pretentious/camp/obscure/etc. There'll always be some complaint with it, no matter what your reasonings for it are. I've already been subject to a couple of comments like that, but it's from people who don't stop to listen to why I got the words I got so it's not worth letting it rile you up. Even so, the complaints will always be there.
  4. Re: Tattoo's and Piercings!

    I have two tattoos on my feet: a Totodile and an image of Buddha. I have always wanted the Totodile tattoo, because it's my favorite Pokemon. It's located on my right foot. The Buddha is a personal tattoo that stands for multiple reasons and it's on my left. I wanna get some more tattoos, but they're a bit pricey!

    I like your tattoo by the way~.
  5. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Re: Tattoo's and Piercings!

    Nice photo there, El ;)

    I've only ever had my ears pierced, one in each ear in the standard place. They cause me no end of trouble as it seems while I can touch nickel, my body doesn't appreciate it if it's punctured through skin. I have to wear plastic earrings, which sucks a little, even if you can't tell at first glance. I just means I'm super restricted on what earrings I can wear. I've never wanted any other piercings really, not even a second set for my ears, which is probably a good thing now xD

    I very nearly once got a small tattoo on my shoulder. It was going to be of the Egyptian God Horus and I paid my deposit for it and everything. But I changed my mind at the last second and just never turned up. I occasionally wish I'd just gone and had it done, but for the most part I'm glad I didn't :angel:
  6. Re: Tattoo's and Piercings!

    I have no piercing or tattoos but I'm think of having my ears pierced and then perhaps having it move up to spacers or something :p

    As for tattoos my opinions on them swap and change each day, one day I'll think they are cool, next I think they're tacky/ugly. But I also worry if it turns out wrong or how stupid they will look when I'm 80 and have wrinkly and baggy skin. I don't worry about the pain or needle because it's only going to be painful for a small period of time and frankly I kinda like needles (yeah, I'm weird and like having injections and blood tests) :|

    That being said if I were to have a tattoo I would probably have sleeve on one of my arms (Tribal, Celtic or Japanese styled) or stars coming from my shoulder down to my elbow although I would probably have to bulk up a bit to make that work and I fear exercise xD Plus it is hella boring. I've also thought about having a Squirtle tattoo but not sure where I would have it (maybe my upper back somewhere I dunno).
  7. Re: Tattoo's and Piercings!

    So far I only have the standard one piercing in each ear lobe, but I really want to get a small nose ring. I've been saying that for two years and I still haven't got it done. Maybe I should make a mid-year resolution to do it before the end of 2012 xD

    I don't have any tattoos because I honestly can't decide on what to get. Nothing ever seems right.

    On a random note, I found out one of my (relatively non-geeky) coworkers has a Primeape tattooed on his arm. I was impressed.
  8. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Re: Tattoo's and Piercings!

    Reviving this because I can lolz

    Anyway, I just got my second tattoo today, which you can view here. The lyrics come from Amanda Palmer - Want It Back. Designed it myself and finally got the funds to get it done.

    I also got my nipple re-pierced a couple months ago, with a bar rather than a ring. Healing nicely with no issues.
  9. I've got the center of my lower lip pierced and I've got 7/8" tunnels in my ears. :3
    Used to have snakebites. Used to have angelbites too, but since I'm in the medical field I'm glad I only have one facial piercing now. Less to have to take out and I don't need to worry about this one closing because I've had it for 5 years.

    I have Majora's Mask tattooed on my chest with the Elegy of Emptiness underneath it, too. My tattoo artist left before I could get the C-buttons finished, though. >:/ It's right here, a lot of the buttons got cut off when the picture was taken but I didn't want any cleavage in the picture. ;-; Soooo it was taken weird. But oh well.
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  10. Well, that ship has sailed and I still don't have a nose ring.

    I did eventually decide on what tattoo I wanted though--a fish of some kind thought I have yet to come up with the design. Fish have a lot of meaning to me: astrological, religious, and family. The biggest thing is deciding where I'll put it.
  11. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Got a new tattoo today for my birthday that you can see here. Really happy with how it came out.
  12. Nice tats, 'specially that last one. I've got an unfinished one that shall forever remain so on the inside of my right arm, my friend that was doing it for me past away before he could finish, and I won't let anyone else touch his work. Aside from that I've got 3 in my right ear lobe, 1 in my left, would be more but my left ear rejects more than the original 1, labret (lip ring for any unfamiliar with the term) and my tongue pierced, although I don't typically wear anything in my tongue anymore.

    One day when my wallet agrees, I want to get a scorpion with my youngest's initials discreetly placed in it on one arm and a koi with my oldest's initials on the other. My kids are scorpio and pisces hence the animal choices.
  13. obey_jaidon

    obey_jaidon Formerly MLEevee

    Psshhh I totally have a tattoo
    *puts up sleeve*
    It's totally not Sharpie, what are you talking about? XD

    Seriously, I have two ear piercings

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