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Tasty Toasted Sprites | I'll be back in a bit

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Freta, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. Back from the dead! Also, remember to check out my spriting tutorial here.

    You must use the appropriate form or your request will not be taken. (Not doing trainers and cosplays anymore. I realise that I suck at them when they are requested because I am horrible at following guide lines.)

    Pirate Dressup
    Current Forum Name:
    Features: (Eyepatches, Bandages, Wooden Legs, Hooks, Beards etc.)
    Frame Details: (Optional)

    I'm also listening to Pokemon design ideas for the Vienn Fakemon.

    ~I only take requests if you comment on my work first~



    Pirate Dress-up

    Eggified Pokemon


    Bloxor World Not for requesting. Just for my amusement :3

    Ace Attorney Sprites

    Currently Working on
    Nothing much...
  2. Re: ...:::|||Tasty Toasted Sprites|||:::...

    First - awesome name (xD)

    That trainer sprite is really good, except that there are a couple of weird pixels on his right arm and he needs a bit more of a neck (albeit, covered with a scarf.)

    I really like the Compondre. If it is scratched, that is really impressive. If not, it still is really cool. My only criticism with that one is that the left arm is smaller than the right arm, although maybe that was intentional, to use perspective, I dunno.

    Great sprites overall. I know this is gonna sound all bossy, but could you put whether you take requests or not in your first post along with those two sprites, as otherwise you could get people requesting when you don't want them to be, or people not requesting when you want some requests :>

  3. Re: ...:::|||Tasty Toasted Sprites|||:::...

    I think I've fixed up those little problems now. Also, Compodre was made with some bases, but they were all altered out of recognition except for Minun's body. Also I just realised that you are the true Toast King. I bow at your might.
  4. Re: ...:::|||Tasty Toasted Sprites|||:::...

    2 new sprites out of the toaster today.

  5. Re: ...:::|||Tasty Toasted Sprites|||:::...

    No one is commenting and I feel all lonely. Anyways, this one is for the sprite contest. Don't expect any more cosplays, it was a one time thing.

    Update: Meh, you can request cosplays... I guess...
  6. Re: ...:::|||Tasty Toasted Sprites|||:::...

    *Tumbleweed passes by* Hello?

  7. Re: ...:::|||Tasty Toasted Sprites|||:::...

    Hello! xD

    I used to sprite myself when I didn't have a Mac >_< So I though I'd just though I'd pop in and have a look at your sprites, and I have to say, for what appears to be spliced sprites, these aren't bad at all. The borders for your sprites are pretty nifty, too. The splices do have a couple of problems though, like positioning of certain body parts and a little iffy bits of shading. My solution to that? Practice. However, can I just say I think Ugree is epic xP Keep up the good work, my friend!
  8. Re: ...:::|||Tasty Toasted Sprites|||:::...

    Thanks for all the criticism Toru (:

    Anyway I decided to make an evolution of Warorm using no bases but Warorm itself.
    It's my most scratched sprite ever so that would explain the bad quality of the tail tip. I tried but I just couldn't get it right.
  9. Re: ...:::|||Tasty Toasted Sprites|||:::...

    It looks a lot like an orange leech. Does it have attacks that suck things, too?
  10. Re: ...:::|||Tasty Toasted Sprites|||:::...

    ... I automatically thought of something dirty when reading this TT_TT

    Pirate Mijumaru is ready to win a chest full of dubloons when he wins the contest. 'YAR!
  11. Re: ...:::|||Tasty Toasted Sprites|||:::...

    Oh my goshhhhhh Pirate Mijumaru is the most adorable thing I've seen in my entire lifeeeeee <333

    I love the substitution of the shell for a skull and crossbones. Very nice.
  12. Re: ...:::|||Tasty Toasted Sprites|||:::...

    [Formal Talking] Thank you Mister Virgil for your kind words of support. I will strive to keep up this standard of work and I am also considering adding Pokemon dress-ups to my list of possible requests. [/Formal Talking]

    Speaking of requests, WHY AM I YET TO RECIEVE A SINGLE ONE?!?! Do I suck? Is that it? Have I offended people somehow? Do you want to make me cry? If you don't request a sprite, I will be very sad and Pirate Mijumaru will DIE! Do you want that? I didn't think so.

    Seriously though. I would feel a lot more motivated to make these sprites if people were to request which is why there haven't been very many lately. I'd really love to do some request so don't be shy y'all. (Did I honestly just say y'all?)
  13. Re: ...:::|||Tasty Toasted Sprites|||:::...

    D'aaww Pirate Mijumaru is ♥

    You want requests you say? Kekeke...

    Pirate Togekiss Please!
  14. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    Re: ...:::|||Tasty Toasted Sprites|||:::...

    aww pirate mijimaru is gawjuss! can i have a pirate girafarig.
  15. Re: ...:::|||Tasty Toasted Sprites|||:::...

    Yay! My first requests! I'll have them done by tomorrow :3 (Also, please remember to use the form. Because there is no frame message for either of these I'm just gonna put Ahoy and Avast on them. I'll also choose dominant colours for the frame.)

    In the mean time I decided to sprite an OC of mine.
    She's not for any RP's but instead for this world I've created over the years. Her title is Verity of the Golden Rose. I tried to sprite in the rose but it was really hard. She also controls electricity.
  16. Re: ...:::|||Tasty Toasted Sprites|||:::...

    REQUESTS COMPLETED! ^_^; They took like an hour each and now I don't find Pirates sprites as fun to make. I've made some recurring things that will appear throughout the pirate series including Eyepatches, Bandages, Dark Colours, Treasure, Peg Legs, Hooks, Angry Expessions and the Pirate Symbol. Well here you go Toastie!

    He's the treasurer of the Black Clamperl and sure does look shady.

    And now for Psy.

    He's the Black Clamperl's snitch who tells the captain about all oncoming mutinies and such. (Update: I just realised that it might sound like I'm trying to put what I see as your personality into the description... I do not think of you like this at all and I'm sorry if I inadvertantly offended you... You're actually way too nice to be a pirate snitch.)

    Hope you both like 'em!
  17. Re: ...:::|||Tasty Toasted Sprites|||:::...

    OMG That is so cool~

    I really like the coins and the bandage and eyepatch and everything.
  18. Re: ...:::|||Tasty Toasted Sprites|||:::...

    Wow those are great french toasta! Keep it up!
  19. Re: ...:::|||Tasty Toasted Sprites|||:::...

    New sprites? Hell yeah!

    First up I made a minor edit to Ugree because the shadingon his front legs was a bit off and secondly I mad quite a few changes to Dusk. He still looks a bit off, but he's better than before. Third up is another evo for one of my fakemon.
    [​IMG] He evolvees from Compodre and now he lives inside a pea pod thing. Three bases were used cto make this including Compodre himself.

    And finally, are you ready for the greatest thing ever? (Kind of...) I give to you... EGGIFIED POKEMON!!!
    You can request Eggified Sprites, just keep in mind that there will be a few Pokemon that are impossible to sprite on eggs, so I might reject it.

    Hope you like the idea. :3
  20. Re: ...:::|||Tasty Toasted Sprites | NEW EGGIFIED POKEMON!|||:::...

    Hi, Toasta! Your sprites are hax! Request time!

    Type: Pirate
    Base: Charizard HG SS sprite
    Others: None
    Note: Could he please have an eye-patch. And a pistol. And a captains hat. The rest is up to you!
    Frame Message: Blue frame, light grey background.

    Sorry if it's a bother. Take as long as you like! ;D ;D ;D

    (Could it say Walk the Plank! on the background please? Thank you!)
  21. Re: ...:::|||Tasty Toasted Sprites | NEW EGGIFIED POKEMON!|||:::...

    Sure. It'll be done by tomorrow (although the pistol is gonna be tricky.)
    In the meantime... New sprites!!!

    First up, a new fakemon
    A completely scratched the body (Not including the arms) and I'm really proud of him.

    Secondly, more Eggified Sprites! I know I said I wouldn't be able to do 4 legs and necks etc. but I found a way to do it! So this is for you Psy-Teen
    Also, because your sprite will take a while Luckii, here's something for you.
    I know he looks a little weird but I had to cram all of the limbs on to one little egg, so I altered a few to fit.
  22. Re: ...:::|||Tasty Toasted Sprites|||:::...

    Ohai! Pretty Sprite? Please?

    Type: Pirate
    Base: Flareon (HgSs Sprite)
    Others: Nope
    Notes: Peg-Leg... If possible?
    Frame Message: A Red Frame, with yellow dots in the corners. (Same Red as Flare, Same yellow as Flare's mane) and the words "Land Lubbers!" Writen on it.

    Thankies French Tosta! He goes in my Sig with Credit!
  23. Re: ...:::|||Tasty Toasted Sprites|||:::...

    Thanks much! I have put your awsome gift in my sig, as you may have seen! How thoughtful of you! Thanks! ;D ;D ;D
  24. Re: ...:::|||Tasty Toasted Sprites|||:::...

    Argh! I'm late!!! Sorry guys, It's the end of my school term so there's been heaps of assignments and stuff to do (which I should actually be doing right now, but I'm easily sidetracted ^_^;) so... yeah.

    Firstly, Charizard is freaking massive.
    Sorry about the pistol. I started trying to add it and half an hour later, gave up because it looked awful.

    Secondly, Flareon came out awesome.
    ... I forgot the exclamation mark in Land Lubbers didn't I? ... TT_TT

    And finally, here are some scratch sprites that I made like... 6 months ago.

    Well, hope everyone likes the update...

    PS. Forgot to give jobs to the two new Black Clamperl crew members... They're in charge of weaponry and stuff I guess...
    Update: Flareon is now on the lookout post as requested by Luckii.
    Update 2: Charizard is now in charge of firearms.
    #24 Freta, Sep 3, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  25. Re: ...:::|||Tasty Toasted Sprites|||:::...

    New stuff!

    Looks a little weird with the head doesn't it?

    Another Fakemon, 'Seestoan'... because I love making them.
    EDIT: It has been updated because it looked retarded and renamed bacause Another one of my Fakemons "Seageo" sounded too similar.

    The Captain of the Black Clamperl (Because he was made for me and Mothim is great!)
    I am very proud of the captain's hat. I was originally going to put it on Mijumaru, but I've improved since then and this is the result.
  26. Re: ...:::|||Tasty Toasted Sprites|||:::...

    ... Man, I really could use some requests. I honestly don't understand why I'm not getting any.

    Another OC from the same world as Verity. She's ten years old and has wind control.

    Herp Derp! An evolution of Exeggcutor.
  27. Re: ...:::|||Tasty Toasted Sprites|||:::...

    Thanks muchly for the 'Zard. 'Tis epic! Could I make another request?

    Type: Another Pirate
    Base: Torterra sprite
    Others: None
    Note: Could he have a bandana, scars, and a glass eye? (If possible?) He is also Pirate Charizard's best friend.
    Frame: Thin blue frame, green corners.

    Thanks! :D

    PS: Pirate Flareon could be the lookout!
  28. AA SPRITES!!!

    Hello :3

    It's been a whil, but I just finished all of my school work for the term, so more time for spriting. YAY!!!

    Firstly, I'm sorry Luckii but I don't think it would be fair if you got two pirate sprites because I'm only taking three more before they become special requests and I think they should go to people who don't have one yet.


    That's right. I'm doing Ace Attorney sprites. I got the inspiration from Windsaver's WEWY Sprite series. These take ages to make so I am making them special requests. See the first post for details.
  29. Re: ...:::|||Tasty Toasted Sprites | NEW! Ace Attorney Sprites|||:::...

    It's ok! I understand. You could still give Flareon the job I accepted, though! ;D
  30. Re: ...:::|||Tasty Toasted Sprites | NEW! Ace Attorney Sprites|||:::...

    Your fakemon are pretty damn good. I particularly like Exeggcutive.

    To be honest, I can't think of any critisisms at the moment :p
  31. Re: ...:::|||Tasty Toasted Sprites | NEW! Ace Attorney Sprites|||:::...

    Here's another AA sprite made for Dark Soul's character, Bryan Umbron.
    There weren't any wings that I could use for bases, so I scratched it myself and they came out... okay, I guess. All in all, this is the longest I have ever spent on a sprite (which may have something to do with the fact that I lost two hours of work when I accidentally saved it as a jpg.)

    @Luckii: Okay, Flareon is now on look-out.
    @Toastie: Daww, thanks~ It's good to know that I've improved.

    Also, just as an extra note, I edited AA Dusk a bit so that he doesn't look so old.
  32. Re: ...:::|||Tasty Toasted Sprites|||:::...

    Eeh, I love it! Really well done, you did a great job on the wings~
  33. Re: ...:::|||Tasty Toasted Sprites|||:::...

    Gah! It's been almost two weeks! Well I have my first update in a while. First up there's this sprite of one of my RP character's 'Dex'
    He's for an RP that will be starting soon about Dragonriders. I am also going to be spriting his dragon Teran once I get more info on the RP.

    I recently made a spriting tutorial that can be found here.

    I have now changed it so that the borders that were on all of my previous sprites are now optional because they were starting to become a pain to make and I would rather just make them transparent.

    I'm sorry about the short update, but there will be a bigger one soon. Also, remember that I want more requests. The more requests I get, the more I will sprite.
  34. Re: ...:::|||Tasty Toasted Sprites|||:::...

    And another update. (that was quick)

    First up, I finished the AA sprite for Tun's BA character, Liaah.
    I've been doing frequent edits of her whenever I see something that's a bit off.

    I also made some Pokeball sprites.
    The Lock Ball: Cathes at a 10x rate, hovever the Pokemon caught can not be traded.
    Ultra Ball V2: Catches at a 4x rate. Costs 2400 [​IMG]
    Armour Ball: Works better on Pokemon with higher DEF or SP. DEF
  35. Re: ...:::|||Tasty Toasted Sprites|||:::...

    Okay, I just finished the sprite of Teran and I went through quite a few failed attempts befor I got on that I liked.

    I also did a shot of him and Dex

    I am going to be going away on a school camp for a few days, but when I come back I'm going to be altering the Liaah sprite. I also expect some requests when I get back because... I feel all lonely without any. '^'
    #35 Freta, Oct 5, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  36. Re: Tasty Toasted Sprites

    Oh my god, Freta, that is so serpentine badass~

    The hands and wings are very nice, I can totally imagine him folding his wings against his body and dig a tunnel with those claws. The chest armor and devil tail are really nice too.

    Great job, and I have a feeling this'll be a great RP~
    #36 Dark Soul, Oct 5, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  37. Re: Tasty Toasted Sprites

    That is one of the coolest fakemon I've ever seen!

    Normally, you can "see the seams" like telling which parts come from which pokemon. With this one it looks like the real deal. If I didn't know better, I wouldn't know you made this yourself. Absolutely stunning!
    #37 Dinova, Oct 5, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  38. Re: Tasty Toasted Sprites

    You're right, but I think I can see Milotic, Crobat and Arbok.

    But all in all, yes. That is a brilliant fakemon, and the trainer riding it just takes the cake. I'm really, really impressed.
    #38 Myth Busted, Oct 5, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  39. Re: Tasty Toasted Sprites

    Thanks for all of the positive feedback. It's great to here that I'm doing well. Sad thing is, I DIDN'T GET A REQUEST! Meh, I've found my own way to motivate myself with a new project to work on, a FAKEMON REGION! Because my greatest strength in spriting is Fakemons, I'm going to make a them for my own region. It's kind of like what Nem and Jey did, but I'm determined to finish mine.

    This also means that my current spriting projects are going to be pushed back a bit until I have some considerable progress made. I've already finished the grass starter's (Compodre) evolution chain and I am now working on all the other starters. I'm tossing up on a name for the region right now, so I'm going to open a poll to decisde a name.

    @DS: I'm glad you like it. I was kind of worried that the serpentine design would be disapproved. ^u^
    @Feirce Deity: Thank you very much. It's good to know that I'm getting a good flow going.
    @Antisocial: Very good eye spotting the Arbok mouth+eyes. Crobat was the most obvious base used as I didn't edit its shape. As for Milotic... Nope.

    I'll post up some new Fakemons soon.
  40. Re: Tasty Toasted Sprites

    I just finished the final evolution in the Compodre Family and the first two in the fire starter line.

    I decided to go with a strange dual type because we need more starters like that (4x weakness to fire is a fail though).

    I'm going to make the final evolution have a type with an ice weakness to give Snoepod a chance. The final evo won't look very much like these two.

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