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Taming Feral

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Storybook, May 22, 2016.

  1. Warning: Although this RP is not meant to be focused on violence, rather on understanding, compromise, and fear, and certainly won't contain any elaborately gory posts, there will be a slight theme of death, as seems only fitting to be the last resort. I'm not sure whether this needs to be stated or not, but for the sake of my sanity, proceed only if that is alright with you.

    having reverted to the wild state, as from domestication
    of or characteristic of wild animals; ferocious; brutal.

    A feral animal, gone wild from a species we think of as our friends, is both frightening and heart breaking. Oftentimes, animal experts declare that feral animals, whether from a domestic species or not, cannot and should not be socialized with humans past a certain age. In addition, feral creatures can be incredibly dangerous threats to human populations if the ones who live there don't understand and respect the fear that drives their wariness from humans. To approach a feral creature is asking to be harmed.

    But what happens if a creature goes feral in a world of coexistence, where it is common for creatures and humans to live and even work together? Where humans expect Pokemon to think and be civil just as they do? Our world, that is to say, the Pokemon world, is one huge symbiotic relationship. Every creature, whether human or Pokemon, has a degree of respect in their being. A Pokemon gone feral in such a place is one that has to learn or die.

    So who will teach it? Who will answer the city's cry as danger roams in its streets, and who will answer the Pokemon's cry, whose mind has been abused by fear? One side wishes to tame the creature, the other wishes to destroy it. Both citizens and travelers alike are inclined to be kind of heart, but when time begins to run out, emotions are strained, and fear is at its climax, drastic measures threaten to be undertaken.

    At its core, this is a classic idea of humans versus nature, where both has the right to live, but neither can in peace. However, this occurs not in our world, but in the Pokemon world- a world where such a thing isn't going down every day. This is a strange and new fear to the population, who expect respect and harmony, not this odd set of circumstances leading to such a dreadful result.

    So, anyone game for a good old fashioned struggle between what is best and what is right, and a fight to retame the untameable?
  2. I'm in. The unmistakable struggle for balance is everywhere in this diverse world. this is insightful into the struggle and could teach us a valuable lesson.
  3. Hmm... alright. I want to warn you, Omega, that I'm rather addicted to detail and, seeing as I have never roleplayed with you before, I'm hoping that you can surprise me with your post ;P Just a challenge, I suppose, for a new face.

    That said, if you guys are still in, how about we post a few three-quarter bios, just to know who we're dealing with while we wait for hopefully one or two more people? I'm saying three quarter bios because revealing a full bio for my character is becoming a personal annoyance, seeing as I want to know what people get from my writing of the character and not from the outline itself. That said, we need something to go off of. So, if you hold the same standpoint as me, then I would like for you to describe your character to me in enough detail that we can get a good picture of why they are there and who they and their Pokemon are. Appearance, age, and huge talents or titles are a must. If you want to give a full bio, then feel free. I'll get one up soon, as well.

    Sound good?
  4. Sounds good to me! I have the perfect character for this, actually :)

    He is usually referred to as "The Hunter". His actual name is Ferris, but not that he'll tell anyone. His job is being, well, a hunter. But not for sport: he runs on commission. He takes out the Pokemon in question, usually by capturing it, and proceeding to sell it, in the case he does not want to keep it himself. However, he only sells a few a month, so the hunter mainly works off of the commission itself. He isn't a horrible person, other than the whole "selling Pokemon" thing, and even that's up to debate. However, a rather short temper with most everyone (His own Pokemon included) can make others think otherwise. But he isn't the type to hurt Pokemon for the hell of it. He carefully observes them. If deemed a large enough threat, he will properly rid of it, which, if I properly predict, this situation will call for.

    As for appearances and such, Ferris is fairly oldish. About 48. His hair grayed long ago, and his face is gruff and has a few scars. (Not to the point of being deformed, but they are noticeable. To the point of saying "Stay Away".) His skin is quite tanned, I say that because of a lack of a better word. Common attire is a black vest, under which are standard green camouflage clothes, including the cap. And finally, a belt, which displays five Pokeballs, and a holster for a pistol. The type of bullets depends on the threat, but he will not open fire on any humans or other innocent creatures. After all, he could just use his other Pokemon for that.

    On the topic of which, he doesn't give names to his Pokemon. Except one, more on that in a minute, but here is his usual team.

    -Umbreon, Male
    This Pokemon was Ferris's first hunting buddy. The hunter has a soft spot for this one, as such. Notable features include a missing eye, which he lost in capturing a certain beast.
    -Mightyena, Male
    This one is a wild card. It is completely psychotic, laughing at most everything. It takes Ferris's commands more like suggestions, if it doesn't outright ignore him. If he wasn't as strong as he is, the Hunter probably would've rid of him long ago.
    -Espeon, Female
    Poor Espeon caught the shortest end of the stick with Ferris. She can't place her finger on the reason he keeps her, especially after receiving Galvantula, who's just as strong if not more so. Perhaps he just has a personal Vendetta against Psychic types. Or maybe that slip up during the "Incident" hunt...
    Galvantula, Female-
    The newest member of Ferris's pack, Galvantula isn't very accustomed to hunting. Not to mention the fact the Pokemon around her aren't very welcoming. She'll hesistate to attack bigger things, but when she hits, she hits hard.
    -The Demon, ???
    The Demon is a beast chained away in a black Pokeball. Well, it's occasionally timid...outside of battle. It's the last resort for Ferris, and used as such. If you want more info, I could give it.
    But some people might know who it is already ;w;
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  5. I originally imagined it as human, considering that Pokemon will be harder to incorporate into the actions of the main group, but I'm open to a Pokemon if you can make it work.

    And towards Burble, that works just fine :) It would help if we knew who the Pokemon were, but other than that, I'm good with it.
  6. Alright, can do.
    Edit: They're up.
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  7. @Storybook I will be forever amazed at your wonderful ability to create such fantastic ideas and word them so beautifully! I would love to take part in this roleplay, assuming it would be ok with you?
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  8. Sure, Espeon! I wouldn't mind at all, and I'm glad that this interests you.
    Perfect, Burble.

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