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Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Chadwyck, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. OoC: Yes, this is a Digimon RP, this is, however, a private RP between myself and a few others set in the Tamers season of Digimon. The people invited to this are: Sem, Zacky, RX, Kalseng, me and possibly Tangrow if he feels up to it. If you aren't one of those people, sorry. Anyway, let's get started.


    Jade lowered herself out of her bedroom window, climbing down the fire escape that went down the side of her apartment building. It wasn’t too late, only ten o’clock, but it was past the fifteen year old’s curfew; and that meant she had to sneak out to go anywhere at this time of night.

    There was a party at Timothy McCracken’s house, and she wasn’t going to miss it just because of a stupid curfew. It would be one of the biggest party’s of the year, and she had begged her mother to let her attend, but she wouldn’t hear it. Too bad too, Jade hadn’t broken any rules in almost two weeks.

    She landed in the alleyway and readjusted her shoulder bag and fixed her auburn hair into a pony tail. She pulled up her black arm-warmers and dusted off her ‘Bullet for My Valentine’ tank-top. Tim’s house was across town from her, so she’d have to cut through downtown to get there.

    She always loved downtown at night; it was full of neon lights and a bunch of people no matter how late it got. Everyone said that it wasn’t safe to be downtown at night, but she wasn’t afraid, she could take care of herself.

    There were so many sounds and sights as she waited for traffic lights and waded through the crowds. It was just a typical night in town, she put her headphones in and made her way through the busy streets toward the party that she had been excited for all month.

    It was a quiet night, at least for a busy city, and nothing was out of the ordinary. She reached into her bag, looking for her cell phone, and found instead a box that she didn’t remember having. She pulled it out, it was simple cardboard, and it was filled with cards and a card reader; she knew that it was for a game called Digimon, but she didn’t know anything else about it.

    “How did this get in here?” She asked aloud, stopping off to the side of the sidewalk, “Did mom really think I’d want these?” She sighed, looking at the card reader and sifting through the various cards. One caught her eye, it was a plain card with no picture or stats on it, it was just a simple purple card. She swiped it through the card reader, and the thing did something she wasn’t expecting… it shorted out.

    “Piece of crap,” She chuckled to herself and through the device back into her bag. She blew a few strands of hair out of her face and continued on her way to Timothy’s house.

    The night was still quiet, if not a little bit weird. She turned her music up and kept walking; everything was back to normal. That is, until the street ahead of her blew up. It was a creature that she’d never seen before, and it was huge. “What the hell is that!?” She screamed looking at the thing, it looked like an enormous parrot, “That’s not possible!” She exclaimed.

    There was a bright light coming from her bag, and she dug through it and pulled out the card reader; only it was glowing and changing. Whatever it was now, it looked like a video game, but it still had the card reader slot for sliding the cards through. “What’s going… on?” She asked, but that wasn’t the end of it. As soon as the thing changed shape, it started glowing again and a small creature came out of it.

    Whatever it was, it looked like a black cat, but it stood on two legs. “Hm, I guess you’ll do,” It said with a scrutinizing look, “I’m Blackgatomon.”

    “Black…gato…mon?” Jade repeated, “What are you? What’s that thing?” Jade asked pointing at the huge parrot. Suddenly nothing made any sense, “All I did was swipe a stupid card.”

    “Do you wanna ask questions, or do you want to fight?” Blackgatomon asked, showing her claws and turning toward the monster.


    “You are one of the digidestined, aren’t you? You have a digivice.” The cat said pointing at the device in Jade’s hand.

    “I guess…” She said, looking at the thing in her hand.

    “Good, then let’s get going.” Blackgatomon said with a smirk, ready for a fight.
  2. Prime Boundary has been breached! I-I repeat, the Prime Boundary has been breached!
    Trajectory has been marked. Field Anomaly radius at 9 metres and rising. Aurora has identified a U-level energy signature.

    "Looks to be a big one this time. Do you have the coordinates?"

    "I can see it from where we're parked. We're heading there now."

    The limousine sped down the road at a staggering rate. As it approached a corner it drifted gracefully around it; its length hardly a hindrance. Its tires swerved wildly, giving off a low humming sound as it burned against the asphalt before rushing down the street. Its driver might have been reckless, but he was no doubt skilled. It was for this, among several other reasons that he was in Amelia's employ. "Brilliant swerve there, Samuel," she coyly complimented.

    "Thank you, miss Amelia. I am glad that my time as a professional street racer could be of some service to you," Samuel replied to the intercomm wired in the automobile. Far behind the driver's seat, Amelia was fondling a small device in her hand. A hologram was shining out of its screen, verifying how close they were to the Field Anomaly by a blinking red dot that was slowly making its way to the center of the hologram. Sitting beside her was a tall woman, dressed chiefly in red. Despite it being evening, she was still oddly wearing glasses of a dark hue, her eyes completely hidden behind it. In her hand was a wineglass, slightly drained of the fine red liquid in it. Although Amelia was too young to partake of liquor outside the occasional social event, her partner took to the limo's minibar with great enthusiasm. Curiously, with all the wine she drank, she was still far from being drunk.

    Samuel parked the limo near an alleyway, impressively doing so without ever shifting gears. Amelia inspected her digivice again, the blinking red dot was very close to the center of the screen. Taking a cellphone out of her pocket, she dialled it and placed it to her ear.

    "We have arrived at the coordinates. Anything else you'd like us to do?"

    "Now, now, let's not be too hasty," said a gruff voice on the phone. It was the same man she had received a call to action from earlier.

    "If we are not to engage, then...reconaissance, perhaps?" Amelia asked.

    "I've got a feeling about this one. We're probably going to see..."

    "Sir!" cried a voice. Amelia could hear it in the background. It was distinctly that of a woman's. "We're detecting a strange energy signature coming from inside the field anomaly. Aurora is unable to identify it, but it is most likely..."

    "Something interesting," the man on the phone finished. "Right on the mark."

    Amelia smiled. "Reconaissance then. But should things get out of hand..."

    "You have permission to engage." the man added.

    "Roger, keep me posted." With that, the young lady closed her phone and looked over to the woman in red beside her. She took a sip from her glass, draining it of its contents.

    "How dull," she commented before getting up from her seat and moving over to the limo's minibar.

    A small form climbed out from the window of Amelia's limo. It scurried down the door and hopped on to the ground. It had 8 small black legs, ending in red claws. Its body covered in yellow and black stripes, leading up to its head with an orange mane. The little creature crawled off down the alleyway, approaching a large fog-ridden area at the other end of it. Amelia watched from her window and smiled. Even if it were just reconnaisance, it was still something exciting in her opinion. She, who was usually trapped in day-to-day chores and schoolwork. The day she received her digivice seemed to be one of the most wonderful things to happen to her.

    The small spider-like creature made its way into the fog, upon closer inspection, one would notice a small device attached to its head; that is of course if it could be noticed at all. KoDokugumon didn't seem to have any sort of presence to them. They were small and could hide in all sorts of nooks and crannies. Its almost as if they were part of the scenery themselves. The small camera on Kodokugumon focussed on the scene before it. The little spider digimon gasping to itself.

    Meanwhile, Amelia had received a text message from her engimatic superiors. She browsed through it quickly, but wasn't entirely sure how to interpret it.

    Aurora has detected a second energy signature. Seems to have appeared out of the blue. It seems to be an R-level energy signature, but its fluctuating.

    As she looked over at the laptop she wired to Kodokugumon's camera, it became clear to her. Her eyes widened and she grinned excitedly. "Oh my, and what is this we have here?" She whispered as she looked at the image of a young girl next to a small, unusually formed black cat streaming on her computer screen.

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