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Ask to Join Tamers of the Sweetgrass

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by XanthousXatu, Jul 22, 2019.

  1. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    Before the modernization of the Pokemon World, tribes of people roamed the world, taming Pokemon. This tribe, the Tamers of the Sweetgrass, are located near modern day Lilycove City. The tribe is lead by one main tamer, the Head Chief. Before people hunted Pokemon outside of their natural habitats, Pokemon from every generation thrived in every region. The Head Chief, "The Noble One" , has foretold a devastating event might occur at any moment. Worried, the tribe must stay together in times of panic and crisis. Nothing above a kiss, keep violence to a minimum.

    Head Chief (1)-- The Noble One
    Chief's Adviser (1)-- @Barefoot_Kittens Alexandra
    Head Council Member (3) --
    Lead Healer (1) -- @Willow Tree Willow
    Lead Warrior (1) -- @~Add~ Rumble Pumn
    Healers --
    Warriors -- @Barefoot_Kittens Walker @EeviumZ Eve Maddox @Martin Pine Jeremiah @~Add~ Ara Haan
    Leading Tamers (2) -- @Mr Fishykarp Beck @~Add~ (Reserved)
    Tamer --
    Apprentice (For Healer, Tamer, or Warrior, under age 18 ) --
    Trainee (For Healer, Tamer, or Warrior, under age 13) -- @Kiraru Emily Solt
    Villager -- @Barefoot_Kittens Ash
    (One spot reserved for @Martin Pine

    Tamed Pokemon
    (Usually around 2):
    Allies/Enemies/Significant Others:
    RP Example:

    Name: "The Noble One"
    Gender: Male
    Age: 81
    Appearance: Old and chief-like. He has darker skin, resembling a native american's. He has wrinkles, and green eyes. His hair is white and is only seen near the side of his hair, which it is banded up into pony tails. He wears a blue-green cloak and numerous beads near his neck and wrist. Beads are common on the Sweetgrass Tamers.
    Personality: He is always calm and usually seeing meditating in a rock-like structure, resembling a cave. He is treated like a mentor and is very wise, most people in the village look up to him.
    Rank: Head Chief
    Tamed Pokemon (Usually around 2): Medicham, F.
    Backstory: He is the oldest in the village. He was born into the family that ruled the nomads, and tries to make it perfectly stable and content.
    Allies/Enemies/Significant Others: Allies: The Village as a Whole. Enemies: The Neighbouring Tribes. Significant Others: None.
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  2. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Omg, I will love to join this!!! I might get a bio started sometime soon so do you think I can reserve the role for the lead healer? If not then I'll just take any other roles if the spot gets taken. ^^
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  3. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    I can reserve a roll for you!
  4. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    (I'm sorry, I only have this character to RP with. (థ థ) And thanks for reserving the spot XP.)
    Name: Willow
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Appearance: Black hair that is longer on the right side, he wastes no time in brushing it away whenever it gets in the way. Clothes he changes accordingly to the weather but is mostly seen wearing a shawl wherever he goes. Since he usually works with plants, he sometimes can't help but make flower crowns during his break so expect him to have that with him too.
    Personality: Described as a charming sophisticated prince. He is well known as a healer for his calm behavior and tendency to help everybody in need. Due to such a soft personality, it didn't come as a surprise to anyone that he chose the path of a healer instead of a warrior. He is usually very against any dangerous act or adventure, worrying that it might lead to harmful consequences but he never stops anyone when they decided they're going to do it nonetheless. Normally nervous when it comes to public speaking but he seems to have no problem talking individually to random people, especially when they injure themselves for a foolish reason and needed a good scolding. He's pretty smart considering his age, and usually, think things through during difficult situation but is still somehow nonetheless rather naive and gullible. If you were to lie to him, there's a 70% chance he'll believe you. He claims it's because he doesn't believe that people would have any reasons to lie to him. Rather patient, there's little to no way to anger him since he's usually very chill towards anything you'll throw at him. He loves young children and is sometimes seen making flower crowns with them. If not making flower crowns, they sit down in a circle and share stories or he encourages them to follow what they wanted to be despite their young age.
    Rank: Lead Healer
    Tamed Pokemon
    (Usually around 2): Cottonee and Carnivine
    Backstory: He loved plants ever since he was little, so it was only to be expected that he chose to pursue the art of healing over everything else. He was young then and is still young now, never once believing he'll have the honor to hold up the title of Lead Healer, but he did and now here he is.
    Allies/Enemies/Significant Others: (Allies: The group of healers he works with) (Enemies: Those stupid stupid pokemon that eats and ruin the herbs (lol, I'm jk) )
    (Significant Others: Don't know but I'm open)

    RP Example:
    Sitting in the middle of a flower field, Willow gave a tiny gasp of surprise and flinched back a little as multiple flowers were suddenly showered upon him, decorating his loose shawl more than it already was. His eyes perked up to look at the tiny group of kids in front of him, trying their best to hold back their laughter with little avail. He raised an eyebrow amusingly at them and chuckled as he plucked a petal from his hair and walked over to them. Ruffling their heads, he gently scolded them for bothering him during his free time but the kids only complained saying they only wanted to play, and that his expression was worth all the laugh. He sighed, giving in and finally offering the energetic group a game of hide-and-seek.

    (Here you go, I hope this is alright. ;w; )
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  5. Rowan Tree

    Rowan Tree Previously ~Add~

    Name: Rumble Pumn (Nickname Laby (She thinks the nickname is cute))
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Pink ponytail with warrior clothes. Pink eyes, And a black bunny hair clip. Flat-chested.
    Personality: Fierce and wild. She can be lazy and tired, but when it comes to battling, she becomes hyper and energetic. She isn't the type to give up so easily. Brave
    Rank: Lead Warrior
    Tamed Pokemon (Usually around 2): Swirlix and Flareon
    Backstory: An abandoned girl found by the tribe while finding food. She is accepted in the tribe but she was a regular villager. She wanted to prove to the head chief she can fight and become a warrior. She did. And she was proven to be trusted and was able to become a warrior. Once they were attacked, and many warriors were injured and she was also injured, the healers, with so many to heal, they told her to stay down, but she said no. She kept on attacking and started beating up the warriors from the other tribe. After the battle, she found out what happened and said sorry to the healers, who said it was alright. She heard the head chief calling her as she went over. The head chief knowing that she's the most not giving up type out of all of the others, he made her the lead warrior.
    Allies/Enemies/Significant Others: Allies: The group of other warriors she trust
    Enemies: The other tribe warriors, she doesn't understand why they look so fine with the injuries. She doesn't stand the pain on her injuries.
    RP Example: Laby woke up whining on how she couldn't sleep last night.
    She got up to say, "Good morning everyone.".
    The others waved.
    (That's all because I'm idiotic :p)
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  6. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    @Willow Tree and @~Add~ accepted! I don't really have any standards as for the RP Example, except proper capitalization, punctuation, the whole deal.
  7. Hey, Swift, this looks awesome! I just have one question: if there a limit to how many characters we can have? I might be a little excited here, but I want 3 characters. I know I can handle a lot of characters, and it will help fill the tribe up :D. I'd most likely be juggling them, so I won't post them all at once. I think it would be a main character and two minor characters, just to fill up space. If 3 is too many, how many characters can I make? I'll probably have them done tomorrow morning.
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  8. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    How 'bout 4 per person. This RP needs a lot of spaces to be filled!
  9. Name: Alexandra
    Gender: Female
    Age: 38
    Appearance: Alex sports a mature and serious face, though still young and athletic. The woman's skin is a shade of rich caramel, slightly dry but not yet wrinkled or spotted. She stands at an average height of around 5 and a half feet, and is rather lithe in build. Her face is thin and sharp, with acute cheeks, thin lips, and a pointed nose. The female's eyes are cat-like and slim, a golden hue of warm yellow is slightly worn with stress. Her hair is long, rarely ever cut- and put up in multiple french braids. 12 braids spread across her forehead and travel down to her knees, bright colored beads compliment her dark brown hair as they are weaved periodically through each braid. Alex wears a long, woven dress of blue and white color, it's thick straps wrap around her shoulders and the dress hangs loosely over he body.
    Personality: Alex is rather uptight and serious, never one to joke around or dawdle. She feels responsible for all of the tribe's activities, and while she wants the very best she tends to micromanage- which may get a bit irritating. Alexandra has never found time for games or relaxation, it's fair to say she never really learned how to let loose. She takes failure extremely hard, but will do absolutely everything in her power to assure the tribe's safety and the chief's well being.
    Rank: Chief's Adviser
    Tamed Pokemon: Drampa (M), Jumpluff (F)
    Backstory: Alex was a strange child to say the least. She never played with the other children, and downright told them that she had no time for their games. She was always counting as a girl and loved to make observations about the production of the village. She was rather young when she became the lead tamer of the tribe, but that position didn't quite fit her- while she loved pokemon her true calling was higher up in the tribe. When the Chief's adviser died suddenly of illness, Alexander stepped up with officially gaining the position. She went on about a year as the Chief's right hand man before being elected as the official Chief's Adviser when she was 30.
    Allies/Enemies/Significant Others: Allies: The Village as a Whole. Enemies: The Neighboring Tribes. Significant Others: None.

    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Appearance: Walker has a timid energy and expression to him, though he is a very able body. His skin tone is pale, making him stand out among many of the other villagers- it was more common in the tribe where he was born. He is rather tall and lanky, with large hands and feet- he towers over most everyone. Yet still, he is rather built- with definition in all his muscles. His face is soft but built, with a visible jawline and cheek bones. The young man had bright eyes, an emerald green color- though they are clouded with worry and doubt. Walker's hair is shoulder length and slightly wavy- his hair is an ashy blonde shade with several hues of different fair colors. He wears a headband across his forehead, of a simply black color that matches his thick leather-like leggings which are black and white. Walker is most often shirtless, but occasionally will wear a shawl in the winter.
    Personality: Walker is rather shy and timid, he does what he is told and that's about it. The young male lives off of order, and tends to get rather anxious and panicked when put into a situation of chaos. He is extremely loyal and had very high morals, but he'd never speak out against anyone else unless he absolutely had to. Walker is a rather skilled warrior despite his scared nature, but he's very easy to push around and would never use his combative skills against his own tribe mates.
    Rank: Warrior
    Tamed Pokemon: Lycanroc (F), Houndoom (M)
    Backstory: Walker was born in a tribe that was a bit farther east from the tribe he currently lives in. It was a brutal and malicious tribe that stole other tamer's pokemon and killed them for meat. He was a warrior at a young age in that tribe, around 13 he was sent out with a group to steal from a nearby village (Tamers of the Sweet Grass). About halfway there, walker couldn't ignore the gnawing feeling in his stomach, he couldn't ignore the fact that what he was doing was wrong. That night, while his group rested- Walker ran ahead and warned the chief of the incoming attack. With the tribe ready, the small group of thieves had no chance- of course, Walker couldn't go back after that. The Chief offered him a home in the Tamers of the Sweet Grass tribe, and although some villagers are still skeptical of him- he had come to love the land and the village.
    Allies/Enemies/Significant Others: Allies: Some of the village. Enemies: The Neighboring Tribes, his birth tribe. Significant Others: None.

    Gender: Male
    Age: 9
    Appearance: Ash is a small boy, even short for his age. He has creamy gold skin, most usually sporting a bruise or cut he got from rough housing or tree climbing. Ash's face is bright and round, he sports a button-like nose and plush lips. Ash's eyes are striking and bright, his most notable feature. His eyes are round and wide and mostly blue in color, a deep ocean blue color towards the iris that gradient shifts to an icy shade of blue as it spreads outward, flecks of grey and white dot his pupil like a snowstorm. His hair is short and choppy, cut off at his ears- he sports one long strand of hair on his right side, it's about 5 inches long and hangs down in a loose braid tied together by a large bead at the end. His hair is light brown with several highlights of a honey nut color. Ash wears thick pants of a neutral brown color, they are just slightly too big and hang over his ankles. He sports a long-sleeved white shirt and a long necklace with many tiny beads attached.
    Personality: Ash is energetic and playful and he tends to have trouble sitting still. He's actually rather mature for his age, but he simply always wants to help. Ash tends to not understand that is age makes him physically unable to do a lot of things, and he is constantly trying to copy the older members who he looks up to. Ash would rather hang out with the older villagers than the children his age, in fact he tends to not get along with them at all. He has a bit of a spit-fire personality which can get out of hand if he isn't occupied with something to do.
    Rank: Villager
    Tamed Pokemon: Noibat (M)
    Backstory: Ash was born as one of the newer generations in the village, his mother died while birthing him. Not having a mother didn't really seem to affect the boy as he grew up, his father took most of the responsibility of caring for him. It was abrupt and confusing for the boy when his father suddenly committed suicide, still ridden with grief form his spouse's death. That part took more of a toll on Ash, but most of the village pitched in on raising him. He doesn't really talk about his part anymore, and you honestly wouldn't assume it was so tragic upon first meeting him, but when the topic does get brought up he usually just gets angry.
    Allies/Enemies/Significant Others: Allies: Some of the village. Enemies: None. Significant Others: None.

    I know I skipped the RP example. I'm lazy- sue me. If you really want, I'll type something up for them- just wanted to get them posted and accepted at least.
  10. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    @Barefoot_Kittens accepted! It's okay for not having a RP Example if I've seen your RPing before.
  11. Hey could you reserve a spot for me? This Rp looks really interesting ^~^
  12. Name: Beck
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Appearance: Beck is taller than average, but only by a little. He typically wears his long, dark hair in a bun for convenience.
    Personality: Beck is a reserved individual who likes to spend time by the sea with his Pokemon, and enjoys riding up and down the beach on his Mantine with a school of Remoraid. He cares a lot for the tribe and for his Pokemon. He is good at staying calm under pressure, liking to think through his options before committing to one. This, however, does sometimes lead him to being more indecisive than most others, and thereby being easy to catch by surprise.
    Rank: Leading Tamer
    Tamed Pokemon: Mantine, Remoraid, Remoraid, Remoraid
    Backstory: Beck lived by the ocean his whole life, where he spent a lot of his time by the beach. He found it very easy to connect to the local Pokemon, and eventually decided that taming is exactly what he wanted to do. He was specifically drawn to schools of Remoraid for some reason, and on occasion he'd notice a Mantyke swimming with them. As he grew older, he tamed that Mantyke, which evolved into a Mantine.
    Allies: The Tribe, His Pokemon
    Enemies: Anyone who he sees as threats to the above

    Beck didn't know what it was, that drew him to the sea, but he always made sure to show up twice a day, once in the morning, once just before sundown. And, without fail, the Remoraid would show up too. The exact number changed sometimes but it was always around twenty. He'd thought about being a tamer for a while, could he tame a whole school of Remoraid?
    Nah. That was probably too much for a leading tamer, let alone him.

    He did, however, notice something else sometimes. Another Pokemon swimming amid the school of Remoraid. The Head Chief called it a Mantyke, right? To his surprise, the school stopped. That wasn't normal. He looked ahead, of course, a Carvanha. The Remoraid shot streams of water at the Carvanah, forcing it to swerve to the side. The Mantyke charged forward and knocked the Carvanah backwards, allowing the Remoraid to swim past and escape.

    The Carvanah recovered and bit the Mantyke in the fin, but the Mantyke headbutted it, knocking it out. The Mantyke then tried to swim after the school of Remoraid, but found itself swimming in circles, launching itself into the bank of the river. Uh oh.
    Beck reached over into the water and slowly pulled the Mantyke out. It was hurt, badly. What was he meant to do? He took a deep breath. Ok, so he probably couldn't help the Mantyke himself, but one of the healers probably could. He made his decision and picked up the Mantyke, carrying it back towards the tribe.
    (I wasn't really sure if being the Leading Tamer would mean that Beck would have more tamed Pokemon than an average member of the tribe but I did give him three Remoraid if that's ok)
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  13. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    @Martin Pine I'll reserve a spot. @Mr Fishykarp, since I haven't been in an RP with you in the past, may I have an RP Example?
  14. @SwiftSwoobat I also don't mind making more characters as background noise or like NPCs to fill the tribe- just let em know if you would like that. (I think I'm obsessed with making characters). Also, don't forget to edit the Ranks in your first spot so that people don't think there are spots open ;D. I'm so glad you decided to start an RP!
  15. I completely forgot about the RP example, sorry. I've edited one into the original post
  16. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    @Mr Fishykarp accepted! @Barefoot_Kittens thank you!
    I should probably explain what a council member is:
    This tribe operates as a constitutional monarchy, but with extra steps. Instead of the monarch acting like a head figure, the Head Council Members and the Head Chief have to agree on what to do. Like a parliament/senate with extra steps (but also not at the same time).
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  17. Okay, you've caught my interest~

    Name: Eve Maddox
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19 (it can be 24 if that's too young. The ages in her backstory would be scaled up proportionally.)
    Appearance: She has long brown hair (occasionally tied back in a ponytail but usually down) and brown eyes, and stands at a height of 5'10. She has an athletic build, and is of caucasian descent with relatively pale skin. I don't know what the warriors wear.
    Personality: Eve has a burning passion and spirit that can't be contained. When she sets her mind to something, nothing will stop her from attaining it - come hell or high water. She can be a little bit rebellious, although she does know her place.
    Rank: Warrior
    Tamed Pokemon (Usually around 2): Umbreon and Lycanroc
    Backstory: She's originally from a different tribe (not an enemy one). Ever since she was young, Eve has wanted to become a warrior and fight for her tribe. Her parents were both healers, who wanted Eve to continue the family legacy - much to Eve's distaste. At the age of seventeen, Eve ran away from home - five days before she was supposed to be pronounced a healer - and never returned. She traveled for one year before finding the Tamers of the Sweetgrass, and eventually became a warrior for the tribe.
    Allies/Enemies/Significant Others:
    Allies - most of the people within this tribe.
    Enemies - the enemies of the tribe + a few people she dislikes.
    Significant Others: Tiara Seli (Best Friend). I'll write up a sheet for Tiara later as well.

    Do you need an RP example?
  18. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    @EeviumZ accepted! It depends if I've seen your work before if I need you to have an RP Example. 18 is the age that many people become Warriors or Healers. Wait... that gave me an idea for a new rank...
  19. @SwiftSwoobat I was really hoping you'd make an apprentice role! YAY :D. Could I possibly move Ash up to a trainee- I don't care which one it's for (warrior, tamer, healer) Just sign him up randomly XD.
  20. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    @Barefoot_Kittens I actually used Trainee as a student, do you mean apprentice-like? I could make an actual apprentice role.
  21. What's the difference? Trainees watch and listen while apprentices actually help? I don't really care, we can just keep him as villager for now if it made it easier. Maybe you can define the stages of each role. Something similar too: Healers
    - Lead Healer: highest authority, voted into rank
    - Working Healers: most of the healers
    - Apprentice Healers: youngest workers, get most of the dirty jobs, still technically training, aged under 18
    - Trainee Healers: learners, don't really work, aged under 13

    Children usually enter a sect (tamer, healer, warrior) around the age of 10-11. Some exceptions apply.
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  22. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    I would put the ranks that way. I don't know why it was so difficult to describe.
  23. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    I just wanted to add in that if you needed to be 18 in order to become a healer or warrior, then my form and ~Add~'s form wouldn't make any sense. XD

    Cause we're both legit under that age yet the highest rank for that class.
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  24. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    Oof. We'll need to adjust your characters if that's okay.
  25. Not an error 404: Eye catching attention found.

    Name: Her name is Emily Solt.
    Gender: Female
    Age: She is 12 years old.
    Appearance: Emily stands at a somewhat fair height of 4'11". She has fair skin, a skinny build, brown eyes and long, blond hair in a straight fashion that goes down a bit over the back of her neck. She wears a loose, midnight black cloak and a knee-length skirt finely woven from the fibers of cedar bark. She sports on a pair of leather sandals, and a silver anklet around her right ankle.
    Personality: Emily tends to have a neutral outlook in life. She likes to take in the surrounding nature, instead of keeping quiet like her Pokémon usually does. She likes to interact with others and have a lively chat from time to time, though it often results in her Pokémon likely protesting against that. She usually tries to take failures as something else to learn if they are just a moderate mishap or something equivalent of that on a lesser degree.
    Rank: She is a Trainee for the healer rank at the moment.
    Tamed Pokémon:
    Name: His name is Dean.
    Age: His age is roughly the equivalent of a 9 month old baby.
    Gender: Male
    Species: Druddigon | Cave Pokémon
    Ability: Mold Breaker (The Pokémon's moves are unaffected by abilities from other Pokémon.)
    Height: 1'5" | 43.18 cm
    Weight: 34.7 lbs | 15.74 kg
    Appearance: Dean is your young, everyday Druddigon. His small, pale red head is almost as soft as a surface crystal and is smooth to the touch. His tiny wings appear to resemble leaves from a sprouting bud. His eyes are in a faint yellow hue, which does not seem to give off a glaring glance like the typical ones of his species do. His puny arms and legs are almost the same size, as it does not result in the distinct hunchback look that other Druddigon have. His hands lack claws, and his feet have a tiny claw on each toe. His tail is short and stubby, while only having one tiny, flat spike in a faint shading of rose red. There are two other spikes of the same appearance and features located on his shoulders. The scutes that run across his stomach are in a noticeably lighter hue of olive green; with the undeveloped bony plates not really being meant for the primary purpose of protection yet. He has several areas of his body wrapped around in a light layering of leaf fiber bandaging with a hint of medicinal berry paste.
    Personality: Dean is described from the girl to be a bashful, reticent infant. He does not mix as well with others for almost any occassion, so he attempts to make the most of alone time whenever the opportunity presents. He tends to flee away from any foreign encounter on a social scale whenever possible. He is usually quiet when out in public whenever possible, since his loud and odd cries often get more unwanted attention than what he is already attempting to handle.
    Backstory: Emily was born and raised in a well-to-do tribe around twenty five miles east of the location that the Tamers of the Sweetgrass resided in. Initially, she wanted to become a tamer for her tribe to follow her father's footsteps. However, that all changed when her tribe was raided in the middle of a silent, rainy night. She was forced to flee from her tribe just after a month of turning twelve. Before she escaped from the horrific incursion, she found a young Druddigon trapped under a large pile of straw from a burning house. She swiftly pushed away the flaming mass of grains with the force of her entire body! She quickly grabbed the baby Pokémon and rushed past the houses that were still ablaze. She stumbled upon the Tamers of the Sweetgrass after several days of hiking and desperately attempting to forage for any feasible source of food and water. After a long discussion with the chief and becoming accustomed with the tribe, the girl decided to pave her path towards becoming a healer; the first step after all was to perform the duties of a trainee.
    Allies/Enemies/Significant Others:
    • Allies: Tamers of the Sweetgrass, her Pokémon, and her former tribe if they are still around in the present day.
    • Enemies: The raiders of her former tribe, thieves, and people with mocking mouths in general.
    • Significant Others: None at the moment, though these three fields are always subject to change.
    RP Example:
    There was no turning back. It was either the girl or the blazes. The young Druddigon hesitantly nodded and tightly gripped the girl's hands. The baby Pokémon felt an unfamiliar grip around his body soon after. There were hasty, booming steps that became fainter and fainter from the village by the second. There was no telling of where his next cup of water would come from. The last thing that came into his tearing eyes were the straw homes ablaze, along with some rubble of what was likely a prayer center of a higher being in the skies.

    A loud spell of weeping suddenly emanated from the infant.

    "Ow! Oh, uhh... good morning Dean," Emily moderately voiced after she picked up on a familiar, infantile voice. The sobs became somewhat louder in a split second.

    "You okay there? You don't sound too happy... is it because of the berry juice medicine or something?" Emily asked the little Pokémon, before she carefully sat up on the leafy bed. She picked up the infant and gently held him near her head. The baby Druddigon slowly shook his head and shielded his watery eyes for a lengthy moment.
  26. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

  27. Hmm, I suppose I should start brewing up my first post for when the RP comes, along with the status sheet for lil' Dean asap.
  28. Name: Jeremiah
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Appearance: Jeremiah is a rather tanned and well built man, his muscles being defined but not too large or massive. He is of average height and asides from the medium length white hair on top of his head he doesn't particularly stand out much. His expression is usually a smile, his soft features helping him seem approachable and kind, which is very much is. He has blue friendly eyes and overall strong but relaxed posture. In terms of clothing Jeremiah is very minimalist. If it's warm a pair of shorts and a waist coat will do but should the weather be colder he will cover himself up enough to stay warm.
    Personality: Jeremiah is a overall very friendly and approachable guy. He's often cool and upbeat, happy to talk to anyone about most things whether it be something they're struggling with or just a nice friendly chat. If he was to be associated with one word it would be 'chill' as he follows the slang definition pretty accurately. In battles he keeps his upbeat attitude though he ditches the calm one, becoming a little more active, loud and quick. Should he truly be focusing he goes completely quiet, only talking to his Pokemon. On rare occasions he can get annoyed and angry but he never holds a grudge. A while after an outburst he'd most likely be trying to make peace though these option only comes to those in his tribe.
    Rank: Warrior
    Tamed Pokemon: Swampert (Velen) Skiploom (Novi)
    Backstory: Jeremiah was born, raised and trained in the tribe of the tamers of sweetgrass. For his whole life he aspired to be a warrior, not being able to contain his excitement when he received his partner Pokemon and went through the different stages of becoming a warrior. He was always optimistic and looking forwards to the idea of being a warrior. Reality soon opened his eyes and whilst the experience didn’t devastate him it certainly humbled him, made him more calm compared to how hot headed he was as a youngster. He’s a great warrior, serving the tribe loyally and faithfully with all his effort.
    Allies/Enemies/Significant Others: His two Pokemon, the entirety of the tribe are his allies. He ha no significant others but any enemy of the tribe is an enemy of his.
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  29. Rowan Tree

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    I might as well make another character.
    Because I'm idiotic. XD

    Name: Ara Haan
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Appearance: Black hair with golden butterfly hairpin. Yellow eyes and also a black fur warrior clothing. She also has a little bit of red-orange eye shadows. Has a spear in hand.
    Personality: The motherly type and when it comes to battle she panics. If even one person has a litttttttle scratch, she'll be the first one to go to the healers and complain.
    Rank: Warrior (Uses a spear)
    Tamed Pokemon (Usually around 2): Ninetales
    Backstory: A girl who is a trainee who eventually became a warrior. She talks to mostly the healers because she's worried about her teammate's condition and if they'll be alright. She wants to be better. So she trained for 3/4 of the whole day. And she still does now.
    Allies/Enemies/Significant Others: Allies are the warriors and the lead warrior.
    Enemies: The other warriors who hurt her friends (She'll be like "RAWR")
    RP Example:
    Ara woke up dazed as she walked outside and bumped into a tree.
    "Huh?" she said, still sleepy.
    She quickly shook her head to wake herself up.
    (I give up on the rest XD)
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    @Martin Pine accepted! @~Add~ accepted! I haven't been on recently because of issues irl.
  31. Ah, noted. I am usually not as much sometimes because of illness at the moment, ow.

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