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Talons of Justice (A Guardians of Ga'hoole role play)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mechanist Gamma, Jan 21, 2015.

  1. "In on of the other hollows, I think." Luna replied. "I'm not entirely sure, though. I'm still trying to get used to how big this place is and where everything is."
  2. "This way." Faro guided the group to Sylvana's burrow. "Hello. You must be the Chawlets. Welcome to the Search and Rescue chaw practice class."
    (Sorry if I'm not up to date. I finished the last book a few months ago, not quite completly on my toes about this.)
  3. As Luna took her seat, she looked around at the other owls. There were so many, and a lot of different kinds.
  4. Spotting a Pygmy Owl, Faro flew over to him. "Jared! How've you been?" "Fine! Didn't know you were in this class." "Oh, these are my new friends, Luna and Cynx"
  5. Luna waved and smiled shyly at Jared. She hadn't known many of the other owls that lived in the woods, so she didn't really know how to talk to them or act around them. She had decided to just pick up things from the others and take it from there.
  6. NocturnalNetwork

    NocturnalNetwork Formerly LatiasMusic

    Cynx smiled as she was mentioned, and waved too. "Uh, guess yes." She said to Sylvana, nervous. After all, she was totally lost, in a place on the Southern Kingdoms, far away from her home.
  7. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    This is not an RP compliant with our RP Forum Rules. Paragraphs, please - NOT one line posts. Quality over quantity.

    I'm giving this RP a shot at improvement, but if I don't see it - it WILL be shut down.
  8. (OOC can I join in? just wondering, as Stellar said this RP Could be shut down and I just finished the first book, and I also need to look some stuff on Wikipedia (Species information). I also need to ask, how long is a paragraph, anyways?
  9. NocturnalNetwork

    NocturnalNetwork Formerly LatiasMusic

    OOC: Sure you can. A paragraph could be...5+ lines?
  10. (OOC: Join in if you want, bud! we need some help anyways, and I'll bring the second book to school tomorrow. I hope you don't mind this being kind of short, but I created Jared in case anyone else wanted to join.)
    "We'll be heading out to the roots of the tree." Sylvana said, explaining the rules. "There, owlipoppen will be injured. Your job is to safely get these fake owlets back to base. You will be split into teams of four." Faro listened for his name, and was surprised to hear Sylvana say "Team six, Faro, Luna, Cynx, Jared."
  11. (OCC do i have to be jared? i honestly don't want someone else to decide for me,but if he can be changed to a screech,i will do it.)meanwhile, at the library, a young screech owl read a book about battle tactics. These were old, but he liked them. Then he realized that he was late. "doh!" he said, and flew as fast as his wings could carry him to Search and Rescue. "sorry i'm late!" he said, and then wondered what team he was on, and voiced his thoughts. "you can be on team six." Sylvana said shortly, and instructed him the assignment, and told him he must help as much as possible, to make up for being late every single class. "It's been a long time since i was home" he said.
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  12. (I'll try to type as much as can, but sometimes I just don't know what to say...)
    Luna hadn't done much outside of the forest, so all she really knew was how to hunt. She had read multitudes of books, but that was different from actually doing them. She was, however, pleased that they would be on the same team together. "I-I'll try my best." She told her teammates."
  13. (OOC: That's fine, bud, Jared can continue being an NPC until someone else wants to join. I want Jared and Faro to be new friends. For the rest of you... sorry! Something happened, and I wasn't able to use my computer until now. Let's get this going again!)
    "Right!" Faro said. "I'm sure we'll all do fine. By the way, who are you?) Faro asked, turning to the screech owl.
  14. "My name is Watcher, since I spend some time eating & sleeping, and the rest looking and watching" he looked like he was going to say more, but just looked at the Great Glaux constellation " I can see farther away than most owls, but it's always been my dream to live in a world of peace and not fight unless absolutely necessary." he looked at the others, his gaze piercing. ''So, don't we have some some fake owlets to save?" he asked.
  15. NocturnalNetwork

    NocturnalNetwork Formerly LatiasMusic

    "We do. Let's go already." Cynx said as she turned to Watcher. "Nice to meet you, Watcher." She opened her wings and flied up. "We need to do this fast, otherwise...well, you know. And I need someone to help me get there!" She joked as she flied down, waiting for the others to begin.
  16. Faro followed Cynx, immediatly spotting an owlipoppen stuck between roots of the tree. "That one's mine." he told the others. While the rest of their friends gathered at the spot, Faro passed something to Cynx. "Bottled luck, dad says. Use it in emergencies."
  17. NocturnalNetwork

    NocturnalNetwork Formerly LatiasMusic

    "Thank you." Cynx said as she grabbed the thing with one talon and getting another owlipoppen with the other, keeping herself in the air flapping her wings. "This...seems easier...when you're just looking." She said, flapping her wings desperately while trying to grab the owlipoppen.
  18. The search and rescue chaw practice class was tough, but almost everyone passed with flying marks. Faro was now bringing back his thirty-second Owlipoppen. He lighted down and ruffled his feathers. Making sure all of his primaries and secondaries were working correctly, he snagged a berry off a nearby branch and gulped it down.

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