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Ask to Join Tales of Velirio

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Sunlight Isekai Overdrive, Oct 25, 2018.

  1. Our world, Tecra luminous, the world of which human's and monsters live. Since the Gereos civilization, us humans have lived off of the source of energy known as Blastia. We use blastia for many purpose's, may it be for defending cities, powering everyday object's, or even for attacking. Their are some people who are able to use these 'Artes' without these blastia, but those people are lost in time.

    Yin put her book down, looking at a sleeping Cota. "I wonder how the Nobles think of us Lower quarter people." She looked out of her window, only to be interupted by a Small child running through her door.
    "Yin! Yin! The fountain is Gushing!" The child said. Yin look at the child, and said "Alright Alright.. Go on, Tom. Your mother would want you to help, too." As a stroke of luck, The child's mother was calling his name. "C'mon Yin!" The child ran off after that. She grabbed her Compact sword, as she would have no use for her Sentinel or Damascus sword if it was just a gush of water. She walked over to her window, and Jumped out in front of Tom. "Lets go." She ran up to the Fountain.
  2. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Gier was sitting around in an alley with Ikari and Kateus, they were hiding after their escape. Gier saw someone running towards the nearby fountain, "what are you staring at?" Ikari asked Gier, "nothing I was just keeping watch" Gier responded turning to look at the leader of their little group, he found it funny as Ikari was so much shorter than him, "we should focus on getting food" Kateus said standing up, "how are we supposed to do that" Gier said a bit too loudly, "shut up, you fool" Kateus said "You'll get us caught". Gier sat back down and continued to keep watch.
  3. She reached the fountain. Of course, it was overflowing. "Wasn't this fixed last week?" She said, as an Old man yelled to her. "Yin! Either help or get out." She shrugged, Walking into the water, and throwing Rocks into the fountain, as with the others.
    After awhile of doing this, she stopped throwing rocks, and walked over to the Blastia-Holder. "Hey, Hanks. Do you know where the Aque Blastia is? You know, the Round, blue thing?" She asked, as Hanks walked up to Her. "Huh? Is it Missing or something?" He looked at the core holder, and Jumped. "Huh?! I thought Mr. Migato Fixed it!" Yin put one of her hands on her Hip. "Where does Mr. Migato Live?",
    "He lives in the Royal quarter, you aren't thinking of going there, are you?"
    "No, that place scares me." Yin said, Running back to her Apartment, rummaging around the place to find her Damascus Sword. If anything, she wouldn't want to kill, just Injure him enough to where she can get the Aque blastia back. Running back to the Fountain, she realized the three people standing next to each other. "Aye, you watching the Party unfold?" She said, as she Ran off to the stairs. "We can talk more later!"

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