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Tales of Symphonia: Knights of Ratatosk official discussion

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Alex Bock, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. As quoted from Ign

    I couldn't be any more ecstatic!!!!!!!! Tales of Symphonia was my most favourite game of all time and is the only tales game I liked (besides phantasia which was suppose to be a sequel of symphonia anyway)

    So now, once again like I did with symphonia, I'm gonna have to play the long waiting game, but it'll be soooooooooo worth it like it was with symphonia!!!!*tear drops* ooohhh symphonia I love you!!!! X33333333
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    And the best part about this news: it's something (hopefully) worth buying for Wii, 'cause Wii can sure use the hit titles :)

    I can't say ToS was one of my favourite games 'of all time', but I had a blast playing it and wouldn't mind playing through it again. If we're getting a sequel, that's even better. I've said it before... as cliche as the game may have been, they were cliches done right. The game also had serious WTF-factor at times.

    Thanks for the heads up, Alex. Definitely anticipating getting my hands on this one ^^
  3. If I buy this game, it will be for one reason alone:


  4. Just a pic I found a few days ago if people are curious on what the main guy and girl looks like. (They both look awesome but I like the girl the best)


    plus one on a battle scene. The graphic does't look that great, but it still is early in development.

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    It's hard to judge graphics like that unless you see them in motion, so I'm sure the game is at least PS2-quality. As for the characters, they both look good.

    Looking forward to the first videos of this game :)
  6. Wooow, I already like this game, because the Main character has the same name as ME :D
  7. If people haven't already seen, heres the 6 new images of the game, featuring landscapes.

    I think alot of these look stunning. I especially like the waterfall cavern place, and the volcanoe like landscape.

    now If you also look closely, image 1 looks similar to that pass you take in sylvarent in TOS. Also image 2 sorta bears a resemblance to the harbour that you meet maxwell at in TOS (Sorry I forget both names of those places ^^")

    I'm curious on how the worlds locations will turn out. Will they keep old places from TOS? as well as adding new ones? or will they completely rechange the world? with all new locations?

    [attachment deleted by admin]
  8. I find the statue of Lloyd on the fountain highly amusing.

    ... I never did get around to fixing that village all the way, though...
  9. After re reading the first revealed info from my very first post, I see that yes, old locations are likely to return (must have been so excited that I overlooked it ^^")

    ANYWAY.... Here's some character and story info that's been revealed, however the story info is pretty vague.

    Long ago, the Great Kharlan Tree was destroyed. The world was split in two by the dwellers of the heavens. Eventually, the Chosen of Regeneration created another Great Tree. It was then that the two worlds of Sylvarant and Tethe'alla were reborn as one. It was believed that this would herald in a new era. However...

    Emil lost his parents in the blood purging of Palmacosta. He is an honest, somewhat naïve boy. Emil is a bit of a coward, and he does not like to make decisions. In order to protect Marta, he agrees to become a Knight of Ratatosk.

    Marta lost her mother during the Great Kharlan Tree's rampage. She tends to think along right-and-wrong lines. A bit of a tomboy, Marta is passionate about getting her way. She views Emil as effeminate, but believes he possesses a hidden strength.
  10. I know no one has posted in here for awhile making it old but the topic itself is definitly not old, so what would be the point in making this topic again right? (don't get mad at me pwease ;_;)

    well, there has been some substantial new info revealed about Tales of Symphonia: The Knights of Ratatosk and here it is for your veiwing pleasure ^^

    Long ago, Sylvarant and Tethe'alla were united as a single world that drew strength from the Giant Kharlan Tree. Divine intervention tore them apart, however, and the Tree withered and died. It was eventually left to a boy named Lloyd to restore the world to its true form. At his journey's end, a new Tree was planted to replace the Giant Kharlan Tree and to hold the two worlds together. This was the story of the Journey of Regeneration.

    Together once more, the world is now entering a new era. However, its people are still faced with many problems. After the lands became one, maps were rendered useless and the climate went through many vast changes: desert towns became frozen wastelands and lakes dried up into valleys. All of this stems from an overlooked factor in the unification of the worlds: the spirit of the old Kharlan Tree, Ratatosk, still exists somewhere, and its slumber has sent the world into chaos.

    However, Ratatosk isn't the only problem: the people of the two worlds are starting to hate each other. The citizens of Tethe'alla look down upon the citizens of Sylvarant due to their inferior technology, and the citizens of Sylvarant fear the citizens of Tethe'alla because of their power. Two years have passed since the worlds were first merged, and the people of Sylvarant have created a vanguard with which to rise against the Church of Martel and the people of Tethe'alla.

    One day, the Church of Martel went to war with the vanguard, and Sylvarant's city of Palmacosta was caught in the crossfire. Countless innocent people died and Palmacosta was consumed in a terrible fire. This event came to be known as the "Purge of Blood", a massacre led by Lloyd Irving of the Church of Martel.

    Knight of Ratatosk takes place two years after the events of Tales of Symphonia. The protagonist is named Emil, and characters from the original Symphonia will return: certain screenshots have revealed that Colette will return as a playable character, therefore making it likely that the other Tales of Symphonia characters may as well. The newest trailer has shown that all party members will return, though Kratos remains unconfirmed. However, this same trailer depicts Lloyd in an antagonistic light: he fights Emil and Marta. Whether this means Lloyd is an antagonist, or a temporary enemy, is uncertain. In addition, screenshots depicting Zelos have been released, implying that the canonical ending of Tales of Symphonia had Zelos live, rather than die.


    Emil Caster- Emil lost his parents in the blood purging of Palmacosta. An honest, somewhat na
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    Thanks for posting this, Alex ^^

    Got a link to this trailer? I've yet to see/read anything recent on this game. The story is starting to sound interesting to say the least. I'm intrigued to find out what's going on with Lloyd and who else makes cameos :3
  12. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess Teneburae's name is going to be translated to Tenebrae.
    If memory serves correctly, that's Latin for twililght.

    I'm glad to hear Zelos living is canon, though. :>
  13. actually, I do have a link to that trailer ^^ http://youtube.com/watch?v=388C0j6A0RA
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    Is Richter Abend the guy with the long red hair in the trailer? Because be instantly made me think of Kratos =o Probably just the similar hair color and nothing more, but you never know...

    I'm liking the looks of the new characters, and I can't wait to see the full Anime cut-scene introduction from that trailer ^__^ Seems everyone is making cameo appearances in some way or form, which is awesome. I really loved the whole 'lot of 'em. But, only Colette is confirmed as playable thus far...? ... Why Colette? Couldn't they think of another healing-type party member to use? xp

    I do hope the English VAs are good in this game. I didn't really have any complaints for the original, but it -could- have been better. As long as this one isn't worse, though, guess I can't really say much...

    Main character only using one sword to battle is b00! I loved Lloyd's dual-swordplay and techniques. Never wanted to control anyone else. But nyaa :3
  15. Yep the guy with red hair his Ritcher Abend. The way he looks reminds me of Noel from Luminous arc lol

    I know! I'm so happy everyone (minusing kratos thus far) is back. I fell in love with each and every character, so all of them are my favourites X3

    I'm guessing she won't be the only one playable outta the old troupe. I think they might have some of them be playable for a certain time then leave your party, sorta thing =/

  16. More character info ^^


    LIoyd Irving:Lloyd was the protagonist of the original Tales of Symphonia. After he reunited the two worlds, he began to search for the remaining Exspheres: his goal was to prevent them from creating further victims. Lloyd has been showered with both praise and hatred from the people of the world, some of whom rejoice at his actions, and some of whom condemn them. The Church of Martel has proclaimed that Lloyd was responsible for the Blood Purge of Palmacosta: this has been neither confirmed nor denied by Lloyd himself. As a result, tensions between those who support Lloyd and those who oppose him have escalated quite rapidly.

    Genis Sage:Genis is Lloyd's close friend and Raine's younger brother. Although he is still small, he has grown considerably in the last two years. He is extremely worried about Lloyd's whereabouts, so he and Raine have split up to find him. When Genis finally finds Lloyd, he is forced to accept that his childhood friend has become an enemy.

    Raine Sage:Raine is Lloyd's teacher and Genis' older sister. After the last game, she and her brother began to journey around the world to make it easier for half-elves to be accepted. In this game, Raine is worried about Lloyd's whereabouts, so she and Genis separate to track him down. She is a very calm, calculating woman who cares deeply for her students.

    Zelos Wilder:Zelos is one of the final Chosens of the Church of Martel. When the Chosen system was abolished, he pushed for major reformations within the Church. Zelos uses his good looks, popularity, and carefree personality to obtain valuable information from the people of Meltokio. Although he appears to be a flirtatious, skirt-chasing young man, this is nothing but a mask: in reality, he is a calm, insightful person.

    Sheena Fujishibashi:Regal was once a prisoner who was convicted of killing his lover, Alicia, after she was transformed into a monster. As the reinvigorated chairman of the Lezareno Company, Regal has been extremely helpful in Lloyd's hunt for Exspheres; he has also been instrumental in the reconstruction of the world. He is a true gentleman. Regal removed his shackles shortly after he avenged Alicia's death.

    Presea Combatir:As part of an experiment Presea spent sixteen years of her life in a robotic, unresponsive state as the parasites of a special Exsphere fed off of her body. Her body did not physically age during this time. After the removal of the Exsphere two years ago, time began to flow for her again, and Presea rediscovered her emotions: she is now a cheerful girl who loves to laugh. She currently lives in the ruined village of Ozette, which she seeks to rebuild.

    Regal Bryant:Regal was once a prisoner who was convicted of killing his lover, Alicia, after she was transformed into a monster. As the reinvigorated chairman of the Lezareno Company, Regal has been extremely helpful in Lloyd's hunt for Exspheres; he has also been instrumental in the reconstruction of the world. He is a true gentleman. Regal removed his shackles shortly after he avenged Alicia's death.


    [​IMG]Tenebrae:Tenebrae is a Centurion Spirit of Ratatosk that is highly attuned to the forces of darkness. He appears before Emil, and the two agree to a contract that turns the boy into a Knight of Ratatosk. Although Tenebrae came from another world, it has since lost much of its power, so it is unable to return home. It is a very calm, composed, and serious being, though it has been known to make the occasional joke. It is very loyal to Marta, who carries the Ratatosk Core on her forehead.

    [​IMG]Aqua:Aqua is a Centurion Spirit of Ratatosk that is highly attuned to the forces of water. It, like Richter, seeks to obtain the Ratatosk Core, so it agrees to form a contract with him. Aqua subsequently guides Richter and aids him in battle.

    I'm kinda confused about the ratatosk core exactly. Is it the ratatosk's power or something? and the spirits aqua and tenebrae are called centurion spirits of ratatosk yet tenebrae come form a different world so how is he connected to the ratatosk on this planet?

    Is it that since there's two spirits of the tree that the world is going astray so they need to get rid of ratatosk? or am I interperating it wrong lol overthinking it is confusing me ^^"
  17. Tales of Symphonia is one of the most well-draw out and entertaining games I have ever played. A friend originally introduced it to me after I talked to him about what I read about it in Nintendo Power magazine (WONDER CHIEF). And so, he let me borrow it for a little while and I thought I beat the game on disc one when I reached the Tower of Salvation, thinking that the second disc maybe held a different story line in someway. I did not expect Kratos to betray you, and I did not expect the game to go on in a new land of Tethe'alla. Continuing still I did and slowly unraveled more of the story and being drawn into it... excellent voice acting and a story that made me want to play more. I've now owned this game for somewhere around two years maybe, but I still have not discovered everything- every time I play the game again, I discover a new side-quest while others seem to disappear. It always keeps me interested in playing more to see what will happen... (like when I rebuilt Luin- Paper Fans as duel swords was hillarious! THANK GOD FOR THAT DRAGON NEAR THE SEAL OF EARTH! XD)

    I've heard more of this game now and am very much looking forward to another exciting story. I do not think Lloyd will be your enemy for the whole game though just because of his personality. Something bigger will more than likely happen where you and Lloyd will have to fight together for a greater good, possibly to protect the Great Karhlon Tree.

    And now, to end my statement with a kickass picture of Kratos...

  18. Here's some more info that IGN has issued out

  19. 2 New characters have been recently revealed.


    ALICE age: 18

    : Alice is the leader of the Vanguard's combat squad. Despite her childlike appearance, she is a very mean-spirited young woman. She treats Decus like a servant, and she has a penchant for riding beasts into battle.


    DECUS age: 24

    edit: Decus is a young man who is smitten with Alice; he joined the Vanguard for the sole purpose of wooing her. He has been known to use exotic perfumes in his attempts to charm her

  20. Has anyone noticed what looks like the word "Cow" written on Alice's outfit, just above her thigh? That's what it looks like in that second picture, at least.
  21. New character, images and obtainable monster info to go alone with old previous info.

    Magner: age 40 (again direct translation so it's kinda hard to follow)
    Horseman group leader of Martelchurch. At first glance, as
    story is recognized, being visible, with the stomach the man who does
    not become the carelessness where black ones are eddied. The enormous
    spear it fights to the weapon. Subduing town and the village which
    have the doubt of counter Martel teaching with pretext of
    treason to Kamiko, we turn, simultaneously with that, we search the
    ratatosk core and the centurion core by "Lody's order".

    Brute: Age45
    Brute is the leader of the Vanguard whose ultimate goal is the emancipation of Sylvarant. After the reunification of the worlds, he began to doubt the Church of Martel's legitimacy; shortly thereafter, he created the Vanguard to overthrow it. He sends assassins to obtain Marta's Ratatosk Core, which he hopes will help in his liberation efforts.

    Hawk Images: Age 38
    Hawk is a division commander of the Vanguard's army, and is therefore a subordinate of Alice and Decus. Although he dislikes like his abusive superiors, he is too cowardly to stand up to them.

    Some Obtainable monsters revealed*note some names slash words are still in kanji form showing that that word is made up

    A key feature of this enhanced system is the ability to capture, breed, and level up over 200 monsters to fight alongside Emil in battle.

    Another new feature in the battle system is the Elemental Grid. Each battle location, skill, and monster will have an elemental attribute. The area
  22. The English version is called ToS:Dawn of the New World, I believe.

    ToS is my #2 on my All-Time Favorites list. I'm so psyched for the new game, and they even kept the veterans in there. ;D
  23. Okay so as some of you might already know, TOS Dawn of a new world has been in out in Japan for awhile so anymore info on it would generally lead to spoiling yourself for the game (I don't wanna spoil myself ;-;)

    Anyway I do have some info on who some of the english voice actors will be

    Emil - Johnny Young Bocsh (No offense but I'm getting sick of this guy playing lead male characters/ supporting in the tales series like guy in abyss and chris in the tales of phantasia ova) who you'll know has luke in tales of the abyss, vash in triggun, ichigo in bleach etc

    - Melissa Fauh, who you'll know as tachikoma in ghost in the shell, Rika in digimon tamers and ed in cowboy bebop

    Richert - Kyle Herbert, who you'll know as Sosuke aizen in bleach, son gohan in dragon ball z and gt, and kiba inuzaki in Naruto

    Tenebrae - Terrance Stone, who you'll know as yoruichi's cat form in bleach, shinomoria in rurouni kenshin etc

    Lioyd - Brain Beacok, who you'll know as Lioyd in the tales of the world radiant mythology game meaning he is reprising his role (not the same voice actor from tales of symphonia mind you) yumichika in bleach, and agumon in digimon data squad

    Raine - Tara Platt, who you'll know as Raine in tales of the world radiant mythology which means she'll be reprising her role (not the same voice actor from tales of symphonia mind you)Temari in Naruto, Halo 2 as the ilovebees, and reina in wave master

    all other characters are N/A. I'll post them when they are revealed ^^

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