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Tales Of Symphonia fans rejoice

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Alex Bock, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. It has been announced that there will be a TOS anime that will debute in japan early 2007. I always found many people loved the symphonia version of the tales serise as is probably why they're making an anime for it. Personally I can't wait, I love TOS and I always wanted this to be turned into an anime.
  2. Sorry for the double post but I also forgot TOP which they'll be making an anime of too here check it out ^_^ www.ova-tos.com and www.ova-top.com and sorry oak for putting it in the wrong place I thought since I was talking about the anime it would go in misc. It's pretty ironic how they're making an anime for the only two tales versions I've played.
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    You could've just edited your first post, y'know. And what's funny is that you actually did edit your second post ;p

    Anyways, that is great news. I'll make plans to track both down and watch them for myself :)

    I just hope it doesn't end up like the Star Ocean EX Anime which, from what I've heard of people who've played Star Ocean 2 and seen EX, is so closely tied with the game that it's almost boring by times. Star Ocean EX had other faults, though, but at least its music was top notch ^^
  4. Yah I relized that last night sorry :-[ I wasn't all completely there.
  5. It has been announced that Geneon has aquired the liscense for TOP OVA and stated that it will be released on January 2 2007. Personally I'm suprised it's coming out so soon.
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    This is an English dubbed/subtitled version of it? o.o

    If so, that is surprising, and something to add to my post-Xmas list XD
  7. (I hear ya ;D) yes it will be an english dubbed/subtitled version of it because they've already revealed one of their voice actors.
  8. Just wanted to say that the TOP OVA came out on January 16 and the DVD site on it is officially up http://www.talesofphantasiadvd.com/ Below I've compiled a list of the voice actors, courtesy from animenewsnetwork and differences in the game, courtesy from wiki. I personally can't wait to buy it ;D Seeing these lovable characters in anime form would be very heart warming, as of I had good memories with the game. The OVA consists of 4 episodes.

    The plot of the OVA is generally based on the game's plot, but there are details in the anime that are not in the game, namely, additional scenes and dialogue. However, the episodes themselves focus on the party's encounters with Dhaos and the scenes involving the Tree of Life and the Elves, omitting a great portion of the story told in the original game.

    Differences from the game
    Cless uses a sword throughout the entire series, although he is capable of wielding a spear or an axe in the game.
    Mint witnessed Mars murdering her mother, whereas in the game she only fears that her mother is dead until she discovers her mother's earring.
    Arche's mother does not appear in the scenes with the Elves in episode 3.
    As stated above, large portions of the game are omitted in this animated series.

    David Vincent as Chester

    Jack Bauer as Claus F. Lester

    Jennifer Sekiguchi as Archer

    Johnny Yong Bosch as Cless Alvein

    Mia Bradly as Mint

    Mike McFarland as Reisen

    Patrick Seitz as Dhaos

    Taylor Henry as Narrator

    Tina Louise as Suzu Fujibayashi

    George C. Cole as
    Dozo (Ep. 3, 4)
    Official (Ep. 1)

    Henry Joseph as
    Elf (Ep. 3)
    Head Knight (Ep. 1)
    Official (Ep. 1)

    Kim Strauss as
    Brambert (Ep. 3, 4)
    General (Ep. 4)
    Official (Ep. 1)

    Kirk Thornton as
    Bar Patron (Ep. 4)
    Elf (Ep. 3)
    High Priest (Ep. 1)
    King of Alvanista (Ep. 4)

    Lex Lang as Lundgrom (Ep. 3, 4)

    Michael McConnohie as Mars (Ep. 1)

    Michelle Ruff as
    Martel (Ep. 1, 2)
    Sylph (Ep. 3)

    Steve Cannon as
    Elf (Ep. 3)
    Origin (Ep. 4)
    Technician (Ep. 1)

    Tara Platt as
    Meryl (Ep. 2)
    Mint's Mother
    Sylph (Ep. 3)

    Taylor Henry as Morrison (Ep. 1, 3)
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    Hmm... That sounds interesting enough, but is the Tales of Symphonia Anime still in the works? I haven't played the original Tales of Phantasia before so it doesn't really mean all that much to me...
  10. Yes it is still in the works but will be released in Japan in 2007 but, I do have news for that as well.

    I forget to mention this before but,There has been a TOS manga that's been running for a while now. The last volume was released on Jan 10 2007, it consists of 4 volumes and the TOS ova will be based on it. The official TOS OVA site has been updated too, showing more screens and pics while adding more info, so if you have translator, check it out ^_^

    XD loves genis' face in that pic.

    EDIT: lol oh right ^_^" http://ova-tos.com/

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