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Private/Closed Tales of Ender Eye (Fairy Tail RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Grand Master Koop, May 18, 2017.

  1. Ara shook her head, as she tried to regain consciousness. “Yeah, I’m okay,” Ara said, a bit sluggishly, however. “Though, more importantly, we have to stop that Vulcan, or else it won’t stop rampaging and destroy innocent civilians.”

    The giant Vulcan continued to rampage, as it swatted all of the mages spells away like they were nothing. The Vulcan would then aim to stomp on all of the mages on the ground, but he would immediately stop as he looked to his side and noticed a magic circle. The Vulcan would then stay completely still.


    Nashi would then rub her nose condescendingly, and said, “I told you not to underestimate me. My age doesn’t automatically determine my power.”

    Nashi would then envelop her hands in her golden flame, and she charged at Viper once more.

    “Sun Dragon Iron Fist!” Nashi exclaimed as she aimed to punch Viper in the face.


    Magnus looked like he was thinking about Zora’s comment, and responded, “I think they seem like nice enough people to trust. Besides, when has Lucifer ever done us any wrong?”

    Magnus would then face the two Ender Eye mages, and said, “Well, if Lucifer invited you here, I guess we should show you what we got.”

    The trees would then open, revealing the camp Lamia Scale had set up. The mages of the guild we’re enjoying themselves in taverns and all other accomities. “As they say, ‘mi casa es tu casa!’” Magnus said as he showed the camping grounds to Orion and Angela.
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  2. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    "I invited them here," a voice called out from behind Orion. "Because it'll be nice to have some friendly competition, wouldn't you say?"

    Orion turned around, hearing the familiar voice he had recognized a few minutes prior. His orbs landed on Lucifer, coming out of the entrance of their camp and towards the small gathering that took place in the middle of their camp. In his hand, held a couple of fresh fish, his robe looking a bit wet as water droplets fell off each step he took towards the group.

    Ahh, that's where he went. Orion had though to himself.

    "Maybe, we could get to know our competitors too, while we're at it," Lucifer joked a bit. "In all honesty, I invited them to our camp as a sign of mutual competitors and hope that we all will make it to the actual tournament." The Take-Over Mage said dramatically. he would've probably added some hand gestures in there too if it wasn't for the fact that he was holding some fish in his arms.

    "Magnus, do you mind frying these fish," The Take-Over Mage had asked towards the Volcano Manipulator.

    "You guys are such a lovely guild," Angela said, a smile etched onto her face. She took some seeds out of here satchel and threw them to the ground beside her. The seeds grew an assortment of wild vine berries. "Your hospitality is much appreciated, so I'd offer some of these berries in return."

    As Angela was being mannered in front of their Lamia Scale comrades, Orion stood on the sideline a bit, examining some of the potential people he may be facing up. There was Lucifer, he seemed guaranteed to be part of their Lamia Scale team. There was the white haired Elise and the gadget girl Maniah. Not too much about them though, Orion does feel a shiver come whenever he eyes Elise. Zora seemed powerful, especially on their first encounter. And there was Magnus, the exotic male, Orion though referring to his language spoken at the last phrase.
    Sabrina perked at the explosion that was heard not so far away. She didn't feel the need to say anything until Fabian had brought it up.

    "Let's check it out, it might be what we're looking for," Sabrina exclaimed. Riding atop of her tree golem through her Doll-Play Magic, the duo, or trio if you count the golem, made their way towards the source of the explosion. Sabrina and Fabian had came out here upon a request to examine some "frequent explosion noises" and "possible flares" that keep appearing on the outskirts of Magnolia. Sabrina was the one who initially found the request, but she urged Fabian to come along too, because it has been a while since the Vampire Mage and the Doll-Play Mage had genuinely hung out.

    "What do you think it is," Sabrina asked Fabian. "The request is really werd." The outskirts of Magnolia is mainly grasslands, so what exactly can be causing these explosions.

    Meanwhile, Lucas was on the side, watching the battle intensify. He was standing a safe distance away, derived of any possible danger.

    "I don't know why I even bother," Lucas grumbled under his breathe as Nashi kept on going with Viper. He wasn't lie his sister, in fact he's the opposite of Nashi. Maybe from his family in general. He's the only one that can actually keep sane unlike his father sister, and even mother.
    Fallon and Thunbolt landed a few feet away from Perona, after jumping from tree to tree. Fallon did get carried away a bit and strayed a bit further from the squad.

    "Perona," Fallon had called out to his partner. "Everything good so far?" However his attention turned to the monsterosity of a Vulcan in the center of the forest. It was bigger than the other normal Vulcans they’ve fought.

    A giant vulcan then had injured Ara and was rampaging like a maniac. Hearing Ara's call, Fallon got right onto it. Channeling his energy, is beast completely channeled out and back into his ethernano and the Guardian chanted another spell.

    “Bestow me the strength to control the warm winds of spring. Come forth my Guardian! Windaar!”

    Appearing next to Fallon, Windaar stood in front of the summoner, ready for it's call.

    "Form a wind cyclone, about a 20 meter radius. Don't give room to let the Giant Vulcan escape the zone."

    With a humph, the guardian put it's staff above his hand and spun it around in a helicopter motion. Strong breezes filled the area and soon, a whole vortex was made purely by wind. Not letting anything in, not letting anything out.
    "Well I hope you aren't exactly here to spy on the competition are you," Ryusei asked, his eyes squinting at the Thunder Dragon Slayer, wary of her antics. "Why did you invite them to our camp exactly," the silver haired mage asked Epsilon and Sakuya. "We don't gain any extra benefits for them to join our camp."

    Ryusei crossed his arms slightly, eyeing down Eliza. "We're real confident that we can beat this thing, hope you keep that in mind. Just because we're buddy-buddy now, doesn't mean that you're our friend in the middle of the battlefield."

    "Did I hear battlefield," Brandon stopped in the middle of his so-called training. "When I was in war against Ishgar, that was quite the battle! We were against that red haired woman's squad....." Brandon had rambled off, doing his own thing really.
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  3. Turning around to look at the strangers claiming that his flat grounds were their turf, Barry had a deadpan face on. "Excuse who are you?" Now fully turned around, Barry still stared at the unknown duo. "I've know about this little clearing for a while now and I've never seen anyone resembling you around here before. So are you sure this is your turf?" He said. "You shouldn't jump to hasty conclusions you know." He added.
  4. Viper opted to not respond to Nashi as she made a fuss about her age as she tried to strike with golden flame fist. Viper responded with a swift dodge to the side as he'd allow her punch to pass through as his aim was to coat his hand in poison and grab at her wrist to try to pull her close.

    "Poison Dragon Thrust." Viper called out as he aimed to deliver a jab right to her abs.

    "No way to know for certain. But if I remember this area enough then I might have one guess..." Fabian explained, as given his long life span it would have been impossible to at least not have heard of that guild as they raced through to the source of the explosions.

    Only to find...Viper?​

    "Funny we can say the same about you. We've never seen you around here." Arden countered back as it appeared that off pure chance this Guild had never caught Barry around here before and vice-versa. But it appeared neither of the pair considered that to be a genuine coincidence as Quinton folded his arms over his chest.

    "Well, as for who we are we can answer any questions you have. Though we do request you come with us." Quinton explained as Jeanne had an eyebrow raised.

    "Why should we comply. We don't mean any harm here, and given we just met you have no reason to not assume any would come to us in turn." Jeanne said as Arden let out a sigh as she addressed her reasonable concern.

    "Look, we at Sabertooth don't just go to pick up random people in the outdoors. We just want to know who you guys are and what you are about. Considering a case of reasonable suspicion, once we are all cleared you can go and we pretend this never happens." Arden explained while at the same time revealing their status as Sabertooth mages; perhaps this had been an attempt to gain some trust by revealing that much information.

    "More so to learn about these new friends of ours. Get some insight into the mind of our competitor." Sakuya explained as Epsilon let out a sigh as Brandon already had began to ramble again as he lit a cigarette once more.

    Geez this guy can ramble about anything.

    "Sure confidence, that's good to see. I do want you all to bring us your best. Will make things much more interesting~" Eliza replied with a competitive grin as Elaine let out a sigh.

    Well, least the worst is over from the look of things. So long as Eliza doesn't dig us in a hole we should be okay.

    Serebus was taken aback as the creature slugged off their attacks as she prepared to spit more anti-venom...only for the creature to feeze as a magic circle appeared courtesy of the hypnotic projection that Evan managed to generate.

    "T-that's....that's it big guy. Just relax. R-relax, go back to your home and s-sleep...." Evan said as he gave his simple hypnotic command to the hypnotized Vulcan as the beast, slowly, began to shakily turn around. Even was thankful the beast for all its might was quite primitive mentally as it began to lumber away from the group back to whatever cave it claimed to be his own.
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  5. Ara sighed in relief, as the giant Vulcan would return to it’s cave in peace. She would then topple over and fell on the ground. “I think this is enough training for one day,” Ara said, clearly out of breathe, “I am poofed.”

    It’s a fair assumption to say that every mage present was tired, as they had to fight against an army of rampade Vulcans and then try to face the giant Vulcan. Ara wasn’t even sure when she would be able to get back up.


    “Sure thing, Luci!” Magnus exclaimed as he grabbed the fish. He would then toss the fish into the air, and exclaimed, “Arid Breathe!” A flame would then come out of Magnus’ mouth and hit the fish. Magnus then caught the fish, and they were all perfectly cooked.

    Magnus then started offering fish to everyone in the guild, including Orion and Angela. Magnus also partook in Angela’s offering. “These berries are delicious!” Magnus exclaimed.

    Elise and Mariah began to partake in the delicacies. Elise would then make her way towards Orion, as she noticed he was eyeing her. “Oí there, mate!” She said in a strange accent (Australian), “How do ya’ like our campgrounds, eh? I helped build a good chunk of it.”


    Nashi could smell the poison coating Viper’s arm, and was not going to let him get to her that easily. Nashi would then let out a roar as she coated herself in her golden flames and would expand those flames to get some distance between her and Viper.
  6. With the beast having been forced away by Evan, Miranda let out a tired sigh of relief as she placed her hands on her knees and just worked to die down her high emotions from that tense encounter.

    Though she had heard Ara's comment, and with a shake of her head had been unable to resist a jab.

    "Shocked your guild has any members if this is what you consider training. You're welcome by the way." Miranda said as she refrenced the fact that herself and Evan especially had been to thank to help fight off the Vulcan wave.

    "Well, that was a bit more hair raising then expected." Perona said as she closed her Grimoire before she moved over by Fallon to check if he had been okay.
    Zora was given her fish as she signed off a thanks to Magnus before she decided to walk over to the other mage of interest. She had not made any sign language comment towards Angela, mostly cause she had been unsure if she'd understood, but as she ate her cocked fish she eyed her curiously.
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  7. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Orion couldn't help but stare wide eyed at the female mage that goes by Elise. Her voice had an interesting twinge, having her vowels shortened due to her unique accent. Orion stared a bit more before comprehending completely what she was telling him. Her voice definitely wasn't what Orion expecting based on her appearance. it took off that creep factor out a bit.

    "O-oh," Orion said, seemingly a bit taken aback. "You camp seems lovely and unique. It's not everyday that you can see camps hanging off the ground and in trees y'know." Orion said genuinely complimenting their handiwork. Although the girl may seem creepy, he can't help but admire the technique. It must be hard to be able to hang all of those equipment into the trees without allowing them to fall off.

    "Can I ask how you guys were able to do so," Orion asked Elise. "Your camp I mean, there must be more to it than some hammer and nails into the trees, right?"
    "As you can see," Lucifer said, walking with Angela, showcasing their camp. "Each of us have a role in the camp to ensure efficiency and safety."

    "Magnus, cooking the fish over their is in charge of cooking and hunting mainly. Zora is our scout, looking for areas we can train or any potential threats to our camp. Maniah is the maniac, her brain leads the team mainly and her mechs come in handy on multiple occasions. Elise over there is our builder. Such a scrawny body, yet such huge strength. In fact, she built majority of our camp you see." Lucifer introduced his comrades to Angela.

    "May I ask what you do for the team then," Angela questioned.

    "Ah, well," Lucifer explained. "I would say I'm the peace and muscles of our team. Not to be egocentric, but I put the 'team' in teamwork is what i would say."

    "Essentially, you're the leader."

    "No no no angel," Lucifer stopped Angela. "There is no hierarchy in Lamia Scale, there is only efficiency and we work around each other's weaknesses. There is no determined 'leader,' we all have our strengths and weaknesses after all."
    A gasp can be heard behind the fight and beside Fabian.

    "Oh my god, Viper," Sabrina exclaimed. She was worried for the scene unfolding before her, as Viper was fighting against some strangers. Or more so one stranger. The female was the one Viper was against, but the male on the side lines was just watching the fight.

    Sabrina peered more closely at the male, somethign catching her eye. His hand held the insignia of Fairy Tail and Sabrina whipped her head towards fabian.

    "Fabian," Sabrina said, her voice sounding a bit worried. "Didn't Py-Ton say something about having a vendetta against Fairy Tail. Those are Fairy Tail mages fighting against Viper." Sabrina pointed out to the vampire.

    "Should we do something," Sabrina said quietly.

    Meanwhile, Lucas was on the sidelines, seeing two more mages appearing out of the forest near them. The little girl had exclaimed Viper's name. Lucas thought nothing of it and stayed still on the side lines, deducing them as Viper's acquaintances. However, he felt eyes boring onto him and the little girl was definitely trying to burn holes in his body..
  8. Viper saw the roar back and had not been ready to recieve the blunt of it a second time as he hopped back to gain distance as the roar exploded a shockwave through the area. Viper assumed a stance and had prepared to try a follow up attack as he began to take a deep breath.

    "Allow me...."
    Suddenly, a swarm of bats appeared between Viper and Nashi as Fabian acted upon Sabrina's question as the bats swarmed into the area which caused Viper's eyes to widen. Before long, the bats swarmed together and Fabian revealed himself as he stood before Fairy Tail's dragon slayer and locked eyes with her.

    "Now then, what seems to be the problem here?"

    Serebus let out a sigh of relief as Evan fell to his knees as he tried to process just what happened. Miranda was quick to spit a verbal retort at Ara but for once the resident pervert of Blue Pegasus had not been in the mood to help instigate a cat fight.

    Naturally, with the danger having passed, Serebus reverted to her human form as she moved by her sister figure in Ara as well as inspect for Fallon & Perona. "I-is everyone okay?"
  9. Ara reached her hand out towards Serebus, and patted her head. “I’m alright,” Ara responded, “No need to worry about me.”

    Ara then heard Miranda’s retort. “Thank you,” Ara said to Miranda, while she was laying down and panting. But Ara then got up and glared at Miranda, and said, “Though, don’t you dare say anything about my guild. This was all my doing. If you’re gonna get mad at anybody, get mad at me.”


    Elise smiled at Orion, and responded, “That’d be thanks to my magic!” Elise would then create a strange, silk-like thread sticking between her fingers. “My magic allows me to create this thread similar to that of a spider’s web,” Elise explained, “Though I can change the durability and effectiveness of the web. All of our equipment hangs on my threads, allowing for less resources to be used.”

    Mariah listened in on Lucifer’s conversation and nodded to Lucifer’s response, and said, “I helped built the foundations of our base along with some blueprints. As for the leader thing, I’d say our master fills that role.”


    Nashi was ready for her next move against Viper, but it was then interrupted by a sudden swarm of bats. A man would then reveal himself from the swarm and locked eyes with Nashi, which caused Nashi to shiver.

    Though, Nashi was quick to retort. “Who the hell are you!?” Nashi exclaimed in a confused manner.
  10. "Ha! Not ten minutes here and already there is commotion." A deep yet feminine voice said. The speaker soon emerged from their tent, a large, muscular woman with short light-blue/silver hair. "I like this place." Her voice was thick with a russian accent as she spotted Eliza. "My name is Duscha Cellavic. Pleased to meet you."

    At the same time, Fredrick arrived at the station and disengaged his wings, the dark apendages melting back into his body as he looked around. Okay, no one's tried to kill me on sight...that's a good start. He thought to himself. Just in case, I think it's best I keep my distance.
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  11. Serebus let out a sigh of relief...only for that relief to fade slightly as Ara stood and began to confront Miranda after the latter's not to subtle dig after their guild given the entire situation that transpired. Serebus had a sigh as she sensed this was gonna get ugly and quickly positioned herself between the two.

    "Hey...hey. L-let's not get into a fight after all that. I am sure we can work this out." Serebus said as she tried to play peacemaker as Evan looked on without having said a word.

    Mostly cause the mental image of this Ender Eye beauty and Miranda getting possibly into a cat fight was far too tempting to risk messing up, and the wrath was bound to not be directed at him if he stayed out of it.

    Elaine and Eliza had heard the voice of a new woman who seemed to speak up, she had an air of power to her voice that was noted immediately which had been enough to catch Eliza's attention as she looked at the woman.

    "A pleasure. I am Eliza. I presume you are among these mages here?" Eliza asked the woman with the noticeable accent as she made the natural guess.
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  12. Barry shifted a around a bit when he heard the wizards in front of him ask that they be brought back to their camp for questioning. He really didn’t want to deal with this. “Well look at the sky, it sure is getting late. As much as I would gladly go with you, we have other businesses to attend to.” He lyingly declared. “Well, goodbye.” He said before turning around and walking past Jeanne and Cyrus. “We’ll find another place, I don’t want to deal with this stuff.” He whispered as he passed them.
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  13. Cyrus strode alongside Barry with Jeanne at his other side, glancing back at the two from Sabertooth before looking forward. Somethin' fishy about those two... He thought to himself.
    Jeanne, meanwhile, spoke to Barry. "For once, I concur." She said, adjusting her gauntlets, "Still, I'd like to meet the other guilds at some point, especially Fairy Tail."

    "What, so you can meet your idol, Erza?" Cyrus chuckled.

    "Not just that, but it's important to know what you can about your competition." Jeanne replied, "And Fairy Tail is one of the most prominent guilds these days! For a good reason too, might I add."

    "I guess that's true, but I'm still not convinced of your motive." Cyrus said.

    "I believe I asked you a question first, ma'am." Fabian said, "But very well. My name is Fabian Marcello, member of Ender Eye like Viper and Sabrina here." He jerked his head toward the two as he took out a flask and took a long swig from it. "Now, your turn to answer my question; what's going on between the two of you? Depending on your answer, we might or might not get along." A slight glow came from his eyes as he examined Nashi.


    "Sure am. One of strongest, in fact." Duscha replied, proudly flexing her bicep as she said this, "Others are eating in the Mess Hall, if you'd like to meet them as well." She pointed toward a large tent behind Eliza and Elaine. "Tell them I sent you, and feel free to grab bite yourselves, if you'd like. We're always happy to meet fellow mages." Just then, a robot walked by, looking like it came right out of the workshop.

    "Hey, Epsilon! How about a match, eh? See if your body's workin' right after that maitenance." Duscha offered, to which the robot simply beeped and waved it's hands dismissively before walking off. "Tch. Robots." she muttered as she shook her head.
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  14. "Oh how selfless and considerate of you. First display of that I've seen..." Miranda said with a scowl as she dusted herself off from the stressful encounter as she looked the ice & water mage in the eye with a scowl of her own.

    "Word of advice, next time you decide to cause a stampede of vicious beasts in the name of "training" check to make sure nobody else is caught in the crossfire." Miranda offered as a critique as she flipped her hair as if her point needed any emphasis.
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  15. “Well, we were in the middle of a spar. One she had been rather insistent on if you need any context.” Viper said to Fabian as he decided to clarify the situation before it had a chance to escalate.

    Well, the attempt was there. Depended in part on what Nashi said or did next though Viper had made his effort.

    “Strongest huh, well that is a bold claim…and an exciting one all the same…” Eliza replied with a grin as Elaine instantly knew that look all too well….though their attention had been turned to a robot which seemed to match Duscha’s voice and offered a challenge to Epslion as this only confused the mages.

    “Uuuuh, c-context?” Elaine asked Duscha.

    “So, the scent of dragon is from him? Interesting…”​

    Unknown to the Ender Eye mages that began to depart, a figured observed them and his fellow mages from a spot in the distance. Anumi, the White Dragon Slayer watched on while he scanned the trio. The other two among the party fancied him little, but there was something about the one named Barry that oddly drew interest…but what it was would have to be confirmed later.

    At the Grand Magic Games, if one’s gut had been anything to go by.
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  16. Fabian looked to Viper, then to Nashi before letting out a sigh of relief. "I see..." He muttered, "Well, in that case, carry on if you wish." As he said this, he walked off to find a place to relax and enjoy the weather, taking a book out from his coat and opening it. Still. Fredrick's quite late. I wonder if he ran into trouble along the way...He thought to himself, sensing no sign of the Liquid Shadow in any of the camps.
    "Oh, that's Epsilon. One of our members, Remus, found him in some ruin and patched 'im up." Duscha replied. "Now, he's one of us, a mage of Shooting Star." She smirked as she kicked back her feet. "Still, he's what you call 'stick in the mud', not one to try to have fun and all that." She added.
    Meanwhile, Fredrick glided toward the campsites with his luggage in tow. He had managed to get through the town relatively unnoticed, thankfully, and was now trying to find the right camp to land at and unpack. As he soared over a few campsites, he dipped below to check to see if he recognized anyone.
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  17. Ara continued to glare at Miranda, and was ready to retort, but she then heard Serebus’ plea to not fight.

    Ara sighed, and then said, “Yeah, you’re right.” She then patted Serebus’ head. “C’mon, let’s go home.”


    Nashi just stood there confused, but she quickly regained focus, and exclaimed, “C’mon, Viper! Let’s finish off what we had just started! I’m all fired up!” Nashi then erupted in golden flames.

    The disturbance from that vampire dude almost had Nashi forget about the fight she was in, but she wanted to show Viper how he shouldn’t have underestimated her when they first met.
  18. "I'd....rather not go that far. I think we've had a fair exchange here for now, you are strong....very strong." Viper complimented, as he hoped that would be enough to satisfy Nashi so that she'd have no reason to push for a finish to the spar.

    A spar that had the risk to attract more attention or cause more damage to the area. Given they had been near Fairy Tail HQ he'd rather have avoided drawing anymore of that guild if he could afford to.
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  19. While Duscha was explaining, Elaine’s gaze was drawn back to the strange robot, “huh, interesting... So he is a robot” Elaine replied “how does it work? I’ve never seen a robot do magic before, can it do magic? How? Does it have a lacrima inside it? Oh maybe it’s like you Eliza? Ohhhh could you imagine a robot dragon slayer?” Elaine continued her speech speeding up bit by bit, Elaine quickly rushed over to Epsilon continuing to ask questions about how he works

    Eliza turned to Elaine and let out a sigh, “that girl, nervous one minute and all over the place the next ” Eliza grinned at Elaine before turning back to Duscha “so your the strongest mage here huh... well what are the chances the chances that two of the strongest mages from two different guilds just happen to be at the same place at the same time?” Eliza began to spark a little while saying this almost as if she was exited “well, anyway thanks for your time, and as much as I’d like to show you up in front of your guildmates, I'm gonna get Elaine out of the robots face” Eliza said as she sent a lightning bolt towards Elaine shocking her ”ill see you when the games begin” Eliza finished walking away, Elaine chasing behind.
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  20. Miranda simply had a huff as she flicked her hair over her shoulder and began to storm off. "Come Evan we are leaving!" Miranda said, as she developed a new rival out of today....and new motivation for herself going into the Grand Magic Games.

    Perona had been more than eager to just leave when Ara had made the suggestion, and she'd follow her and Serebus back away from this neck of the woods. One thing had been clear....

    These games are gonna bring out the best...but also the worst out of everyone. Should be good TV, and a pain...
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  21. Duscha chuckled at Elaine's sudden enthusiasm, and nodded as they walked off. "Right! Until next time!" She said. She then looked to Epsilon, who simply shrugged his shoulders with a beep. "Guess you've made another fan. Lucky bucket of bolts."

    "Well, he's one of a kind. No machine before him has ever had the ability to use magic. And we found him in an ancient ruins no less." Another member, Kaiser Justice, said as he approached the muscular woman. Taking a puff of the cigar in his mouth, he looked after the two leaving mages. "So...Ender Eye, huh?"

    "You are interested in them, eh?" Duscha said, looking over her shoulder, "Well, we'll show our stuff during games. Let the kids see a pro in action."

    "Hm." Kaiser simply grunted, "Well, our guildmaster might not be allowed to compete, but his brother's just as strong. One way or another...we're gonna give the competition a run for their money."
    As he finally spotted the banner for Ender Eye and touched down at the center of the guild camp, Fredrick let out a sigh of relief. "Finally made it. All that flying can tire a guy out..." he said, looking around.
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  22. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    ------------(Permitted Timeskip)--------------

    “Now arriving at the capital of Fiore, Crocus. If you have arrived at your destination, please safely exit the train. If you are departing, please enter the train and sit wherever you may wish. Have a nice day!”

    As soon as the voice-automated lacrima finished it’s mini monologue, the train was immediately bustling. It was a tight and crowded area, with more people getting off the train rather than entering train. Afterall, the annual magic guild competition, the Grand Magic Games, is starting soon. Everyone was hyped about it every other year, this time around is no different. As soon as you step out, there were vendors and merchants selling merchandise of the Grand Magic Games and the guilds before the game has even started.

    “Guys, we really should get going,” Orion had called out to his competitors consisting of Ara, Eliza, Barry, Brendan, and himself. Viper tagged along, acting as the reserve member for Ender Eye. “I can’t believe we arrived so late!”

    True to his words, the crew was a rambunctious and disorganized group, arriving the day before the Grand Magic Games had started. Somehow, they were capable of procrastinating despite knowing that a big event is coming up. All that matters though was that they still made it on time, albeit only having a few hours to prep and sort themselves into the city of Crocus.

    Orion let out a small sigh, both of relief that they made it on time, but annoyance as well that they barely made it on time.

    “Alright, we should get going soon enough”,Orion perked at the squad. “We don’t know when they’ll start the preliminary rounds.” Few years back, the Grand Magic Games started as soon as the clock hit midnight. Last year, they started at dawn. Orion hoped that they’d be able to get a good time to start the games at as his eyes gazes at a random clock that read 9:07PM. 3 hours till midnight.
  23. "Listen....A-austin I, I came here for more than just to say hi and chat with you guys. Not that I do not appreciate this little reunion, but the truth is in part I came here because I need your help. I've found myself a Mage Guild, Ender Eye, and have met some fantastic people who are my friends to the end. But I am so far behind them and I don't want to just be a tag along on their adventure, I want to be a peer and stand equal with them. Can you help me?"

    Savannah, as she sat at a table across from Austin within the tent, pleaded her case to him as she revealed the core reason she returned to visit her old treasure hunt guild. Once Savannah had finished Austin would take a sip from a drink he had on hand before he looked his old guild mate right in the eye.

    "Well, I'm always willing to help a friend. Though keep in mind I don't take it easy with anyone when it comes to training....are you sure you can handle it?" Austin asked, as he wanted to make it clear what lied ahead for the Sand-Make Mage. But even with that risk it had been an easy choice for her to make as one memory of the promise she and Ara made to each other rang in her head and she gave a nod as she looked into Austin's eyes with fire & determination.

    "I'm ready for anything you can throw at me. Let's do it."
    ~~~~~Time Skip~~~~~
    As Brendan walked off the train into the capital city, he scanned around him as he soaked it all in. The Grand Magic Games....the month seemed to almost breeze by since his encounter with Mermaid Heel, the festives had yet to begin and already there had been this fever pitch as the place was packed and everyone seemed excited.

    Though really, the matter of the other guilds was what he focused on. Brendan would more than likely have to get in close contact with Fairy Tail as a competitor against them, but even more than that awkward reunion the best Fiore had to offer were set to compete here and given he was recently made an S-Class of Ender Eye he had to represent them well.

    Brendan heard Orion's suggestions and gave a nod. "Yeah, the earlier the better for something like this."
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  24. As soon as everyone arrived at Crocus, Ara was the next to get out, following Orion around the city. Being the daughter of two very well known mages of Fairy Tail, this wasn't Ara's first time at the Grand Magic Games or at Crocus, but the busy streets and view of the city never ceased to amaze her. The Grand Magic Games was a way in which mages and regular civilians could get together and have a good time instead of worrying about work.

    Cat and Marc would also follow suit, as they are representatives of Ender Eye. This was the pair's first time ever visiting the capital. It was awe-inspiring. The lights and the people brought off an optimistic vibe, one which would have anyone smile the instant they felt it.

    "So this is Crocus?" Cat said in awe, to no one in particular, "It truly is as beautiful as I've heard. I wonder if we should visit the gardens outside of the castle or visit the stadium in which the Grand Magic Games will be held in first." Marc had another thought in mind, however. “I wanna grab a bite to eat. Who’s with me?” He said aloud to the group.
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  25. Viper stepped off the train, though he had a filled bag in hand as the train ride had not been as smooth as he liked it to be as Serebus had been quick to pat his back.

    "You okay?" Serebus asked, natural concern in her tone as she had acted as support for the Dragon Slayer as he suffered from motion sickness towards the back of the train.

    "I-I'll live. Least the ride is over." Viper replied with a nod before he heard Orion's suggestion for the group as he merely gave a nod as he saw no reason to object to such a proposal as he caught his wind from the rather sickening train ride. Though he had to admit the view of the captain city had been rather beautiful, something Serbeus took on in wide eyed excitement & wonder.

    "W-wow, this is....amazing." Serebus replied as she took in all the sights and sounds, while she was not part of the team like Viper had been she was still was ever grateful just to arrive here
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  26. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    "Do whatever you want to," Angela said, appearing out of the train after a few more Ender Eye mages. Her back carried a small luggage to bring for the week long competition. "As for our representatives," the plant mage brought up, referring to the Ender Eye mages participating within the Grand Magic Games, "Stay on your toes, we still don't know the announcement of when the games begin. Including you Viper, since you're the reserved member. Just in case though, I got some insomnia seeds that can keep you awake for a bit."

    Orion nodded his head, heeding what the S-Class female had said to the crew. With three hours left before midnight, there should be enough time to spare hopefully if the games don't do them dirty and initiate the preliminaries during midnight. They still need sleep after all. But with his fingers crossed, the tournament would initiate after a good nights sleep. If anything though, they got Angela's back-up seeds to deal with potential drowsiness.

    "I'll walk to our apartment first for our luggage and head out soon enough to explore," Orion nonchalantly claimed to no one in particular. And with that, the Celestial Mage started to head towards their temporary hotel for the games. A glow shimmered besides him and soon enough Cerebus the Hellhound decidedly to come out on it's own. "Want to walk back with me?" The heads nodded in unison as they trailed behind Orion.

    Sabrina stepped out of the train, both a rabbit doll and a small hand-held flag with the Ender Eye insignia. The night was as lively as she heard it was supposed to be during the Grand Magic Games. "This is my first time in Crocus too," Sabrina had said, coming up to Serebus. Being part of Brother's Grimm, they were doing all these roles and crimes, but they never targeted big cities, such as Crocus. "While we're here to support Ender Eye," Sabrina brought up towards Serebus, "Do you want to go explore?"
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  27. So they had some free time then? Brendan was not sure what to do with it though he heard Angela's generous offer for some insomnia seeds to help them avoid some drowsiness for the big day presumably tomorrow. This was a touching gesture, and as he glanced at Angela he turned away momentarily to die down a blush as he rubbed the back of his head as an idea to kill time formed in his head.

    "S-say, maybe after we drop off our things at the apartment maybe we can...explore the place? Not too often you get to see the capital...i-if you want I mean..." Brendan replied, slightly and from his usual demeanor uncharacteristically sheepishly as he laid his offer out to the Plant Mage.

    Perona in turn, emerged from the train with a book in hand, as she placed a bookmark and closed it as she put it to rest in her bag before she scanned the large city. What were they to do here? Well perhaps the capital had a quality library or bookstore on hand she could visit though perhaps she should keep an eye on Fallon in the event he made a fool of himself that'd risk soiling their guild.
  28. Serebus glanced over to Sabrina as she made her pitch to the snake mage as she brought up that both were here to support Ender Eye and that Sabrina had also been foreign to the capital city. So when the Doll-Attack mage made her pitch to explore it together it had been an easy answer as she smiled and gave a nod.

    "Sure, that sounds fun~"

    Viper himself, seeing Serebus seemed occupied with the free time wondered what he could do with it. Perhaps once he set his stuff, which had not been much, inside the hotel he could scan around the city. Maybe she had passed through her sometime and he could get some information on his search, maybe he could train a bit to sharpen up for when his services as a reserve would be called upon or he could just explore and see what the town he had not stepped foot into offered.

    Irregardless, Viper moved over by Barry as well as Eliza and decided to scout them. "So what do you guys plan to do?"
  29. Eliza stumbled out of the train, her face a fading green, in her hand a brown paper bag “don’t bother running on foot they said, take a train they said, it would be fun they said!” Eliza mumbled before throwing the bag into a bin with newly found energy,

    “Yo Liz have a fun trip?” Elaine called out from further down the platform “I got here about half an hour ago, I mean seriously I remember the train to Crocus being slow, but you guys were slow...” Elaine continued as she handed Eliza a cup “thought you’d like a milkshake”

    Eliza looked over at Elaine, a smile cracked across her face as she grabbed the milkshake from Elaine, “thanks, had a good run I’m guessing?” Eliza said before Viper walked over “oh... ummm... I don’t know, maybe get a bite to eat, do a bit of shopping, Crocus has more then its share of magical goods” Eliza responds to Viper before taking a sip from her milkshake
  30. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Angela peered at the Heavenly Body Mage, seeing his quite red on the face and stuttering over his words a lot. The Plant Mage, however, had payed no mind to it, thinking that it was a bit stuffy after getting off the train after all.

    "I don't see a problem with that," Angela replied to Brendan. It would've been a good chance for some solid S-Class to S-Class bonding. "Did you personally want to do anything? I wanted to check out the garden, me begin a plant mage after all. But we can do mines last because the garden doesn't close." Angela let out a small chuckle at her explanation, finding it a little bit humorous.

    The Doll Play Mage heard Marc's offer on eating out at a restaurant in Crocus. "How about we eat out first with them and then we explore?" Sabrina recommended to Serebus. "Then we can go buy stuff later if you're into that. We're both minors, but I'm pretty sure we make enough jewels to be able to buy our own magical goods and materials."

    Fallon appeared right behind Perona, looking like he had just woken up from a deep slumber. The latter looked at her face and could already tell what she was thinking. "Don't worry Perry," Fallon reassured her. "Wherever you go, I go." There's not much for him to do at Crocus anyways. He's really just here to support the guild like he's always been doing. If anything, he trusts Perona to keep him sane and awake.
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  31. Viper gave a nod to Eliza's answers, he had not been a particular fan of shopping himself but after the long trip a meal sounded good and it'd give him some time to think about what he wanted to do. As if on cue Marc seemed to propose going out to eat as he overheard that before he shifted back to Eliza and Elaine.

    "Well, seems Marc is giving an invitation for a meal. Want to tag along with them or did you have your own plans?" Viper asked Eliza as he seemed undecided on what to do.

    Serebus listened to Sabrina as she outlined a possible plan for the day, and she had to admit while she had never gone shopping before all of it sounded so nice as she gave a nod. "Sure, that sounds fun~" Serebus said as she could go for a quick bite to eat.
  32. Staring around the surroundings, Barry had just been standing around since he arrived. The dragon slayer turned towards his fellow dragon slayer Viper when the guy asked him what he was planning to do. “Oh uh, I’ll probably just be looking around the place as I walk around until the tournament begins.” He answered before going back to look at the scenery presented to him, every year he came to crocus, the colourful decorations and energetic atmosphere never gets old for him. The sight even allowed him to forget his motion sickness.
  33. "I see, might join you depending on the time. I think our plan is to go for some food, Marc seems to be making an invite if you are interested" Viper said to Barry as he outlined his own plans and extended an invitation to the Dark Dragon. Viper noted that Serebus seemed to have formed a plan with Sabrina and they were going to Marc's little lunch invite which was encouraging to know she had a friend to go to here.

    For now he'd try to enjoy the spare time they had before the competitive atmosphere of the games set in.
  34. "Well we need something to get your energy going. You are meant to be the more lively & social one, and would rather avoid you giving the impression we are slackers." Perona replied to Fallon as she noted her guildmate still seemed to have a bit of lag from the trip here. She heard the suggestion of some food from Marc as she considered the option before she turned to Fallon once more.

    "Marc seems to be offering a group meal. Want to join him?" Perona asked Fallon, book still in hand as her gaze returned to it once she finished her question as she awaited a response all the same.
  35. "Alright! Ladies and gentleman bets will be starting up, who will qualify for the Grand Magic Games! Only 8 can make it through out of hundreds so chose wisely it is anyone's game!"

    At her humble bar while she watched on TV, Zara had began to host a little week long special event at the bar; half price on all drinks, which given the amount of people who came in to watch that could not get a ticket to the capital had been of no concern. Besides the real attraction was the betting as at the moment draws opened to see who would make it past the annual preliminary event and who'd officially qualify.

    Normally Zara would have had no dog in the fight, but for this year and this year alone she would place more than just a token jewel into the pit. No, she'd stake a lot as she desired to see one guild and one guild above the others make it to the games...

    Viper....Ara, you and your guild can do this. I am sure of it, I cannot be there in person but I will support you here. Do this town proud and show the world what you are made of.

    Besides, she figured since she put a pretty penny on them the least that could be done was to not disappoint.
  36. As Savannah rolled into the tent after a long day of training, she saw what appeared to be a make-shift television being set up in the Guild center. It would appear they bought one in the main town and decided to try and set it up so they could get a view of the festive events. Granted Savannah felt they should have done that earlier but hey beggars could not be choosers.

    Savannah watched as they tried to get a signal with the antenna as indeed being a desert guild meant getting a good signal hard to come by. Austin himself seemed to grin with a drink in hand as he had found this amusing before the Sand-Make mage sighed and decided to go help them out. "Alright let's try this...." Savannah muttered as she used Sand-Make to produce a sand piece of bubblegum to stick in a loose wire as another worked to steady the antenna and the other watched to see if there was a clear image. Soon enough, the static gave way to an image of the capital city.

    "We got a picture!" The treasure hunter called out as Savannah and others moved to get seats. It had mostly just been the guilds arrival to the city and pre-show speculation, but Savannah didn't care as she tried to see if she could see her friends there. Savannah wished she could be there, but without this training she'd have been a liability and she'd pull for them as she believed they would represent the guild well.
  37. "S-Class to S-Class bonding" The thought of this caused Brendan's face to turn an even deeper red,
    Pull yourself together! Brendan thought, almost yelling at himself for his uncharacteristic sheepishness/timidness before doing his best to shake off his 'embarrassment.'

    After listening to Angela's explain Brendan placed his hand on his chin as he thought of what to do. The capital was huge and there was surly many things to do, but what would Angela want to do? He didn't want to bore her or do anything too insane before such an important competition such as the Grand Magic Games, though surely he was just overthinking his situation.

    Finally, Brendan let out a sigh and began to speak, "Why don't we just walk around and see what pops out at us?" Brendan proposed, "Believe it or not, I've actually never to been to the capital so I won't be too good at picking things to do." Brendan added as he rubbed the back of his head with his palm and gave a slight chuckle.
  38. Ara had put all of her things in the tavern she had decided to stay in, and headed back out to hear Marc offer an invitation to go out to eat. Ara was going to reply when she suddenly felt a tug on her sleeve. Ara turned around to see that it was Cat who had tugged on her shirt.

    “Cat? What is it?” Ara asked. Cat seemed to be shy as her thighs seemed to be rubbing against each other. “I know that Marc offered to go out to eat, but...” Cat responded, “But, would you like to go with me to the garden outside of the castle?” Ara smiled, and replied, “Yeah, of course!” Cat gleefully smiled back, and grabbed Ara’s hand. “Well then, let’s go before the Grand Magic Games begins!” And like that, Cat and Ara disappeared into the bright city.

    Marc noticed all of it occur, and gave his sister a thumbs up. He would then look back at the rest of the Ender Eye mages, and exclaimed, “Who’s ready to eat? I know just the spot! Follow me!” Marc would then lead the way for anyone who wanted to follow him.
  39. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Orion, after having put away all his luggage within his respective room, the Celestial Mage decided to head out a bit. He might be too busy during the Grand Magic Games to actually have time tot himself to explore, so might as well do it now. "Let's go Cerebus, maybe we can catch up with everyone." Orion exclaimed at the Hellhound, in which the latter scurried along out the door of Orion's temporary room. Having less luggage to carry around now, Orion was able to move much more quicker to go sight seeing and maybe bond with some other Ender Eye mages.

    The blonde male eyes darted around, quickly finding the rest of Ender Eye, all coming along with Marc, who insists that he knows a solid restaurant or cafe to eat. Seeing whom to interact with, he finds Viper and Barry, both a bit slower than the pack, finding them suitable to spend his time with. Noting where the mage wanted to go, Cerebus padded up to the dragon slayers first with the Celestial Mage right behind it. "You seem to be enjoying yourself so far." Orion joked a bit, seeing them quite introverted and secluded a bit.
    Angela noted the people who wanted to eat had started moving already. She nudged Brendan to get him to notice. "Hey, they're going. Let's catch up," Angela informed Brendan, quickly catching up with the others. "By the way, that's a great idea, we can just go with the flow I guess." Angela quickly added on though, "I'm surprised you haven't been to the capital yet. So this would be your first experience with the Grand Magic Games too? And you're participating in it too? That's a lot of firsts for an event this big." Angela said adding some humor and tease towards the latter near the end.
    "Let's go," Fallon said, agreeing with Perona. A nice meal wouldn't hurt and boy was he starving after a good power nap on the train.
    "Oh look, we should go," Sabrina said, interrupting her planning with Serebus to pull the latter along to catch up with the group. "Anyways, we haven't talked a lot lately, both doing jobs and whatever at the guild. Me with Fabian, you with Viper and all that," Sabrina brought up, consulting on what they've been doing lately. "But I wanted to ask, how have you been adjusting lately?" Sabrina wanted to ask as she was in almost the same situation as Serebus, having been brought in after doing something devious towards the guild, yet they have been treating her all the same, as if she was part of them all along.
  40. "Oh, um, right!" Brendan replied as he quickly walked side by side with Angela as they caught up with the rest of the group before glancing toward her as she began to speak.
    "Going with the flow is just easier I guess, but that garden is a for sure thing." The blue-haired mage said, with a slight smile, "Though you aren't wrong about it being an experience full of firsts, I find it quite exciting really." Brendan said with a slight chuckle, rubbing the back of his head.

    Despite this being his first Grand Magic Games, Brendan had heard various stories from his mother of crazy or unexpected events happening before the games as a way to 'qualify' for them itself. Needless to say, Brendan kept this in the back of his mind and would keep his guard up especially since he had been chosen to participate.

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