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Private/Closed Tales of Ender Eye (Fairy Tail RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Grand Master Koop, May 18, 2017.

  1. Perona, who had strung Fallon along with her for some training, arrived at the forest and as she did she took a moment to take in the beautiful scenery. Though as she did so, she heard a familiar voice as she glanced over and took note of another pair of Ender Eye mages who happened to be in the area.

    "A-ara? Serebus?" Perona asked as she saw the pair.

    ~~~~~Blue Pegasus Guild Hall~~~~~
    An outsider would be able to tell a certain blonde that just left the front door of the Guild Hall appeared to be in a sour mood. The beautiful blonde, who appeared around a similar age to Ara and the bulk of Ender Eye mages, was dressed in a sapphire blue dress with a matching colored pair of short skirts along with a pair of white high heels and pair of emerald earrings her long blonde hair often brushed past. The fair skinned beauty with striking brown eyes seemed far from the type to be a mage, but given her heels had a subtle feature to make them flats and her skirt had an emphasis for "combat practicality" given its ideal length she had been mindful to keep in mind her actual day to day work on top of her personal care.

    Though for Blue Pegasus' Miranda, her mind had chosen to dwell on other concerns. A recent job which involved dealing with a rogue swarm of rogue Sabrehogs, which had been successful, not only ruined one of her better pairs of shirts she had, but also the mission ended up taking longer than expected which meant she missed her chance at an open invite try out at Sorcerer Weekly.

    Frustrated, Miranda decided to blow off some steam as she began to head to the forest outside of town.
  2. Ara finished eating the fruit, and responded to Serebus, "Yeah, I've been here plenty of times before."

    Ara had then remembered the day she had ran out of Ender Eye after the Valentine Day incident. She had begun to train her magic in order to get her mind off of the incident, and this forest was one of the areas she had train at. Thinking of the training had also reminded her of the monk that had taught her the art of Origin. She remembered how after her training of Origin, the monk had ordered Ara to go to Mokupuni. Why had the monk done that? Did he know about Xaunus' plans and the monsters he had created? Ara was going to sought out for these answers soon.

    Though, out in the distance, Ara heard a familiar voice. The voice belonged to Perona, and she was apparently calling out to Serebus and Ara. Ara waved at the other pair, and said, "Sup! What brings you two here?"
  3. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Orion and Angela headed off towards the mountains, where the Plant Mage had heard rumors of this legendary fruit. But if anything, Angela told the latter that she would still help him hone his magic capabilities.
    "So can you explain to me again what's your issue?" Angela had asked the Grand Magic Games participant.
    "Well, like I said, I can't use my magic capacity well. I always consume a lot of magic when I summon my celestial spirits or even do requip magic. It's leaves my vulnerable for the battle field." Orion complained about his issues.
    "Well sweetie, I can't really help you use less magic to summon your armor or spirits as that's the required amount of magic you need to use anyways," Angela began. "But what you need is to be able to contain more magic capacity, take in more ethernano."
    "Okay," Orion said slowly. "But how do I do that?"
    "Frankly, I have solid idea either," Angela admitted. "But what I would personally say is to meditate often. Your body already naturally abosrbs ethernano in the air. But if you can focus on your body absorbing more ethernano, maybe that can help."
    "That's fine by me," The celestial mage responded, satisfied with what he needs to work on.
    "Well," Fallon started off, though not really sure how to answer the Fullbuster daughter either. "To be honest, why are we here again Perona?" Fallon, to be frank, was asleep or dozing off when he isn't doing anything. Hence the most likely reason why he didn't know where the duo were headed nor even the reason why they were out here in the first place.
    "But what are you and Serebus doing here anyways," Fallon asked monotonously, with no emotion held within his voice, though everyone is practically used to that by now.
  4. As Elaine and Eliza exchanged some blows for some hand to hand combat practice, a low rumbling had been heard nearby. Something else had been in the valley nearby, something that made both Elaine and Eliza curious as the pair moved to the area.

    What they saw was a pair of people, one a woman with long black hair and fair skin in what appeared to be a violet kimono with flower designs along with a pair of wooden sandals. As she seemed to use some petals to block what appeared to be some sort of blast from what appeared to be a guy with a gatling gun that seemed to be fused into his arm. The guy was a head taller than the girl, with a more muscular appearance as he wore a sleeveless black jacket with no top over it which only exposed his six pack as well as a scar over the right pectoral. He wore a pair of brown cargo pants and some boots, and had a large grin on his face as he kept firing at the girl who blocked with the petals and fired some sharpened ones back as the two exchanged their fire.

    Given their demeanor and what they did, Eliza figured out or at least gussed they were mages in a spar. But were they of a Guild? And if so which one?

    "W-we came to train..." Serebus explained, as she seemed a little surprised to see both Fallon and Perona had joined them in this area off pure chance. Seems this spot Ara sought out had been more common than the young mage expected.

    Evan had been walking back to the HQ of Mermaid Heel, a mark on the back of his head as he had an unfortunate run-in with the owner of a local hot springs. Something Evan still had grumbled over, it wasn't as if he had done anything that bad it was just one peek...

    Evan's thought were interrupted when he saw his fellow Blue Pegasus companion Miranda as she seemed to storm off and head to the forest. Seems she had been in a bad mood, and while Evan normally would have paid it no mind he figured that somebody had to go make sure she didn't do something stupid and hey beats a scolding from the Master over his trip to the springs. With haste, he moved to catch up to Miranda.

    "Having a bad day?" Evan asked as he moved beside Miranda and tried to get her attention.
  5. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    A few acres deep within the open breezy plains, walked a young adult, seemingly by himself for now. His blonde spiked hair blew among the wings, making his bangs fly affray. He had a fair skin complexion with sharp brown eyes. He was wearing a scarlet red vest, one arm long sleeved, the other was short, with a tight white tee underneath. His lower half had pants and brown combat boots and on his arms where black fingerless gloves. Adorned across his belt though, was a familiar set of gold keys. The keys jingled with each step he took on the plains. His steps stopped as if something something appeared.

    "Lucas," A whiny voice came out of no where. "I want to plaayyyy, where are we going."

    Behind him appeared a young girl with blue hair tied into two mini ponytails on each side of her head. What really stood out though was the giant yellow urn, as big as the girl herself, standing right next to her. A pout could be seen on her face.

    "You said we would play soon," the girl pouted at Lucas. "I tried playing with Gemi and Mini but they kept turning me into animals, it was no fun."
    "I told you Aquarius," Lucas finally spoke up. "We would play soon, but we're on a really quick errand because mom told me I had to go out here to get some -- whatever thing she wanted me to get." His voice was gentle, trying to sooth a grown baby.
    "Hey how about that guy over there," Aquarius perked up, pointing towards a familiar purple headed fellow. "Can he play with me?"

    Lucas' head snapped towards the direction of her finger. Indeed a lad was standing there, by himself it seemed. Lucas head tilted in confusion of what a latter was doing at the outskirts of Magnolia.

    "Excuse me," Lucas raised his voice towards the stranger in order for them to hear him. "Can I ask what are you doing outside of town?"
  6. Viper had been in the middle of an air kick before a new voice attracted his attention, he glanced behind him and saw what appeared to be a young man and a little girl attached to his hip. A curious pair to be sure, as Viper had that funny feeling rise up in the pit of his stomach again but once more he chose to disregard it as he heard the guy's question which asked about what he was doing out here.

    Which, now that Viper had been given the benefit of reflection, yeah....kinda suspicious to an outsider to see him in the middle of nowhere training alone.

    "I'm out here training. There's a special event coming up and I don't want to lag behind while certain comrades of mine shoot out ahead." Viper explained, though only vaguely as he had not yet been sure what to make of the new pair who arrived which caused him to shoot a question back.

    "I suppose I could ask what town I am by? And who you two are?" Viper asked as he decided to try and learn more about the pair while he had been here even if only some surface level information along with what town that he had made mention of.

    As the scarred guy fired off a quick volley of rounds to counter some petal throwing stars, he paused as he held a hand up to his companion, which caused the girl to pause. Both had picked up on the idea they were not alone, though the Gun Mage pulled out a lighter and a cigarette which only caused the Petal Mage to sigh.

    "You know that is dangerous to your health right?" The Petal Mage asked, and if her tired tone had been indicated this had been far from the first time she said that to the Gun Mage. Who simply grinned as he let out a puff while the Petal Mage covered her nostrils.

    "Eh maybe. But not as dangerous to one's health as trying to spy on us. I'd advise whoever you are show yourselves, while I am in a reasonable mood." The Gun Mage advised as Eliza & Elaine realized they had been spotted, but they also had no concern with showing themselves either as both revealed their position. Eliza had a small smirk as she folded her arms over her chest while Elaine opted for an akward wave.

    "Um....hello there." ​
  7. Miranda had been steaming, but that did not mean she lost her preferential vision or lost focus on everything as she heard the voice of Evan as she glanced behind her and let out a sigh.

    "What do you want? Did you get kicked out peeping on some women's restroom again?" Miranda said, as she had been well aware of Evan's more perverted tendencies. Though her focus was drawn to what lied beyond them at the edge of the forest, as she began to hear some mumblings that had to be voices of other people. As Miranda approached, she would motion for Evan to quiet down she peeked from behind some folliage.

    Only to see four individuals who seemed to be conversing with each other. Who were these guys? Miranda had never seen any of them before in person, though for whatever reason one of the girls seemed familiar to her all the same.

    Felt like I've seen one of them from somewhere....or saw it off something!
    "Funny, Fallon and I were out here to do the same thing. But the odds we'd both arrive here at around the same time....fascinating." Perona said to herself, as she found it funny both pairs ended up here at the same place at the same time. Unaware, for the moment, that they were being observed from afar.
    Crack! Timber!

    Angela & Orion would feel a tremble through the woods, as a figure up ahead of them began to advance to their position. Bringing with the figure a pulse of powerful magic, as the ground seemed to crack slightly and trees broke off at the roots which caused them to tetter in place.

    Soon enough, a girl who appeared about the same age as Orion emerged. She had short brown hair, and multi-colored eyes; one silver, and one violet along with some light freckles. She appeared to be half a head shorter than either Angela or Orion, and wore a light green top with a pair of white pants and brown boots. She stared intently at the pair, as she simply extended her index and middle finger as she pointed at both mages.

    She didn't say it vocally, but it appeared she was curious who the two were. Why she had not spoken yet was anyone's guess.
  8. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Both Orion and Angela's head snapped towards the direction of the cracks and timbers of fallen trees. A small figure far away approached them as the giant trees were practically lifted off the ground around her. Clearly, the latter was showing off her magical capabilities towards the duo. Orion hands quickly made way towards the loop of keys around his belt while the S-Class Angela placed her hand within her seed satchel, both unsure of what the stranger want with them.

    The girl made it to a few meters in front of the Ender Eye mages and simply extended two fingers towards them, but not stating what she wanted with the two. Angela initiated the spark of uncertain friendly conversation with the girl.

    "Who are you," Angela called out to the latter. "And what do you want?"

    Her hands clutched tightly within her seed satchel, wary of who the stranger is and what they want with them. Orion on the other hand stared down the girl and eyed the floating trees and cracked earth behind the female. Orion could sense that the girl had a lot of magical prowess within her and proven by the floating trees, she had some sort of gravity magic or air altering magic to enable the trees and roots to be held suspended in the air.
    "Well," Lucas started off, responding to the stranger's own question. "You're right on the outskirts of Magnolia, home to the fairies of Fairy Tail. I'm Lucas Dragneel, son of Lucy Heartfillia and Natsu Dragneel." The male formally introduced himself to the latter.

    Aquarius beside him perked up out of nowhere. "I'm Aquarius," the young celestial spirit called out towards the stranger. "Nice to meet you stranger! Wanna play now?"

    "She's one of my celestial spirits you see," Lucas decided to explain to Viper. "And with this event, do you mean the Grand Magic Games coming up soon?" Lucas squinted his eyes at the stranger. "Are you scouting out the competition then? May I ask you name and the guild you're representing?"

    The blonde was suddenly wary of the latter in front of him. On instinct, he stood protectively in front of Aquarius, completely forgetting that she can fight too. With Grand Magic Games season coming up, it would be smart for people to scout out the current number one guild of Fiore after all. But by themselves? Not quite as smart.
  9. Brendan let out a sigh, as it appeared that he made it by a coastline well beyond the borders of Oyzen Town. The place seemed empty at the moment, which made it a prime training spot.

    The deep ocean ahead would be ideal for him, gave him a vast space in the event he needed to try the bigger spells with no risk of damaging property or risking civilian causalities. Brendan had a lot to prove for these Grand Magic Games; not only to show the Guild that their decision to grant him S-Class had been validated and he was worthy of it but also a chance to show all the guilds and Fiore how much he had grown.

    Though the thought that he'd be faced with Fairy Tail again brought....mixed emotions. Irregardless he coated his body with a magic aura as he cast Meteor and began to dash along the cost in blinding speeds as he worked on some solo combos.
    The girl let out a sigh. And seemed to be thinking over how to respond best, as she kept the pair of trees hovered in the air behind her, as it appeared that she was annoyed over something. A moment later, she extended a hand forward as she began to move some dirt on the ground. It took time, as holding up the trees behind her and making this alteration on the dirt simultaneously required greater concentration but soon enough she laid out what appeared to be a single word imprinted on the dirt.

    The girl, whose name appeared to be Zora as her intent seemed to be to display her name, followed up her name reveal as she displayed a symbol on the back of her right hand. The Guild Mark of Lamia Scale. Seems the girl was a mage affiliated with the guild, as she then pointed to her mouth and simply shook her head. Zora seemed to be trying to convey that she could not speak, as it appeared she lacked the capacity....a mute, something she hoped they'd understand. Zora then pointed to the two again, the pair of trees still behind her suspended in the air as she stared intently yet curiously; her expression conveyed the message hopefully clear; as she desired to know who these two were and looked to decide if they were hostile or not. Which is why she kept the trees ready for throwing, just in case...
  10. Barry finished packing his stuff and made his way out of his house. "Watch the house while I'm gone Bolt, I'll see you in.... However long this trip takes." He said. Bolt, who was flying behind him as he saw Barry off, nodded and waved. "See ya B." He said. Barry made his was to the forest on the outskirts of the town leading up to the mountains. "Alright here we are, now t wait for the others." He thought to himself.
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  11. Barry would not have to wait long, as soon enough Cyrus and Jeanne appeared with light bags on their bags as they seemed ready for the training trip ahead of them.

    "All right, so I guess the best way to go about this would be to work on areas you feel you could improve on. Is there something specific you can think of? Or would you prefer just a spar when we are good to begin?" Jeanne asked Barry, curious how he wanted to go about this training as she offered her own suggestive ideas.

    Unknown to the trio o mages, a few feet ahead of them two other individuals seemed to be enjoying a nice hike through the woods. One of them was a tanned skin individual with short black hair, black eyes wearing a black sleeveless top with matching colored pants and some black boots. He seemed to be well built, and a head taller than Barry & company. Next to him was a girl who was lean but with an athletic build of a fairer skin tone. With blue eyes and brown hair tied in a ponytail. She wore a light green, single sleeve top with a pair of jean shorts and some sandals.

    Given the make of Sabertooth, one on the back exposed shoulder of the girl and the other (Though obscured) on the left pectoral of the guy, they appeared to be mages of the guild. As of now, they were oblivious to the arrival of the Oyzen Residents and had yet to see anyone in the forest besides them.

    "Man, I was hoping for something tougher than trees to try out on." The girl complained which only caused the larger boy to sigh.

    "Maybe, but it is away from town and won't cause property damage. Besides, it's more about applying your magic than raw toughness." The guy said which caused the girl who rolled her eyes.

    "Right, says the guy whose entire tactic is "tank than take-down" over and over again." The girl said, as the guy disregarded it while she climbed up to a tree branch to get a better view. Seemed they were scouting for a good training spot.
  12. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    "Zora," a voice called from above head. A figure ascended down from the sky. The figure was practically had no clothes on, but their skin was practically covered in a metallic platinum, leaving no patch of skin behind. There were divots of their body outlining it's chest, muscles and abs. Orion couldn't help but look down, only to find that there was nothing seen there as the platinum coat had covered their personal areas as well, not revealing anything. Orion peered up onto it's face and there was an outline of a nose and divots for eyes, but other than that, no mouth nor ears were shown. What really stood out about this creature was the glowing circle of light around the top of the figure's head, almost as if it was a halo, and the gigantic white feathered wings behind the figure.

    The creature landed beside Zora and looked towards the duo of Orion and Angela. Suddenly the platinum coating, halo, as well as it's wings disappeared, leaving behind a young male, a bit older than Angela and Orion. It was some sort of transformation magic he held. He wore a white robe that exposed his left chest and left arm that reached down to his upper thighs with a yellow scale linen. His lower half consisted of some baggy black pants that stop right above his ankles and he wore a set of brown sandals. Atop his head was a feather crown and he wore a cross necklace. His left chest revealed the guild mark of Lamia Scale.

    "Zora," the man repeated. "Don't mess with them too much, we don't know if they could be innocent or not." The man stated calmly. "After all, we are on an unclaimed mountain, anyone can trespass here." He said as a matter of factly.

    "Who are you," Orion called out.

    "They're from Lamia Scale," Angela said, easing down her tension.

    "How did you ever figure that out," the man said sarcastically as Zora literally showed them the guild mark on her hand while his chest blatantly revealed the guild mark as well. "Zora here is mute, if you didn't catch that. My name is Lucifer and may I ask what are you doing on these mountains."
  13. Zora glanced up as she heard the familiar voice of Lucifer speak up, and sure enough the Take Over Mage himself appeared in a rather dramatic arrival in his Take Over form before he shifted back to his causal appearance as he tried to ease her down. Which worked, as Zora gave a nod as her expression screamed to her guild mate "I understand" and she lowered the trees she held up with her gravity magic down as she simply stared at the two newcomers with an inquisitive gaze as she waited for them to answer Lucifer's question.
  14. Viper's heart seemed to race, slightly, at the mention of the guild Fairy Tail. Lucas giving his name and naming his parents along with the town he had been on the outskirts of only further cemented the truth: He was in the presence of a Fairy Tail mage, and relatively close to their home guild, the same one his father rambled on about in his frantic rants.

    Viper was unsure of what to do. Ender Eye would likely elicit little to known reaction given they had only recently been a name of talking point among guild gossip. And in truth he had no desire to "scout" competition so he could be honest about that....however suspicious that made him look.

    However, certain details would be kept on a "need to know" such as who his father was. Though if he had been told anything of Cobra then his appearance would bring up a resemblance. Still, Viper decided to carefully word his answer.

    "Nothing like that, came out here to train. In truth, I was unsure what town was beyond these plains. My name is....Viper, of the Ender Eye Guild." Viper said as he showed his Guild Mark to Lucas and his spirit as well as revealed his name and guild.
  15. "Perfect!" Ara exclaimed as she heard Perona explain that they were training as well. "So, now that there all of us are here, why don't we do what we came here in the first place?"

    "Ice Make: Bow and Arrow!" Ara exclaimed as she formed a bow and arrow made of ice, and shot a gigantic arrow straight into the sky. The arrow would then implode after reaching a certain height, tiny snowflakes falling over the majority of the forest. After it began to get cold, a thousand roars could be heard coming from all around and soon after Vulcans of a variety of colors would surround the group of mages.

    "The training now begins!" Ara exclaimed, "This forest is inhabited by all species of Vulcan, which some can resist some magical elements so be careful!"

    Ara would be the first to charge the Vulcan and start knocking out one after the other with her magic.


    Meanwhile in Magnolia, in the area in which Lucas and Viper were at, a voice could be heard calling out the Celesital Spirit Mage before he could respond to the Dragon Slayer. A voice far too familiar to the son of Lucy and Natsu of Fairy Tail.

    "Lucas!!!" Nashi exclaimed from the top of her lungs as she tried to raise her brother's attention, "I'm bored, so spare with me! Mom and Dad haven't come back home yet, and I'm starting to get lonely!"

    Nashi was 13 years old, and was clearly the daughter of Lucy and Natsu. She had a face just as beautiful as her mother's, pink and messy hair just like her father's, and having a loud and obnoxious voice just like her parents. A true Dragneel of you were to ask her father.

    Nashi's attention then focused on the man with purple hair, and she quickly faced him. "You seem strong! Do you wanna fight!?" Nashi said, being a bit oblivious, as she didn't even focus on her brother anymore.
  16. "ARE YOU CRAZY!?" Perona called out, as to say the least she was the least prepared for this sudden "training exercise" as she focused her attention to the wave of Vulcan as she held open her book that began to glow.

    "Grimore Cascade!" Perona called out, as a series of purple blasts with a black, flame outline shot from her magic book as they struck a few of the Vulcan right in the chest to knock them back and even the first one it struck out. Ara's methods aside, now she needed to fight for survival and she was damn sure not gonna let these beasts get the best of her.


    As Miranda observed the mages above, she was stunned to see one of them pull out an ice bow and fire it into the sky after the mention of some training...which soon caused it to snow all around them.

    What the hell does "training" requite some snow to be....

    Before Miranda had a chance to finish her thought, a collective series of roars were heard as Miranda glanced behind herself and Evan as her eyes widened and a pack of Vulcans charged at them which made her eyes widen.

    "W-what the!?" Miranda cried out, as she quickly turned her heels into flats and jumped back to gain distance, which revealed herself to the Ender Eye mages but that had been the least of her worries, as she focused on survival as she jumped back to avoid being slashed at by one of the Vulcan.

    "Don't you dare lay a hand on me!" Miranda called out, as the create tried to slash at her again....only for a mirror to appear behind Miranda that she jumped through as the mirror sunk into the ground to avoid the strike. This confused the beast, who remained unaware as the mirror and Miranda appeared behind the Vulcan as Miranda jumped out and delivered a hard kick to the back of the beast's head.
  17. Viper's time to wait for Lucas answer seemed to cut to a sudden halt, as a loud voice beamed over the area as Viper glanced over to the new arrival who seemed ever more spirited and a few years younger than himself. Someone who seemed hyper active who bore a stunning resemblance to the famous Natsu and Lucy.

    Which only made his appearance all the more striking, given his own father and his history with or rather against Fairy Tail.

    "Look I...I didn't come here to cause trouble or come looking for a fight. Believe me you don't want this...." Viper said as he tried to discourage the girl from making this into a fight despite her clear eagerness for one.

    Towards the sea of the coastline that Brendan worked out on, rumblings in the water. Small at first, just some bubbles....but soon enough the rumbles turned into tremors and before long a monster sear creature emerged; an emerald sea serpent with blood red eyes that let out a loud hiss at the direction of Brendan. Which may have made the Heavenly Body Mage believe the beast was after him.

    However, on a nearby spot on the cost was a woman who appeared around Brendan's age. She seemed to have short black hair with white streaks across it. The woman wore a white jacket, buttons opened up, and a pair of black pants with matching colored boots with white streaks and a black top. There also seemed to be a "x" shaped scar on the bridge of her nose and her sapphire eyes stared intently at the sea beast before her.

    "GAH!" Evan cried out he jumped back in fear from a Vulcan and knew he had to act quickly. So naturally he extended his palm out as he produced a magic spiral.

    "Alright big guy get a taste of this! Just relax and stare..." Evan said, as he used his "Spiral Palm" spell as the Vulcan prepared to strike him....only to halt slowly as its eyes locked with the rhythmic, oddly soothing spiral. Soon enough, spirals appeared in the Vulcan's eyes as Evan let out a sigh.

    Good thing these things are mindless brutes. Good for one command, no idea how long it will last but I need to make it count...

    "Alright, protect me and my friend Miranda over there at all costs. Feel free to ignore the other mages...." Evan said as the Vulcan acted on command and began to battles ones that had been close to him and Miranda which only added to the chaos of all this.

    "So I presume you two are mages? Impressive stuff I must say, didn't expect to see anyone else out here in the middle of nowhere." Eliza said with a smirk, one matched by the Gun Mage who already seemed to like the "spunk" Eliza seemed to show though the Petal Mage had a more inquisitive gaze as she scanned the pair.

    "Funny, we had the same thought. Now who are you?" The Petal Mage asked bluntly as Elaine seemed to feed off Eliza's confidence even if she herself found this situation a little more tense than than she did.

    "Elaine, and my friend here Eliza. We are mages of Ender Eye...." Elaine said as she introduced the pair as both the Petal Mage and Guns Mage glanced at each other as the fact they were Guild Mages peaked their curiosity.

    "Sakuya. Sakyua Mizutsune. This hear is my partner Epsilon. We are mages of the Shooting Star Guild." Sakyua said as she introduced herself and her partner while they displayed their Guild Marks quite clear. Epsilon seemed ready to speak himself, though not before he took a moment to blow out some smoke in the air from his cigarette.

    "So, Ender Eye, what brings you to these neck of the woods then?"
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  18. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    "We're on these mountains to train for the Grand Magic Games," Orion explained to the strangers named Zora and Lucifer. "I'm pretty sure a guild with high prestige as yourself would know of the annual competition. No?"

    Lucifer simply nodded his head, one of his hands situating itself in front of Lucifer, resembling one half of the natural praying posture. "Of course. Naturally, we are here to train for the competition as well." The Take-Over mage claimed gesturing to himself and Zora beside him. "The rest of our team is at our camp a few miles from here. May I ask which guild are you representing for the games?"

    Angela was the one who perked up and spoke this time. "Well, I'm not participating in the games myself," the plant mage explained towards the Lamia Scale mages. "But Orion here is the one of our participants, representing our guild Ender Eye. I'm here to train him prior to the competition."

    The monk hummed in response to the male beside the plant mage. eyes inspecting carefully at his competition. "Seems as though we'll be rivals for the games, Orion." Lucifer said with a smirk. "But just because we're competition doesn't mean we can't socialize ourselves. Feel free to stay at our camp for a bit while you're training up here."

    "Why thank you," Angela responded. "But we do have a question though: I've heard of a legend of a fruit that grants a gain in magical capabilities up here, do you know where it could possibly be?"

    The white-haired male simply gave a chuckle at the question, in which Orion thought was a bit off about the latter. "When I meant socialize, I meant associate ourselves for a friendly rivalry at least, not assisting the enemy." Lucifer claimed, finding the question hilarious. "But in all honesty, from our experiences, us Lamia Scale mages have been training in these mountains for years, but we haven't heard or seen of such myth."

    "Oh," Orion simply muttered. He was really hoping that it could be true, he wasn't really feeling confident about himself, especially standing in front of a powerful mage such as Lucifer. "Thank you anyways." Orion said quietly.

    "Hey," Lucifer said, confronting the male. "That doesn't mean you can't work hard to improve. If you work hard and try your best, you can succeed."

    It was a bit cliche in Orion's opinion, a small smirk forming on his face. But Lucifer was right, that doesn't mean he should give up now. With a small sigh and a smile on his face, Orion said, "Okay, I'll try."

    "Zora, take these two to our camp if you will?" Lucifer called to the gravity mage. "I'll be out for a bit, I'll come back to camp soon."
    The blonde celestial mage was about to respond to the purple haired mage, named Viper if he heard correctly, until a loud familiar voice called out to him. The male immediately drooped his head, already knowing who it was. Lucas was about to respond to her request to fight until she immediately ignored him and went to Viper wanting to initiate a fight.

    "Nashi," Lucas said, adding sternness into his voice. "Don't bother this stranger too much, he's trying to train, and we're already bothering him." Lucas tried to reason with the latter. "And stop provoking people to fight you, not everyone likes roughhousing y'know." Lucas stating, not stressing enough on how many fights she picks.

    Being the older brother was tiring, especially with a sister like Nashi. You would think when your sibling grows up, they'll ease down and go into puberty, that wasn't the case with Nashi. She's still as loud and obnoxious as ever, picking up the traits up their father. Lucas, on the other hand, picked up his persona from his mother more so than his father, evening picking up her Celestial Magic capabilities.

    "No fair," A wail came from beside him. Lucas turned to look at Aquarius beside him, a pout residing on her face. "Why does Nashi get to play with him and I don't!" Aquarius shouted at Lucas, whining like any other kid would.

    "I'm not letting anyone mess with Viper," Lucas said, pinching his eyebrows in frustration. "Aquarius, go back to the Celestial realm, I'll call you out when i have time." Lucas pulled out Aquarius' Golden Key and swiped it in the air, making the latter disappear into thin air, leaving himself, his sister, and Viper.

    Lucas turned back to Nashi, "Why don't you go back to the guild, start sparring with one of the Fullbuster twins of something."
    Fallon's eyes shot open at the sound of the Vulcans roaring towards them, only realizing that this due to Ara's doing. On one hand, he was thanking her for allowing him to fight because he loved fighting. On the other hand, he saw it was pretty reckless, but the former outweighed the latter.

    “Bestow me the strength to control the cold winds of autumn. Come forth my Beast! Thunbolt!”

    Green aura formed around Fallon and beside him materialized some sort of lion dog with a lightning bolt for a horn. Fallon sat on the saddle on it's back. "Let's go!" The green haired male called out.

    With a roar, Thunbolt first released a stream of electricity towards the duo of Vulcan's that came towards him first. Training or not, they have a horde of Vulcan to deal with if they want to actually rest a bit before serious training starts. A third Vulcan came right after, jumping over the crisped duo of Vulcans of front of Thunbolt. A lighting bolt went towards that Vulcan, but it brushed it off like it was nothing.

    "Right," Fallon mumbled to himself. Ara did say something about immune and element or something, he didn't catch everything but he was able to piece the puzzle together. Jumping off Thunbolt's back, Fallon wrapped his arm around the next of the Vulcan before giving it an RKO. The Vulcan knocked out and Fallon jumped back onto Thunbolt, who ran towards the beasts, determined to take them out.
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  19. "Well if you must know, a grand event fittingly name the Grand Magic Games is coming up. And I am representing my Guild of Ender Eye for the games. I'm sure you of Shooting Star have heard of them before no?" Eliza asked as this caused Epsilon to smirk a bit as he let out a puff of smoke from his cigarette before he'd address her.

    "As a matter of fact, our Guild came out here to train for those very games. Not to far from here...." Epsilon admitted as Sakuya scanned the pair of Ender Eye mages more curiously as she lacked Epsilon's casual demeanor; especially with the apparent reason that the two arrived here.

    "Well, knowing you two are of another guild competing at the games and just happened to show up by our training area well....color my suspicious." Sakuya pointed out, which caused to cause Elaine to have an amused grin.

    "What you think we're spying on you? I'm honestly insulted you think we have so little pride to rely on a cheap tactic like that." Elaine countered as Epsilon's smirk only grew....this was a bit more interesting than he expected.

    "Well, we could always bring them to camp for questioning. Or a nice discussion if you ladies would prefer the term." Epsilon said to Eliza & Elaine which caused Eliza to raise an eyebrow.

    "Camp, more of your guild is out here?" Eliza questioned as Sakuya interjected this time.

    "If you agree to come with us, you may find that out. Though that's only if you agree and abide by our rules....out of respect of course, once we get a sense you have no ill intentions we can come to more manageable terms." Sakuya replied, and that sat ill with Elaine as it made them come off as Shooting Star's "prisoners" but before she could retort.

    "If it makes you guys at Shooting Star feel more comfortable. Fine with me." Eliza said, which stunned Elaine. However, before she could argue against it Eliza had that look on her face that screamed "don't worry I got this" which was enough for Elaine to put her trust in her. With that, the two would follow Epsilon and Sakuya deeper into the valley where the members of the Grand Magic Games team had camped out for training for some questioning.
  20. Barry was stretching himself as he noticed the arrival of Cyrus and Jeanne, he looked towards them. "Oh hey, you guys are here." He said nonchalantly before turning towards the mountain and looking up at it. "I know a pretty good clearing down by the foot of the mountain. I usually use that area to train so how about we got there." Barry suggested. "Its not that far away as we are already pretty close to this mountain." He added while pointing at said mountain.
  21. Ara had taken down multiple more Vulcans, and it seemed like she could keep going.

    She then heard Perona’s cry, and responded while dodging attacking, “Aw, come on, Perona. This is perfect training. You will never know when you’re caught in a situation in which you’re heavily outnumbered.” Ara would then lift her hand into the air causing a waterfall to appear and drown out some Vulcan.


    Nashi heard both Lucas and the stranger deny her request, and she wasn’t having it.

    “No way!” Nashi exclaimed, “Grey’s too much of a stickler and is boring to spar with! I want to face someone new!”

    Nashi would then point at Viper, and exclaimed, “And you! Don’t you dare underestimate me! I am a lot tougher than I lead on to believe!” Nashi would then slam her fist together, igniting a golden flame to form around her hands.
  22. You will do what I never could. Rise to levels beyond even the best of Fairy Tail, achieve strength so that no one will challenge you...
    Nashi's flames caused that memory of his stressed out father's words to enter the forefront of his mind as Viper quickly shook his head while he scanned Nashi ahead of him. Appeared to be the type who didn't take no for an answer when it came to the request for a battle, which had been an annoying as it seemed there was no way to avoid this. The flames Nashi displayed along with her attitude had been clear traits of her father and infamous Fire Dragon Slayer; but the golden flame had been a reflection she was no carbon copy which was enough for him to raise an eyebrow.

    Still, he assumed a defensive stand as he glanced Nashi in the eye with a firm glare; a reflection that he meant business as if to try and send the message that if she followed through with this it would bare consequence.

    "I didn't come here to pick a fight with mages of another guild. I would advise you follow his advice, before you do something you will regret." Viper said, as he made his warning to Nashi all to clear to here. He was not here as an enemy, but if Nashi insisted upon this he was not gonna pull his punches with the girl either.

    "Sounds fair to me." Jeanne said with Barry made his destination clear to them as it seemed more than suitable enough for some good training. Cyrus seemed to share this thought, though rather than give a verbal comment he simply decided to take initiative as he began to move ahead to the general direction.

    Both would allow Barry to take the lead, as each had been eager to get this training going; Jeanne especially, it had been too long since she had a chance to trade blows with the Darkness Dragon and that nostalgic feeling was one she was oh so eager to recapture just to see how much Barry and herself had changed.

    Eliza and Elaine would be lead into what appeared to be a clearing next to the valley, with a couple of make-shift tends that had been set up as it seemed to be the camp that Shooting Star resided on.

    "Hey, rise and shine you slackers! We've got some guests here." Epsilon said with a smirk as he took a moment to blow out some smoke from his cigarette while he called out to the rest of the team who came here to train to appear and greet the Ender Eye mages. Sakuya rolled her eyes.

    "You know they've been setting up camp while we scouted and "tested" the area." Sakuya said in a critique to Epsilon who merely let out a groan while Eliza and Elaine waited to see who else would greet them there.
  23. "TRAINING!? WHO ARE YOU PSYCHOPATHS!?" Miranda cursed out, as she made the presence of herself and Evan well known to Ara and the Ender Eye mages as what was "training" to Ara had been a battle of survival for herself. Miranda's magic had not been a favorable match up against these beasts; given her weakness to pure melee attacks and the fact these beasts fought only with that had been an issue.

    But Miranda was by no means helpless, as she jumped from one mirror to avoid a claw strike of a Vulcan she appeared from another above it as she charged with a kick; extending her retractable heel out as she kicked it in the face and most importantly jabbed her heel in the beast's eye.

    "RAAAAAA!" The Vulcan cried out in pain, as it struck with a fury though the shot to the eye caused partial blindness for the moment as it ended up striking a pair of its fellow Vulcan while Miranda scurried back; panting a bit from the nerves as she retracted her heel. If they made it out of this alive, she'd be certain to give that nutcase a piece of her mind...
  24. “Oh, come on,” Nashi retorted as she proceeded to take a fighting stance, “Not every fight has to be one with stakes. You just seem like someone interesting and who can put up a fight! Also, like I said before, you shouldn’t underestimate me.”

    Nashi would then stare directly at the purple haired mage, and asked, “So, what do ya’ say? Why not have a quick sparring match with me? It’ll help us both get stronger!”


    While Ara was taking down multiple more Vulcans, she could hear another woman scream and looked to see the woman who had screamed.

    There were other mages in this forest? I was pretty sure people rarely ever entered here, considering the high population of Vulcans.

    “You’re one to talk!” Ara retorted, “You’re the dumb bimbo who entered this forest without taking into consideration the Vulcan that live here!”

    With a swipe of her hand, Ara was able to splash water over multiple Vulcans and then cause the water to freeze them all in place.
  25. "Bimbo!" Miranda cursed out as her panic and concern gave way to pure fury as she extended twin heels and used a mirror to jump to an unsuspecting Vulcan as she deliver a double stomp right to its eyes as her anger rose from the comment.

    "Excuse me!? I happened to be on the edge of it where it is known these things don't hang out, it's only your stupid call that attracted them. And who are you calling a bimbo when you are prancing around in your underwear like a cheep skank!" Miranda called out as Perona, who used a Grimoire shot to blast a Vulcan, had drawn her attention to Ara as it appeared she fell into her habit and stripped down which caused her to blush as she let out a sigh.

    "Oh come on seriously?" Perona mumbled as she fired another shot at a different Vulcan as she tried to get this....image, out of her head.
  26. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    "Aye," Lucas growled at Nashi under his breath. "Nash, this kind man already said no. Why can't you take no for an answer?" The older blonde had complained to his younger sister." Lucas grabbed the younger Dragneel sibling by the wrist. "C'mon Nashi, let's go back to the guild where someone is more than likely to agree to your spar."

    The blonde turned towards the Poison Dragon Slayer. "You're welcomed to come too if you want, you don't have to agree to anything you don't want to do though." Then Lucas snapped his head towards Nashi. "Because that's called consent." The male said, lowering his tone to see if his sister would ease down. Unfortunately, probably like every other time in his life, it never works.
    Fallon, still of his thunder lion Thunbolt, watched as the ladies argued in front of him. "Less talking and more fighting please," Fallon grunted loud enough for the people in the vicinity to hear as Thunbolt took out another 3 vulcans.
    "Well, then, I was all like 'no, and then you were like, you are!' And then he was all like, 'No, but then you are!' And I was like, 'I kind of am.' So long story short, he's kind of my boyfriend right now."

    "That's quite the interesting story there Aria," Zane said with a genuine smile on his face, catching up with one of his friends in Mermaid Heel. The duo emerged out of the bushes behind Adrianna. They both stared at each other, seeing Adrianna looking out at the coastline, eyeing the sea monster before her.

    "Omg, is that a snake," the girl, presumed Aria called out. She had mid-length hair that reached down her shoulders with two pony tails on each side of her. She wore quite the revealing clothes, with a light pink crop-top and denim shorts with knee high black boots. She also had a piece of rose gold jacket that seemed too small that it couldn't cover up the front, but covered arms, acting like sleeves.

    "No Aria," Zane stated. "I think that's a sea serpent." He met Aria through a modeling gig and they really hit off. Her mind can be, out of it sometimes, but it didn't stop him from gaining a new ally.

    "Adrianna," Zane called out to the girl before him. "Are we just gonna stand here?"
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  27. "Much as I appreciate you stepping in, I think deep down it's better to just get this over with now rather than take it back to your guild." Viper said, as Lucas suggestion had been well meaning but in truth he hoped to avoid a meeting with the Fairy Tail Guild at their HQ. The chance that one of them specifically the veteran members would recognize him.

    So, if given the choice he'd rather just deal with this one spar as opposed to being dragged there where that awkward meeting could take place. As Viper let out a sigh and began to stretch.

    "Let's just get this over with and call it a day. No need to get your friends involved with this." Viper replied, this was not preferred but he figured a quick spar would quell her urge and wouldn't lead to more complications. Though given his luck that seemed doubtful but it seemed he'd tentatively agree to Nashi's terms for the moment.

    "Now hold on I think it's better they work this out." Evan replied, as he used his hypnotic magic to make a pair of Vulcan strike while he hung on a tree away from the main carnage. Now he was speaking as a friend who wanted to see them work out their issues not because he found this cat fight to be enticing to view. Not the least bit..

    Adrianna said nothing as she faced the Sea Serpent ahead of her as both Aria and....Zane? Arrived to the shore with her as she took a deep breath before she reached for her holstered blade. Zane was, as far as Aria had shared, an S-Class of fellow Mage Guild Mermaid Heel. Adrianna had not had many direct chats with him but from what she had seen he seemed nice enough to not warrant suspicion. Either way...

    "One moment...." Adrianna said, as a magic outline appeared around her body before she jumped which displayed her magic super human attributes as she closed distance with the sea serpent and appeared above its head.

    With the sword still within the holster, she used her sheathed blade to smack the serpent on the head. The sheer force of her handle strike was enough to send a crushing blow to its head which created a light shockwave around the immediate spot in the sea as the creature sunk below the waters. Though before it fully sunk Adrianna landed on it and used it as a springboard to bounce back to the shore where Aria & Zane waited.

    "Well, the master said there's been an increase in activity from these creatures in the coast. Making it hard for trade ships to make their rounds and clearing the cost from fishing, beach going or other activities. I've been scouting the shore and that's the first one I've come across of the suspected pack. I see that your Ender Eye friend is paying a visit?" Adrianna explained to her fellow Mermaid Heel companion as well as inquired about Zane before she glanced over and noted someone else on the beach. Brendan, not that she knew the name off the top of her head but he was a curious individual.

    "A friend of yours?" Adrianna asked Zane just on the hunch that he might have been a comrade of the same guild. After all Zane showing up at the same time he did drew such a natural guess in her head.
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  28. ~~~~~Savannah (Ender Eye), Azir (Rogue)~~~~~
    The old tent, one with a symbol of a scorpion inside a sun, seemed to serve as some make-shift Guild Hall equivalent as many of its members simply conversed with each other. Solaris Scorpion, the Treasure Hunt Guild who made their claim to fan traversing these in hostile terrains.

    Though much of the chatter stopped once Savannah walked through the entrance of the tent. At first not many paid her attention, but before long as more eyes noted the figure the bare-foot mage began to attract some attention. Mumurs began to rise as her familiar figure sparked memories in some of the senior members though before anyone said anything.

    "Well well well, didn't expect to see you today Anna,"
    To her left stood a familiar figure. An older guy who wore a dusty old brown poncho over a darker brown vest along with some grey pants and black boots. One with an aftershave, and a strong built along with short spiky black hair and a pair of dark green eyes; an "x" shaped scar on his left cheek as Savannah scanned him momentarily before she let out a big grin and jumped over to tackle him with a hug.


    Outside the tent, Azir with presumably his ally Frea in toe, arrived as he hid himself behind a large sand dune. Azir was all too familiar with the symbol all too well. Savannah had not been the only mage to have spent time with a treasure hunt guild. A rival one known as Serpent's Cross. He never formed the connection with them that compared to Brothers Grimm but he had his history and more importantly it appeared he just caught Savannah as she walked inside which raised mental questions.

    W-wait, was that the Sand-Make mage of Ender Eye? I must be seeing things what the hell would she be doing here.

    ~~~~~Brendan (Ender Eye)~~~~~
    Brendan watched as the sword wielding woman leaped over and managed to dispose of the large Sea Serpent with one clean strike, the physical jump reminded him of Cyrus and his Astral Engine enhancement but that was a secondary thing to note as the girl landed by two other figures. One a girl he had not seen and the other....Zane!?

    Which only confused the Heavenly Body Mage, as he decided to investigate as he walked over to the trio.

    "Zane, what are you doing here? You know these two?" Brendan asked Zane curious since it seemed Zane had known them or at least the girl next to him which was a mystery to Brendan; one he wanted to solve now.

    ~~~~~Zora (Lamia Scale)~~~~~
    Zora gave a nod of understanding to Lucifer, while she was of the opinion of bringing strangers of another guild but she was not one to distrust Lucifer's judgement and the pair seemed nice enough. With a nod she would motion for Orion & Angela to follow with a finger as she aimed to lead the pair towards the site of their camp.

    Internally the Gravity mage mused, this would be a very interesting meeting to have put it lightly...
  29. Ara looked down to see that she currently wasn’t fully dressed, which made her blush out of embarrassment, but she wasn’t going to let that mage who interrupted her training and called her crazy go off so easily.

    “I think you’re just jealous that you don’t have the beauty I possess, ya’ hag,” Ara retorted.

    Ara had no idea who this person thinks she is, but she had no right to talk to her in that way. A skank? Please, we all know that Ara is terrible with relationships.


    Nashi sheepishly grinned, and chuckled after she got her response from Viper.

    “Ha! Ya’s see Lucas?” Nashi retorted as she looked at her older brother, “This guy actually knows a good time when it comes face-to-face with him!”

    Nashi would then face the purple haired mage, and began to glow her golden flames immensely once again. “Alright, I’m ready when you are!” Nashi exclaimed as she began jumping in place. She seemed eager to get the first hit in.
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  30. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Up and at 'em troops," a bulky man said, appearing out of the woods with some logs in hand. "We've got a few days left till the war, and we gotta grind, grind, grind!" He was wearing a black long sleeve shirt, that was rolled up to his forearms accommodated with green camouflage pattered joggers with black boots. He also wore finger less gloves. One arm of his held a bunch of logs above his head, making him lean over to the left a little.

    "How many time's do we have to tell you Brandon," a monotonous voice called out from one of the tents. He had spiked brunette hair with a thin highlight of silver on his bangs. A man came out wearing a light grey hood less jacket. Replacing the hood is a large turtleneck collar that comes up to his mouth. He wore white pants accommodated with a pair of metal boots that reaches his lower calves. On his wrists held bandaged appendages.

    "We aren't going to war," the latter said. "We're just competing in the Grand Magic games."

    "Y'know Ryusei. Life is a war," Brandon retorted. "Back in my times, during the war of against the dragons from that one Grand Magic Games..."

    "Mhm yeah," Ryusei stated disinterestedly. His head turned towards the newcomers that Sakura and Epsilon had brought in. "Well what did you two bring in, fresh meat?" The man said jokingly.


    Both the Celestial Spirit Mage and Plant Mage followed the mute mage of Lamia Scale, as she leads them towards the direction to their camp. meanwhile, Lucifer had flown off with his Angel Take Over to do whatever it was he was going to do. He'll most likely catch up with the rest of the camp later on anyways.

    Orion was about to make small talk with the mute mage, but hesitantly stopped himself because he most likely won't be able to comprehend her sign language or the small talk would die off quickly due to her lack of speech, not that he blames her of course.

    The blonde turned his head to Angela. "What a coincidence that we met up with another guild out in these mountains huh?"

    Angela only nodded her head, eyeing the mage that was leading them to Lamia Scale camp. "Right. And it's a guild with such high prestige at that. One of the 10 Wizard Saints used to go to affiliate with Lamia Scale."

    "Really," Orion exclaimed, shocked at this information. "I really have tough competitors in the Grand Magic Games then."


    Lucas raised both of his hands, defeated at his sisters antics. "Don't come complaining to me if you lose against Viper here."

    The blonde stepped back a few feet, giving the latter space for her quick spar. And knowing how his sister fights, standing in close proximity is only asking for one to get burned or even go blind.


    Zane squinted his eyes, peering at the general direction Adrianna had pointed the latter to, asking if the person was a friend of his. He got his confirmation as Brendan called out to him, asking what he was doing.

    "Oh Brendan," Zane responded to the Heavenly Body Mage. "Yeah I know these two."

    "This is Aria," The Angel Mage introduced to the female beside him. "And the one you saw defeat that serpent is Adrianna." His hand gestured to the woman with the sheathed sword. "Now what brings you here? Shouldn't you be training for the grand Magic Games?"
  31. "Fresh meat? I'd be concerned though I have a funny feeling you lot are the type to gawk rather than try to take a bite." Eliza replied with a slight smirk on her face as she folded her arms over her chest.

    "S-she means well I promise you." Elaine said with a sheepish grin as she figured her comment might inspire a reaction which given they were outnumbered 2 to 1 even with the Thunder Dragon Slayer as one of them was far from preferred odds.

    "These two are mages of the Ender Eye Guild. Seems they came over to train, we spotted them by our training site and naturally became curious." Sakuya said as she explained the pair in a general sense. Epsilon took a moment to light a new cigerette before he took a breath and let out a puff while Sakuya covered her mouth.

    "Here to see how honest their intentions are or not naturally." Epsilon explained further.

    Viper soon coated his fists with a purple mist; his poison magic which displayed the trademark of the Poison Dragon Slayer as he figured it would work best to try and resolve this quickly. The sooner he satisfied this girl's urge for a spar the sooner they could finish this before it attracted too much attention from her guild.

    Viper charged ahead. As he aimed to deliver a quick jab aimed for Nashi's gut, he hoped the sudden charge would catch her before she could react and he could deliver the poison-laced strike to gain an early edge.

    Frea had been close with Azir as they camped the night away, making the most of her gravity magic to try and form objects to provide additional shelter to protect against the rapid cold of the desert night. Though when morning came she had to adapt to the heat once more as she wondered how Azir or anybody was able to live off such drastic changes to the weather at one point on what had been a daily basis. Though that proved to be the least of her urgent thoughts, as when she scanned over the dune they hid behind she noted that oh so familiar Ender Eye Mage who wondered into the tent of some group ahead of them.

    "What's she doing here?" Frea asked Azir, why she thought he'd know she had no idea but she could not help herself as she was curious what business Ender Eye seemed to have here.
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  32. "I haven't got an idea, seems that either she is going site seeing or Ender Eye has business with that guild." Azir replied to Frea as he observed Savannah's entrance into the tent. He had no idea what to make of it, and in truth he knew that once she was inside the tent they couldn't get to her. Azir was confident in his ability to best Savannah in a rematch and Frea was of course a monster but against him and his guild with her the two of them were outnumbered and outgunned.

    "Leave her be for now, it's better we hang low and go about our business. Don't want to pick a fight with that guild, they might be hunters but they are strong. Fortunately, I know where we can find some allies for now." Azir insisted to Frea as he gestured for the Gravity Mage to follow her as he began to walk to a different section of desert; mindful to proceed with caution, and keep himself hidden behind the dunes.

    "HAG!? Don't you lecture me just because I don't need to shamelessly parade my body like you to get attention!" Miranda said, as Ara had managed to push each and every button the mirror mage had which only caused her aggression to turn to the Vulcan. She managed to take advantage of Perona who blasted one Vulcan with a Grimoire blast as she produced a mirror behind it which caused the Vulcan to fall through it.

    Only to appear high in the air as it free fell and crashed on one of its fellow pack with a violent thud. Miranda would jump and stomp on its face with her heels for added measure and to blow off some steam.

    "Can we like....not do this. Please?" Winston spoke up, the white-haired Celestial Spirit Mage heard the commotion outside his tent as he walked outside. Decked in a light grey long-sleeve t-shirt with white stripes and a pair of grey pants he seemed to have a bored expression reflected in his light blue eyes. Seemed that Brandon was trying to stir something with a pair of new arrivals, who upon clarification from Sakuya and Epsilon were a pair of Ender Eye mages.

    "Uh huh...so you came all the way out here by our camp just to train?" Winston asked, as he had no grounds not to believe them but by extension none to trust them either and there was an air of suspicion about how they just happened to pick their spot to train, what with the Grand Magic Games on the horizon. But he had been willing to hear them out.

    "I had been actually, and I figured an open beach would be a good spot to practice without worry of collateral. Didn't expect to hear of another Mage Guild here." Brendan said, as he explained his reason for being here and made it clear he had no idea about the presence of another guild.

    Zora would walk along the mountain pass, for several minutes as she offered no commentary or any sound along the way. Not that she could chatter even if she wanted to but she gave no indication of how close or how far away they were from the Lamia Scale camp.

    Then....she stopped. Dead center of what appeared to be another empty pass with trees all around them. There seemed to be nobody present....but as Zora turned to face the Ender Eye pair she extended her index finger up; a clear sign to direct their attention and sure enough a few tree houses had been set up which acted as Lamia Scale's camp.

    A rather....unique way to set up camp but it would be impossible for the two to discern motives as to way as Zora seemed to extend her hands to her sides. Soon enough, a few fruit dropped on top of a couple of the tree houses; a signal she developed to let her fellow mages know she had returned and to try to get them out.
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  33. Running through the woods on his way towards the mountain in the distance, Barry lead the way to the flat area he was talking about. When he got to the foot of the mountain, began hopping along the side of it until they arrived at an elevated area a bit higher up. "Here we are." He said, lookin back to see how Cyrus and Jeanne were doing.
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  34. Nashi wasn’t going to let Viper get the first hit in however, as she would jump in the air to dodge Viper’s attack. She would then jump on Viper to give herself more momentum to get higher in the air.

    “Now I know why you smelled so familiar,” Nashi remarked, “You’re a Dragon Slayer, just like me. That just makes me want to win this sparring match even more!”

    Nashi’s magical aura would then increase, as she prepared her attack. “Sun Dragon...ROAR!!!” Nashi exclaimed as a vortex of her golden flames was aimed directly at Viper.


    “Excuse me!?” Ara exclaimed, “I’ll have you know that it is normal for every ice mage to strip while in combat!”

    I mean, both dad and Uncle Leon strip when they’re in battle, so that has to be it! But then again, Grey and Aspen don’t strip. Not to mention, dad and I do it casually.... But this lady doesn’t have to know that.

    In a matter of moments, all the Vulcans had finally calmed down and a stampede of them weren’t attacking anyone who were in the woods.

    “Phew, looks like it’s finally over,” Ara said.

    Though, Ara seemed to have misspoken, as the forest would then start to shake. The birds were frantically chirping and animals seemed to be running away, even the Vulcans ran away.

    When Ara looked around to see what the commotion was all about, she looked up and noticed something herendous. A giant Vulcan, twice the size of the trees in the forest, and it did not look happy. If anyone were to look carefully, on top of the giant Vulcan’s tree seemed to be a heap of ice, which could have only been caused by a certain ice and water mage.

    The Vulcan then roared and started to stomp around Ara and the rest were at. Ara instinctively went to grab Serebus and moved her out of the way before the Vulcan could get anywhere near them.


    As soon as the fruits dropped, a voice could be heard screaming, “Hey, everybody! Zora’s back!”

    Mages from Lamia Scale would then come out of their camps and faced Zora. Three mages out of the crowd would then make themselves noticeable and walked towards Zora.

    The first to come out was a man who didn’t wear any short and had baggy black shorts, he was fairly muscular and his skin has tan (Magnus). The other two were girls, one who wore a lot of lace (Elise) and the other who wore something that looked similar to a sailor uniform (Mariah).

    “What brings ya’ back here so early, Zora?” The man asked, and from hearing his voice, he was the one who called out everybody.
  35. Viper had been mildly annoyed when the girl used his body as a springboard to gain altitude but that thought quickly vanished as Nashi displayed her Dragon Slayer qualities and fired a powerful blast as Viper had little alternatives as he took in a deep breath of his own.

    "Poison Dragon Roar!" Viper yelled out as he fired a blast of poison Dragon Slayer magic as the purple wave slammed into the golden wave Nashi fired as the two attacks met in the middle and pushed against each other. A shockwave was sent through the area as the two powerful roars clashed with one another, and much to Viper's shock, Nashi's slowly began to overpower his own as slowly his began to get pushed back.

    Damn it....she has a lot more power than I expected.

    Viper's answer would have to come, as he managed to hold his ground and the blasts locked in place before a large explosion would send a shockwave back at Viper and towards Nashi above as Viper rolled along the ground. Given Nashi pushed the epicenter closer to him, he was bound to take the worse blow but he was able to endure it.

    "Alright Arden get ready fo..."

    "W-wait! Did you hear that?"

    Arden and Quinton had been prepared to engage in a spar, when Arden heard the sounds of others and the sounds of movement not too far from them. So she held out a hand to Quinton to stop her fellow Sabertooth mage from trying to strike as she went over to inspect, and saw a trio of blurs dash through the forest to the mountain as she grew curious. With a motion she made Quinton follow her as the two went to see what the commotion was about and what those blurs were.

    Cyrus and Jeanne had been quick to follow Barry, a step behind him as soon enough they arrived at the flat of the mountain as Barry shifted to an elevated position. Cyrus took a moment to scan the area and seemed pleased with the choice; nice and spacey with the mountain acting as a good leverage point for higher level fighting. In the most literal sense, a feeling Jeanne seemed to share.

    "Looks great Barry. So how do you want to do this? Swap out spars between the three of us or a three-way spar?" Jeanne asked the Darkness Dragon Slayer. However....

    "Hey! Who are you guys and what are you doing on our turf?"
    Arden & Quinton revealed themselves to Barry and the Ender Eye trio as they asked this question as Jeanne & Cyrus were puzzled by their claim. "Their turf", did that imply they were another guild and that Barry's spot had unknowingly been by their territory or some other misunderstanding?

    Serebus, who had been busy with some Vulcan of her own as they finally fled, turned behind her just in time to see a giant foot try to stomp at her which caused her eyes to widen. Before she could act, Ara came and tackled her as the two rolled away.

    "Thank you." Serebus said before she turned to a snake and went to wrap herself around one of the legs of the giant Vulcan to apply tremendous pressure.

    Evan, who had just finished wiping away the blood at the mental image of Ara's justification ice mages like her strip all the time and with some other woman possibly like her existing who fig that rule before the new arrival came as he cursed back and jumped out of the way.

    Evan turned to his Vulcan who he still had under his hypnotic control. "Um...s-sick him!" He ordered as the Vulcan mindlessly charged and aim to slam into the other leg of the beast to unknowingly aid Serebus.

    Frea had an eyebrow raised, compared to other missions they had even when sent as individuals one treasure hunt guild in the middle of a desert seemed far from harmful a threat. But she trusted Azir's judgement on this given he had the experience in this environment and knowledge of this guild as she followed her companion.

    "So who is this help?" Frea asked naturally curious.
  36. "Let's just say after I met you guys and found my home, I had a little place I used to call that." Azir explained to Frea, though a big vague as he felt showing her rather than telling her had been the more effective choice as they maneuvered through the desert. Though as he walked, he began to channel some sand as he made what appeared to be a crude platform; given he was no make mage he wasn't a craftsmen but it was enough to hold their weight as he laid on it and turned to Frea.

    "Mind giving us a lift? Would save us some energy and fatigue walking in this?" Azir asked Frea.
    "Oh for the love of...." Miranda cursed as she saw the giant Vulcan appear out of the woodwork as it unleashed a mighty stomp and in a flash Miranda hoped on a mirror to avoid the shockwave as she soon appeared next to the Ender Eye Mage Perona who produced a magic shield to block the shockwave. Miranda gazed at the beast as two others already launched attacks at its legs as the mirror mage began to do some thinking as she moved into a position to the side of it.

    "Hey you there. Since you and your mages caused this the least you can do is help me. Fire a magic blast right at me!" Miranda called out as Perona had a lone eyebrow raised. Both at the natural blaming as well as her aim to have her attack her which seemed counter productive. But as she heard the beast roar she felt she had to just go with it to avoid a fight as she aimed her palm at her and held her Grimoire up.

    "Grimoire Stream!" Perona called out as she fired a dark green blast of magic right at Mirdna who quickly produced a mirror in front of her.

    "Reflection!" Miranda called out as the mirror blocked the attack, and had it angled so that it would bounce off it towards the creature as she aimed to use the bounce shot to strike the back of its head.
    Upon the question, Zora merely jabbed her thumb behind her as she pointed at the Ender Eye mages, though it was obvious enough they were outsiders Zora began to make some gestures; sign language that she often used to communicate with the guild as she relayed the context information.

    These mages out outsiders. Of the guild called Ender Eye, and Lucifer had me bring them here after I bumped into them.
  37. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Ryusei raised both of his arms not so innocently and back away from the crowd. "Sorry there my dude," the white hair mage said towards Winston. "Just seeing if they really are fresh meat are not though. Way to ruin the fun though Winston, could've used a bit of entertainment in the morning."

    Brandon spoke up, his right arm saluting once again. "Welcome to the Shooting Star camp," Brandon's husky voice broke out. "Here, we do three things: train, sleep, and train." Brandon said confidently with his chest swelling with pride on his procedures of training, before running off to do whatever protocol he was going to put himself through.

    Ryusei leaned over to the Ender Eye mages, his hand smartly blocking Brandon's view of his mouth. The mage whispered to the Ender Eye folks. "We don't actually follow those rules, but he never finds out. Puts too much trust in us, but whatever makes him happy," Ryusei whispered. He backed up and gave a simple shrug, signifying that there wasn't much to it and hoping they could play along too. He turns back to viewing Brandon tying a couple of rubber tires onto his foot.

    "But like what Winston here said," Ryusei commented. "Did you really just come out all this way to train?"
    "Uhh," Orion said softly. "Hi?"

    He was unsure what exactly to do, but Lucifer did invite them to the Lamia Scale camp, with Zora as their guide, so maybe there isn't any harm behind their intentions. But that doesn't leave out what exactly they're doing at another guild's camp.

    "A friend of yours," Angela began saying towards the strangers, presumably all from Lamia Scale. 'Lucifer, if I recall, directed us to your camp. Guests? Fellow trainees? I don't know exactly."

    "We're from Ender Eye," Orion had picked up form where Angela was. "Orion Sparkes and Angela Blackwood." The celestial mage had respectively pointed towards himself and the S-Class mage beside him. "We're training for the Grand Magic Games until we bumped into Zora and Lucifer along our way."
    Zane nodded his head, understanding where Brendan was coming from.

    "Well, you weren't exactly the only one with that idea," Zane joked a bit. "Mermaid heel isn't too far from here and they've decided just to train at the beach too."

    Zane turned to Aria and Adrianna. "This is Brendan Fernandez you guys. One of the more recent additions to the S-Class of Ender Eye."

    "A Fernandez," Aria had piped up. "Does that mean you're related to Jellal Fernandez? And a recent S-Class mage? That's so cool! You've got to show me how you did it." The latter jumped from topic to topic, not exactly stopping to allow the Ender Eye mage to answer her questions.
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  38. Ara also joined in the attack against the giant Vulcan. “Ice Make: Arrow!” Ara exclaimed as she constructed a giant arrow made of ice and shot it directly towards the Vulcan.

    As soon as Ara’s spell hit the beast, smoke appeared around the beast. It was silent, and nothing seemed to have happened. Ara was about ready to call it quits, when the smoke would suddenly disappear and the Vulcan seemed entirely unfazed. Instead, the beast looked angry and it started swatting everything below him, kicking Serberus and the controlled Vulcan off of him.

    Ara got hit by one of the Vulcan’s attacks, and was sent flying by the beast’s mighty blow. She would land on her back against a stone. The blow was strong enough to make her vision become hazy and she wasn’t able to think straight.


    Nashi was blown away by the explosion of the two colliding attacks, literally. Her small body was flipping around the air, but she was able to maintain her posture and she landed on the floor.

    As a natural, magical fighting tactician, Nashi was able to piece together that Viper had taken the worse blow out of the attack. “Yo, snake dude, are you okay!?” Nashi exclaimed as she wanted to make sure Viper was okay. She didn’t want to hurt anyone to badly from a sparring match.


    “Ah, so Lucifer invited you guys here?” The man said out loud, “Then that must mean you guys must be pretty important to him.”

    The man would then walk towards the town Ender Eye mages, and introduced himself. “The name’s Magnus. Nice to meetcha’!” He would then take out his hand for a handshake.

    The two girls that were next to Magnus would then also introduce themselves. “I’m Elisia, but you can call me Elise,” a girl with long white hair said. “And I’m Mariah,” the other girl said as she carried a gadget of some kind.
  39. Miranda fell back and Perona was knocked the opposite direction as the creature managed to shake off their combo attack among others as they just avoided the giant's strikes. Both were shaken and tumbled along the ground, and with a delayed recovery Miranda looked up in clear fear while Perona saw Ara get knocked aside as she herself shook off the attempt to strike, as she floated up and prepared multiple colored spheres of magic in the air while her Grimoire shinned.

    "Grimore Scatter Shot!" Perona called out as she fired multiple blasts of magic at the giant Vulcan's chest and head. Miranda herself tried to scramble to think of something to do while she got over the mini panic attack. She may have not looked it, but she was a mage and wouldn't go down without a fight. She saw some rocks as she began to think and dashed over to them; making a mirror door on the ground while she pushed the rocks into it by hand. Including one smaller boulder that required the aid of a branch to root and roll and all her muscle which had not been anything too crazy which made her strain all too visible.

    "I...I am gonna...m-make sure to give...t-that...c-crazy ice mage...a-a...a piece of my mind! I-if we s-survive this...!" Miranda cursed as she was left to do the "greasy" pure manual labor as she none the less got the small boulder through with the other rocks as they rained down from the sky through a second mirror door and aimed to drop on the beast's skull.
    Zora watched as the two Ender Eye mages and her own guild got acquainted as they made some proper introductions. So far the two appeared to be not so bad despite her earlier concerns but she still had to wonder what Lucifer saw in them to bring them here or what his end goal was. Either way she simply gave a nod as she made the hand sign signal to confirm their story. Or claim to one.

    "They made the same claim when I spotted them by camp. They seem genuine, though I remain cautious. What do you guys think?" Zora "said" as she gave her message her team would understand but not the Ender Eye mages.
  40. Viper quickly got up as he appeared to have gotten over the initial shockwave, though he felt compelled to address Nashi's concern all the same.

    Seems she can shift from fight crazed to concerned in a flash. Least she isn't totally nuts...

    "I'll live. Didn't expect such power right out of the gate." Viper admitted as for a spar this girl was quite intense. Though his comment subtly meant more he didn't expect this girl to have such power, a mistake he'd need to avoid making again as he struck a combat stance as he seemed to leave the floor open for her to come again.

    The battle however had not gone unnoticed, Fabian had moved into what he presumed was an open clearing with Sabrina only to hear the titanic clash. Of what he had no known but he could tell there was someone or something close by as he turned to the Doll-Attack mage.

    "Seems there's something interesting ahead of us." Fabina said to Sabrina to bring it to her attention.

    Evan had been knocked back and his Vulcan sent flying from the force of the giant's strike as he rolled and slammed into a tree while the smaller Vulcan was knocked into the woods. Evan shook his head as he stared with a panic, amazingly the beast seemed to be able to overpower all of them which limited their options.

    "Well, mind over matter they say..." Evan mumbled to himself before he climbed a tree to get at relative eye level with the beast as he produced a magic spiral behind him that he tried to get the beast to see. If he could get its gaze, he could work to bring it under a trance like the smaller Vulcan before it.

    "Come on big guy, just stare and relax..."


    Serebus had been similarly knocked back and slammed through a tree, but her snake-formed offered some cushion from the blow. Though it appeared Ara was slightly shaken as she slithered by her with concern in her eyes. She fired a few sprays of her anti-venom towards the giant vulcan while she moved in a protective coil around Ara.

    "You okay?" Serebus asked with natural concern.

    Eliza & Elaine needed a moment to....process a member of the Shooting Star Guild who seemed to outline some "rules" that they seemed to have only to immediately have that undercut by another member which revealed this was just more of a quirk than any actual strict guidelines to live by. Either way when asked about their intentions Eliza folded her arms over her chest as she looked that member right in the eye before she spoke.

    "Just as I told your friends. We came here to train. The Grand Magic Games are right around the corner after all, and I will see to it I help lead Ender Eye to victory." Eliza replied, her confidence on display before the mages as Elaine wondered is making such an open declaration to such a camp.

    That had sparked Adrianna's curiosity. She had heard tales of the one named Jellal from the Guild Master herself; a powerful mage she had bitter terms with before she was shown the error of her short sighted path. None the less, the fact that he had been both his son and an S-Class Mage himself only caused this intrigue to grow.

    "Indeed. If you are judged to be S-Class standards by your guild you must have exceptional talents. I am Adrianna, S-Class Mage of Mermaid Heel." Adrianna said as she revealed her own status of S-Class given that Brendan's had been revealed in kind.

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