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Private/Closed Tales of Ender Eye (Fairy Tail RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Grand Master Koop, May 18, 2017.

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    The sky was clear in Opium, neighbor town of Magnolia. A young boy walked out of a guild house and stretched. "I'm going for a stroll, be back soon." He said facing towards the guild hall before walking off. "The weather is pretty great today, wonder what I will find." He thought broth arms behind his head as he walked.
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  2. "Get your dirty hands off me!"

    "Miss, we're trying to be reasonable here. Please calm down."

    "I'll calm down when you let me go!"

    "We can't. You stole dozens of valuable jewels."

    "I took them from a thief! I earned something for that!"

    Savannah struggled as a couple of officers tried to escort her toward the police station. Savannah had managed to stop a jewel thief...but her own desire for those items proved costly. Now she was being brought to the station for questioning, and naturally she wasn't a fan of it.

    "I will kick your butts for this!" Savannah yelled as she struggled against the cops restraints.
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  3. Barry heard Savanah struggling and went over to check it out. When he saw a bunch of police officers restraining Savanah he decided to step up. "He what's happening here? Why are you restraining a girl like this?" He asked.
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  4. "She's the prime suspect in the theft of a merchant's prized jewels" A male officer explained.

    "Like I told you a million times I stopped that guy!" Savannah yelled in her defense. The female officer shot her a glare.

    "Then why didn't you return the jewels when you first got them?" The female officer said causing Savannah to glare at her.

    "I was gonna do that! You guys attacked me before I had the chance. And besides...I just wanted a little...fee. For my services." Savannah said. It was the truth. She was gonna return them. Was one free jewel that much to ask when she was gonna give back countless others? Seemed fair enough in her greedy mind.
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  5. Barry thought about the situation for a bit and got a horrible idea. "The guild master is going to hate me for this." He though to himself. Barry then walked behind Savanah. "You see, this you lady here is part of the Ender Eye guild, if you have any complaints, send it to the guild master." He said putting his hands on her shoulders he then said quietly to Savanah. "Play along, it's better than going to jail right?"
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  6. Savannah was a lot of things, but stupid was not one of them. "Yeah. I'm sure the Guild Master will discipline me for this. I'm so sorry." Savannah says as the officers by the story and release her.

    "Fine, she's all yours. You're Guild Master will receive a notice for this. Make sure this doesn't happen again." The male officer said, taking the bag of jewels as the pair walk away. Savannah turned to the stranger.

    "Thanks for that, but...why? You had no reason to bail me out like that?" Savannah says Barry, confused why this stranger helped her.
  7. Barry rubbed the back of his head. "Well I couldn't just let someone go to jail after doing something good can I? That would be unfair he said." He said. "Now come on, follow me to the guild for your registration." He said turning around.
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  8. "Registration? You mean it!? You, you're gonna offer me a spot in your guild?" Savannah asked, excitement oozing out of her. One of her goals was to join a Mage Guild, and now she was in a position where that might actually happen. Still Savannah had to be sure.
  9. Barry looked back towards Savanah. "Well I did tell the police that you were part of our guild, so it would only makes sense for you to actually be in the guild or that would be a lie wouldn't it." He said walking back to the guild. "Hey guys, we have a new member to our guild." He said while opening the door.
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  10. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Orion was sitting at a table until he heard Barry announcing something from the door. Looking beyond the door he see's a girl. "A new member?" Orion mumbled. "Might as well introduce myself." Orion walked up to the girl and Barry. "So this is the new mage?" He asked Barry. Turning to the girl, he introduced himself. "Hello, Orion Sparkes at your service. I am a Celestial Spirit Mage. What about you?"
  11. "Nice to meet you. Name's Savannah. And as for me..." Savannah says before she steps back and forms a sphere of sand out of thin air.

    "Sand-Make: Canary!" Savannah calls out, forming a replica canary out of sand and holding it in her hand, showing off her magic to the guild.
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  12. Barry looked at Savanah demonstrating her powers. "Cool, That's a really interesting power." He said. He then turned to Orion. "Have you seen the master? I have to tell him something along with Savannah's registration." He said rubbing the back of his head.
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  13. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    "He's probably still in his office," Orion claimed as he pointed towards the 2nd floor with his thumb. Turning back to Savannah, Orion continued to talk to her. "Nice magic you've got there! And welcome to Ender Eye, hope you enjoy you stay here!" Orion said with a smile. Turning around, Orion went back to his table to continue whatever he was doing. With his keys jingling on his belt, he walked away leaving Savannah and Barry to the enrollment.
  14. A tall man walked out of a room on the second floor. "Did I hear that a new member is joining the guild?" The man said. "Oh master, your here. Yeah this is Savannah." Barry said pointing towards Savannah.
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  15. Savannah felt nerves shoot through her as she saw the Guild Master in person. "Um...yeah. Name is Savannah. I...It's nice to meet you. I was...told I could join your guild..i-if that's okay I mean?" Savannah stumbled out.
  16. In a distant town, civilians panicked as they evacuated their homes. Despite the defenses they had, a monster had gotten into their lovely town, and was now ripping anyone it could reach to shreds. As the citizens ran, an eerie black liquid shot up from the sewers, small tendrils of it severing the buildings and sending them crumbling down. Guards rushed up with magic weapons and shields at the ready as the liquid splashed onto the rubble-filled street. Slowly, it began to take a human form, with glowing red eyes and a sharp-toothed grin. "Wh-what is that thing?!" one of the guards yelled, the others unnerved by the disturbing sight.

    "H-hold your ground! It's just one monster! Show it what we can do!!" The captain roared, charging in with his magic lance. His men followed suit and the monster melted back into the shadows as they approached. The men stopped in their tracks looking around in fear and confusion until a tendril shot down from a rooftop and pierced one's neck. Blood poured from the newly made hole as the soldier's spirit left his body, and he slid down the tendril to the ground. Following the tendril up, they found the monstrosity grinning down on them from a destroyed rooftop, more tendrils forming from it's limbs. With a distorted, demonic laugh, the monster pounced on the soldiers.

    "It's too late for us...I've heard of this creature before...the liquid nightmare." The mayor stated sadly in his office. "Evacuate everyone we can, but I will not feed this monster any more of my soldiers." he said. His attendants nodded grimly, and left the man alone in the town hall. Stroking his beard, possibly as a distraction from his sorrow, he sat down at his desk and began to write:

    This is our final hour. The monstrosity known as the liquid nightmare had infiltrated our city despite how prepared we were to bring it down should it even attempt to. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of my citizens have already been butchered. And I know, deep in these old bones, that he'll be coming for me shortly. This monster is relentless, and worst of all, merciless. It knows not love and kindness, but hatred and blood lust. I only hope this warning reaches anyone in time, for who knows where the monster will attack next once it's done here. If you are reading this message, I can only hope that you can bring it down. And, as a second request from a dying old man, I would like you to take care of this phoenix. Her name is Eve, and she will serve you loyally. Thank you...and farewell.

    -Mayor of the Town of Joulairre, Anderson Monroughe

    His message finished, he went over to the birdcage in the corner of his office, where he kept his beloved phoenix Eve. The majestic creature gave Anderson a sad look as he handed her the message. "Take this to whomever you can, Eve, and do not return." he ordered. He then stroked the bird's head with his bony finger. "I only wish we were together longer than two years. Now go." With grief in her heart, the phoenix soared out of the window just as the office's door broke down. Anderson faced the torrent of tar-like liquid, closing his eyes as the matter consumed him.

    Eve soared toward Opium, praying she could find help from someone at the guild there to avenge her master.
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  17. "Of course you can join, we're always open for new members. My name is Ed." The master said. Barry then stepped up. "Uh master there's something, I kind of told the police that Savannah was in our guild so she wouldn't go to prison. You may get a note soon." Ed's eye grew wide open. "You did what!?" His face became stern then turned sad. "You kids think you can blame everything on me? My power isn't unlimited you know." He said looking down and walking back into the room he came out of with streaks of tears on his face.
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  18. Savannah blinked a couple times. This Guild Master...wasn't anything like she expected. Still he was nice enough to give her a place in the guild. Savannah needed a moment to take it in: She's now in a Mage Guild. Savannah couldn't help but smile at the thought.
  19. In the outskirts of Opium, a cloaked figure was making his way towards the town. Behind him was a wagon with a trio of bodies knocked out cold. These were members of the rather new Dark Guild Black Thorn...at least they were till the figure was hired to take them down. Now they were nothing more than bounty pieces. The figure was promised a handsome sum...as well as information. Taking a moment to stop the figure opened the locket around his neck, a picture of Kinana; former member of the infamous Dark Guild Oración Seis that had been beaten by Fairy Tail years ago inside it. The figure gave a stare to the picture.

    No matter what. I will find you. That's a promise.

    The figure then closed the locket and moved forward, dragging the wagon towards the town to collect his reward.
  20. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Orion decided to go adventure outside. Walking out the doors, Orion stepped out to smell the fresh air. Feeling a bit lonely, he decided to call out one of his Diamond Keys. "Gate of the Sun Palace, I open thee! Apollo!" With a bright flash, a man in red armor, blue cape and golden bow and arrow came out. "You need my assistance sir?" Apollo asked. "No I just felt a bit lonely." Orion said gleefully. The two took a stroll in the town, managing to walk a few miles away from the guild.

    "Hey Apollo, can you tell me where the other Diamond Keys could possibly be?" Orion asked. It was his goal to try to claim all the Diamond Keys to complete the whole set. "I am not obliged to tell you that info sir." Apollo responded. Orion gave a slight sigh. "Not going to make this easy huh..." Looking up, Orion saw a phoenix with a note attached to its foot. "A messenger bird isn't something you see everyday, but a messenger Phoenix is quite the uncertainty." Orion mumbled to himself.
  21. The phoenix spotted Orion and dove down toward him, landing tenderly on his shoulder and holding out the leg with the message tied to it. She seemed to have a look of sadness on her face, and her chirping sounded distressed. After delivering the message, she stayed on Orion's shoulder, not knowing what else she could do.

    (Btw, I altered the message slightly. Eve could be something of a guild pet/messenger if you so choose.)
  22. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Orion immediately saw the bird dive down to him. Orion flinched, but the Phoenix softly landed on his shoulder. "Apollo, gate closure for now." Apollo gave a small bow before disappearing in thin air.

    Orion carefully untied the message off the Phoenix's foot to not hurt her. Opening the message, Orion read it, even though he didn't know if it was supposed to be for him or not. His reaction immediately became aghast and serious. Looking at the Phoenix, Orion could tell that things are getting really out of hand. "I need to bring this to Master." Orion claimed.

    Running towards Ender Eye Guild with the Phoenix flying beside him, he tried to get the message delivered as fast as he could. Orion dashed through the dining hall, ignoring all the greetings and complaints he was getting. The blonde barged through Master's office and stopped. The only sound you heard were his keys jingling on his belt. Ignoring Barry and Savannah currently in there, he slammed the message down onto Master Ed's desk. "You need to read this NOW!" Orion proclaimed. The Phoenix who had been following Orion the whole one perched itself onto Orion's shoulder again.
  23. Ed was surprised by Orion's sudden outburst. He took the massage and read it. His expression instantly grew dark. "Joulaire Town has fallen to one single monster?" He said quietly. He thought for a second. "Tell Barry to prepare for a mission, wait until Eliza comes back and tell her that too. You should also go, we need our best members for this." He said looking down.

    (Yes Barry wasn't in the office)
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  24. People gathered around a scene developing outside a bar in Opium. A man had been tossed outside by a cloaked figure who shot him a death glare.

    "Darn it, what the heck is this about!? I paid you what you were due." The man said, groveling on the ground as the cloaked figure crouched down.

    "You paid me money, but you didn't give me what I was due. You still owe me some information." The cloaked figure said, in a rather calm and collected tone. The man spat at this statement.

    "Whatever Mr. Viper, I said that woman looked familiar, I didn't say anything about knowing her or nothin." The man said, his English slurred as his aggression rose...which quickly turned to fear as the man called Viper lifted him off the ground by his collar.

    "You said you knew her. You said you've seen her. I'm not leaving till you tell me everything you know." Viper said matter of factly. The man began to sweat as fear became all to visible.
  25. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    "I'll be quick Master Ed." Orion claimed. Orion went out of the office and onto the railing of the second floor. He shouted so that everyone can hear. "Barry, Master Ed requires your assistance this instant." Orion proclaimed.

    Walking back to the office, Orion had some complaints to Master Ed. "Master, not to offend, but I don't think 3 members would be quite enough for this job. We are talking about a monster that wiped out a whole village here!" Orion exclaimed. The Phoenix who was still perched on Orion's shoulder squawked in agreement as it remembered its whole village being wiped out. "We may require more wizards and mages for this job!" Orion stated.
  26. "I know that, but you three are the guilds strongest members, I will send reinforcements when more guild mates return." Ed said. Barry rushed into the master's office. "What's wrong master?" He asked. "I need you along with Eliza and Orion here to investigate at Joulaire, there was a monster that single handedly destroyed the town." Barry was shocked by the news. "Is it the liquid monster we've been hearing about recently?" Barry asked concerned. "Yes it is." Ed responded.
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  27. Savannah stood in confusion, she didn't know what was going on but she knew it was serious. Deciding she had to know, she walked into the Guild Master's office.

    "What is going on?" Savannah asked Ed, she knew she'd get in trouble for this, but she had to know what was going on.
  28. "Ah Savannah, perfect timing. I'm afraid your guild enrolment will have to wait. We are in a dire situation right now." He thought about Savannah's power for a bit. "Your power is sand correct? I know this is sudden but I need you to go along with these people's mission with investigating a liquid monster, I believe your magic will be quite useful if you were to confront the beast." He said.
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  29. Ara was filled with joy as she looked outside of the guild's wall. She finally made it, she made it to Ender Eye. She had walked pretty far, most people would've been tired, but she had her mother's old umbrella with her. She wasted no time, and burst through the doors. "Hello everyone from Ender Eye! My name is Ara Fullbuster and I wish to become a member of your guild!" Ara exclaimed as she entered. She looked at the face of some of the members, or who she assumed to be members, and said, "Um, is this a bad time for me to be asking this or should I just...?" Ara has never felt this embarrassed before, and she has walked around naked one time in her parents guild.
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  30. Savannah stood in surprise for a moment. Already just a new member and being trusted with such a big mission. It did not take Savannah long to break out a look of determination.

    "If you believe I can help, I will gladly give all I can give." Savannah said with confidence.

    The sounds of begging could be heard as Viper continued to try and threaten information from his employer. All he'd gotten from him was that he saw her one time in a bar a couple months ago. Beyond that he had no idea where this Kinana was. Viper was hardly satisfied.

    "You waste my time and THAT is all you can tell me?" Viper spat with anger, the man began to panic before an idea formed in his head.

    "Ender Eye! Go to Ender Eye HQ, they are bound to know more than I would. It's just over there, you can't miss it. Please don't hurt me!" The man begged, pointing to Viper's left as Viper let out a sigh and dropped the man.

    Ender Eye? Whatever. If they can help me find her it has to be worth a look.

    Viper began to walk to the base of the Ender Eye Guild, with hope that they would give him information worth something.
  32. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Still worried, Orion still complained and doubted their powers. "Sir, what if we aren't enough?" Orion worried, this is a monster destroying a whole village they're talking about. "Not that I'm doubting you of course," Orion said to Savannah. "It's just that I'm worried about it that's all." He looked at his Diamond and Silver Keys, wondering if they'll be enough to defeat this, liquid monster thing.
  33. "That's good to hear." Ed said, he then turned to Orion. "I trust in your power that's why I'm sending you." He then heard a voice coming from outside of someone who's asking to join the guild. He walked outside. "Hello there, I'm sorry but we're curently in a bad situation so if you would just wait for a bit, maybe take a seet. We will get to you initiation as soon as possible." He said.
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  34. Ara had a concerened look on her face, and said to the man, "Um, why? What is happening? Who are you?"

    OOC: Sorry if this was short. There was really not much I could say or add
  35. "I'm not here for initiation, I'm here for answers."

    Viper made his bold declaration, seeing what he assumed to be the Guild Master talking to a girl just outside the building.

    "Would you happen to be the Guild Master of Ender Eye?" Viper asked the man, a glare directed at the man. It wasn't one of anger, but he had to let the man know he was here for serious business.
  36. Ed realized he never introduced himself. "Oh sorry I never introduced myself. I'm Ed Erma, Ender Eye's guild master." He then turned towards Viper. "I'm sorry but could you wait a moment, I need to sort some things out then I'll be strait with you." He looked back at Ara and realized her last name. "Hold on, your last name is Fullbuster? Are you related to Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail?" He asked.
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  37. "You're the guild master that's awesome!" Ara exclaimed, but then the master asked her about her dad, and so she said, "Yeah, I am. I'm actually his daughter, and Juvia Lockser is my mother." She didn't know why the master wanted to know, however.
  38. As the discussion went on outside, Eve flew up to the rooftop and looked up at the sky. The phoenix was silent at first, tired and distraught over all that it had witnessed and lost, but then it began to sing it's laments. Her voice echoed over the guild, one of the most beautiful sounds to grace a human's ears, as she sang her farewells to those who lived in Joulairre.
  39. Ed prossesed about what Ara just told him. "You know ice magic right? If so, your help would be greatly appreaciated for a critical mission. I'm sure you've heard of a liquid monster that has been rampaging around. We are going to investigate a event that occurred in Joulairre and your help would be most appreciated." He said. Ed then heard Eve's song. "What a beautiful tune." He thought.
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  40. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Orion, with Savannah and Barry, was now waiting for Eliza. "Where is she?" Orion complained. "She needs to get here soon, we have a mission to conquer!" Turning to the Sand-Make Mage and the Darkness Dragon Slayer, Orion said: "Prepare for the mission, and try not to use much of your magic, we are going to need to save it."

    Orion walked out, quite stressed out actually. He was panicking that they wouldn't do well. Orion took out his keys and stared at them: Apollo, Diana, Minerva, Vesta, Mercury. His Diamond Keys. Orion gave a huge sigh and got up. He can do this.
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