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Ask to Join Tales of 3008

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Spongzilla, Sep 11, 2020.

  1. Spongzilla

    Spongzilla Previously LizardWarrior

    SCP - 3008, observably normal, infinitely terrifying. A so called "normal Ikea" where people go in but never come out. Once inside, you will find, endless streams of shelves and furniture, cafes and homes scenes, cities and walls, monsters that crawl and cry and bleed nothing. Surely you will die.

    Not necessary but will give you majority of the information you need to know on SCP - 3008.
    http://www.scpwiki.com/scp-3008 (SCP-3008 - SCP Foundation)

    SCP - 3008 is an anomaly in the SCP Universe which is pretty much and endless Ikea. Inside lurk "workers" who are abnormal humanoids devoid of facial structure and organs. They are made entirely out of skin. These workers have abnormal size with maybe giant arms and a tiny body of stretched head and squished legs. They are passive during the "day" (Which is to say the time when the overhead store lights are on) but when "night" (The time when lights are off) comes they become highly aggressive and chase anything while politely saying phrases such as "Please leave the store" and "The store is now closed"

    The store itself full of areas you might find in an Ikea like beds and furniture and shelves of stuff and little scenes. Also inside are cafes and vending machines which are refilled irregularly. They house things like candy bars and water bottles to meatballs and sausages. Also inside will be different towns with walls to block out workers and beds to sleep on.

    In this RP you will start as a normal citizen in your world or universe who enters 3008 unknowingly. After getting trapped you make you way to one of the towns listed below and start an RP of battles against workers and scavenging against competing towns for food and weapons.

    Towns are named after signs hanging above them like "Checkout" or "Sales" and are often competing against neighbouring towns for resources. Now without further ado, your future homes.

    Town Name: Sales
    Population: 42
    Description: Sales is one of the largest towns in 3008 and is the oldest of the bunch. It is located in the centre on a shelving unit against a pillar. The edges of the town are surrounded by walls which have holes in them designed to fit spears through in order to attack workers at night.

    Inside the town is filled with lamps and tents that create sort of a maze and at the very centre is a much bigger tent that houses the dining room where townsfolk go to feast. The dining room also doubles as a community place as it is quite large and fits multiple rooms.

    Often this town is stocked with food due to their large size and age so they known exactly where vending machines and cafes are as well as little competition from smaller towns.

    Town Name: Greenhouse
    Population: 25
    Description: Greenhouse is a very secluded town but it is also one of the best places to be. It is located in the greenhouse section of the store where the lights overhead are UV and act as suns. Here, the townsfolk grow their own food plants to hide themselves amongst the jungle of greenery.

    They are a peaceful group which prefer to stay out of others business through hiding themselves. They get their water through a fake river that runs along the back of the greenhouse. The protect themselves by first hiding using camouflage and then drowning trees and other strong plants to block themselves off. Although the always bring ladders when making new settlements to be able to climb back out.

    Amongst the trees they have built platforms and bridges connecting their settlements and huts made of bamboo and giant leaves. Their home is very layered with different buildings for food, sleeping, storing and communal spaces. They known how to control the temperature of these settlements to grow different plants through fans and heaters.

    Town Name: Checkout
    Population: 23
    Description: Checkout is the tallest of towns inside 3008 reaching almost to the ceiling. Inspired (copied) from lord bungs Confinement series Episode 6.

    Checkout is located completely above ground against one of the stores many pillars. They are located around 30 metres above the shelving and in order to get up and down they have installed a pulley system. up at the top they sleep in tents or sleeping bags on top a self constructed platform made out of wooden structures and other stable things. They are masters of stealth and are often the first to find restocked vending machines and cafes.

    Town Name: Furniture
    Population: 14
    Description: Furniture is the smallest town is made of tents and makeshift huts. They don't have much protection but their small size means workers often don't find them and they can move easily. The hide amongst a maze of shelving units that the positioned to act lie a blocked between the outside and their settlement but the have maps to find their way in and out.

    They also have different area's inside the maze where they can move too if they are found. They have a relative understanding of their surroundings outside the maze and can find food pretty easily but they aren't as well off in battles and will often be left with the leftovers.

    Town Name: Nomads
    Population: Ever changing
    Description: The nomads aren't as much of a town as a group of people. They move and sleep wherever they are which helps the to avoid making towns and setting up and camps. They also avoid workers this way and often have a lookout each night in case workers come near. They are hard to keep up with and only the skilled can enter their group without being left behind.

    Now onto the generic RP stuff that is still important.

    - Romance and Gore allowed but keep it low-key
    - No being rude just for the sake of it
    - No homophobia, sexism, racism or transphobia
    - No Mary Sue's or whatever the male version is called
    - Posts must be at least a paragraph long
    - Must be able to post once every 2-3 days or tell me if you can't
    - Try and spell stuff as accurately as you can and yes I am aware my spelling sucks and I probably made like a quintillion errors already
    - Put "Le rogue shirt" In your character sheet somewhere so I know you read the rules

    From Where (Optional):
    Backstory (Optional):
    Example Post:

    If I forgot something please tell me.

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