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Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Yoshimitsu, May 11, 2009.

  1. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Yoshimitsu was uneasy. Sat in his kitchen, a cup of coffee on the table in front of him, watching the news. Nothing exciting. Something on global warming, then about a celebrity's wedding scandal, then about some medical marvel. All boring stuff to him. But something was off. Something not right. He had hoped that the news might have said something unusual, but there had been nothing. He could not immediately sense anything, nor had any of his friends contacted him. Everything was calm, so why couldn't he shake this feeling? Frowning, he downed his coffee then walked through the back door.

    Even the weather was calm. A cloudless night, stars twinkling down from above, a canvas of fairy lights. The moon was crescent, casting a soft glow. There was a light breeze, but even it was not chilling, the weather warm. Yoshimitsu approached the edge of the cliff and looked at the sea, calm for once. Nothing. Everything was so quiet. He closed his eyes, allowing his mind to wander for just a moment. Then, he focused and tried to sense. Far away, he could sense his friends and allies. Alex, in his tower. Kilik, in his apartment. Araini, though the location was unknown. As they normally would be. No unusual activity whatsoever.

    "What's going on..." He muttered.

    "I was wonderin' the same thing," a voice said from behind Yoshimitsu. Instinctively, the blue haired teenager spun round, his hand flying to his sword hilt. His eyes fell on another male who looked roughly the same age, maybe a few years older. Dressed entirely in black, black shirt, black trousers, black shoes, black hair. Had it not been for the moon and the stranger's fairly pale complexion, Yoshimitsu might not have seen him at all.

    "Calm down there," Felix said, raising his hands in a peaceful gesture. Yoshimitsu noticed a cigarette in one hand, a ring on the other. "Name's Felix. And, mate, if I wanted to hurt ya, I wouldn't have said I was here, would I?"

    "Never hurts to be too careful," Yoshimitsu said, easing up slightly. He kept his hand on his sword, just in case, but let his body relax. "Especially if you're me."

    "Careful, huh?" Felix said, lowering his arms and shrugging. "Can't say I know much about that."

    "What do you mean?"

    "Long story," Felix said, pausing to take a drag of his cigarette. "But if I was careful, I wouldn't be here makin' small talk with you."

    "Why are you here?" Yoshimitsu asked, starting to walk back towards the house. "Though, since you are, may as well come in." He walked back to his house, Felix behind him. As soon as they entered the kitchen, Felix immediately sat at the table and pulled the ash tray towards him.

    "Like I said, it's a long story," Felix replied, shrugging. Yoshimitsu frowned.

    "But you have a reason," he stated. "Want a brew?"

    "Yep. Got anything stronger?" Felix asked, his eyes scanning the room.

    "There's some beer in the fridge," Yoshimitsu said, taking a cigarette from his own pocket and lighting it with a flame from his finger. "Get me one while you're there." Felix returned with two bottles of beer, which he opened with a swiss-army knife he produced from one of his pockets.

    "Cheers," Felix said, swallowing a fair amount of his beer.

    "So, give me the short version," Yoshimitsu said. "Or just the part about me."

    "Right," Felix said, pulling out what looked like a hand-held computer. "If you look at this, it's a live feed. There's a camera zoomed in from ground level, and a whole buncha them at regular intervals." He pushed the device to Yoshimitsu, who looked at the screen.

    "That's the sky," Yoshmitsu said, frowning.

    "Yep. Normal sky, right? Stars and moon," Felix agreed. He leant across the table and pushed a button, the image flickering then reforming. "Look at this. Spot the difference." Yoshimitsu looked again.

    "It's the same... wait. That star. It's a bit brighter," Yoshimitsu said. "Is this some kind of game?"

    "I wish," Felix snorted, pushing another button. "This is a camera in the upper atmosphere, max zoom."

    On the screen was what looked like a fireball, blue flames flickering violently. Yoshimitsu frowned. Fire couldn't exist in space. Nothing to burn. He looked closer. It didn't take him long to realise, due to the pattern of the flames. The flames were spreading outwards. It was not fire, something was moving towards the camera at a very high velocity.

    "A comet?" Yoshimitsu asked, taking a sip of his beer.

    "Not quite," Felix said. He downed his drink, then pushed another button before going to the fridge. "Different filter. That fire's gone."

    The image had changed again, though a part of Yoshimitsu wished it hadn't. It looked like it was made of crystal. From what he could tell, it was something humanoid made up of a pale plue, almost aqua crystal. He could see the head, three horns extending from the forehead and two lines of spikes running down the back. Two shoulder plates as well, if he was right, and two wings. Those did not scare him though. It was the eyes. Those glowing, blue eyes. Even through the image, Yoshimitsu thought the could see him.

    "What is that thing?"

    "Dunno. We're fuckin' clueless," Felix said, returning to the table with another beer. "It's made up of some crystalline substance but we dunno what. The atom structure, from what we can tell anyway, is nothing like anything on Earth. And it looks like it's made up of some space sh*t we've never seen before."

    "And it's headed for Earth," Yoshimitsu stated. "Of course it is."

    "Yep," Felix confirmed. "On a small island just off the coast of Asia. Fuckin' weird island, looks like it's made up of a buncha different climates."

    Yoshimitsu was on the move immediately, standing up and checking what he had on him. Both the Bahamut Blade and Shinkuu were hanging at his waist. He felt for the sapphire necklace around his neck. His mobile phone, just in case. Those were the essentials. Those were what he'd take.

    "Now I see why you came to me," Yoshimitsu said, pulling a headband from his pocket. He put it on, pushing the hair that fell to his eyes upwards. "How long until it hits?" Felix hesitated.

    "Twenty minutes. Give or take," he said. "What's the emergency?"

    "That island is a giant battery. Dejurrin Island," Yoshimitsu explained quickly, urgently. "Underneath its surface is a giant power source. If you can tap into it, you can change the shape of the island. It's got nearly infinite energy. If that thing gets access to it, it's got a stronghold and enough power to become unstoppable. Now," he said, extending a hand to Felix. "You coming?"

    "I don't get paid nearly enough for this," Felix muttered, seizing Yoshimitsu's hand. The pair of them vanished, teleporting to the snowfield on Dejurrin Island.
  2. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Database sat under a tree, shivering. Being a stereotypical Englishman, he was not coping particularly well with the awful weather, and being mostly electronic didn't help either. Standing up, stiffly, Database started stretching, trying not to let his joints freeze up. Eventually, he was struck by an idea that should have been obvious from the start. Raising his arm cannon, he pulled the trigger inside and held it there. The gun started to glow, and, more importantly, began to heat up. Using the weapon as a sort of deadly hair-dryer, Database moved it over his joints and sighed as they warmed up. It wouldn't last long... but it was something.

    He didn't even really know what was going on. He'd been sitting on this rock for a few hours now, waiting for something to happen. His unit had not been in any hurry to tell him what was going on; instead, they were in a hurry to kick him out of the plane. As far as he could gather from the anxious chatter on the aircraft he'd been sitting on, the island housed a massive power source of some kind, although, exactly what was beyond Database's understanding right now.
    His visor beeped, suddenly. A message had arrived from headquarters.

    "Sorry about the rough entry. Here's your briefing: There is some sort of life form coming in from outer space. Your speciality, as I'm told. It's heading straight for the island you are sitting on, which houses a massive energy source. We are unable to discern much about the nature of this power source, and as such it is vital that this alien does not reach it. You must do anything in your power to stop it. Over and out."

    "Lovely," Database thought. "Another alien." Database lowered his gun, and let go of the charge. It coursed back into his body — judging by the message, he'd need every ounce of energy he could get. Quickly, he ran over his systems — communications were all working, as was his monitoring systems (cold, but in top condition) and weaponry. He was garbed simply in dark green trousers and a long, black jacket. As his chest was metal, he normally felt no need to wear a shirt. Naturally, right now he wished he had. Attached inside his jacket were a pair of sleek, black tonfa, with simple blades extending down the sides of the shaft. They were backup weapons of a sort; designed more to show off than to actually fight with. Regardless, they had an elegance that Database admired, and they allowed him to regain some of his grace from before he had become a cyborg. He took them out for a second, twirled them around his arms, and replaced them effortlessly. That was another reason he liked them — they were not affected by the cold or wet. Not like the rest of his equipment, which was modern and electronic... and would thus shut down at the slightest hint of overuse. Thankfully, Database had long since adapted to this, knowing how hard he could push his body before it stopped working.

    His thoughts were interrupted by a strange sight. Two young males were melting into sight, clasping hands and looking wary. One was clearly only seventeen or so, and had bright blue hair, and seemed to possess far more power than he showed. Two swords hung at his side, and there was a cigarette in his mouth. The other was black-haired and black-clothed, standing out starkly against the packed snow around him. His skin was pale, and he held a beer in one, ringed hand. The only thing left to do now was to determine whether the two were friend or foe. Approaching them, slowly, he raised his gun.

    "Good evening, gentlemen. Who are you?" He grinned, widely. "Here's hoping you're on my side."
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  3. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    As soon as Yoshimitsu felt his body re-constructing itself, he was immediately aware that he and Felix were not alone. However, he was convinced his sensing capabilities were wrong, as he was detecting what felt like half a human. Whatever the case was, the presense of someone or something else was mildly disconcerting. Someone else must have known about either the island or the incoming alien. He appeared to literally shrug off the cold, one hand hovering cautiously at his waist.

    The mysterious individual presented himself immediately. Taking a drag of his cigarette, he observed the person before replying. His eyes were immediately drawn to the metal chest, raising an eyebrow. A cyborg. No wonder he was only registering half a human. Despite finding it slightly unusual, he saw the person was clothed. Green trousers and a trenchcoat. Yoshimitsu could detect nothing hostile about the cyborg.

    "Depends on which side's your's," Yoshimitsu replied. "I'm here to stop the alien."

    "I'm not on anyone's side," Felix chipped in, sipping his beer. "I'm 'observing'. And this snowfield is handy, instant chilling beer."

    "Yeah yeah, that's the last one you'll get from me," Yoshimitsu said. "And don't dance around the issue, just ask."

    "Fine. What power source?" Felix asked. Yoshimitsu raised his eyes to the sky. Finally, he could sense the alien. However, something was still wrong. Frowning, he replied.

    "A power source hidden beneath the island. It's an ultra-condensed form of unstable energy in a solid state. It goes against most laws of physics in the world," he explained. "It's contained and protected. Because of how condensed it is, it can power anything almost indefinitely."

    "And no one knows about it?" Felix asked skeptically. Yoshimitsu's frown deepened. Felix was not asking for his own sake, he could tell.

    "Define 'knows about it'," Yoshimitsu replied. "It's detectable, sure. But no amount of scanning you do will tell you what it is. Only people who have directly accessed it can tell you what it is. There are three of us."

    "And how's it protected?" Felix asked.

    "Fat chance. Tell whoever you're reporting to that I'm not helping them," Yoshimitsu said sharply. His eyes never left the sky. The alien was getting closer, he could see it. But he still could not shake the feeling that there was more to what was happening than he immediately saw.
  4. The trees hid him very well, his own armor seeming to grab and reflect the images around him. He blended in with the forest very well, octagonal plates covering his body. They had no visible seems as he moved slowly, but on impact they would either stand up straight or shudder, showing their forms. Makseem had been infused with a form of bio-armor long ago, but only of his own choice. He had long since lost all memory of anything before his decision, but everything afterwards is clear in his mind. The armor over him would block anyone from sensing him unless he decided to retract the plates or cancel out the image reflection.

    Makseem was a tall Russian man with a broad jaw. He looked no older than twenty three, but he was considerably older. He was, in fact, forty six years old. It was a strange life he lived, but it paid. Makseem was wearing his warm, heavy clothing to protect himself from the cold. A big, brown coat that was protected by some excess plates that crawled over his clothing hung over his form heavily. It was thick and made of bear fur, mimicking his hat. Two ear flaps were pulled down to protect him from the bitter cold. His pants were also a thick bear fur, but they were black, unlike the upper clothing he was wearing. Underneath his thick fur clothing was more thin armor, in case it got to hot for thick fur.

    A couple of black tufts of hair stuck out from underneath his cap. The color of his eyes was that of milky coffee, puffs of golden honey-color springing up in his irises. Makseem hadn't shaved in a couple of days, so a small bit of black scruff had been forming along his jaw line, specifically above his lips and on his chin. The forest he was in had large pine trees towering over a ground that was sparsely covered in snow. Spots of the ground had pinecone clusters on them, making it difficult to quietly navigate the forest.

    Light seemed to peak out in front of him, and Makseem wandered out onto the field. Currently two teenage men were standing in front of him, facing away from him and slightly to the left. Makseem took a moment to realize what was going on, and eyed the blue-haired teen. He stood next to a man in black carrying a chilled beer in one hand. Makseem trudge forwards, his feet crunching the layer of snow that had been formed by a previous snowfall.

    Makseem saw a cyborg-man on the other side of the field, wearing a trenchcoat and green trousers. Makseem took this chance to retract the bio-armor and announce his presence. Any of them who were trying to sense a presence would have just received a flare of power.

    "Well," Makseem said, his Russian accent so thick you could practically cut it with a knife. "Who have we here?" His inverted V's and W's were obvious, but his sentences were still understandable. His sensors had been picking up a strong power in this direction, but not one of their power levels. "Anyone mind telling me what this insane power level is? I'm intrigued."
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  5. Beneath the snow, a rather out of place mammal scurried through the icy terrain, muttering curses under its breath. Only an hour ago, she had sensed a disturbance, not a part of this world, yet strong enough to make the Earth react. She had concentrated harder and picked up something definitely inhuman, closing in on the planet fast, giving off a faint vibe that instantly made her uneasy. Of course, her Elder had felt it too, and if it weren't for that fact that she was very busy at the moment, she would not have sent the fox out to do her work.

    "Why do I have to do everything?" Chibi whined, scrabbling through snow. The fox shook her head and scraped her black paws against the white ground. "Geez, three things in a row this week, and only one day off! For god's sake I'm not a frigging machine!" She blew out her breath in irritation, swishing her tail in her anger. "Hmph. At least Aislinn's doing this with me, must be bad if she's here too....Where the hell is she anyway?" Chibi did have a rather bad habit of talking to herself often, it kept you from going insane.

    The fox's jade screen eyes scanned the featureless landscape in rather obvious annoyance. Aislinn was never late. Ever. But then again, even if Chibi was early, Aislinn seemed to set up a strict rule of arriving exactly on time to the millisecond, whether Chibi liked it or not. The fiery red mammal sighed again and continued her trek across the snow. After probing the alien object a little, she had managed to pinpoint the general area where it would land, some islands off the coast of Asia that had a rather weird name. All Chibi could remember was that it began with a D. But she did know the islands, even if their name was determined to slip through her mind, she had been there once, and she realized instantly why the alien thing would pick this as its crash course. For someone who manipulated energy, it was not hard to sense the energy field laying below the islands, and also tap into that well of power. Chibi was on strict orders not too unless the need was dire, the whole place was a pool of energy that the "thing" could leech until it was unstoppable.

    Chibi's ears suddenly whipped up, she froze with one paw still in mid-step. What was that? Two beings suddenly appearing? She couldn't see them, but she could sense them. She ran a few feet ahead, yep, definitely two. Human as well. What scared her most was that they were suddenly there, she would have felt their presence grow stronger if they walked or ran or got to this island physically, but there was none of it. Perhaps they teleported. That would be impressive. She just hoped they weren't hostile, she already could tell they were people she didn't want to fight. Perhaps they could sense her as well, she shrugged, if that was the right word. She wasn't here for a fight...at least she wasn't here to fight them. Chibi hopped a little in the snow and then began trudging off in the duo's direction, now curious to see just who these people were.

    Then another being was there, not as suddenly, but rather faint. Now that she was closer, Chibi could in fact feel him, albeit barely. He seemed...human, yet not. Like a mixture of both. As soon as she deduced that, she came upon a rise in the land and jackpot, there they were. Two humans and one cyborg, ah a cyborg, that explained a lot. One individual seethed with power, his hair was a shocking blue, two elegant swords hung at his hips and Chibi guessed that he looked somewhere around seventeen, due to appearances. His accomplice was a little older, his skin was pale and his entirely black clothing made him easily visible along with his black hair. In a hand with a ring, he held a beer that Chibi could see had ice crystals forming on the condensation on its side. The cyborg had on green trousers and a black trenchcoat that revealed his machine chest. If Chibi had lips, she would have whistled in amazement.

    She was just wondering whether or not to show herself when a sudden blast of energy swept over her, causing her to growl and flatten her ears. It wasn't an attack, but it was just like the scenario before. Someone just suddenly appeared. She swiveled her head in the direction it came from, shocked to see a Russian man wearng bearskins calmly walk up to the trio. She saw his footprints going way off into the horizon, meaning he hadn't teleported. So had he shielded himself? Possibly, a little uncommon, but possible. "Well," The man said in such a thick Russian accent you could drown in it. "Who have we here? Anyone mind telling me what this insane power level is? I'm intrigued."

    It's not like she could get a better chance than this. "That's what I'd like to know," Chibi said, standing up and revealing her true form. Anyone who would have been quick enough to look would have seen some transformation from animal to human, but the the image in between lasted only an eyeblink, and Chibi was human before any noticeable time lapse was seen. She looked to be about fourteen, but the look in her green-gold eyes told of someone much older, someone who lived a thousand years it seemed. She was only 5' 4", wearing a green long-sleeved shirt and a pair of shorts. Being a master of fire, Chibi's body temperature never changed in a cold environment, she could have walked through the North Pole wearing a tank top and a skirt and her body heat wouldn't have dropped under ninety eight point six. She had long fiery red hair that touched the base of her spine and a freckled face; but instead of a pair of human ears, two orange fox ears grew out of her head sideways, and a long plume of a fox tail brushed the snow at her feet. She paused for a moment, then went on. "I hope we're all on the same wavelength here," she said, "I would really hate to fight someone working with alienface out there," she pointed to the bright star, "so, are we all here for the same reason?" She hoped she sounded confident, she was obviously the youngest looking person here, the others probably thought she was a joke. Where the fuck was Aislinn?!
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  6. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    "Aren't you cold?" Yoshimitsu asked, glancing at Felix.

    "Nope. These clothes, top of the range combat shit," Felix replied, shrugging. "Designed to maintain body temperature at any time, with a bunch of other shit I don't really know about. Entire wardrobe's like that."

    "I bet," Yoshimitsu muttered. His eyes snapped to another newcomer, this one clad in fur. He cut an impressive figure, standing possibly taller than both Yoshimitsu and Felix. The accent, Yoshimitsu recognised, was Russian. Either the man was too, or he was just an excellent actor. Yoshimitsu could detect no immediate hostile intentions, but as he was about to speak yet another stranger appeared. This one was part-human. Yoshimitsu suspected either a shapeshifter or a mage. However, neither the Russian's figure nor the girl's fox features caused him concern.

    "That depends on which power level you're reading," Yoshimitsu replied to the Russian. "If you're reading the one that's fluctuating, that'd be mine. If it's the one that's increasing, that's the alien's."

    The blue haired teenager frowned. While correct in saying that the power level was increasing, the rate of which it was getting stronger seemed far to high. Unless it was masking its power level, the change seemed impossible. Yoshimitsu was sure there was something else happening. As he tried to figure it out, Felix's mobile started ringing. The darker haired teenager said nothing. After a minute, he ended the call.

    "Bad news?" Yoshimitsu asked.

    "Good question," Felix replied. "Latest update. That alien's not alone. There are at least four other things following it. Made of that same space crystal shit. And there's something even bigger following those."

    "Any ideas on what, yet?" Yoshimitsu asked, raising his eyes to the sky again.

    "Not really," Felix replied.


    "So, what's so great about this power source?" Felix tried again. Yoshimitsu just pointed upwards.

    "There's no time," Yoshimitsu said. "Brace yourselves."

    The alien had already entered the atmosphere as the conversation had progressed. At its rate of acceleration, it would be surprising if the island was left intact. However, the island had many automatic defense mechanisms. As the alien got closer, one of them was immediately visible. A glow covered the first area of impact. As soon as the alien landed, there was a powerful shockwave that kicked up the snow around them violently. Immediately, Yoshimitsu jumped in front of everyone and threw up a glowing barrier.

    The force of the shockwave was incredible, but initially it was nothing that Yoshimitsu could not handle. However, seconds later, a second creature crashed into the island. It, too, released a shockwave. Yoshimitsu's hair flashed into gold as he expanded his barrier to cover everyone and keep them safe within the dome. They were safe, even as the third, fourth and fifth creatures crashed into the island. There were now five creatures on the island. One on the mountain, one in the desert, one near the lake, one in the forest and one in the wasteland.

    "This island's pretty nifty," Felix commented. "It should be in pieces."

    "Automatic defense mechanism," Yoshimitsu said. "It displaces the energy from the impact, in this case kinetic energy, and blasts it outwards instead. Any updates?" Felix checked his phone.

    "Nope. The energy must have shorted out my phone," Felix said, slipping it back into his pocket. "Friggin' thing can't handle anything."

    "Looks like we're on our own," Yoshimitsu said. He turned to everyone in the group. "I'm guessing you guys can handle this."

    "Everyone take one," Felix said suddenly, pulling out a handful of what looked like earpieces. "Keep these in, and we can communicate with each other."

    "Handy. Right, I'll take the mountain," Yoshimitsu said, raising his palm to his face. He gripped the air and made a motion as though he was pulling at something invisible. With a might wrench, his mask formed on his face, silver with the three curved points. With a mild shockwave, he shot at the mountain, the Bahamut Blade in his hand.

    "I'll go for the forest, then," Felix said, looking at the adjacent area. With a sigh, he downed his beer and headed in that direction.

    Suddenly, a voice came, strong and clear. It was as though it was being sent to their very minds.

    "Destroy them."

    OOC- Basically, pick and area and go find a monster. It can be whatever shape you like, but it -must- be made of crystal. Additionally, they are -not- easy to beat, so no one-post-KOs. :)
  7. (Oooh, party time!)

    Chibi had listened to everything with rapt attention. Five aliens? She managed to think just before the said five crashed right into the island. The teen, he hadn't even introduced himself, threw himself right in front of them and a barrier suddenly popped up, protecting them from the blast of snow and energy that was coming their way. Chibi felt her eyes widening, she had felt the power this kid held, but still seeing it in action was impressive. As the other waves came, his hair turned from blue to a blazed gold in a flash and the shield seemed to strengthen, effotlessly blocking the other four shockwaves.

    "This island's pretty nifty," the teen's compainion said when the crash landings were over. "It should be in pieces."

    Yes, Chibi added silently, I was told of this island's power. And of its defenses. Yet seeing them work just now is quite impressive. She straightened her hair and tuned her ears forward for any sounds however faint to come to her ears, she got nothing.

    While she was busy, the teen and hs black clad partner were talking. When the teen turned back to them, Chibi saw his eyes sweep over each of them. "Looks like we're on our own," he announced indifferently, as if he was fine with the whole issue. "I'm guessing you guys can handle this." Chibi just smiled at him in response.

    "Everyone take one. Keep these in, and we can communicate with each other." Chibi did in fact take one, it looked suspiciously like an earpiece....for a human ear anyway. The oversized right fox ear twitched. Now this was a little problem. Chibi twisted some of the earpiece around a bit until she could partially fit it around her animal ear, which twitched again in respose. She pinched it down until she knew it would stay in her ear unless hit very, very hard. As she was fumbling with her earpiece thing, she saw and heard the duo dividing up their locations. The powerful teen stated he would go for the mountain, and...the best word was ripped his face off to reveal a mask. Huh. Shouldn't it be the other way around? Chibi had no time to ponder this teen any longer, for he shot away with a shockwave of his own, heading towards the mountain that the thing crashed into.

    "I'll go for the forest, then," his companion said as if he would really like to be doing something better. With a sigh he finished the beer he had been holding and began walking towards the distant forest.

    Chibi watched him go, then turned to the others. As soon as the teen even hinted, however subtly, splitting up her mind knew where she wanted to go. "I'll take the desert," she said as if this were a normal occurence. "I work best in hot places." She checked her watch, "Damnit, she won't be here for another few hours." She sighed and shook her head, Aislinn would miss out....again. Why her? She threw out her right arm and clenched her hand. From the middle of her palm, a ball of fire burst up and shot out two rods from its sides, the lines of flames grew longer and longer until the whole thing was roughly six or seven feet long. Chibi's fingers closed fearlessly around the fire, which vanished to reveal a Gaundao, oddly enough with a blade on each end instead of one.

    The day's only getting shorter, Chibi told herself and turned to the distant desert. She concentrated, and suddenly began glowing eerily. With no warning at all, she burst into flames and exploded from the ground like a miniature spaceship launching off from the ground, a streak of orange and yellow fire shot across the sky like a comet. As it blew through the air on a beeline for the desert's impact site, a voice spoke to her, as if it were in her head. "Destroy them." Not a good way to lift your spirits.
  8. "This one is mine," Makseem said, practically flying at the crystalline beast near his forest. His coat slid off as he flew through the air, followed by his thick bearskin pants. He wouldn't need them for now. Underneath, he was wearing a thick pair of blue jeans and a long sleeve white sweatshirt, thick enough for the cold weather. His skin was slightly dark from some mild sun exposure over the years, but not very tan. His arm snapped upwards, forming a fist. As he neared the beast, his fist swung down hard.

    The beast was like a lion in structure. The powerful legs were golden, matching the tail and the head, but the body itself was much darker in color. Makseem didn't see many real lions, but he wasn't about to stop and take a picture. The creature didn't have a physical mane, but it was refracting red light frequencies around its neck to make it look like a giant, flowing mane. As his fist slammed into the lion's head, he heard a terrible grating noise. The smooth, contour edges were apparently a ruse, because a terrible screech filled his ears.

    His bio-mech eventually calibrated some deafeners, and his ears felt relieved with the lack of noise. The beast roared with another screech, but Makseem didn't feel any pain from the noise.

    "Dasvidania," Makseem said coolly. His feet landed heavily on the ground, and he held out his palm to the beast. A section of steel pipe, the size of his palm, formed, and his entire arm became hot. A bio-bullet shot out, the size of a fist, and knocked the lion straight in its jaw. The bullet was made of tightly-wound wood fibers, and looked very much like a peach pit. The lion thing flew back into the forest, but it stood up and roared.

    Makseem's sensors picked up what was happening, and he threw up his arm like a shield. The roar was actually the sound of a laser cannon firing off, and the hot beam struck his arm-shield dead on. The armor was strong, but the laser was eating away at it second-by-second. Makseem lowered his arm when the beam stopped, and he laughed quietly to himself.

    "Strong things, aren't you?"
  9. Yoshimitsu

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    Felix gave a grim smile, raising his forearm. He pulled back his sleeve to reveal a strange wristband. The wristband was black, with identical nodes on it that had a series of flashing lights on them. He pushed a button on the underside, and four of the nodes suddenly detached. They were certainly interesting to look at. Definitely technologically advanced, they all had a small engine that was working and releasing a small flame that kept them aloft, along with a series of rotating fins that regulated direction. These devices immediately shot off, each following one of the people on the island.

    While he had been doing this, Felix had reached the forest. Initially, he hadn't thought it was particularly dense. However, now that he was inside, he realised that he was very wrong. All outside sounds had been muffled entirely, and there was very little light. As soon as he came to that conclusion, he slipped a visor out of his pocket and switched the filter to night vision mode. The specially modified visor would serve to neutralise all light, not just make things appear lighter.

    "Alright beasty, where the fuck are you..." Felix muttered to himself, slipping his ring from his finger. However, considering he was going in mostly blind, the gravity of the situation never occured to him. After a moment's rummaging through he pockets, he raised a spliff to his mouth and lit it, taking a deep drag. Just as he was about to exhale, the crystal creature jumped out from the shadows. Being the trained expert in fighting he was, Felix immediately ducked, the monster passing over him. Spinning away, Felix took the opportunity to examine his opponent.

    It was tall, and definitely not human-looking. In fact, Felix was slightly surprised he hadn't noticed it earlier. It was fairly bulky, at least a head taller than Felix and well-built. He noticed its torso was very small, and most of its bulk was made up of its arms and legs. Both looked longer than they should, the legs ending in widened plated and the hands had blades protruding from them. Its head had a single curved horn that reached round down its back. Its eyes were pure blue, lighter than the rest of its crystalline structure, and were blank, staring.

    "Aren't you a pretty one," Felix said, his ring immediately extending into a bo-staff made of that same black metal. Without waiting for the creature to attack again, Felix spun and swung his staff round at the creature's head. His staff met the creature's fore-arm, but Felix immediately jumped and drop-kicked the crystalline beast. As soon as he landed again, he jumped back and took another drag.

    "Let's see what you've got then, beautiful," Felix muttered.
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    Database lowered his gun with an inward sigh of relief. The two men that stood before him were not hostile — and, in fact, had the same intentions as he. Despite this, the two did not seem to have formed a strong alliance.
    Database took the earpiece and clipped it on to his right ear — the one that was still made of flesh. He didn't suppose he'd need it — he could communicate with his computer systems alone, but it was good to have a failsafe.

    "Okay, I'll take the lake." These were Database's last words before he turned from the group, and began to walk away. Suddenly, he stopped. A voice was booming, clear as if it was right next to him. It made his systems crackle and fizz, and his mechanical eye was clouded with static. But only for a split second.

    "Destroy them."

    Everyone else had heard it too, judging by their reactions. But there was no time to discuss, they all had a job to do. And they needed to do it fast. With that, Database turned back, and trudged away through the snow. The lake would be his location of choice today.

    When he got there, he found the lake clean and clear, fish rippling underneath it. He stepped onto the side of the lake, dipping his hand in the water. It was warm. The sky was clear and blue, and a distant twittering of birds could be heard. For an island about to be invaded and commandeered for world-destroying means... it sure was peaceful. He knelt, placing his hand into the water and swishing it around. A nearby fish shot away, scared.

    Suddenly, a crash made Database look up suddenly. A large, crystalline structure was hurtling through the air, hitting the water with a smash. It seemed to be divided into many, many sections, each made of a blueish crystal, and as they hit the water, they stirred. Then, the structure broke apart, each section forming into a vaguely fish-like shape, except they had arms, covered in sharp blades, and three pointed fingers on each jagged claw. They swam through the water effortlessly, gliding fast, seemingly without exerting any effort at all. And then, suddenly, one leapt from the water, flying straight at Database. He narrowly sidestepped it, and it hit the ground with a crash — but as soon as it did, it flipped back onto its hands, and made another dive. This one connected with Database's chest, sending him and the creature flying, backwards into the water.

    Fumbling with his armour, Database activated an oxygen mask that completely obscured his face in a shining metal coat. There was a single hole, where his mechanical eye glowed through — the rest was covered. He stood up, twenty metres below the surface of the water, and was met with a horrible, horrible sight. There were many, many more creates than Database thought. Nearly thirty creatures sat there, gazing upon Database with seemingly emotionless interest. Then, one by one, they began their assault, charging towards him in a deadly strike. Database raised his arm cannon, blasting one, two, three creatures away from him, the beam causing the water around him to bubble furiously as the pure energy cut through it. Another creature swam straight for him, dodging the rain of blasts from his arm cannon, only ceasing its charge when Database raised his metal arm and smashed it into the creature's head, knocking it out, mere inches from impaling Database on its claws.

    Suddenly, the fish creatures switched tack. They ceased their suicide charge, and began to swim around in circles, faster and faster, their bodies changing to become smoother and more streamlined. Like crystal bullets they shot around Database, gathering masses of speed and energy. Database managed to shoot some of them out of their course, causing them to careen into the ground and splinter into tiny pieces, but his efforts were futile. There were too many. Suddenly, each creature emitted a small beam of energy, which combined, enveloping the creatures together, and through the blinding light, Database could see the creatures forming together, creating three giant humanoid creatures, smooth and gleaming, with their arms covered in sharp spikes, and what looked like an energy cannon in their palms. Their backs and legs had fins, retaining their superior swimming ability. The light faded, and the creatures stood around Database, flanking him. As three large organisms... they were going to cause a lot more trouble.

    "Bring it," Database muttered. This battle had only just begun.
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  11. Makseem saw the creature take another swipe at him, but didn't feel it. The creature met his bio-armor, which had literally lept from his skin to defend himself. It wasn't connected to his skin anymore, but as soon as the claw was completely stopped, they retreated to his skin. Makseem lashed out with his left arm, meeting the creature's right before it could strike again. With a quick turn, Makseem was under it's arm and flinging the creature over his head. The creature roared in irritation as it slammed into the ground, barely even shaken.

    Makseem had a foot on it's head already. "What's wrong, cat," Makseem mocked. "Cold weather slowing you down?" Makseem pulled up his foot for a second, and the lion switched it's head upright again. Makseem slammed down as hard as he could, and he heard the terrible sound of crystal grating against itself. The sound resonated in Makseem's ears, but he again managed to deafen the sound with his biosystems. He formed a fist and placed it on the lion-crystal-alien thing, and his knuckles seemed to glide back over his fingers and form barrels where each had previously been.

    Five bullets shot out at wicked speeds, puffs of smoke emerging from his opened knuckles. As he pulled away his hand, the completely unscathed head of the beast shining in the light. Makseem cursed, and the Lion's head suddenly shot up, throwing Makseem up in the air. He went only a few feet upwards, and landed with a hard thud. The ground shook underneath them, and a few chunks of snow-covered dirt had loosed themselves all together.

    Without a second's rest, the Lion pounced on Makseem and tore at his armor. It pinned him to the ground, one paw on each shoulder. Scales of armor were flying off, tearing out chunks of skun with them. His nanotech went to work, repairing the damaged flesh. Makseem ground his teeth and pushed out on his right shoulder, summoning up his weapon of choice.

    The Lion tore off from the right side, a pole shooting up from Makseem's shoulder. Makseem stood up and pulled at it, detaching the weaopn from his body. The base color was gold, the color of his default armor. The ends were capped with rounded green metal, a slightly harder armor. He swung hard, and got the Lion in his jaw. The lion held its ground, but suddenly shifted its structure.

    It stood upon it's hind legs, which transformed into anthropomorphic legs. His paws turned into long, human-like claws, tipped with red crystal. It's tail turned longer and slightly thicker, swishing in the air energetically. It's muzzle remained the same, but it's face became smooth and soft, with two ruby-red eyes. Then, the being smiled.

    "Well, well, well," The lion said with a smooth, flowing voice. Makseem nearly lost his footing when he heard that. "The kitten has claws."

    Makseem chuckled at the joke, not the fighter. "So you have a sense of humor on your planet, do you?"

    "You could say that," The lion suddenly produced a pole from his arm, which extended out of his palm. "Name's Leo."

    "Cliche, wouldn't you say?" Makseem readied a more combat-effective stance. "Makseem, if you care." Things just got a lot more interesting.
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    Yoshimitsu skidded backwards, his feet failing to find any grip despite being on a rocky surface. He was lucky. A punch like that could have easily broken bones if it had hit like it was supposed to. Immediately, he threw himself back into the fray with a powerful swing of his sword. As he swung, the blade released a wave of red and black that shoved the alien back, stopping a counter attack. Finally, he had a chance to look at his opponent properly.

    It was also made of that strange blue crystal, but it looked more humanoid than the other aliens. In fact, it looked like a walking suit of armour if anything. Its body consisted entirely of plates of that overlapped, creating an effective means of shrugging off any flame-based attacks. Its head had three horns, the two pointing diagonally curving backwards slightly. Two shoulder guards looked slightly out of place, but Yoshimitsu ignored that since it was an alien. It had two plates on the back of its hands that ended with sharp points, and its feet and shins were both wide and heavy-looking, ending in three pointed claws. Its two wings had yet to show any real purpose but Yoshimitsu didn't doubt that they had one.

    The most perculiar part of the alien was at its waist. Where the crotch of a normal human would be, it had a single, pulsating orb that emitted a faint light, covered slightly by the curved plates at the hips. Yoshimitsu assumed it was either a weak point or where its brain should be, but he hadn't had the chance to test either theory yet. And he doubted he would do, as the alien swung round for a second attack on Yoshimitsu's life.

    Yoshimitsu ducked, the clawed foot flying over his head but a second kick smacked him straight in the jaw. Yoshimitsu felt it break, the pain searing through his face. He summoned up healing energy to mend the wound, and at the same time spun round for another attack, swinging his sword at the alien's head. Even though the alien blocked the sword with its forearm, it didn't escape harm as Yoshimitsu dropkicked its face, knocking it back again. He felt as though he was fighting a one-sided fight. So far, the alien had managed to land a few decent, and painful attacks on Yoshimitsu. Yoshimitsu had barely scratched the alien.

    "Why are you on this island anyway? Couldn't you have crashed into the pentagon or something?" Yoshimitsu asked, not really expecting an answer as he released a beam of red and black at the alien. The crystalline creature raised both arms in defense, feet cutting into the ground as it was forced backwards. Immediately, Yoshimitsu shot in through the beam and swung the sword down powerfully at the alien's forearms, knocking it off balance. Seizing his chance, he wrapped his fist entirely in electricity and uppercutted the alien, throwing it off its feet entirely and into the air. Yoshimitsu pursued, but was met by a kick to the collarbone. He felt that bone snap too, and he landed painfully on the rocky surface.

    "Son of a bitch..." He muttered, pulling himself to his feet as green sparks danced around his body, fixing his injuries. "You're a tough one..."
  13. (Gaaaah. Broken computer ;_; )

    Chibi zipped around the desert for about half a minute before she finally found the crater in the earth where the alien had crashed. She dived into the the center of the spot and after a moment of looking around, realized that the spot was completely empty. Weird... Chibi thought and she gripped her Guandao even tighter. She instantly didn't like the situation. Not even some sort of alien UFO in the middle of the smoking path of carved out earth? It was as if nothing at all created this hole.

    Chibi sighed. "Goddamnit, I hate fishing." She complained to no one, scuffing her foot roughly in the ground in her frustration. But, unfortunately, she didn't have to go fishing for the alien. For it came for her.

    The first warning she had was the earth shuddering slightly under her feet. Instead of stopping though, it grew stronger, more violent. Chibi frowned then belatedly realized that the creature was under the ground and instantly shot off by firing flames like she did before, and apparently not a millisecond too soon. The ground literally exploded in all directions as a huge, blue, crystal thing sprang up from the spot Chibi had been standing a moment before. Chibi only got a glimpse of it and saw that it had some sort of rotating claws before the sand obscured it. She angled the flames and landed on the sand softly. She tried to squint through the gigantic cloud of sand and dust and cupped her ears to listen for the slightest sound. She did hear something, a sort of odd clicking. A gigantic silhouette moved in the cloud, and with a symphony of clicking, it charged out.

    It was as if some mad god had mated a scorpion and porcupine, then grown the resulting offspring to the size of a house. It looked almost exactly like a scorpion, with the same body, claws, and lethal stinger. But all along its back thousands of quill-like spikes lay flat like an array of overlapping spears. It's color was a sky blue, with streaks of snowy white shooting through the inside, which was quite a contrast to the golden sands. Its eyes, or what Chibi assumed were its eyes, were twelve shining white orbs all across its "head"; a pair or orbs were even somewhere in the vincety of its back.

    Chibi raised her eyebrows at the hellish crystal horror a few hundred yards in front of her. Despite the array of claws, spikes, and stingers that it could kill her with, in its own strange way it was beautiful. "Alright freaky," she said, twirling her Guandao, "let's see how well you can fight with all those weapons."Without any more warning than that, she formed a fiery sphere in her hands that was roughly the size of a baseball and hurled it at the alien. It shot completely forward and landed right between the to front eyes. As soon as it touched the crystal substance, it exploded into a hurricane of fire that splashed across every surface of the scorpion-thing. There was a shriek that made Chibi cover her ears and wonder how something made of crystal could make any sort of noise.

    The sound ended abruptly and with even more clicking, the thing charged out off the black smoke and came at her at an all-out sprint. She crouched down and flew into the air and swung her Guandao at the middle of the tail. Her blade slashed across the blue rock with a shower of sparks and Chibi saw a gash open up where she hit it. She hit the sand and the thing continued charging, then ground itself to a halt to turn. Chibi chewed her lip, this thing could sure take a hit. But, it could be hurt. And it could be hurt it could be killed. Chibi sighed and made another fireball. This could take a while.
  14. Looking down from her spot in a tree, Kaede swifty landed on the groung and started walking to her destination.
  15. Yoshimitsu

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    OOC- Kaede... that's not nearly enough content for this RP. Either fix it, or I'm deleting your post.
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    Felix planted his staff into the ground and spun round it, launching a swift kick to the alien's head. It was met by the overlarge arm once more, but Felix was finally noticing more about the alien. Despite being made from crystal, he found that kicking the alien did not have any painful side-effects. It seemed like the crystal was still more or less like flesh. Additionally, he had started to notice that the alien still had internal organs. They were hard to distinguish, moreso due to the faint glow that it was emitting, but they were definitely there.

    Quickly, the dark haired male jumped back, taking his spliff from behind his ear again. Wincing slightly, he took a long drag and patted the side of his head, feeling a mild burn. As he replaced it, the device on his wrist beeped once. Felix grinned.

    "Dunno if you can hear me," he said conversationally. "But I'll explain anyway. This thing? I sent out a bunch of cams a second ago. They're lookin' at everyone else and watchin' for supernatural abilities. Once it sees one, it'll replicate the effects. Like this."

    He pointed his palm at the alien, and suddenly a beam of red and black blasted from the device. Caught by surprise, the alien was thrown back by the blast, giving Felix the opening he needed. With a surprisingly swift movement, he slammed his staff down at the creature, hitting all of its front and slamming it into the ground. With a quick spin of the staff, he plunged the end of it into the alien's chest, managing to crack the outer layer of crystal protecting its insides. However, as soon as the crystal cracked, a blast of concentrated pale blue shot out of the wound, throwing Felix backward.

    "Oh, son of a bitch," he muttered, dragging himself to his feet. He quickly rummaged through his pockets, pulling out a hip flask after a moment. After unscrewing the lid, he downed the contents and threw the flask over his shoulder, simultaneously retracting the staff back into his ring. He was forced to jump backwards again as he slipped the ring back on to his finger, narrowly avoiding being flattened as the alien smashed one of its overlarge fists into ground where he had just moved from. However, Felix didn't expect the creature's horn to be flexible and was met by it crashing into his side and throwing him to the side.

    "I'm not your friend now," Felix muttered, pulling something else from one of his pockets. This time, it was a circular device with a single button on it. He pushed the button and threw it at the alien. Then, he jumped back again and climbed into a tree, waiting. The device beeped, and tendrils of energy surged out of it, wrapping themselves around the alien's body and planting themselves into the floor. Felix had some time to think now.

    "Where's your weakness..." he muttered, taking his spliff from behind his ear again.
  17. (OOC: I hope I'm not gravedigging or RPing in an RP that no one wants to RP in anymore. I PMed Yoshimitsu about this thread, but he hasn't responded yet.)

    Unbeknownst to everyone on the island, two beams of light particles were quickly speeding towards it from the east. As they reached the island, they slowed down, and stopped once they were over it. The beams hovered right above the ground, taking on the forms of two people: a boy and a girl. The boy had medium-short white hair, bright green eyes, a black shirt, and white jeans. The girl had long white hair, bright blue eyes, a black dress, and white shorts underneath. Neither the boy nor the girl were armed with weapons.

    'So, which way do we go from here, Flash?' the girl asked her brother. "Well, it appears that there are five different sources of unnatural energy now, Shine," Flash replied. "It also appears that there are five people with high levels of power engaging in combat with the aliens." 'Well, it's nice to know that we're not the only ones that sensed this, but then again, if we were, that would be highly improbable,' Shine responded, 'but we need to decide what we should do now. We could split up to provide help to two people, or we could help the same person. It's a tough choice.' Both twins frowned as they thought about whether or not to split up. If they stayed together, their power would be stronger than fighting alone because they're twins; however, they would only be able to help one person. If they split up, they could help two people, but their power would be weaker.

    'Well, it depends on the terrain as well. I just noticed that this island has widely varied terrain types including a desert, a mountain, some forests, and a couple of lakes,' Shine pointed out. 'I think we should go to the desert. It's pretty open, so there's few obstacles in the way.' "True, true," Flash agreed. "The desert it is." With that, both twins started running towards the desert to assist whoever was there.

    (OOC: If Chibi RPs again, it's okay to make my characters do some minor things, like entering the scene, talking, etc. Just be sure to ask if you would like them to do something major. Oh, and here's their character bios.
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    Database barely had time to think before the left-most creature began the attack. Database spun out of the way, then landed into a crouch, blasting several shots through the water, some impacting the creatures, some in the chest, some in the arms, and one lucky shot hitting the left creature smack in the face. They simply shrugged off the attacks, however, and continued to smash at Database, only narrowly missing him. Some of the swipes caught Database, and thin scratches appeared in his metal suit — and small cuts appeared in his flesh. The creatures shot around, faster than their bulky frames betrayed they could, and continued their onslaught on Database's metallic frame. He ducked under one arm, flipped over a flying cannon shot, rolled to escape a dive, and then sprung up, straight in front of one of the creatures, which roared and raised its arm for another swing.

    "Oh, shut up." Database muttered, and fired a shot straight into the creature's mouth. It reeled backwards, parts of the creature falling off and returning to the small fish-like forms they had assumed before. The creature itself screeched in pain, and clutched its face while still firing at Database. He grinned slightly, and took the offensive, flipping out of the way of the orbs, and then blasting himself through the water. As he travelled, he tapped a button on his chestpiece, and his whole body began to glow a slight yellow, his trenchcoat billowing behind him as a small jet protruded from his back. This was his kickpack — and it was just as effective underwater as above. Database faced the wounded creature, which had started shedding metallic blue crystals, and shot forward suddenly, a jet of flame escaping from under his coat. He rammed into the creature at full speed, which was too busy trying to rebuild its face to even try and defend itself. Database smashed into it with a fierce shoulder-barge — and somehow, he went through it, shattering the crystal into dust. The creature groaned, toppled, and eventually crashed onto the ocean floor, and the tiny fish creatures that were still intact retreated quickly, far away from Database.
    "Hm. That was a tad... brittle for crystal. Maybe they weaken themselves when they change forms?" Database thought to himself, as he picked himself up off of the ocean floor, and he turned to face the two other creatures. But they had gone. Database looked about, frantically.

    Silence had fallen upon the lake. Only a few, tiny sounds could be heard. The flick of a nearby fish. The rustling of seaweed. A slight whirring, issuing from Database's kickpack, reporting that it was recharging. The creatures had seemingly disappeared. Database floated in the water, entirely alert, his eyes darting around in the watery depths for any sign of movement. Anything that would want him dead.

    Rumble rumble.

    Database looked down. He thought he heard something.

    Rumble rumble.

    Yup. He definitely heard it that time.


    Database shot up as soon as he heard the noise. It was easy to explain why he couldn't see the creatures now — as they were barrelling towards him from a massive hole in the ground. They had dug themselves in while he was preoccupied with their brother, clearly, and now they were launching a sneak attack. Database swam up, furiously, but he was not an adept swimmer. More importantly, he was metal. And heavy. The creatures latched onto him, tearing at him furiously, trying to shred away his armour. Database fired at them furiously, trying to hit another weak spot, if they even had another one. The creatures had wised up this time — and they were keeping their mouths firmly closed. Database heard a horrible scraping sound, and looked down. Part of the metal coating on his leg was slowly being torn off, and it was making a noise not dissimilar to nails on a blackboard. Database swung his leg back and shook it furiously, attempting to kick the creature in the face, while still trying to blast the other one away. This was to prove to be a futile effort.

    And then, Database felt a loud, metallic thunk, and his computer systems went mad, flashing up error message upon error message, all reporting the same thing: One of the creatures had managed to puncture a hole straight through his stomach with one of its blades. A pure white light began to issue from it, and Database realised instantly what had happened.

    The creature had pierced his energy supply. His battery, as it were. The light was pure, distilled energy, and it was massively destructive. Unfortunately, it was as destructive to Database as it was to anything else without the lined battery, and it was beginning to eat through his suit. But, it gave Database an idea. He stopped firing, stopped kicking, and became completely still. The creatures sensed their advantage, and moved up his body, aiming to attack his vital organs again, to rip him apart so there was no chance that he would survive. But they hadn't seen what Database was doing. His whole chest was glowing an eerie light, and his trenchcoat, which was ripped and ragged, began to flow out behind him again. Database closed his eyes... and hoped to hell this would work.

    A massive white blast issued from Database's chest, both front and back, instantly enveloping the two creatures. They screeched and roared, writhing in pain — the pure energy was disintegrating them, one crystalline structure at a time, and soon, there was nothing left.

    "Shoop da whoop, bitches." Database muttered, and fell over. He dragged himself out of the lake, and lay on the grass, trying to absorb as much energy from the sun as possible before he rejoined the group. Lifting his finger to his ear, he decided to call Felix — perhaps the only one with the technology required to plug the energy tank, so that Database could continue on. He gave a wry smile as his communication systems crackled back into life.

    "Felix? I could use a little help. I met the wildlife."

    OOC: I hope this is okay, I don't mean to auto Felix at all. If it's not right for the plot, let me know and I'll fix it.
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  19. Flash noticed something as the twins were heading towards the desert; one of the unnatural energy sources had disappeared. That meant that it must have been destroyed. The energy of the one who had defeated it was at a very low level, however. Dangerously low. As they continued on towards the lake, he realized that the lake where the injured person was just happened to be right off of their intended path of travel. 'Shine, stop for a minute. Someone over there is injured,' Flash pointed past the trees to their right, behind which a lake could be seen. 'I'm going to go check it out real quick.' Shine nodded and sat down to wait for her brother to get back.

    As Flash stealthily made his way through the trees, he noticed that something was odd about the power source. It seemed off, like it wasn't human, or at least, not completely human. He stopped right before he exited the trees, just in case the "living being" wasn't friendly at all. He looked around and spotted a human-like creature lying on the ground. He looked kind of metallic. Maybe he's a cyborg... Flash thought to himself. It appeared to be true, considering that there was a large hole in his stomach, yet he wasn't dead. The cyborg lifted his finger to his ear, smiled, and said "Felix? I could use a little help. I met the wildlife." Well, it appears that he's okay for now, so I'll just go back. Flash was silently walking back through the trees when he didn't notice a root sticking up out of the ground, tripped on it, and fell to the ground, making a loud thump. He hurriedly got back up and ran back to Shine, just in case the cyborg had heard and came to investigate. 'Come on, Shine. Let's get going again.' With that, they started off towards the desert again.

    (OOC: I hope I'm not messing this up. I'm not very experienced at RPing.)
  20. Makseem spun on his heel, digging up dirt and grass as he turned. He brought the pole around him, striking Leo in his abdomen. A few shards of the crystalline form fell to the ground, but the creature kept going. It swung the pole it had hard at Makseem's face, denting the first couple layers of scales. Makseem rolled to the side, and threw a hand up to the scales, pulling loose the damaged armor. He threw them to the ground, revealing pale flesh on his left cheek. His armor went to work, recreating the layer of armor in case of further damage.

    Leo opened its maw and shot out another ray of light, slamming the bio-android in the chest. He was sent flying backwards, and spiralled into a tree. He was then jetisoned from the forest, skidding out over hard-packed earth. A few damaged scales broke loose, falling to the ground in a clamor. As soon as he stopped moving, Makseem realized just what was going on. He wasn't up against your average enemy anymore.

    The dust settled, adding an eerie quietness to the battleground, save for the man's heavy breathing. He was still clutching his polearm, which had been bent after hitting a few rocks and trees along the way. Makseem grabbed a hold of it, and his nanotech began reshaping the bent in the middle, pulling it straight and undoing scratches and dents. Makseem then spun it around once in his hand, satisfied with the repairs. His eyes flicked to the right, spotting a blue blurr coming at him.

    Caught off-guard, the lion got him to the ground, and rammed the end of his pole into the armor hole on Makseem's chest, where his shirt had been eaten away. He began prying off scales of armor, revealing mroe of Makseem's real skin. The man thrashed and writhed, trying to shake the alien from his body, only managing to do so after the first five had been pryed off. Makseem twisted his arm underneath the creature, and the scales popped up, revealing two dozen turrets concealed on his body.

    "I still have a few tricks up my sleeve, kitten," Makseem said confidently. The alien reared back, but Makseem had already started firing. The bio-bullets tore into Leo, embedding themselves almost an inch deep. The turrets were rapidfire, however, firing bullets even deeper in. The beings chest began to crack and splinter, raining dust and crystal shards onto Makseem's face. The lion pulled his body back after upwards of eighty shots had been fired, and began clawing at its chest, a hot glow leaking out of the different holes that had been made. The lion seemed to just get angrier, dropping its pole on the ground and extending long claws from its fingertips. Makseem scrambeled upwards, but also began weaving around a furious array of swipes aimed at his body. Makseem re-aimed his right arm, the turrets making a reassuring click. The gunshots poured out, cracking and crushing parts of the alien's structure. Leo fell to his knees, chunks of his body flying off at the ground.

    After Makseem had fired almost five hundred rounds into Leo, he lowered his gun arm and raised up his pole.

    "Dasvidanya, Leo." The pole came down on Leo's form hard, completely tearing apart the middle as it fell. The sheer force of the swing made the other body parts fall to the ground, laying on top of the pile of crystalline dust. Makseem turned around, panting heavily, and his armor turned on the comlink.

    "Comrades," He said, trying to get the attention of his teammates. "I took down my beast. How are y-" Makseem felt a claw rake across his back, slicing his armor down the middle and digging into his fleshy back. He spun around, his empty hand clutching the wounds. A pair of arms was floating in midair, accompanied by the beast's two legs. Makseem gave them a confused look, and they began swiping and kicking at his sides. The claws cut through his thin armor and the legs slammed into the injured armor, which peeled off under the force. Makseem struggled to block the blows, and even at his best he was still getting hit hard. He pulled in his energy, trying to pull together his ace-in-the-hole.

    The energy pulled around his eyes, pulling into the eye-implants he had obtained when the bioarmor had been grafted on. His left hand flew up to his temple, to steady his vision. Suddenly, a blast of energy tore from his eyes. It erupted in an uncontrolled, cone-shaped burst of energy. It enveloped the body parts entirely for six seconds, and the beam ended, with nothing left where the beam had been. Not even dust. A computerized voice talked in his ear, a male, intelligent-sounding voice with an english accent.

    "Energy levels currently at 42% and rising swiftly. Vizor beam expended approximately 45.734% of energy cell." Makseem was panting slightly, and pulled himself up. He slid the base of his rod onto his palm, and he began retracting the metal length. It slid back in slowly, and the computerized voice chimed in again. "Beginning automated recovery process. Time needed estimated at six minutes forty-seven seconds."

    "Why so long, computer?" Makseem asked.

    "Due to damage to organic material, the nanotechnology will take longer to completely heal soft tissue. Minor spinal cord damage. That thing really caught you off guard, didn't it?"

    "Da. It was a formiddable enemy. I'm just glad we don't have lions in Russia."

    "And I as well."

    Makseem turned towards the center field, where they had all converged originally, thinking out his next course of action when a voice crackled in over his comlink.

    "Felix? I could use a little help. I met the wildlife." This one had an english accent, making it the cyborg that he had seen earlier. His censors locked in on Data's location, revealing that he was near the lakeside, with rather low energy levels, too. The way he said it made it seem like he had won, as well.

    "I will be there soon, comrade," Makseem said to the comlink. "I can probably help you with energy levels." The comlink stopped transmitting from Makseem, leaving the line quiet. "Computer, what are the current energy levels?"

    "Energy levels are currently 51% and rising."

    "Why so fast?" Makseem asked. This was an astoundingly fast energy recharge, even on his best day. After the beating he had taken and the energy he was expending to heal, the energy should only be up four percent.

    "The island seems to be supplying a form of radiant energy. I modified your recharge centers to draw in this energy along side the other revenues of recharging. Healing time should be decreased as such. Estimated time re-reads at three minutes and twenty two seconds."

    "Good. Now navigate me to the cyborg's location." Makseem saw the coordinates flash over his eyes, and began following the path the computer set. Not too far away, if the indications were correct. He decided to trot instead of walking, due to the gradually decresing energy levels of the cyborg.

    After about a minute of moving, he found the cyborg lakeside, with a gaping hole in his chest. Makseem held out his hand as he continued along. A scale peeled off of his palm, and split into about a dozen smaller scales, which started to slowly moved around on his hand. The nanotech he held in his hand would mend the damage to the Cyborg's systems as long as they could draw energy from Makseem. They'd never failed at healing a wound or a scratch.

    Makseem slowed as he approached the man-robot and kneeled down. He extended his hand to the cyborg, and the small pieces of intelligent armor leaped into the gaping hole in his chest, a few scrambling around to fix smaller injuries.

    "My name is Makseem," He said, smiling. "These should heal you. Once they mend you up, I can share some of my power cell with you. Other than the fatal, life threatening injuries, the fact that you're now entirely wet in below-freezing temperatures, and the aliens that are trying to rip us limb from limb, how are you doing?"
  21. Teapot

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    Database stood up, wearily, eyeing the swarm of little nanobots that surrounded his stomach... some, Database noticed with some degree of trepidation, flying straight through him. However, they were doing a good job - they had even figured out how to replicate the energy-proof barrier surrounding his energy tank, so, soon enough, he would be able to recharge it.

    "Not bad, mate. Those damned bastards are tricky buggers - I only beat 'em 'cause I got lucky. If they hadn't managed to blow themselves up by getting throw my energy tank, I probably would've been a goner. Regardless, thanks for the assist, friend. It'll tide me over until I can get patched up properly. Now... I just to recharge. And by the way... bloody hell it's cold."

    Database offered his hand to Makseem - a symbol of both respect and alliance, at least where he came from. And after all, he'd need all the help he could get!
  22. "Comrades, I took down my beast. How are y-" The messages abruptly cut off.

    I'm pissed off and about to become shish-kabob'd, that's how I'm doing. Chibi thought acidly as she smashed her foot - for the third time - into one of the joints on the scorpion's leg and it didn't break. She had long ago abandoned her kimono and melded her aura into a suit of elegant armor that smelled faintly of cinnamon. It was bright blood red, with the classic shoulder, elbow, and knuckle spikes and was surprisingly not heavy, although it looked like it was. She quickly leaped away from the leg she had attacked and the tail of the scorpion whipped by her and stabbed at the air she had been a moment ago. Using the flying trick from earlier, Chibi shot fire from her palms and managed to catapult ten feet away before it could swipe at her again.

    Damnit, what takes this many hits and doesn't DIE? Chibi wondered as the spiked scorpion clicked in irritation and began charging her again. It did have one disadvantage though, which was the fact the it could only attack thing that were right in front of it, but it could somehow turn on a dime so Chibi was forced to zip around it like some demented tennis ball. But to be fair about the creature's near invincibility, she was hitting a rock after all, an alien rock no less. She created another fireball and tossed it mainly at the creature's left pincer, it was affected by Chibi's fire, but not as much as she hopped. It jerked away with a chorus of clicking a scuttled back, it's pincer smoking. Chibi leaped back into the air and swished her Gaundao down with both hands, slicing a gap between two of it's many eyes, leaving a slice mark as deep as her hand.

    The creature bucked, almost sending Chibi flying, and the tail whipped down again. Chibi had no idea if a creature made of rock could inject her with poison, and she wasn't too anxious to find out. She raised the Gaundao's staff to deflect the barb and somehow the hook amazingly got caught around the handle. The tail jerked back and Chibi was flung into the air as it reared up and flung her and her Gaundao off of it. She flipped in the air and landed on her back in the sand, the air driven out of her lungs. She knew the landing would have a headache for her later, but her adrenaline-soaked mind barely felt the pain. She scrambled to her feet and suddenly flew through the air again as a massive tree trunk of a leg kicked her in the side. Her flight wasn't nearly as long and she managed to land on her feet this time, she felt her side gingerly and prayed nothing was broken. She superheated her index finger as the alien made its way towards her again and shot a javelin of fire at its face. The effect was greater than her previous attempts and the thing actually shrieked and scrambled away frantically.

    Chibi blinked, momentarily confused, and at the same time grateful for the sudden unexpected burst of inspiration. She flew into the air again while the crystal alien was still recovering and stopped, using her fire to hover, and took careful aim as the thing momentarily paused. Luckily, her targets were big. She drew back her Gaundao and flung it like a javelin, the blade whistled through the air with a hum and buried half of one of its blades into one of the scorpion's eyes. The effect was immediate. The thing screamed, a piercing sound that made Chibi cover her sensitive ears and fall out of the air, luckily she wasn't too high up and could survive high falls. The scorpion continued its ear-piercing shriek as it writhed in agony on the sand, churning up great dusty clouds and causing the earth to shake slightly. Chibi gasped as she realized that she could barely hear anything now, the sounds reduced to muffled thumps and grumbles. Oh hell, she thought when she came to that realization. Her aura winked again around her hands, and she ran her hands along her ears, momentarily confused as she felt the earpiece she had forgotten was on her ear. She wondered if anyone had heard the monster's scream, and dismissed the question as unimportant at the moment.

    Suddenly her hearing returned, and she winced at the creature's unending scream. She threw out her hand and in a vortex of flames, her Gaundao reappeared faithfully in her hand. Finally she had found a weakness. And if it can't see me then it sure as hell can't hit me...unless it has super hearing or something. She smiled and took advantage of the scorpion's pain to splash it with more fire along its back, causing it to scuttle away even further.

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