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Taken on the Winds

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Luckii, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. OCC: I have finally finished and edited the first chapter of my new fanfic! Hope you all enjoy it!. Also, there will be a few swear words in it, but not too many.

    Chapter One: Introductions Galore!

    5:07pm, Sunyshore City, Main Street~

    I brushed a bead of sweat, which was trickling down my face, away to the floor. It was a hot summer’s day, the 23rd of July to be exact, and the streets of Sunyshore City were engulfed in the hustle and bustle of the summer. Children clinging on to their parents in fear of being swept away in the torrent of citizens, stall owners bartering with potential customers, the burning, scalding heat of the sun, this day had all the elements of a city in summer time. This was not the place I wanted to be, however. By nightfall, I would be at the Battle Mount.

    Located just a few metres east from the lighthouse, the Battle Mount was, in essence, a big hill. While most of it was natural, the top 10 metres or so of the emerald green mound had been sculpted into a two-floor park of sorts, with a flight of steps connecting both floors. Trees scattered the north of the park, making it a popular playground for children. The top floor was, quite simply, a viewing deck. Benches were placed around it, facing out towards the magnificent cloak of water that was the ocean. The sunset was amazing from this point. Couples often came here after proms to be in relative solitude. The council were aware of this, so they closed the park to everyone else except prom couples on these days. Other than that, it was open to all, 24/7. On the west side of the park was a small market, with all of the stalls selling things like ice-cream and confectionary. You know, little things to make your day more enjoyable.

    On the east side of the mount, however, was the main attraction after nightfall. It was a stadium, a Pokemon battle stadium. Stone terracing formed two grandstands on the long sides of the battle field, letting visitors spectate each fight. There were usually around 3 to 4 battles per night, so if you came along, it was well worth sticking around. It was this particular attraction that drew me towards the Battle Mount. Indeed, it was this stadium which gave the hill its name, albeit unofficial. I was meeting my best friend, Francis, there at around 11:00 pm tonight, so I still had plenty of time to get changed. After struggling through the gushing river of people, I made my way into the Pokemon Centre.

    There were 3 basic designs of Pokemon Centre interior. The most common one was the stylish, up-to-date yellow design. The floors of these buildings were a bright cheery yellow, adding to the café style feel of the place. Each nurse stood behind a scarlet red desk, and were always polite and ready to heal any Pokemon, no matter what it’s condition. This was the style this particular Pokemon Centre was in. The 2nd design was similar to a hospital. Mostly white, I was much less cheery that the standard yellow style. People could also get treated for minor wounds here, but anything more serious would have to be taken to a real hospital. The least common design was very similar to an old western shack. Often made from logs or wooden planks, these Pokemon Centres were only found out in the wild or in very old towns. The Pokemon Centre in Solaceon Town was of this particular style.

    After giving in my Pokemon to the Nurse, I slumped onto one of the benches provided inside the building. I was wearing some khaki 3 quarter pants with a casual white polo shirt, and even I was roasting hot. I really needed to shave, too. My goatee was REALLY heating up my face. After going on a mad face scratching rampage, I received my Pokemon, all fully healed, from the nurse, and I headed back to the apartment. I was studying at the local college, Sunyshore Centre of Excellence. Yeah, I know the name is a bit boastful, but they did get some of the highest exam results in the entire region! I was on a Battle Science course, creating new items for trainers to use, investigating how effective attacks are on certain types, stuff like that. We did all experiments on extracted Pokemon cells, so the actual Pokemon is not harmed. If I pass the exams, I have a guaranteed place at the Sinnoh Sciences Association, which, if I get the job, will mean I’ll be getting around 300,000 PD (Poke Dollars) per year. And that’s a pretty good salary.

    After reaching Bridle Street, and finding the block of apartments where I lived, I sluggishly made my way up the stairs to my apartment, number 75 on the top floor, and leapt towards the air conditioning, turning it to the coldest setting. I then proceeded to stretch out slothfully on the couch, and switched on the TV. It was great getting some peace and quiet in this apartment. Francis and I lived together to save cash, as he was also studying at the college. He was a complete idiot. Academically, he was pretty smart, he was studying Advanced Literature, but he simply could not complete simple household tasks. I made all the meals, cleaned the bathroom, hoovered and made both beds. He did fuck all. He was not here because he had to crash at a friend’s place because he was too drunk to make his way back here. Not that I was bothered at that moment in time. All I cared about was having a little nap. We would be staying out late that night, so I rested up while I could.

    10:45pm, Sunyshore City, Bridle Street, my apartment~

    I swung the bathroom door open, having shaven the goatee. Ahh, that was much better, my face had cooled down already. I scurried into my bedroom, and emerged about 8 minutes later. I was wearing the same khaki 3 quarters as before, but I was wearing a white shirt, with a rolling wave and the word “Surf” scrawled across the chest. I was also wearing a red and white checked shirt, unbuttoned, over the top, with the sleeves rolled up. I was ready to hit the Mount!

    I arrived at the park at around 11:05, and I was very surprised to see so many people here so early. It was usually much later in the night that the crowds gathered. Oh well, it couldn’t be helped. I scanned the scene. Most of the people here were about my age, 16 or 17ish. There were more girls there than usual. And, damn, some of them were hot! Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain rifle into my lower back, as I hit the floor with a loud thwump. After writhing in pain for a few seconds, I turned over to see a young man, about 17, with his canvas plimsoles placed triumphantly on my chest, a huge grin plastered all the way across his smug bastard face. I cringed.

    “Oh, Arceus, hello Francis!” I barked at him, glaring at him with the burning fury of 1000 George Foreman grills. He shoved his face up to mine.

    “Why helloooooooo, there, Chris,” he piped out of his enormous mouth, “You’re late. I really hoped you would have been here sooner!”

    “Well, at least I didn’t get pissed drunk last night,” I replied as I stood up after he released me from his foothold, “Who’s house did you have to crash at?”

    “Oh, I stayed ‘round Ramona’s.”

    “Ramona’s!? You better not have…”

    “Oh, no, no. I didn’t do anything of that…nature,” he replied with a smug smile on his face.

    “Good,” I sternly said to him, “You don’t know the hell she’d put us through if you did. Especially if she was drunk.”

    Francis was a short boy, around 5’6, but he always felt as if he was above everyone. He was not a snob, no, but he thought he could get in with any girl he wanted. Which, as the many slaps he had received had proved, he could not. He was wearing a pink, flowery Hawaiian styled shirt, with dull grey shorts for his bottom half. He had short hair, which curled into a calf lick in front of his ears. We were complete opposites appearance wise. I was more than a foot taller than he was, at 6’9, and I had quite long hair, with a fringe that swayed to the left of my forehead. He also had quite a high pitched voice, while mine was very deep. Although we were opposites, we were as close together as a ducks bottom. Even though we didn’t look it at times.

    We made our way towards the stadium. While I was looking for a battle, Francis was checking out all the girls around him, much to their disgust. As we arrived, we were approached by a confident looking girl. She was quite tall for a female, about Francis’ height, with mahogany coloured hair tied into a ponytail, and a side fringe swept to the right. She wore a simple pink vest top, a bright blue mini-skirt, and pink slip-on shoes. She was quite pretty, actually. She wandered over to us.

    “Hey, there,” she greeted us in a gentle, soothing voice, “I’ve never seen you guys before. May I ask your names?”

    Francis took his eyes away from the other girls, “Oh, I’m Francis. Francis Berne! And this big guy…”

    “Howay, man, at least let me speak! Christopher Michael, and you?”

    “I’m Keziah. Keziah Fern!” she replied.

    We wandered over to the terracing along the battle field. Francis went off on his own devices, while myself and Keziah began talking.

    “So, pardon me if I sound rather cliché, but are you new around Sunnyshore? I mean, I haven’t seen you at the college before, or around here,” I questioned.

    “Well, I’m sorta…not in any school at the moment. I was offered a contract battling for the West Sinnoh Battle Club. I was told that I had to drop out of school to get the trial, though. I was an idiot, and accepted, and predictably, I didn’t pass. I had finished high school, and I hadn’t applied for a college, so, well I came to Sunyshore! I had heard about how this is the last point before the Pokemon League, so I thought that there would be some tough battlers here, so I came to check out the Battle Mount!”

    “Well, if I’m honest, a battle is what I came to the stadium tonight for, so after this lot are finished, how about we battle?” I asked Keziah.

    “Sounds good,” she answered whole-heartedly, “Although, I must warn you, don’t go easy on me. I’ll tear you apart of you do!”

    “Nice to know I’m in danger of death fighting you!” I replied sarcastically.

    She wandered off towards the left battler’s podium. Francis came tumbling over towards me, a fist mark imprinted upon his forehead.

    “I’m not even gonna bother asking…” I mumbled, staring at the crimson, punched forehead of my companion.

    “Hm. I can see why you’re interested in her. Nice legs, pretty face. Boobs are a decent size, too. I’d give her around a 7.5!” he rudely announced.

    I kicked him I the shins, sending him rolling on the floor squealing. “It’s comments similar to that one that get you the injuries.” I told him angrily.

    I made my way towards the other podium. Keziah had a smirk at the corner of her mouth. She was ready for this.

    “Don’t mind me if I’m a little rusty, I haven’t battled like this in quite a while!” I informed her.
    “Well then, don’t be surprised if I destroy you!” she answered excitedly.

    We both drew our first Pokeball. We were both looking forward to this, very much so. The crowds had fixated their eyes upon both of us. Even Francis was ignoring the girls. The stage had been well and truly set. I made the first move.

    “Alright, let’s get this show on the road,” I roared, “Come on out, Jared!”

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