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Open Take To The Sky (owls of ga’Hoole rp)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Stormursa, Mar 29, 2018.

  1. The Owls of Ga’hoole series was one of my favourites and because I don’t expect people to have read all the books(if you even knew there were books) I’ve decided to base the rp off its movie. With the second movie now just a distant wish in the still hopeful hearted, I’ve decided to make an rp.

    The land of ga’hoole has been at peace since the death of the pure ones. The pure ones and Nyra had fled to the outer reaches of the owl kingdoms and all seems at rest. When the great tree is attacked mid storm and set ablaze, the guardians are scattered and the kingdoms are left without their protectors. Outposts are built up as the last lords of the guardians war over who will take the throne, ignoring the fact that the owlets are disappearing once more and lords are popping up dead.

    Tyto- a boreal forest with a large river running through it named The River Hoole, home to tyro owls mostly
    Ambala- mixed wood forest, home to all owl species
    Beyond the beyond- where the pure ones fled and under the claim of the dire wolves
    The island of Hoole- where the great tree resided, home to all owls and the guardians once
    The Desert of Kuneer-a desert with few resources, home to elf and digger owls
    The Beaks- a vast and dangerous mountain range, the old pure one fortress lays there
    Silverveil- seen as the safest place, jungle like forest, any owl can come from here
    The Spiritwood- a peninsula covered in leafless birch trees. Said to be the place where the spirits of owls that still have a wish or purpose are to roam
    Ga’hoolology:caring for outposts and at one point the great tree. Builders/maintenance workers
    Trackers- tracking, hunting and investigating scenes, scouts/detectives/hunters
    Navigators- study stars and constellations to track time of year and to map out places, scholars/strategy
    Blacksmiths- Make helmets and battle claws and blades, work along side builders and colliers
    Colliering- dives into wild forest to collect embers and coals, colliers
    Research and printing- marks down important legends, stories, changing of power. Scholars/historians
    Weather interpretation- flys into storms to predict their danger and collect other information, weather fliers/scouts/scholars
    Search and Rescue- also known as the battle chaw, works with trackers/weather/colliers
    Eenie- a greater sooty owl known for her bravery as one of the best colliers
    Picard- a large long-eared owl know for being a fierce tatiction
    Mottley- a burrowing owl known for her sharp eyes and status among the once trackers chaw
    Magnol- a barred owl known for his library of old texts, some scavenged from the great tree
    Vicero- a handsome tawny owl known for his skills in battle and reasonable personality
    lead by Nyra(Kludd in the books) these owls see tytos are the apex of owl kind and wish to see the other species put below them. They will do anything to achieve their goals and are not above moonblinking(hypnotizeing) owls
    Chaw(if you follow one of the lords or if you could have one):
    Alligence(you can be a rogue):
    1. These are owls and there are other birds but this rp mainly focuses on owls like the books
    2. No Mary Sues
    3. No making fun of someone
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  2. I feel like I should be joining this, just from the title
  3. Name: Rusha
    Age: 21
    Species: great horned owl
    Looks: her feather tufts are long and are a soft tanish colour though they are often covered with soot. She’s sleek with feathers often covered in a thin layer of ash and firey copper orange eyes. She has a set of battle claws that are a old steel held together by black leather
    Home: Ambala
    Chaw(if you follow one of the lords or if you could have one): Collier
    Flaws: jaded, very cautious when it comes to colling
    Strengths: brave and a strong sense of family
    Alligence(you can be a rogue): she’s a rogue Collier that works usually with Eenie.
  4. Name: Sitri

    Age: 18

    Species: Snowy Owl

    Looks: Mostly all white feathers with a variety of black markings

    Home: Island of Ga'hoole

    Chaw(if you follow one of the lords or if you could have one): Blacksmith

    Flaws: Overconfident, Very Shy

    Strengths: Brave during combat, Very motherly to owlets, Intelligent, Well alert of her surroundings

    Alligence(you can be a rogue): Alligenced with Guardians of Ga'hoole
  5. If we get one more personal then I’ll make the npc

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