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Tailon's Arts

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Tailon, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    This is the last time I remake the topic, I promise ;D
    Anyway, herein will lie my various doodles and arts, so to start:
    Some Bioshock silliness

    I call this Isn't she important? I made it after noticing the Big Daddies will chase you around and leave their Little Sisters unprotected in attempts to kill you.


    also, my still unnamed split evolution of Scyther, appearing at level 28, a Bug/Fighting type, give suggestions if you so wish:


    And finally, my personal blade, the Stinger, also used by my RP character, Talon:

  2. Finally posting in this thread! As said before, I love the Stinger. You did a good job with the sheen to it. It actually looks like light is reflecting off. :D

    The Scyther branch is pretty niftly too. You did a good job making it. Reminds me of a Digimon kind of. *After a minute of Googling* It reminds me of Flamedramon, seen here. They look different enough, just showing you what I thought of when seeing your unamed Scyther evolution.

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