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TA360's Sprite Gallery!

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by element301, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. [size=7pt]Woot. Anyways, enjoy the sprites. :) I'll be adding new trainers and other things to the gallery over time....
    Don't steal, or the Pork Fairy will turn your hair into bacon, your legs into ham, and your ribs into....ribs? ???

    ^My favorite one of all. ;D

    ^I was originally going to put a ANBU mask, but then it looked like crap. XP

    ^I don't even know WHY I even made this one...

    ^Mini Naruto cosplayer

    ^Staring at DDR dancers resulted in this. :o

    ^Someone on the Trainer Submission Thread asked for an Envy Trainer....
    I hated the way I made the hair, though. XP

    ^Neko girl I made 2 years ago. ::)
  2. [size=7pt]And here's my new ones, the first set of elemental trainers.
    I'm working on an Air trainer right now, and the hair I made is looking horrible :p, so I'm basing it on Lugia's wings. Anyways, which one looks better? The light or dark-haired one? ???[/size]
  3. I think the dark-haired one looks better. Although, I think they could both stand to have darker outlines around the hair and tail.
  4. I think the dark hair is better.
  5. [size=7pt]I tried a darker shade for the outlines, it looked kinda messed up. XP So, I just stuck to the lighter outlines.[/size]
  6. [size=7pt]Okay, I got the air trainer ready for coloring, but I don't know if I should color her silver/blue or green/brown, since I've seen Air protrayed in those colors. What do you people think? ???[/size]
  7. Have you try the colors out?See which one you like...
  8. Have you tried black? It works for skin.
  9. [​IMG]
    [size=7pt]I think the black outine on the silver part on the tail is a bit too dark though...[/size]
  10. [size=7pt]Green/brown looks cool, but it now looks like Earth, and Silver/blue makes the trainer look kinda invisible. I might go with silver/blue.[/size]
  11. Admittedly, it does look a little funny on the tail, but I think it works on the hair.
  12. [size=7pt]I was too lazy to re-edit the sprites, so I just kept the Air trainer as an Earth trainer. I made 4 sprites: two with a vine whip, two without, and two had out lines and the other two didn't. I suck at deciding XP....and now the leaf on the whip looks like spinach.... :o
    Anyways, here they are!
  13. eh,good nontheless.but the end of the whip does look like spinach XD
  14. [size=7pt]I'm fixing the spinach-leaf now so looks like an actual leaf.[/size]

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