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DPPt/HGSS [T]RS' Trading Thread. [UPDATED!!!]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by [Team] Rocket Scientist, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. \R U L E S . A N D . R E G U L A T I O N S/
    . All of my Pokemon and items are legitimate, meaning that I caught/earned them in-game and did not use a hacking device to obtain anything. Therefore, I will expect that neither did you, 'less I state otherwise.
    . I will accept hacked Technical Machines, as I understand that there is generally a mass shortage of them.
    . Because you offer does not mean that I will accept, and this lies even stronger with my Legendary Pokemon. [i.e., Dialga, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, and Deoxys.] The offer that I see best fit for the situation will be accepted.
    . This is not a must, but I felt that it should be included in this section. While offering a trade, please be specific as to what you are trading me, 'less you are offering a "junk" Pokemon bearing an item that I would like to have. [i.e., a freshly hatched, never touched Pokemon's Name Here.]

    \W H A T . I . D E S I R E/

    Black Sludge**

    .technical machines;


    * an asterisk represents an item/TM/Pokemon that I greatly desire while more than one asterisk emphasizes which things are wanted more so than others

    \W H A T . I . H A V E . T O . O F F E R/

    Eevee [With Wish]
    Vulpix [With Energy Ball]
    Uxie [Level 50, untouched, Bashful]
    Mesprit [Level 50, untouched, Serious]
    Azelf [Level 50, untouched, Naughty]
    Dialga** [Level 47, used to defeat Cynthia's Garchomp once, Serious]
    Gamestop Deoxys [Level 50, untouched]
    And many, many more. Just ask!

    Claw Fossil [Anorith] x1
    Helix Fossil [Omanyte] x4
    Old Amber [Aerodactyl] x1
    Fire Stone x17
    Water Stone x2
    Thunderstone x11
    Leaf Stone x4
    Sun Stone x8

    * I have A LOT of Dittos up for trade, with many, many natures; too many to list, in fact. If you would like a specific nature, I will check and see what I have.
    ** Dialga can come equipped with the Adamant Orb if you would like.

    I made this as organized as I could possibly think to.
    I hope that this will stay up long-term.
    Let the trading begin!
  2. I have a misdreavus and TM61. I'll easily trade them for a Helix Fossil and Exeggcute.
  3. Sure thing! Would you like to do the trade now?
    I may have to hatch an Exeggcute real quick, though.
  4. Carmen Lopez

    Friend Code:
    I have an Electirizer^^

    Do you happened to have an Impish Ditto?
  5. I sure do!
    Do you have any Elekids, Carmen? ;-;
  6. I can trade you any of the power items, plus Elekids. I would like the Deoxys and the Azelf.

    2 Elekids holding a different power item for both of those?
  7. I already have an Elekid and an Electrizer, and I feel that Deoxys for a single Power item would not be worth it, nor singularly an Azelf. However, an Azelf for two power items, I would consider.
  8. Hmm, fair enough. Well I'm more interested in them if they have good IVs. Do you happen to know the IVs for the Deoxys and Azelf? What nature is the Deoxys? I could give up a few power items if they are good, or if not, maybe just get them as trade bait for something else :)
  9. I do not happen to know the IVs for either of them. My apologies.
  10. Hmm, sorry then. Let me know if you find out what the IVs are and what nature the Deoxys has.
  11. I can give you a Power Anklet, Power Band, Power Belt, Power Bracer, Power Lens, and Power Weight for a few dittos (I'm trying to collect different-natured Dittos). How about it?
  12. What Dittos were you looking for? If it doesn't matter, I can simply gather up five different-natured ones. :3~
  13. I'll take any natures besides Quirky and Modest (I have those already). ^_^
  14. It's a done-deal, then!
    You're a lifesaver!
    I'll be on in a few minutes?~
  15. Sure thing! I'll meet you there.
  16. Thanks for the trades!
    I think that I heard you giggling.
  17. Thank you as well!
    Oh, I'm talking on the phone so that's probably why. XD Hehe.
  18. Ha ha. Strange as this sounds, your laugh sounds familiar. XD
    I'm listening to music, so if you hear that, sorry. >>;
  19. Hehe no problem. If you ever are looking for items, just let me know. I've got a massive stock of them. :3
  20. Sure, sure, I'll contact you. :3

    I updated my thread a bit!
  21. I would gladly trade a Slowpoke and a Mudkip for that Wish Eevee and the Energy Ball Vulpix. Do I have a choice when it comes to natures?
  22. Hello, I have a Lv.1 Male UT Modest Mudkip with Surf/Ice Beam/Mud Bomb for stabbing and countering.

    I'm interested in a male Vulpix with energy ball. Thank you.
  23. Drunyon:
    Sure, but it may take me a while because I'll have to breed off both. I guess I should have had some spares. I have a few certain-natured Dittos, but not very many.. so you could try for a nature, but it would be more-than-likely that I not have them.

    No thanks, I'm actually looking for a physical Swampert, hence the Slowpoke. Curse, yay! But I also love Slowking and the whole Slowpoke line. So cute. I want a Slowpoke plushie doll. :3
  24. Careful, Impish, or Bold for Eevee. In that order of preference. If none of those, then not a big deal.

    Timid for Vulpix. If not that, then Modest. If not that, then whatever.

    I can probably only trade for a few more days, so we should trade quick if we're going to... after that I'm moving into my dorm room and I won't have Wi-Fi unless I buy a USB connector, which I probably will eventually.
  25. Do you have Timid / Calm / Bold / Careful Dittos?
  26. will you take a machop lvl 16 for any dido?
  27. Rockstargno:
    No, sorry.

    I'm sure that I do. If not, I might be going Ditto hunting soon, anyways.

    I'm sorry that it's taken so long: I still haven't gotten around to breeding them.
    I seem to have misplaced my gameboy. >
  28. Are you interested in a Shiny Adamant Lv.52 Beautifly for those Dittos?

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