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Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Shocari, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. (Pokeyman ficcy. Several Fakies from my region of Solest will be seen here. Enjoy...at your own risk)
    Prologue-A Fate Unwanted

    There was an...an attack. Yes, an attack. But of what? It was a...a...Feraligatr? Is that what it's called? It was definately a giant blue alligator thing. It destroyed the car, that's for sure. He was in the backseat, asleep at the time. All he had seen was it running away, his parents dead in the front, badly maimed...dead.

    Then there was a giant bolt of lightning, and then a wave of darkness. Caused by what? The next thing he remembered was giant needles aimed at his head, chest, arms, legs, and back

    Where was he? A hospital? Yes, that had to be it. White walls all around him, various monitors hooked up to him, a bed that was a bit comfy. Yeah, it was a hospital. What time was it? What city or town was he in? What was the date? How long was he out? A teenage boy shifted his head to the side with great difficulty and saw a calendar laying on a table nearby. It read "March 9, 2009."

    March 9? 2009? That's...six years. He's been out of it for six years. What was his name? He slowly got out of the bed and very carefully made his way to the bathroom...very clumsily. He got inside and looked at a full-length mirror. He was older than he remembered, and he was in one of those ridiculous gowns. His hair was a premature gray, and his eyes were a deep but bright blue. His face looked a bit older, but that was it. He made his way back to the bed and pressed the button for a nurse.

    No sooner had he pushed it, a nurse came walking in. "Is there anything you need?" she asked in a very gentle voice. She was young, maybe early to mid-twenties, and had dark brown hair and green eyes.

    "Ummm...who am I?" he asked.

    "Well, you were admitted here six years ago after a near-fatal accident. We couldn't find any record of you or your parents, so we didn't know your name. You were attacked by a vicious Feraligatr, but was saved by a Shocari, a very rare Pokemon found in Solest. The Shocari picked you up and carried you here on its back, a very kind thing for it to due, given the history of Shocaris. It stayed with you while we tried to save you.

    "Several hours later, we realized that you needed a much greater help than we could offer. Our doctors left the room, but the Shocari stayed behind. We don't know what happened, but when we came back, it was gone, with no sign of it vanishing. We then noticed that you had taken on several bodily characteristics of a Shocari. Our doctors decided to call you Shocari, after the very noble creature that saved your life."

    "So, the Shocari...merged with me?" he asked.

    "Well, that's what we're guessing." she said while subconsciously biting her bottom lip.

    Suddenly, a great impulse overtook Shocari. His vision blurred, but was replaced by everything looking like a negative of a photo. He could see inside the nurse's body, he could even see her very heart beating, appearing red in his vision. All he wanted to do was to rip out that nurse's heart and devour it.

    Shocari rushed forward and grabbed the nurse by the throat. He tightened his grip and pulled with all of his might, tearing a gaping hole in her neck, blood trickling down slowly then speeding up like a small river. She fell to the floor with a muffled thud, her white uniform now a dark red, and the white tiles around her body matched. Shocari looked down into her dead eyes, savoring the blank expression.

    He blinked, and all was back to normal. He looked back down at the nurse. 'What happened?' he asked himself. What had come over him? Was this a natural instinct of a Shocari? It couldn't have been. He walked out of the room quickly, and pressed the button for the elevator.

    "This isn't happening. This isn't happening." he quickly muttered to himself. "I'm stuck in a bad dream. Yeah. A really long nightmare that I need to wake up from." Shocari looked out a nearby window. He was nearly eleven stories up. The elevator door opened, and Shocari walked in, still looking at the window.

    He turned his head and fell down an empty shaft, darkness and metal ropes clouding his vision.
  2. This sounds amazing! I want to know what a Shocari is so badly now. How did it merge with Shocari, and why did that Shocari carry Shocari to the hospital?
  3. Wow. Interesting.

    I can't wait to see how this one develops!
  4. Oh my, what a terribly evil Pokemon. A merging of human and beast you say? What exactly is the Shocari and why would it take such a fancy to a little human boy? I suspect you'll answer these questions later.

    So, in other words, post more, thankies. :)
  5. Chapter 1-A Fair Deal?

    He was falling for at least eleven stories in a dark elevator shaft, with nothing to hold onto...unless he felt like really hurting his hands trying to grab onto the rope. Shocari fell down to what surely must be his doom. He could barely make out the ground moving closer and closer.

    With a sickening crunch that sounded of his bones snapping as his legs hit the ground with tremendous force, Shocari let out a loud yell that echoed throughout the shaft. His legs were broken, they had to be. But wait. He fell eleven stories, so shouldn't he be dead? Or at least close?

    No. He was perfectly fine as he stood up with absolutely no effort. Strange. Very strange. Almost what one would call paranormal. Shocari looked up, then at himself, in the near-total darkness he could barely make out that he still had his hospital gown on. He would need to find some clothes...but first he'd need to get out of here.

    With a sudden forward lurch, he fell over and landed on his hands and knees. An immense pain overtook him, a pain he was sure he felt in his soul. It ran through his bones and blood vessels, seemingly replacing the blood and flowing throughout his entire being. It was all he could do not to collapse. But he couldn't. His muscles had locked in place, leaving Shocari stuck there.

    All of a sudden, he could feel his body...changing. He could feel his eyes expanding, his skull and bones changing their structure, his knees and legs turning into the legs of an animal. His vision changed to crystal clear, even within the darkness it was like looking through high definition. A tail ruptured from the end of his spinal cord, fur erupted all over him. He now had paws, and his ears were on the top of his head. He had transformed, but into what?

    Without warning, Shocari's newfound claws emerged, and he jumped onto the wall. The claws pierced through the steel, and he began to climb upwards. But Shocari wasn't controlling this action. Something else was. He reached the nearest elevator door on the wall and transformed back, his body not obeying his movements still.

    He placed a hand on the dorr and he could see and feel an electrical impulse get sent out through his hand. There was a small rumbling, and the door opened, a swiftly transformed Shocari jumping in and running through an open entryway.

    In his transformed state, all of his senses had increased tenfold. Not knowing where he was headed, he turned a corner and entered a small open shack. He returned to his human state and pulled on some clothes that were lying nearby. They were the perfect fit, and seemed as if they were put there for him. A young lady sat down at a table and smiled at him. She seemed no older than himself.

    "Welcome, Shocari." she said in an attractive voice. It made sense that she herself was attractive: from her long reddish-brown hair and hazel eyes to her angelic features and very neatly applied blue-green eye shadow that brought attention immediately to her eyes.

    "You know my name?" he asked, control having returned to him.

    "I am speaking to both of you. You and the Pokemon inside you. The Shocari."

    "So that's what I turn into? A Shocari? The one that saved me?"

    "The very same. You didn't want to die back then. You didn't want to die when you fell in the elevator. And for what you want most, there is a cost that must be payed." she said.

    Shocari wasn't at all disturbed that she knew these things. "And what is the cost?"

    "You will live forever. Until you can completely reign in the instincts of Shocari and fully control its powers, you will be forced to randomly transform into it and live under its control. It will be painful every time. You will eventually do things that are not in your character."

    "That seems like a fair deal to me. Living forever has to count for something, right?"

    "No. You will still feel the pain of what should kill you, even when it doesn't. You eventually will kill the innocent, no matter how good that Shocari is. After all, it isn't a half Dark-type for nothing."

    So Shocari was an Electric and Dark hybrid? That explains the murder of the nurse and the electric impulse.

    "I will try to help you, but only if you can give me what I desire." she said in a grim voice.

    "What's that?" he asked. The girl flashed a very evil grin, her eyes staring at Shocari in a dead stare.
  6. Oooh...I want to find out what the Shocari wants. Write more, please! This chapter was epic.
  7. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Nice! I'm interested in learning more about the Shocari and what it is capable of. I also want to know what the female wants, it sounds deadly.

    We want chapter 2!
  8. My guess would be Shocari(human) wants to get that Feraligator, but I could be wrong. I'm personally more interested in the aims of the PokeShocari, what madness would lead such a beast to meld with a human?
  9. It would seem to me that the Pokemon Shocari is evil on instinct, not because it wants to be. I mean, come on, it saved that kid's life, right?

    The woman actually freaks me out more than the Shocari...
  10. Chapter 2-Havoc

    "You could tell me your name, at least." Shocari said.

    "My name is Raia. I am a Mystic."

    "A Mystic? What's that?"

    "A Mystic is a person who has unnatural powers, kinda like you. Do you know what a Pokemorph is? No? Well, a Pokemorph is a person who can transform into a Pokemon. They will exibit the same traits, looks, and powers of the Pokemon. A Mystic is like a Pokemorph in the sense that we have Pokemon powers, but, we cannot transform.

    "What I want you to do for me is to kill a Demon, which is an evil Mystic. He is powerful though, and is more than a challenge for myself and the other two Mystics. His name is Havoc. He will most likely have many Pokemorphs under his control. You yourself are a Pokemorph.

    "When a Pokemon shares a strong bond with a human, a very strong bond, formed by the rarest of circumstances-like you and the Shocari-then they will merge. This is extremely rare, but there are hundreds of Pokemorphs...in a world of billions. Do you see how this case is near-unheard of? The task to kill Havoc will be difficult however, and you will need to control your powers. Come here tomorrow morning, and you'll recieve your first piece of training."

    Geez, Raia could talk a lot. Was what she said true? If so, then Shocari had a nightmare coming, if Havoc was indeed as powerful as she claimed. Raia walked into the back, her reddish-brown hair blowing as if there was an invisible wind.

    Shocari suddenly sniffed the air. Something smelled...strange. It grew closer, and he walked outside, seeing a site he never could have imagined.
  11. It seems that this is moving along terribly quickly. This Raia must know alot about Shocari already to be telling him this much, but I'd have thought that Shocari in turn would be very wary of anyone divulging this much information.
  12. I agree with Tatile. However, the idea of a Mystic is quite cool. I wonder how they gain their abilities?
  13. Tatile: he's been in a coma and can't really remember anything. If anyone told him anything, he'd be happy to at least try to accept it as truth.

    Secad: in due time, in due time...

    Chapter 3-Have Faith...

    Just outside the shack, the most menacing thing ever imagined stood before Shocari: a very tall, muscular, and sinister human male was tearing a person's spinal cord out of their back. He had pale skin with a purplish tint, long black hair that went down to the middle of his back, no shirt, and black pants. The man held the spine in his hand and proceeded to shove it down another person's throat.

    He turned towards Shocari and revealed his pure white eyes. Was this a nightmare? He walked closer to Shocari, who was frozen in place, and stood only a foot away. "Do you know who I am?" he asked...without moving his mouth. Was this telepathy?

    Shocari could barely shake his head. "I shall let you know..." the voice spoke. It was very harsh and cold, making the hair on Shocari's arms and neck stand up. He placed his hand on Shocari's forehead, and an extremely intense pain enveloped him. Shocari fell to his knees.

    It was a dark room. Someone or something sat on a stone throne and pointed towards a door. A Feraligatr inside the room quickly exited, leaving the stone fortress and began running through the surrounding woods. It ran and ran, a frenzy running through its mind, taking control of it and pushing it on. It took a few turns and came to a road.

    The Feraligatr saw a car coming and jumped at it, crushing the top of the vehicle. it dismounted and tore off a door, a woman inside screaming. The Pokemon viciously attacked her, leaving in deep gashes all over her body. It reached across and did the same to the male in the driver's side. The alligator then decided to go into the back, where a boy of about ten sat. His eyes were frozen in terror. Good.

    The Feraligatr Slashed the boys face and chest, Crunched the legs and lower torso, and finally gave a swift chop to the back. The Feraligatr escaped the mangled car and rushed back to the forest. Something happened. There was a giant flash of lightning and the Feraligatr was hit, being sent flying into a redwood tree. The Pokemon that caused it advanced forward.

    It was a dark gray wolf with golden lighting bolt-shaped patches on each side of its body. It had a golden wolf tail and golden ears. It advanced as the Feraligatr slowly stood up. The wolf's deep blue eyes stared at the Feraligatr's as though piercing through to the soul. A dark wave was sent out from the Pokemon, killing the Feraligatr.

    Shocari was laying on the ground in a very awkward postion, with his legs at strange angles and his hands wrapped around him. He opened his eyes and saw that the man was gone.

    "Do you see what happened?" the man's voice said in Shocari's mind. "My servant failed to kill you. He failed to return to me. That Shocari killed it and saved you, and for that, I damned his soul to hell. But strangely, he bonded with you. Do you know why?"

    Shocari couldn't answer. "He wanted to kill me. He looked into Feraligatr's weak mind and saw that I was his master. He sensed what was about to happen. He wanted to kill Lord Havoc." the voice said.
  14. ...
    Cool! This chappie was awesome. What could have made Feraligatr act that way?

    Would a Shocari would be an OU if there was a game of your region? It seemed pretty powerful.
  15. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Another well done couple of chapters Shocari. Just to be clear, is the purple guy Lord Havoc or is he another servant. The way the sentence was worded left it kind of ambiguous.

    Again, nice job!
  16. @ Secad: The thing on the throne in the room directed Feraligatr towards the door, thus outside to the road. It was his "master" as the puple guy said. OU? YES.

    @Psycho Monkey: Purple guy is Lord Havoc. I made him like Lord Voldemort in the way he talks, referring to himself in third-person and talking like someone else.

    Thanks for the comments!
  17. Heh, at least Harry Potter was good for something. Helping your fic, I mean.

    I love the part with the tearing out of the spinal cord. I love seeing viciousness in action. I wonder what it tasted like...
  18. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Probably like a hard candy. Crunchy on the outside with delicious fluid and marrow on the inside.
  19. Chapter 4- Control

    That alone was enough. Shocari raced back inside the shack and yelled for Raia, who appeared almost instantly.

    "What do you want?" she asked coldly.

    "Teach me control over my powers."

    "Right now? Very well then. Follow me." Shocari did so, following her into the back of the shack. The room was lit dimly by a flickering lightbulb, and was very small. In the center, on a dark blue circular rug, was a square maroon pillow. The carpeting was a beige, with black walls and ceiling. "Sit down." she said, indicating the pillow.

    Shocari sat down cross-legged, and waited. All of a sudden, the light died, not exactly surprising Shocari. He heard a snapping of fingers, and ten candles lit up in a circle around him. Surprised, Shocari looked around in amazement, but didn't see Raia.

    "Close your eyes." her ethereal voice said. He obeyed. "Listen to my voice."

    First, I am going to teach you how to control electricity. Imagine that lightning has just struck you from above. Visualize it hitting you, and replacing your aura with itself. Picture it flowing to your closed fist. Are you doing that?"

    "Yes." Shocari said in a trance-like way.

    "Good. Now, imagine it surrounding your fist, encasing it, giving a glow to it. Open your fist, but keep thinking that the aura is around it. Have it flow to the center of your palm, and make it form a sphere. How does that feel?"

    "It feels...weird. Like, I'm burning up outside, but freezing on the inside." he said.

    "You're almost there! Now, have it shoot out directly in front of you like a beam! Let it electrocute whatever is in your path! But, quickly! Open your eyes!"

    Like a rocket, he opened his eyes to witness a golden beam erupting forth form his outstretched hand.
  20. *Long, drawn out* Duuuuuuude, that is so cool! I love how descriptive you are with the use of electrokinesis.

    I wonder who went 'zappy.' :p I hope it's an annoying patient.

    Moar murder, please? *gives cute kitty face*

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