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Private/Closed Sylveon's Guild

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Midnight Heart, Jan 16, 2019.

  1. Noble opened his mouth, but all that came out were the laughs of embarrassment. Deep down he knew he over-exaggerated, but it was too late to fix it now. Thus, his embarrassed attitude became one of seriousness, with that he spoke. "I apologize, truly" he started, "but I take it, you two are on a mission?" Noble inquired,"If so, it's best to conserve your energy." He suggested.

    He glanced at Ramon and then back at the two, I feel really bad about dragging Ramon into this... If something horrible were to happen, it'll be on my hands. Noble cracked a grin, "I'd appreciate if you'd take my new friend, Ramon with you. It seems like you two have some catching up to do anyway." He suggested, before speaking one final time, "I'm Noble by the way, and I'm truly sorry for disrespecting you both, but I'd really be in your debt if you could do this one thing for me." Said Noble followed by a bow, he later waved at the three and dashed down one of the paths within the woods, in an attempt to separate himself.
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  2. "We are, yessssss." Chervil responded, nodding slowly. "And my argument was one of impulsssssse- I am trying to work on my... my..." She wanted to say 'arrogance', but the word seemed to be refusing to reveal itself. "My pride."

    Good enough.

    "You are right. Your help is appreciated, if not unnecesssssssary." she responded, trying to keep a cool head, something which seemed to fail her lately. "And of courssssse we could take him, but you are-" Though, he seemed to be making his way off, waving and dashing his way down the path, seemingly trying to lose them. "Ssssssssssstop-"

    But by the time she had finished saying that word, she had lost sight of him. The Servine stomped her foot in vexation, hissing loudly, "Ssssssstupid sssssssnake tongue! I hissssssss the wordssss for ssssssso long I can't even finish my ssssssentence!"
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  3. Noble ran through the dense wood's paths, which seemed to go on forever. He sighed whilst running, "My actions aren't matching up with my name right now.." He muttered. That doesn't matter though, I can't afford to put anyone in danger due to my own stupid curiosity!
    Why do I even care about those inconsiderate penguins? What have they ever done for me besides the constant scolding?
    Noble Finally found the stairs leading to the third floor and he sighed of relief. "I hope I shook them off. I'll make it up to them someday though." He decided, walking down the stairs.
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  4. "Well for someone so educated, that was R U DD!" Ramon said as he scratched his head in confusion. He then looked over at the two remaining Pokemon. His eyes widened in surprise.
    "I get to be in the same team as Chervil?!" He began dancing on his two legs and raising his arms in the air.
    "The super awesome Chervil plus the super handsome Ramon! The ultimate team! With their sidekick, the gray Flareon!" He shouted out of excitement, took a deep breath and crossed his arms, like the whole celebration never happened. "Ok sensei Chervil, I'm ready for any orders!" He gave her a thumbs up with a big grin.
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  5. "Gray Flareon?! Excuse me?! I'm a Zoroark, not to mention I'm SILVER, not gray! Sure, silver is just a shade of gray, but seriously!" Silver hissed in annoyance at the Monferno, flattening his ears against his head. How did he think that he looked even remotely similar to a Flareon? "And I'm not gonna be just a lame old sidekick, if anything you should be..." Silver grumbled.
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  6. Noble traversed through the woods, every step dragging him a little closer to home. Consumed by his own thoughts, he continued within the fairly quiet dungeon. Noble recalled something that Servine said: "I'm trying to work on my... my... pride" Noble put his hand to his head and growled quietly. "Why did she have to go and talk about pride? I've heard enough about that from father." He began to reminisce, "That's all that Empoleon, no every single one of those Empoleons care about." He snarled.

    "Son, you dare converse with Pokemon outside our race? You dare belittle our superiority, for those lesser than you as well? You really are disgrace, you'll never become an Empoleon as you are now." Noble was infuriated by his own memories, but when he thought of that Zoroark, he wondered if his dad was right. "It is true, I'll never be able to stand up to someone like him, as I am currently."

    The sound of rustling grass made it's way in front of Noble and there stood a Nuzleaf. Noble readied himself, "If getting through this dungeon at a disadvantage alone will prove my worth to my family," he got into position, "then so be it!" Howled a furious Noble.
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  7. Chervil wanted to be humble, but her aforementioned 'pride' prevented her from being so. "Yes, yes... but let's not argue. That is not going to help us- we need to find this lost Pokémon. Ramon, please refrain from calling your teammate a sidekick- and Silver, please do not bite off Ramon's arm."

    Suddenly, Chervil was reminded as to why she wasn't in a team- unfortunately she felt as if she was a parent, especially to the Monferno. "Now, follow me." she murmured, scampering down a nearby path. Approaching her was a Shroomish, its face the picture of anger. Not wanting any more stress, the Servine launched an Energy Ball, kicking it backwards. The Shroomish tackled her, but she managed to stay grounded, Vine Whipping it away.
  8. Noble furiously swung at the Nuzleaf with Metal Claw, doing exceptional damage. However, the Nuzleaf used the advantage it had in it's favor, by using Razor Leaf on Noble. Which caused him to stumble backwards, "You little!" Noble shouted, using one final Metal Claw on grass type, knocking it out.

    "I'll walk it off. For now, my goal is that mountain range." He peered at his new wound, making him squint in pain. "Y-yeah... It'll take more than this to stop me. Worst comes to worst, I'll use that Oran Berry." He grunted but he was significantly slowed by the damage.
  9. "Yes sensei!" Ramon nodded in agreement. He then saw how the battle with the shroomish began. Ramon jumped with excitement as Chervil battled with the enemy. "Yo! Shiny gray dude! Watch and learn from one of the greatest Pokemon ever!" He pointed at the battle with a giant grin on his face. He was overflowing with joy for having the opportunity to be in his current situation.
  10. "Do not call me that." murmured Chervil, gritting her teeth- the only way she could resist arrogance's temptations was to deadpan, and unfortunately that seemed to be her only option. "Hisssss name is Ssssssilver. Addressssss him as such." the Servine hissed, using Leaf Tornado on the Shroomish as it once again closed in on her. It still refused to back down, and aimed a Seed Bomb. Chervil was thrown into the air by it, but her speed was truly a virtue- she flipped in the air, landing somewhat clumsily on her feet but managing to stay upright, and charged for the Shroomish, using Slam- it fainted upon impact. Relieved, the Servine began to groom herself nonchalantly.
  11. Noble was finally recovering from his wound. Until something tackled him from behind, propelling him forward and eventually hitting the ground. The bruised penguin stumbled to get back on his feet. He faced the direction of the attack to discover a Dwebble. Seeing this, Noble was barely able to crack a grin, "Finally, I can do what I'm good at."

    Energy began circulating within Noble's mouth, forming water. Once he gathered enough energy, he shot out a multitude of high-velocity bubbles, which crashed into the helpless Dwebble, causing it to faint. A mischievous smirk grew on Noble's face. "Heh... Maybe on second thought, I sold myself short." With that, Noble trudged his way along the path once more.

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