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Private/Closed Sylveon's Guild

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Midnight Heart, Jan 16, 2019.

  1. Midnight smiled, watching Blue come back, and a smile coming to his face. "Oh, hello, welcome back. I was almost starting to miss you, funny, huh~?" He was obviously joking, but there was a hint of sincerity in his voice. He put on a smile that wasn't forced either. "Oh, well, I'd be more then happy to have you two join my team. I may not have known the both of you for very long, but I feel like letting you two join would be the right choice. Besides, I think Amethyst would be fine with two others joining the group," he scoffed, laughing a bit. He was cut off short when he could hear Chimecho call for them. "Yes, foood. I'm honestly starved," he groaned, before following behind Blue and Blade.
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  2. Blue and Blade gave a smile to Midnight. "Yes, I'm sure she would Midnight"Blue said giving a more gentle smile before entering the dining area. After their dinner, Blue and Blade walked out first before sitting just in front of the entrance before going into their room. "Blue are you alright?"Blade asked. "Hm? Oh I'm alright Blade don't worry"Blue answered as if avoiding the question as they waited for Midnight before going off to their room. Blade wasn't convinced that Blue was ok but let it go for now letting out a sigh as she already knew what was bothering her.-
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  3. Silver followed Chervil and looked at the board curiously, carefully looking at each of the C ranked jobs for a few moments before eventually pulling one down. "How about this one? The objective is to rescue a missing Cubone at Cherry Fall Woods." Silver asked, showing Chervil the job.
  4. "That should be a fine mission, consssidering it's your firssst one and everything- I reckon that'll impressss Sylveon." she observed, nodding her head in confirmation. So, that was that! The outlaw could wait- for the first time, Chervil was finally working with someone! An emotion that could only be relief washed over the Servine for a small moment, before she shook herself out of it. "I have plenty of items in my bag, so you should be fine. And I assume you received a bag when joining," she murmured. "If you are ready, we should go as sssoon as possssssible- that Pokémon won't wait too long to be rescued."
  5. Silver nodded. "I have my bag, and if I remember correctly, Sylveon also gave me a few berries, so I'm good to go." Silver said. He was excited to go on his first mission, although slightly nervous. What if he messed up? Sylveon certainly wouldn't be amused, and he would look like a weakling...
  6. Nodding definitively, the Servine scampered out of the main entrance of the guild, trusting Silver to be behind her, and down a long flight of stairs. The footprint grate was a tricky thing for her to get around, since her arms and legs on which she ran were so thin, but Chervil managed to jump the grate rather than embarrass herself by potentially falling through it. Silver seemed like a strong ally to have- yes, he was a newbie and all, but... in all honesty, he was a fully evolved Pokémon- Chervil didn't even have that merit! She did believe in him, despite his own doubts. They came to a crossroad, where Chervil stopped at the right turning, looking back to check if Silver still followed behind her. "Thisss way," she said, gesturing with her head, and scurrying down the path toward Cherry Fall Woods.
  7. Silver quickly followed after the Servine, skidding to a halt as they reached the crossroad before turning and following her down the right turning. Silver was a fast runner, having a high speed stat, but unfortunately he had a bit of trouble at sudden turns, having to skid to a halt each time or else he usually ended up running into something.
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  8. Her speed certainly wasn't as high as Silver's, but Chervil did manage to keep a good pace- and, she had the plus of being able to slither around corners, rather than stopping, though was soon overtaken by the other. Soon, they would arrive at their destination- a dense looking woods, filled with trees of pink- cherry trees, she supposed; that would make sense, given the place's name. it had a calming yet foreboding atmosphere around it, and the Servine gritted her teeth, narrowing her eyes slightly. "Thisssss place... feels sssstrange." she murmured under her breath. "Well... whatever. Let'ssss just go in. What'ssss the worst that can happen?"
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  9. Silver shrugged. "The worst that could happen would be running into a bunch of Bug type Pokemon, but I think we should be fine. This seems like the kind of place where mostly grass types would reside." Silver said, glancing up at the pink cherry trees for a moment, before walking in to the woods.
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  10. "You're right- though, bug types aren't going to be a good time for me." she remarked, her gaze focused in front of her. The Servine surveyed her surroundings for a short moment, sniffing the air to assess the possible danger. Far away, she could detect movement, though the scent was not strong enough to determine what Pokémon it was; so, as a provision, Chervil's vines extended out, ready to attack something if it were to trouble them. "Be wary," she said in a low voice, "I ssssense movement. It's not close, but it'ssss there."
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  11. Upon hearing the Servine say she sensed movement, Silver nodded and pricked his ears to listen for noises, alert. He glanced at Chervil, looking curious. "How do you sense movements? Is it just something your able to do, or is it something guild members can, for whatever reason, do?" Silver asked.
  12. Ramon and Chompy headed towards their room to rest. Before parting ways Ramon stopped Chompy and asked her "Hey are you tired?"
    Chompy looked at him confused, "Not really why?"
    "Well why don't we go do a mission?" Ramon said with a giant grin in his face.
    Chompy rolled her eyes and walked away, "Good night, see you tommorow!"
    Ramon sighed disappointed, he didn't like being a team with such a low rank when they always gave it their all. Especially Chompy, who wasn't accepted in any dragon guild because of her size and wanted to prove herself.
    Ramon dragged his feet back to a table and bought a drink. He drank and looked at the cup. "Man..." He said to himself.
    Chompy layed on her bed, starting at the sky through the window. Her mind filled with different thoughts of ways she could be stronger. Her mind wondered until she fell asleep.
  13. Disregarding the time, Noble was outside the guild house in a little training area. Face-to-face with a dummy, Noble could be seen concentrating, eyes closed as if he was preparing a powerful strike. Then finally, with one swift move and a fairly loud cry, "hah!" He'd struck the dummy with metal claw. The surrounding area fell silent again and he shook his head, followed by a sigh.

    Afterwards, Noble sat on the cold grass and gazed at his flippers. "That won't do." He muttered to himself. "I need to be stronger than this, or else-" he now laid on the grass fully, "no, I still have time." Noble convinced himself, before admiring the sky.
  14. Midnight would happily eat dinner with the two until it was time to leave. He ended up taking more then he could handle, and had gone to puke. Apparently, too much hot sauce, combined with chesto berries was a receipe for disaster, and he would learn his lesson. He came back, holding a bottle of hot sauce, seemingly drunk, as his eyes could hardly keep themselves open. Sleep deprived would be a fair term, but it was more along the lines of too much sleep. "D-Does this hot sauce have alchohol in it? Cause it sure feels like it," Midnight pranced around. In a way, it was kinda off that he was drunk off of the likes of hot sauce, which is probably the reason why Chatot, and the Guild Master tried to keep him away from it; but Midnight was able to sneak a bottle in here and there.

    "C'mon, let's dance," he bumped into various Pokemon, before hitting a wall and collapsing then and there, though a smile was kept on his face as he fainted.
  15. Blue and Blade saw Midnight be ipsy as they both sighed walking over to the passed out Umbreon. "Blade..."Blue said looking to her. "Right I got it..."Blade answered grabbing Midnight by his scruff lifting him up before the girls went to their room since they didn't know where Midnight's room was. Blade made an extra bed for Midnight but kept space between them before placing Midnight down. "Yes, Midnight..it does...and apparently you drank too much..silly Umbreon..."Blue said before chuckled as Blade followed as they both laid down and fell asleep. In the middle of the night, Blue had a sudden nightmare of her tragic past as she jolted awake looking around quickly but had realized it was just a sudden dream. She gave a sigh of relief but felt herself trembling as she shifted her gold eyes to Blade who was sleeping next to her than at Midnight who was across from her. She was too shaken to go back to sleep so she quietly stood up to not wake Blade and Midnight as she made her way out of her room. She walked out of the guild hall to outside heading far west to where the beach was as it seemed to keep her at ease and calm her down. She sat down at the ocean edge seeing the moon glowing brightly as she looked up. "-That dream...it was just a bad incident from Skunktank and his goons when I was an Eevee...but why is it haunting me now...-"Blue thought before tears suddenly fell as she seemed afraid after seeing that nightmare again. Meanwhile, a certain familiar Pokemon was watching Blue closely waiting to attack her.-
  16. Midnight didn't show much struggle, once he was knocked out, there was no resistance. He was fairly light, and didn't pose much of a problem for the two of them, and he went to sleep peacefully, though a few hiccups were heard from him as he rested.

    That night, Midnight woke up, groaning to himself, "ngh..." He sat up in the bed Blade had made for him. "Where am I..?" He spotted Blade and blushed lightly, "eh?" He jolted up, before looking around, "is this their room?" He hadn't been to any other rooms in the guild, other then his own, so in a way, it was very exiting. He glanced around, though it was just Blade, "hmm?" He sighed, before running out, blending in with the dark. Though he found himself exiting the guild and instantly spotting Blue, "Blue?"
  17. Still laying on the grass outside, Noble was alerted by movement and quickly rose up. He took position as if an enemy was approaching, but it just turned out to be a lone Umbreon. Prinplup was blatantly confused by his own paranoia, he'd figured he should go say something to them. Just then, however, another Umbreon came to their aid.

    He put his flipper to his head, showing even more confusion, "They must be related, good thing the other one caught 'em, though. One of them could've been hurt out here." Noble whispered to himself, before packing up and heading to the front to go inside the guild house.
  18. Her ear moved slightly to the sound of her name before her eyes shifted looking to see it was just Midnight before gently wiping her tears. "Oh..it's just you Midnight...what are you doing out here?" she asked gently as she was trembling slightly hearing the water from the ocean move. "Surprised you found me here...I didn't want anyone seeing me in this state...showing tears...it's just not like me..." she said before she flinched slightly to a sudden flashback to her nightmare which had woken her up.-
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  19. Midnight frowned, "and what are you doing out here? We may be nocturnal, but we have to get sleep, its not like we can do missions at night," he scoffed. He spotted her tears, "what? What's a strong girl like you here crying for?" He made his way over, and circled around her, similarly to how she did when they had first met. "Well, cheer up why don't you, you've got your pal, Midnight right here!~" He gently brushed her face with his tail, wiping any tears that might've been on her face. He snickered, "hehe. Guess this proves I'm the better Umbreon, you're out here in tears!" He nudged her gently.
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  20. She blushed slightly as she glanced away from him but gave a smile "You...better than me...hehe I doubt it...its just that I can't sleep...a nightmare woke me...and its bothering me...that's all"she said gently as more tears fell as she wasn't herself tonight. "I'm sorry...I'm not myself tonight...even the strongest girls cry once in a while..."she said as she raised her paw up to her face to wipe her tears again as she felt herself tremble.-
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  21. "Tch, well I can't deny, even the toughest of us cry some times," he scoffed. He smiled, nudging under her chin, "come on. Let's head back. A nightmare is a nightmare, but you can just sleep with Blade. I'd suggest you sleep with me, but Blade would chop me to pieces," he laughed. He sighed, wrapping his tail around her gently, "oh you're trembling. C'mon, why so sad, you're making the atmosphere so cold," he jokingly scoffed, gently nudging her.
  22. Noble, having made it back inside, glanced around the lounging area and it was just as he thought. Fairly empty, with exception of a few pokemon here and there. When he noticed an open newspaper laying on the table, most likely brought in by a Pelipper and someone forgot to put it away. He sighed and walked over to the table, picking it up. "I suppose it wouldn't hurt," he said whilst opening the paper.

    As he scanned the paper, he found many topics that didn't interest him. "Poke-Pageant next month, Wailord broke the record for fastest time around the ocean, Kecleon's shop is 20% off tomorrow." He shook his head in dismay, "How could people read thi- wait." Noble's face became grim as he saw the next topic. It read: An unexpected phenomenon has struck the Northern regions! Pokemon are suddenly falling ill from an unknown cause! Luckily not many have been affected by it yet, so make sure to be careful and stay cautious of your surroundings.

    Noble put the paper in his pocket, "I guess I should tell Sylveon or someone tomorrow, can't sit this one out." Afterwards he bought some tea to clear his head in the lounge.
  23. She blushed slightly but had a sad expression as she lowered her ears down. "I'm sorry...Midnight....its just thinking about that bad dream...from my past...bothers me...I was just an Eevee back then...when I joined the guild with Blade...I was very childish and young back then...but what had scared me the most...was that tragic incident..that changed my life forever....."she said as she raised her paw up to her chest referring to her long scar that her Levi wad covering.-
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  24. “I can sssssmell them,” Chervil explained in response to Silver’s question. “Ssssadly my eyessssight is not the bessst, but I possessssss a peculiarly heightened sssssense of ssssssmell.” The Servine explained, a slight smile playing on her lips. She continued to move forward, through winding paths and clearings, until she found a strange tree structure that seemed to be leading downwards. She checked the request again- B5F, meaning they had to go quite far down. They were at B2F now, though, so there wasn’t much longer to go.
  25. "That's interesting." Silver said. He glanced around, flattening his ears against his head as he noticed two Pokemon coming towards him and Chervil, an Eggsecute and an Oddish. "Looks like we got some company..." Silver muttered.
  26. Ramon finished his drink and went back to get another. He noticed the lone water Pokemon reading the news paper. He walked up to him with drink in hand. He stood in front of him, took a zip and told Noble,
    "How's it going?"
  27. Noble was lost in his constant pondering, wondering what he should do and how. His tea was untouched and he seemed to stare off into space. However, that was when he heard someone reach out to him, "How's it going?" they said. He snapped back into the present in a disorderly fashion, until he cleared his throat and faced the Monferno.

    He decided it was best to answer him, "Ah, I apologize, I didn't see you there," he began "and it was going fine until I read this, completely tarnishing that sentiment." Noble stated whilst pulling out the newspaper he read earlier. "Read this, I just found out about it, probably ten minutes ago." Noble pointed to the article.
  28. Ramon grabbed the newspaper and skimmed through the article. He cleared his throat and raised his pinky while zipping from his drink, which was in a can.
    "A yes yes. Disfolbiant I tell ya." He hoped that the word he used ment something unpleasant. He handed the newspaper back. "Say are you new?"
  29. Noble was obviously shocked by his question, then he thought, how could he tell, did I look lost or something? Maybe I haven't figured this place out after all... He hopped out of his chair and stood in front of the Monferno. "It just so happens that I am. Well if you count a week in new." He answered, "However, I must cut our introductions short." He informed. Noble lowered his voice to a whisper, "I plan on investigating the northern regions, I know I'm not supposed to but... curiosity." He said, "Now I must be off," stated Noble, "unless you want to join me? There's a mountain range past Cherry Fall Woods. That's all I'm going to check out, won't even go inside."
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  30. Ramon's tailed perked up, this was his chance to improve the rank of his team. He unleashed an enormous grin. "Yes I would!" He finished his drink in one gulp and tossed it in the nearest trash bin. "Are we leaving now or tomorrow morning?... What team name are we using?"
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  31. Noble didn't know what which question to answer first, but he tried anyway. "I planned on leaving right now, after getting my supplies ready of course." He said, extending his arm to the Monferno, "By the way, the name's Noble, pleasure to meet you." Gestured Noble, "and I've come up with the perfect team name- Team Hotspring! Intimidating, I know." Spoke Noble, with his hand still extended to the Monferno.
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  32. Ramon laughed, "I get it! Cuz I'm hot and you are a water type!" Ramon shook Noble's hand repeatedly with a big smile. "Well I'm Ramon! Best looking AND strongest one out there! I'm with flaming Dragons along with my Gabite friend Chompy. Though she is sleeping like a Snorlax right now. So it's just gonna be me and you!" He patted Noble on the back and ran off to get supplies.
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  33. Noble nodded and confirmed his statement, albeit slightly exhausted from the rapid hand shakes. "Precisely, we'll wash away our enemies with the burning waters of justi-" before he could finish his sentence, Ramon was off to gather supplies.

    He sighed, but cracked a small smile, "He may be a rambunctious one," he watched as Ramon ran off "but I think I could learn a little something from him." Noble stated as he clenched his flipper. When he was finished gathering his supplies, he waited by the door, not trying to get caught. They also had no time to spare, given the time. "Hey, don't take to long." He called. Also Flaming Dragons, eh? I wonder if his partner is as... Well as "Ramon" as him.
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  34. Ramon quickly gathered a few berries in his pouch, adjusted his bandages and ran off towards the entrance. He saw Noble waiting there. He couldn't help but to smile, he never got to do anything like this without Chompy scolding him.
    He reached Noble and kept jumping up and down out of excitement. "I'm ready!" He called out and cartwheeled his way outside.
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  35. Well someone's excited, but I have to keep him in check. At least until we make it inside Cherry Fall Woods. Noble thought, chasing after the over-joyed Ramon. When he caught up with him, Noble discussed the plan, "Ramon, the game plan is to make it to Cherry Fall Woods unnoticed, which means we must be as quiet as possible." Noble stated, before letting out a slight chuckle, "That is, until we actually make it inside the dungeon. Then you can go as crazy as you like, since that's what you seem to do best." Noble crossed his arms afterwards, "Just don't split up." Successfully telling Ramon this, he began to make his way over to Cherry Fall Woods, signalling Ramon to do so as well.
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  36. Ramon nodded in agreement as he heard the instructions. "Don't worry, there is no one more quiet then I am." He said with a joyful smile.
    He followed Noble, walking on his tippy toes and carefully scanning the area like if he was expecting something.
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  37. Arriving at their desired location, Noble spoke "Heh, well this seems to be the place." He entered without hesitation. Finally had made it inside the dungeon, he sought the stairs immediately. Noble ran into no encounters on the first floor, but he did find an oran berry on the ground. This lit up his eyes with joy as he picked it up. Wonderful, I can make some oran berry pie when I get back now! Lost in thought, he stumbled upon the stairs, leaving him disoriented for moment. "Stairs are over here, Ramon!" He called, before walking down himself.

    Noble peacefully, though hastily strolled through the second floor. Until he witnessed a silver Zoroark with a Servine, he stood at the edge of path, wide-eyed in shock. W-what the! Why is there so many strong Pokemon here, I thought this place wasn't supposed to be this dangerous! If they see me, it's over... He scanned the area, thus reaching a different conclusion. Wait a minute, does that Servine have...- a bag? He noticed that an Exeggcute along with an Oddish were coming their way, Noble had no time to help them, but something gnawed at him, urging him to try. Unsure of what to do, he stood there, unable to reach a final decision.

    Leave them, leave them, leave them! You have no time to help them! He persuaded, whilst he ran toward the Oddish, charging a metal claw. He shouted at the two, "I apologize, but I'll be taking care of the Oddish! You two focus on the Exeggcute!"
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  38. Ramon rushed when he heard Noble call out to him. He ran as fast as he could, a big grin still splatter on his face. He jumped down the stairs doing a perfect sumersault and landing on a hand stand. "The judge says 10 points!" He patted himself on the back and followed Noble's sent.
    When he finally reached them, Noble was charging at an Oddish. He also noticed the servine and zoroak.
    "YO! Servi girl! Odd finding you here!" Ramon waved at his guild mate with a big smile.
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  39. Silver blinked in confusion as he saw a Prinplup run at the Oddish, charging a Metal Claw, and was more confused upon seeing a Monferno, then quickly shook his head, hissing quietly in annoyance. He and Chervil could have handled both the Oddish and the Exeggcute on their own, he was sure, especially since Exeggcute was part psychic type and he was a dark type. "Hey! What are you doing?!" Silver called to the Prinplup. "We can handle them both ourselves!"
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  40. Chervil noticed them being helped, and narrowed her yellow eyes in annoyance. She heard Silver's vexed remark, so chose not to respond herself, though seethed in silence. How dare they try to aid her, a Gold-rank guild member, from the likes of an Oddish! How deeply, deeply insulting. Chervil bared her teeth in annoyance, the leaves that cradled her face twitching in anger. Hearing Ramon's remark, a small smile played on her lips upon recognising him, and she nodded in acknowledgement. "Greetingsssss, Ramon. Nice to sssssee you, though I do believe you should mind your own businessssss." she hissed, calmly but with a hint of vexation underneath.
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