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Private/Closed Sylveon's Guild

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Midnight Heart, Jan 16, 2019.

  1. Discussion/Sign Up thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/sylveons-guild-discussion-sign-ups.20460/


    A purplish Umbreon crept through the guild, keeping to the shadows, hoping to not be noticed. She had only recently joined the guild, and was still shy around the rest of the guild members, and therefore preferred not to be noticed. The Umbreon, Twilight, stopped as she reached her destination, the Job Bulletin Board. She wasn't part of a team yet, so Sylvie, the founder of the guild, didn't want her going on any missions until she either joined or decided to become a leader of a team, or proved that she could work alone just fine. However, being the stubborn Pokemon she was, she decided she wanted to try to take on a mission on her own, whether she had a team or not. At least if she managed to succeed, Sylvie would hopefully let her work alone if she was unable to find a partner. She already knew the basics on how Mystery Dungeons worked, so she figured completing a C or D level job on her own would be easy.
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  2. Kael silently strolled towards the guild, as the Minun made his way past the other Pokémon. He attempted to walk off the slight pain on the bandaged areas to the best of his ability. He stayed as silent as a young church mouse, as he carefully walked towards the bulletin board. The little Pokémon took a brief glance at the various jobs the board had to offer for the lower level jobs. The Minun paid no heed towards any other nearby Pokémon. The Minun kept the wooden wand clutched in his paws, as he continued to decide upon the choice of jobs he had.
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  3. Twilight wasn't the only one attempting to take on a mission alone. Next to her was Midnight, who looked to be a Shiny Umbreon, just a tad bit taller then she. He glanced at the board, pulling off a B ranked mission, the mission was to Deliver a Reviver Seed to a Grumpig at Pigmy Falls, which was famous for the fact that many tiny, or smaller sized pokemon usually came from. Midnight sighed, putting a Reviver Seed into the envelope, in hopes whoever took the request would send them the seed. He continued to search though requests, he needed a distraction to take his mind off something.
  4. Noticing Midnight, Twilight gulped nervously and opted to stay near the edge of the bulletin board as she began to look for a job, hoping he wouldn't noticed her. The Umbreon quickly found a mission that looked like it would be easy to complete. The mission was C rank, and the objective was to retrieve a dropped Pecha Berry at Hidden Relic Cave for a Geodude. Pulling the job off of the bulletin board, Twilight thought the C looked a bit strange, as though it had hastily been written, but shrugged it off, deciding that it was her imagination.
  5. "This one says to give an apple to a Petilil at Pigmy Falls it looks like. I guess I can probably do this alone... shouldn't have to worry about that little C there," Kael thought, before he took the paper once he confirmed the tasks of the job.

    The Minun continued to give no heed towards the other Pokémon within immediate vicinity. Kael gave his best attempts at a first mental map of the objective area: a large canyon, or possibly a large waterfall area that he would highly dislike upon entry into the unknown lands.
  6. Midnight sighed, gently putting back even another request, before walking off. He accidentally bumped into Twilight, "oh, pardon me. I wasn't paying attention," he smiled nervously. Midnight seemed to be sincere with his apology, though he still had the look as if he was going through some rough times. He opened his eyes, spotting Twilight, "huh? Oh, you're an Umbreon~?" He seemed genuinely entrigued.
  7. Kael placed the job note in his bag, before he blankly stared at the duo of Umbreon. One appeared to have purple fur while the other had blue markings on its body. The Minun slowly patted his wand, while he resisted the urge to scratch the top of his head and left paw. He carefully adjusted the pink scarf back to a snug, straight level. He decided to take a few steps away from the bulletin board soon after. He waited near the left side of the board, as he blandly took in his surroundings of the other nearby Pokémon.
  8. Twilight let out a small squeak of surprise. "O-Oh, um... Yes, I'm an Umbreon." Twilight said shyly. So much for going unnoticed. She quickly picked up the job she had pulled off the bulletin, having dropped it when Midnight bumped into her.
  9. Kael took a slight breath, as he eyed over the other Pokémon for a brief moment. He gulped soon after, as he made his way towards the purple Umbreon with short, tentative steps. The Minun slowly picked up the dropped item originally from the bulletin board. He carefully held the item with his left paw, as he had a rather shaky grip on it. He slowly handed over the recently dropped job to the purple Umbreon without a word to it. The little Pokémon felt his heart racing across his body, as he took a series of noticeably louder gasps in front of the two Umbreon.
  10. Midnight flinched, "hmm, well, I guess it was nice knowing you then." He said those to almost anyone when ending a conversation, it was a sort or catchphrase. He always said it, in case the person he spoke to he'd never see again. Although he wouldn't know if it was the case with Twilight. Midnight sighed, walking back to his room in the guild, partner has been sent home and so he slept by himself. He hoped he'd be sent home by the guildmaster, or forced to partner up on a mission, the loneliness slowly ate away at his sanity, as he was forced to sit and wait.
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  11. The purplish Umbreon jumped slightly in surprise, have not noticed the Minun. "O-Oh, thank you!" Twilight said gratefully to Kael. She was confused when Midnight walked away, but shrugged, figuring that perhaps he was busy, or simply wasn't in the mood to talk much, and turned her attention to Kael. "So, um, what's your name?" Twilight asked.

    Silver sighed as he surveyed the room. Where was Twilight? Even though Twilight joined the guild only a few hours before Silver did, she already knew her way around the guild fairly well, so she had promised to show him around when Silver had accidentally bumped into her the night before as he struggled to find his room. Perhaps she had forgotten, or had something else to do? "Either way, I suppose I'll have to find my way around myself..." Silver shrugged .
  12. Chervil mostly went unnoticed as she looked on at the conversation happening beside the Bulletin Board. In all honesty, she was getting rather restless- the Service was desperately bored and figured that the one way she'd be able to entertain herself was to take on a mission. Chervil had been a member of the guild for quite some time and was rather well-known for being one of these long-standing members, though didn't tend to mention it- she felt like if someone knew her, they knew here, and that was that.

    The Servine swiftly walked past the cluster of other Pokémon and tore a B-rank mission from the Board- simply to catch an outlawed Pokémon in a place by the name of Crystalline Canopies. "Ssseems sssimple enough," she murmured cooly, keeping her calm demeanour. Though, she looked on at these other Pokémon, all with friends, and she wondered for a brief moment what it would be like to really be in a team.

    Stupid thoughts, though. Useless thoughts. Chervil was fine on her own- she had been for a long time now, and was so used to her own solitude that she hardly noticed it anymore. Though, as she headed off to her room to pack her items in preparation to leave, she noticed a strangely-coloured Zoroark, who she had never seen before. Perhaps he was new? He was a silvery-blue colour, rather handsome-looking- though, Chervil wasn't about to get wound up in that sort of thing. Distractions, distractions.

    No, instead Chervil decided to simply make her way over to the confused-looking Zoroark. "You trying to get sssomewhere?" she murmured, her hissing voice breaking the silence.
  13. "Hm?" Silver looked at the Servine curiously. "Not really, though I am a bit lost. I only joined the guild yesterday, so I have no idea where anything is. Someone I ran into by accident said they'd show me around, not sure where they are though." Silver explained .
  14. Blue and Blade made their way to the outlaw request board for another criminal to catch for a reward. Recently, there have been more outlaw requests up ever since this illness seemed to appear. This concerned Blue and Blade yes but if they couldn't find a cure for it then their was nothing they could do. "I feel bad for the ill ones that had gone home because of it"Blue answers looking at Blade as she was bigger than her. Blade glanced down at Blue before answering. "I agree Blue but if we can't find even a cure for them than there is nothing we can do"Blade reminded her. "You have a point Blade...but what worries me is that there have been more outlaw requests than mission requests lately and so far we caught 6 of them. However, I have this feeling that these outlaw Pokemon will be more difficult to handle so we may have to request a new member on our team on the message board in front of the post office where the Pelpper are stationed." Blue said.

    Blade looked down at Blue as she knew her friend was correct about this. She closed her eyes as she inhaled before exhaling afterwards. "Alright, I understand and you do have a point Blue"Blade answered. "Let's just grab the Arbok outlaw request for now until we are notified about a member for the request we made"Blue said grabbing it off the board before she placed it in her adventure bag which was around her shoulder to the side. "Alright lets head to the post office then go into the dungeon"Blade said before she and Blue walked out of the guild hall. Once they posted a request that said " We are requesting members to join us with our outlaw missions and also looking for a team that is reliable to accept us. If your interested notify Pelpper about your request and it will come to us
    Blue and Blade,the lone adventures

    Blue and Blade entered the dungeon in search for Arbok the outlaw. "We must be cautious here Blade, we don't know how strong this Arbok is until we encounter it"Blue mentioned. "Good point, lets continue cautiously"Blade agreed as they both walked around the dungeon floor for the stairs to go up to the next floor.-
  15. Midnight had decided that a trip into town would be nice. He got word from the guild master that his team rank had gone from Gold to Silver, he wasn't able to go on many high ranking missions without a partner, and he found it hard to trust most anyone really. As long as he was on his own, he was forced to take much low end jobs, about D, and C related in terms of grade, and that didn't sit well with him. Midnight needed a good thrill, if he continued to take low end missions on the terms of D, and C, then he felt as if he'd go soft. Though at the same time, he was bound to those two grades, as the guild master feared for Midnight's safety. There was no denying it any further, Midnight would need to find a new partner.

    Midnight groaned, coming to the realization of this fact as he traveled to the post office. He hoped his partner would have sent him a letter. He wasn't allowed to see her, with the disease she had, and fear of it spreading to Midnight. And if it had, Midnight would be forced to disband his team until either they both got better, or someone took their name in his place.

    Midnight unfortunately wasn't given any letters from his partner, but he did see something particularly interesting. A request: it called out for members who'd be willing to join their team, and help to catch outlaws and the such. Midnight and his partner had never gone up to the outlaw board, they found helping and saving others to be more important, so they tend to stray away from the outlaw post board. Though Midnight did hear that catching an outlaw would be much harder then a regular old rescue mission, not to mention the payoff was very decent. Midnight glared at it suspiciously, he would be given two partners, but would that mean his own team would be forced to disband? No, Midnight remembered; if a rescue team failed to complete any missions in fifteen days, to a month, that put them at risk of getting knocked down a peg in terms of ranking, but any longer then that, and they would be forced to disband by the guild master. Midnight glared, "...I guess it wouldn't hurt." He took the request and made his way back to the guild.
  16. Kael gave no sort of response to the purple Umbreon at first, as the Minun slowly gathered his thoughts into play. The Minun slowly got out a sheet of paper that had been somewhat neatly written with some prior time involved. The note was shown to Twilight, as the text read upon closer inspection:

    Hello, if you are reading this, my name is Kael. As you may have guessed already, I can't talk due to something going on in what the nurse calls... a voice box. I might not look like the best at the moment... since I got into quite a big one yesterday when some punks were trying so hard to take my stuff.

    Aside from being somewhat better at writing now, I'm starting to get the hang of magic. I know how to handle most types of wands and to also transfer the charge of one to another.

    I've been trying to find someone that can be quick and over with since apparently, that pink and white rabbit thing doesn't want me going alone so much anymore. Also, don't tell anyone that I "accidentally" skipped my appointment today. I really would not like to be dealing with the needles, water and other weird stuff here.
  17. Blue and Blade had made it to the 13th floor which was where the Arbok was stationed and the moment they got to the top a sludge bomb was shot at them but had swiftly dodged it. "You must be the outlaw Arbok, it's time to put you in jail once in for all!"Blue said. "Haha, if you can catch me that is you Umbreon!" he said using Sludge bomb again at Blue. Blue quickly leaped up to dodge the attack before she used Psychic to lift him up before slamming him to the ground. This took a good amount of hit on him since he was weak against Psychic. "Fire Blast!"Blade said suddenly as a large scotch of flames appeared out of her mouth hitting the Arbok one last time before he fainted. "Well, that it for him, well-done Blade"Blue praised her before using Psychic to lift him up exiting the dungeon. The Magneton, who was the one who took in the outlaws with Magnamite that were caught to jail. Blue and Blade were paid for Arbok's capture before he was taken away. Blue and Blade made their way to the post office first as they looked at the message board and saw that their request offer had been taken off. "It seems someone saw our request Blade, "Blue said looking at her. "It appears so, let's get back to the guild, we will eventually spot the request sheet being held by one of the members but luckily we did copies in town"blade mentioned. "Oh yes, that's right, well lets head back and give half of this money to the guild, "Blue said before she and Blade walked back to the guild hall.

    Blue and Blade went to Chatot to give most of the money for the guild to him before they walked off to rest. Blue and Blade sat down as they did a bit of small talk. "We can talk a bit before dinner time, "Blue said starting it. "I suppose but I don't see the member with the request sheet just yet, "Blade said looking to her. "Don't worry Blade, be patient, we will find him or her holding it"Blue reassured her as they continued to talk alone giving smiles once in a while.-
  18. Well, out came Midnight. He came from his room, with the request held in Psychic in front of him. He had just had a meeting with the guild master before. He was allowed to "join" the team who hunted outlaws under a few conditions. Condition A: he would have to put his own team on Hiatus, meaning said team wouldn't be taking any requests any time soon. Condition B: He would need to show respect towards the two running the team, and treat them as his superior, especially since he had never taken an outlaw mission before. And lastly, Condition C: he would show common decency around them, seeing as he was very introverted, and he would have to become more extroverted towards the two, as long as it wasn't muttering or quiet, and they communicated.

    These conditions made Midnight growl, but he said he'd comply by them. Maybe this way he would find some means for a cure for his partner. "Now, where do I find... Blue, and... Blade?"
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  19. Twilight read the note curiously. "Magic? That's interesting, I've heard of Pokemon being able to use wands, but I've never met one before." Twilight said to Kael, giggling before speaking again. "Don't worry, I won't tell. I'm not exactly found of needles or any of that stuff either."
  20. Blue and Blade kept a small talk for a while before being interrupted by a bad smell that lingered. Blue and Blade covered their noses along with the other members. Blue and Blade knew exactly who this smell was, Skunk tank with his pals Koffing and Zubat. They gave a growl to this as his purple Skunk figure appeared with Koffing and Zubat beside them. Skunktank,Koffing,and Zubat walked up to Blue and Blade as the girls would guess to mess with them. Blue and Blade felt the presence of other members behind them appearing as if they were scared but it actually was because She and Blade had given them a "Lesson" about treating others with respect.

    "Hehe well well if it isn't Blue and Blade the wimps"Skunktank laughed as Koffing and Zubat followed. "Did the lesson I taught you make you a nuisence because honestly the only wimps here are you three..how pathetic.."Blue said coldly. "Tsk...something like that won't happen again! I'll get you this time!"he said as he ran at Blue and Blade but at instant they leaped up to dodge. "Too slow"Blue said coldly. "Like always..."Blade said not impressed. Suddenly, Chatot heard the commotion as he flew over. "Hey what's going on here!?"he asked. "My apologizes Chatot but these three are bothering us"Blue said pointing at the three giving a smirk to them playing them. "Skunktank, Koffing, and Zubat get back to your missions and leave Blue and Blade alone!"he said sternly. Skunktank and his crew obeyed before leaving as Blue gave a look of "you deserved it" with a smirk.

    The members of the guild suddenly surrounded the girls as they smiled. "Wow Blue that was amazing!"Swellow said. "You weren't even scared of them!"Wurmple said. "Come on, why would I be scared by those two, all they do is cause trouble for us that's all"Blue smiled. "We are just glad none of you are hurt"Blade said giving a smile. "You girls didn't find a team yet? I think you should you guys are so good with the outlaws"Bidoof said. "We are still looking for one that is reliable to accept us besides we requested for another member to join with us since those outlaw mission will only get harder"Blue answered. "But don't forget, you guys are also making good progress with your missions not just us ok"Blade reminded them. The girls were doing another small talk with the others at to what had happened just now.-
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  21. Kael gave a slight nod to Twilight, before the Minun placed the note back in his bag. The little Pokémon slowly fidgeted with his paws and wand for a brief moment. His tail quivered, while his ears attempted to maintain a somewhat straight level to the best degree they could. The Minun slowly glanced around his surroundings for a moment. A few slight breaths were taken, as the slight, stinging pain caused his paws to twitch for around a painful minute.
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  22. Ramon the Monferno walked into the guild pretending he was a cowboy, walking side to side slowly. "I'm home ladies!" He yelled out. He spit in his hand and colmed his hair updawrd. He then pointed with his two hands as if he were holding guns in them towards the rest of the members. Chompy the Gabite walked in behind him, "Nobody cares fool!" She scolded Ramon and bumped into him.
    Ramon stumbled to the side, "Girl you cramping my style." He dusted of his shoulder, puffed up his chest and began walking towards the bulletin board. Chompy just rolled her eyes and followed him.
    They both reached the board. Ramon smacked a sheet of paper on it. "Aaaaalrighty then!" He said looking around with a giant grin and not blinking. The paper read :
    Flaming Dragons looking for members.
    Join us to be part of a team composed by the best looking, strongest and smartest Pokemon ever!
    And his dragon assistant.

    "Assistant?!" Chompy proclaimed as she read the notice Ramon posted, "I am not your assistant!"
    Ramon laughed out loud, "Haha! You know that is a lie! The great Ramon always tells the truth!" He then leaned close to Chompy and whispered, "Girl don't ruin my swag. Go along with it."
    Chompy growled and stormed off to a nearby table and sat down. Ramon laughed again, got two drinks and sat down with Chompy. "A toast to the greatest team in the world!" Ramon held up his cup.
    Chompy growled back, "We aren't even silver!"
    "Shhhh my dear tiny dragon. Enjoy the moment." Ramon said and began drinking.
    Chompy slammed her head against the table and sighed.
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  23. Midnight groaned, a nauseous smell filling the air. Apparently it was just Skuntank and his goons. He simply covered his mouth and nose with his scarf, which in some ways acted as a mask. He saw that they had business with Blue, and Blade; though he still didn't know either of them. "Another fight, another one bites the dust," he scoffed, on his way out before being unable to leave as people began to crowd around the five. "Dang it..." he sighed. He was unable to squeeze his way past, and was forced to watch, though if he got caught in the crossfire, their would be hell to pay. Though fortunately, the "fight" didn't last long, as Chatot came soon to end it.

    "Now can I g-" Midnight wasn't able to finish his sentence, he was trampled by the tons of Pokemon going to see Blue and Blade. Midnight resisted the urge to fire a dark pulse into the crowd, yes he was a member of the guild, but he was one of the short tempered ones. Midnight picked himself up, covered in muddy paw prints of other Pokemon. He sighed, and shook them off, groaning. He turned to the Absol being crowded before flinching, spotting the Shiny Umbreon finally. It felt as if Shiny Eevee were much more and more common these days, though nonetheless, he was a bit intrigued. He made his way over, and overheard a few of the members speaking of the team request, "hmm? So you're the two the request is taking about, Blade and Blue?"
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  24. Blue's glow eyes shifted to a male Umbreon that appeared to be the same color as her. She gave a smile as Blade's eyes shifted to him as well returning a smile. "Um guys, could you give us some space here?"Blue asked gently giving a smile. "Oh of course, Blue alright Pokemon get a move along back to your missions!"said Chatot hearing the conversation. "Aw!"they all said as Blue and Blade gave sweat drops. "We can talk later guys alright, I have someone to talk to for the moment"Blue said before turning to the male Umbreon. "Yes, we are the ones that requested an extra team member for our outlaw requests that was placed on the message board. As you know, I'm Blue and this is my partner Blade the Absol. May I ask who you are young Umbreon?"she asked in a calm but sincere voice as her eyes seemed to shift slightly to the guilds entrance as she became tense but remained her posture. Blade recognized this as well as she kept her guard up.-
  25. Midnight watched as Chatot directed the other Pokemon to allow them some privacy. He pulled down his scarf, revealing his face now. He put on a smile, though it was more of a smirk if you could read his personality. "You two seem to be quite the extroverts, don't you now?" Midnight was of course referring to the crowd of Pokemon who surrounded them, though anyone with the guts to talk back to Skuntank and his Goons would be highly praised by the guild members. Midnight smiled, glancing at Blue and Blade individually before frowning, "oh, I may look young, but I'm actually decently old. 21 years of age, making me legally allowed to drink, but I'd rather drink hot sauce then booze," he snickered. Midnight kept the rather playful demeanor as he continued to speak with the two.
  26. She gave a chuckle before a smirk. "Well, that's only because of the outlaw missions we completed but what sudden intrigued me was that personality of yours seeing a coldness from you hehe but to be honest your not that old to me as Blade and I are the same age as you are but I appear young to others along with Blade here. So tell me what you call yourself male Umbreon?"she asked circling around him before her eyes caught eye contact with his as they gave a sign of sincerity but maturity as she gave a smirk as she played along with him.-
  27. Midnight smiled gently at the two. "Oh, the two of you are also twenty-one? Well, I have to admit, you both look around your sixteens, or eighteens, and that's not me trying to be smooth either," he chuckled to himself, tail slowly wagging behind him. "Well yes, I'm much more introverted, but I like to think of myself as a nice person."

    He watched as she circled around him, smirking to himself as she did so. Though as they made eye contact, Midnight couldn't help but feel much more at ease, he felt as if he could trust her. "Midnight, my name is Midnight. No, it's not because I'm an Umbreon, but because I was born at exactly 12:00 PM. And well, I chose to be an Umbreon afterwards cause it was a fitting name~"
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  28. Twilight tilted her head to the side, looking concerned. "Are you alright?" Twilight asked Kael. She tucked the C ranked job she had pulled off the bulletin board under one of her legs, hoping she wouldn't end up dropping it as she had done earlier.
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  29. The Servine looked the other up and down, her yellow eyes rather cold, with an unsettling glow in them. A fang-toothed grin played upon her face, however, and she dipped her head. "Well, I guessss I could help you find that person. Follow me, if you want to." she murmured, tucking her job into the front pocket of her shoulder bag and scampering over to the room in which the Bulletin Board was, only to see quite a gathering of Pokémon around two members of the guild whom she vaguely knew, Blue and Blade. A team. For a moment, Chervil narrowed her eyes, but shook away the envy and hostility, making her way over to the team. "Hello Blue, hi Blade. Did you just come back from a mission...?" Chervil enquired, folding her arms.
  30. "Hm, Midnight huh well I like the name, Blue well its kind of obvious as to why I was named that because as an Eevee my eyes were light blue but also to resemble the blue rings I hold that seem to glow brightly giving a pretty glow of the color"she paused giving a smirk to him again. "I can tell in your eyes that you have no hesitation, that will be useful when we encounter many outlaws because they don't show mercy. As for our age, yes we get that a lot but we both take care of ourselves very well but just because Blade and I are this age don't mean we lack off for the outlaws."she circled around him again giving a smirk as her tail was slightly around his neck before she removed it sitting next to Blade before shifting her eyes to the Servine. "Actually, yes Chervil but also had dealt with a "skunk" problem and his goons"she added referring to Skunktank. Blade actually had a question for Midnight. "Midnight, just curious do you happen to be in a team right now?"she asked him.-
  31. Deciding that following Chervil would probably be a better idea than simply wandering around the guild, Silver followed Chervil to the room where the Bulletin Boards were. Noticing Blue and Blade, Silver tilted his head to the side, curious. "Who are they?" Silver asked.
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  32. "Well, Blue and Blade are certainly creative names. It's not some standard name like Emily, or Elizabeth," he scoffed, jokingly. "Oh, no hesitation? Well that's more or less. Trust me, I won't show it, when if comes to outlaws. But otherwise, I'll show maybe a little mercy here and there," he smirked. He listened as she would walk around him, smirking to himself, but began to blush lightly as he felt her tail wrap around his neck lightly temporarily, his blush was a light blue in contrast to his dark fur. He pulled his scarf up to his nose for a few seconds before dropping it back down. "A team? Well yes... But unfortunately... my partner as fallen ill, and so I've been forced to put my team on hiatus..."
  33. "I ssssee," Chervil nodded, fixating her yellow eyes on the others. "Well, just ignore them; they've no right to criticise you. They're ssssertainly no merit to the guild," the Service murmured cynically. Seeing that the Zoroark, who's name she still did not know, had followed her, Chervil dipped her head in greeting before listening to his question. "Oh, these two are Blue and Blade- other membersss of the guild. Currently we're in the Bulletin Board room, by the way. It's where you would get jobs." she noted, since the other had wanted to be shown around- she decided she would passively do so as they spoke.
  34. "Blue and Blade, eh? They seem as though they are a popular team." Silver said. He scanned the room, searching for Twilight, and saw her speaking to a Minun. "By the way, my name's Silver. What's yours?" Silver asked, turning his attention back to the Servine.
  35. Blade nodded as she gave a sudden sigh. "Oh I see...that's sudden..I hope she gets better"Blade gave a smile. Blue heard this as well as she nodded to Chervil. "Oh I do Chervil, don't worry they irritate me long enough so I have a way of shutting them down"she smirked to the thought. "Also....sorry about your partner...Midnight...it must be hard on you"Blue gave a gentle smile. "I see...well Blue and I don't actually have a team name right now so we have just been lone outlaw adventures. We have been looking for one for a while but we don't know if members who accepted "older" members like us"Blade said. "Also, yes Blade is very well suited name for me since my blade on the side of my head here is something not to be reckoned with it literally "slices" down opponents I face with Blue quickly with the hidden moves I have"she said. A sudden wind blew as Blue quickly used her paw to hold her chest fur down to prevent her long scar from being seen including the back of her neck. She placed her paw down once it stopped before she stood up. "Um...excuse me for one second..."she said before she leaped out of the board messaging room. Blade knew why she had run off like that as her long scar was almost visable to others. "She'll be back...shorty...something she forgot to grab..."Blade said glancing to Midnight for the moment before looking away as her eyes had a hint of worry and hurt inside of them.

    Blue made her way back to her guild room where she and Blade slept at before making her way to a small box next to her bed before opening it with her key that was in her flower. Once she opened it, it revealed a black and blue Levi and a black bandana with two of the Levi flowers attached to the right of it. She picked the bandana before she placed it around her neck as she faced the bandana behind her to cover the one from behind then used the Levi to cover the front of her chest. She closed the box before making her way out of her room back to Midnight and Blade.-
  36. Chervil smiled in approval, comforted even slightly to know that bullies and the like were not being tolerated by anyone. She then heard the Zoroark speak again, and looked towards him. "I ssssuppose sssso," she murmured in response to his first statement. She seemed outwardly pleasant, though was slightly envious- she was a gold-ranking member of the guild and wasn't getting nearly as much recognition. Oh well, she inwardly sighed. You didn't come here for popularity.

    No- in fact, popularity was one of the last things she wanted. Not after...

    A question was then asked, snapping Chervil from her inner monologuing. The Zoroark introduced himself as Silver- fitting, considering his coloration- and then asked the Servine herself for her name. "My name issss Chervil. Nice to meet you, Sssssilver." she hissed, smiling, with a slight brightness in her eyes. "Ssssso, do you want to sssssee anywhere elssssse? Or, do you want to take a job?"
  37. Midnight sighed, "I hope she gets better as well. She was only affected a week ago, but I fear for her. I've been told to avoid heading close to her, but even that's hard for me. So we've been sending letters, she usually sends one every two days, but she hasn't today, which worries me even more. I haven't been contacted by her caretakers either, which makes me fear for the worst, but I'm still having high hopes. Besides, hopefully they can find a cure to that mysterious disease that's being spread about." Midnight turned away, seemingly upset. Of course, this look didn't last long before he looked right back at the two, "but forget that." Midnight gave them a reassuring smile, but it was obvious it was forced.

    "Wait, you haven't a team name?" This came as a shock to Midnight, the two looked to him as competent guild members. "Well, I mean, it is pretty unprofessional for you two not to have a team name, maybe you should start thinking of one?" He snickered a bit, "Twilight Hunt was a name my partner had come up with. She was an Espeon who respected the moon a lot more then the sun, she even pushed herself to learn Moonlight instead of Morning Sun! She chose to call the team Twilight, as a sort of reference to both of our roles, as me, the Moon, and she the Sun. Hunt was sort of a callback as to how we quote on quote hunted each other as a sort of game." Midnight smirked, "of course, you two could always join my team instead, we've got the advantage of actually having a team name," he said jokingly.

    Though the small breeze that swept in did take him by surprise, as he bit his scarf, keeping it from getting loose. He turned to Blue, watching her excuse herself and run off. He was a bit confused, though for the short period of time Blade glanced at him, he was instead worried, even if it was only a tad.
  38. "Though seeing more of the guild would probably be a better idea so that I know where I'm actually going, I'd kinda like to take a job. Sylvie wouldn't be too amused about me doing so, though, since I only joined the guild yesterday and don't have a team..." Silver answered, flicking his ear. Sylveon had told him that he didn't want him going on any missions until he either joined a team, or proved he could work alone.
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  39. "Well, I could take you on a mission," offered Chervil, the smile that had played upon her lips still lingering. "I've alwayssss worked alone, sssso I could do with a change of ssssscenery," she murmured, slowly beginning to make her way over to the Bulletin Board, beckoning Silver to follow after her. "Though, it'ssss probably better if you don't do the one I've got in my bag, ssso... take your pick." she gestured toward the Board, vines growing out from her leaf crests to point at a few of the C-Rank missions.
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  40. Blade

    She heard Midnight's story about his partner being an Espeon that was ill. "Yes I know its a bit unprofessional that Blue and I don't have a team name for ourselves but we haven't really thought about it since we were always busy with the outlaw missions...but we don't even know what to call ourselves...hm your team well that doesn't seem like a bad idea...if your ok with it, I'll have to ask Blue about though...hm and well for Blue leaping off like that...there a reason behind it...unfortunately"Blade said a bit more gently before she saw her walking back to them wearing her bandana and black and blue Levi around her neck.

    "Sorry about that, forgot to place these items around my neck, keeps me at ease"Blue said before sitting down next to Blue. "So what were you guys talking about?"she asked. "Well, actually about Midnight's team and jokingly saying to join it"she smirked giving a chuckle joking back. "Oh well its up to Midnight if it's ok to join his team for now until we think of our own name...we have been lone adventures for a long while so maybe I think its time to make a team"Blue offered but Chimecho called for dinner. "That's our cue for dinner, lets meet back up here and talk a bit before we sleep ok"Blade said. "Reasonable enough, come Midnight, don't want to starve do you?"Blue smirked teasing before following Blade walking beside her.-
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