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Sword/Shield SwSh: looking to get a rusted sword

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Saoirse Fiàin, Mar 10, 2020.

  1. Saoirse Fiàin

    Saoirse Fiàin Previously Saorise Fiain

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    I got a Zacian from trading through home recently but because pokemon can't hold items in home, I didn't get the rusted sword to go with it /:

    I have Shield and there's no way I'm buying and playing through sword as well only to get the rusted sword. So if anyone has a Zacian with a rusted sword, or just the rusted sword, I'd trade something good for it.

    I have a few really good shinies. With good IV's, if that's your thing. I'm willing to trade one of these shinies for a Zacian with a rusted sword. Even a rusted sword will do. Oh yeah, and if you're going to trade a Zacian as well I'd prefer if it's name was in English and if it didn't have a nickname. Here a list of pokemon that I have which I'm willing to trade:

    - Rapidash (Shiny, Kantonian form, lvl. 52, Female, Perfect IVs, Bold)
    - Ninetales (Shiny, Kantonian form, lvl. 100, Female, Perfect IVs, Timid)
    - Blastoise (Shiny, lvl. 36, Male, 5 IVs (Not Sp.Def), Adamant)
    - Sylveon (Shiny, lvl. 52, Male, 5 IVs (Not Attack), Modest)

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