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Private/Closed SWitA REBOOT (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Krisseon, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    @EmoKitty21 @EeviumZ @Retr.0 @Merciless Medic @PlayfulFox47 @LunarSilvally


    Kalos was a vast, wonderful region, filled with happy people and pokemon alike. Vibrant cities, plentiful farmlands, whimsical forests and beautiful beaches all throughout for everyone to enjoy. But even in such a lovely region, there lies a dark mystery that the natives didn't like to talk about.
    The Chamber of Emptiness was a phenomenon in itself. However, what really made it stand out in the minds of Kalosians was the Legend held within its dark walls.

    Once a year, if a passerby were to enter the Chamber at sunset on the day that splits the year in half, precisely, it is said that they are spirited away to another reality, only a single item left where they once stood in the Chamber.

    What that reality holds, no one has returned to tell. All that's left of those brave enough to try are items that wandering trainers find and take as their own, unaware of the dark reason to how it got there. The stories have been passed down for generations around the Kalos region, but few have dared to attempt to find the truth.

    That is, until that time of the year comes again, and a group of bold trainers decide that they have what it takes to take on the challenge and see what's on the other side. Whether out of curiosity, disbelief, or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time, it was almost as if destiny had brought them together to find out how these stories came to be.

    What they find is more terrifying than any of them had imagined. The legend is true. And now they must stick together and find a way back before they suffer the fate of those who came before them.



    1. Follow 'Charm's rules, obviously.

    2. Make sure you're using proper grammar and punctuation to the best of your ability. It only takes a few minutes to proofread. :up:

    3. Be considerate of other participants and their character interactions. Join in of course! But don't just put an unlikely monkey wrench into an entire buildup between two characters, you know what I mean? Alternatively, do not start an interaction if you don't plan to finish it, leaving a character stuck until a response is given.

    4. NO Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus. Give your characters flaws, goals, fears, weaknesses, incomplete story lines, things of that nature. Perfection doesn't exist, so give your character room to grow.

    5. Make the effort to post at least a paragraph.

    6. 3 characters max, however you can choose any variation of character roles you want.



    These are our main characters, set off on an innocent adventure, only to be thrown into something much bigger than they knew. Together they must protect themselves and each other from the many forces against them within this newfound reality.

    Each protagonist will lose a special item in the Chamber of Emptiness that keeps them linked with their correct reality.

    To help them along their journey, each of their respective items will allow them a defensive ability.
    (for example, but not limited to: healing, foresight or invisibility)

    The 'entity' wants them.

    These are the unfortunate trainers that made it to this other reality, but could never make it back.
    The 'entity' that took their minds in their relentless struggle to find a way home uses them to break down the willpower of our protagonists, though the severity of their deterioration depends on their own willpower and how long they've been fighting the 'entity's pull on them.

    These characters will be able to have physical offensive abilities.
    (for example, but not limited to: spikes, acid fingers or shapeshifting)

    Their items will be what the protagonists find inside the Chamber to be able to save them.

    Those who set out to break down our protagonists by any means necessary. They work alongside the 'entity' that wants to take control of the protagonists, whispering manipulative thoughts and feelings into the minds of those not yet corrupt by it.

    The antagonists are meant to be OP, but not unbeatable, so be creative with their abilities and affects on the other characters.

    The antagonist's items have taken from the Chamber, thus severing their ties to their true reality. They cannot be saved.

    The 'entity' is an unseen force that seems to embody the reality itself. A looming darkness that seeks to take whatever wanders into its realm and feed off the misery of its victims. It wants to take the willpower of our protagonists as they travel the other reality to save the Lost, whispering relentless tricks to turn the prtagonists against one another.


    Character Sheet









    Character Role:
    (Protagonist, Antagonist, or Lost)

    Item / Ability:

    Extra Info:


    My Characters

    Name: Georgie Bernard
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Hometown: Lavender Town, Kanto

    Georgie has long, wavy black hair and ocean blue eyes featuring a pair of dark red, thin rimmed glasses. She's fair skinned with a thin but full frame, and stands at an unimpressive 5'5. Tiny but mighty! She wears a red and black horizontally striped t-shirt with a black hooded vest over it, ripped black skinny jeans and white and red converse high tops. (Left is red, right is white. Hey that rhymes!) She also likes to paint her nails in a black and red pattern to match.

    Georgie is very energetic, getting excited over silly things. This often makes her very rash when it comes to decision making, never really stopping to think things through before barreling into something. She has little to no patience, and at times can be rather short tempered and even a little rude sometimes. Despite her disposition and stubborn attitude, she gets along fairly well with most people and can be quite friendly. Once she considers someone a good friend and learns to trust them, she's very loyal and protective of them, even if it's hard for her to verbally express such affections. She has the confidence of a leader, but tends to be a little too hard on herself if things don't go right. She can be a little angsty in these situations, but after going off on her own to blow off some steam she's back to her old self like nothing ever happened. She's gotten very good at rolling with the punches.

    [​IMG]Pepper the Flareon (M) (Partner)
    [​IMG]Winnie the Quilava (F)
    [​IMG]Whiplash the Rapidash (F)
    [​IMG]Axel the Houndoom (M)
    [​IMG]Ginger the Vulpix (F)
    [​IMG]Archie the Arcanine (M)

    Character Role: Protagonist

    Item / Ability: A pokeball shaped music box with a picture of her family in it. This item gives her the ability of healing both physical and aura related injuries.

    Extra Info:

    - She has 2 sisters she loves very much. Her older sister, Ami, and her younger sister, Anika.

    - She loves fire, loves watching things burn and bend to it's will. That's why she chose to be a fire type trainer.

    - She lost her parents at a young age, which is what triggered her fiery temper. She learned that being angry was easier than feeling sad, so anger is the only way she knows how to cope with things that upset her.

    - Her first pokemon was Pepper, an Eevee, which later evolved into Flareon. Being her first, she is very much attached to Pepper, and Pepper to her. More often than not, she lets him travel with her outside his pokeball, as she prefers his company.

    Name: Caspian Gryphinfeather (but more often than not he doesn't remember it)
    Age: Forgotten
    Gender: Fluid; identifies as both || Pronouns: They/Them
    Sexuality: Demiromantic/Demisexual
    Hometown: Forgotten

    As a Shapeshifter, Caspian's true form is unknown to most, but when approaching humans he is often seen as a harmless looking tanned human boy, seemingly at the age of 18, with slightly messy dark brown shoulder length hair and unusually vibrant violet eyes. They are almost cat-like in appearance. His eyes tend to give him away in other forms, as the color never changes. He stands at 5'9", sporting a simple oversized black T-shirt and white skinny jeans, both of which are ripped up and ragged. He doesn't wear any shoes, as he lost them a long time ago. Accessories include a silver chain necklace with a pokemon tooth on it that has great meaning, though he can't remember what that meaning is, and a leather bracelet with a silver sun charm on it.

    Passive in nature, Caspian is a tired, thousand something old being with very few things that motivate him these days. He's a free spirit, trapped in a small world and losing more of his sanity with each day that goes by. Being a shapeshifter, he enjoys messing with people by becoming their biggest fears, but his intentions are mostly harmless on his own. He is currently being held captive by an antagonist who thinks of him as their 'pet'.

    [​IMG]Sprite the Shiny Ditto (M)
    [​IMG]Forest the Delibird (F)
    [​IMG]Squirt the Buizel (F)
    [​IMG]Ainsley the Leafeon (M)

    Character Role: Lost

    Item / Ability: His item is a piece from a puzzle he's kept for many, many years. His memory is terrible, and every time he tries to put the puzzle together, he freaks out because one piece is always missing, but he can never remember why.
    The ability it gives him is shapeshifting into virtually anything.

    Extra Info:
    - he wears a magic collar that binds him to the antagonist holding him captive. Anywhere he goes they can find him and drag him back.

    - his memory is fleeting due to his struggles for so long in the other reality and the constant negative influence of the Entity, and he's not all there most of the time.

    - some of you may recognize a familiar face in his pokemon team (I just really love him okay!)


    Freewrite Free-for-All!

    Freewrite Fridays, now renamed to Freewrite Free-For-All, is a fun, creative way to express yourself and your characters in any form or fashion you'd like! Each Friday, we all take a few minutes to write something in any style we want. It's a great way to learn more about each other and the characters we've created!

    It is mainly for inspiration for the RP and the characters in it, but there is no limit to the works you can post, be it pokemon or other non-pokemon creations. Be as creative and out of the box as you'd like! Let your creative juices flow, as you may post as many works as you'd like!

    It's completely optional as well, so there's no pressure if you're not feeling up to it at any point.

    You can post your work(s) to this Creative Discussion Thread!

    Happy writing!
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  2. Here are my returning characters.
    Name: Ty Winters
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Gay
    Hometown: Lavender town, Kanto
    Description: Long white blond hair with a dark purple ombre at the ends. He has light blue with a dark purple ring around his iris. He looks almost too pretty to be a guy. Some people have mistaken him for a girl. He is kind of tall standing about 5'7". He tends to wear a light pink tank top, light purple hoodie jacket that is never zipped unless it is very cold out, and a leather jacket. He pairs this usually with a pair of tight skinny jeans in dark blue. On his feet he wears dark purple converse that he has painted pink roses. He also has a guitar case that has his custom guitar that he made with his grandfather. He also carries a leather messenger bag.
    Personality: He is very sweet and nurturing. He loves to help others. He will stand up for what's right. He will always try and be the voice of reason. Though sometimes a different side of him comes out and can be very selfish and cold to others. He doesn't really know what causes it but it does happen from time to time. When he is in this state he sort of blacks out and has no control over his actions.
    Diva (Sylveon, female.)
    Glaceon (Male)
    Lola (Shiny Lopunny, female)
    Braixen (Female.)
    Espeon (Male)
    Lumineon (female.)
    Reason(s) for going to the Chamber of Emptiness: He doesn't know how he got there. It was like one minute he was walking with Sylveon and the next he found himself in the Chamber.
    Item/Ability: Custom acoustic guitar that his grandfather helped him make. He has the ability to change his voice. He can also convey emotions through song or words. He can calm someone or make them even angrier.
    Extra Info:
    • Ty knows how to play several different instruments.
    • He can sing very well. Though he may not look it he lives heavy metal music.
    • He has a necklace that will play into the story. It is the one with the handmade looking guitar.

    View attachment 721257

    Also here is basically one of my favorite characters to play.
    Name: Elizabeth Smith
    Age: 18
    Gender: female.
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual though hides it.
    Hometown: Almora town. (The ancient city along the shore of Kanto. It has long been since forgotten.)
    Description: Elizabeth has long flowing hair that is matted and greasy looking. She wears a long dress. It has bell shapped sleaves and comes to her ankle. Her feet are bear. Her dress laces in the front and has a slit from wear it laces. It flares out at her hip. The dress is very torn and dirty. There are red stain on what used to be a very white and pure dress. Her face is very sweet and innocent looking. Though her eyes give away the crazyness that can and will be unleashed. She does not wear make up but she has a very beautiful face. Her skin is very pale and her eyes are a darkbluish green.
    Personality: She was a sweet and innocent.Though when she got to other realm itchanged her. She turned cold and wanted to watch others in pain. Her eyes give her away as someone who likes to cause others pain. Though deep down she knows that there is something that is missing from her life. If she could remember what it is that she lost maybe she could find herway again.
    Pokemon: (all of them evolved while in the other realm.)
    Reason(s) for going to the Chamber of Emptiness: Her houndor took her favorite teddy bear and ran in. She followed closely behind.
    Item left in the chamber: A teddy bear that she has had since she was very little it is in the shape of a pikachu.
    Extra Info:
    • She is very childlike. She tends to want to play. From her time in the other realm has not stopped this. Though now she tends to play rough with others.
    • She is kind of like Sabrina with her little girl self.
    • She has been in other realm for almost two hundred years. Though she never really knew how long she has been in there.
    • Her dormant physic powers have arisen with the help of the entity.
    Her role: Antagonist.

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  3. Oh yay ^-^ I will be using three, two for Protagonists and one for the lost but I will post mine up soon
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  4. I’ll be using Mia for sure.
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  5. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    I hope it is fine if I use an old character of mine that I have grown to love (Kathy!). She is kinda developed, but she does have some unfinished stories (One romance) and has one of the most ridiculous fears ever! I think it might be funny. I will be playing a protagonist. I will also be making some random characters...
  6. Well when I made Elizabeth I kind of felt I would not really enjoy her as much as I did Ty. Ty was and is one character I will go back to, but Elizabeth is just so much fun to play with. Elizabeth was a random character I made to just add plot to the story. Then I really started to work on her backstory more. She really just grew on me. I fell in love with the way she kind of toys with others. I maybe weird as I enjoy playing more evil characters then the good guy. It is just too much fun to slowly break down a character's will until they are a shell of themselves.

    Also I have a psychic character. So to better play to your characters can you add something your character would be afraid of, or worried about. This will help me to come up with an illusion for that character. Also I hope you do not mind I am asking this @Krisseon. This would make it easier to fit other character into them.
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  7. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Yeah, you can use whichever characters you'd like Playful!
    And of course Kitty, if anyone wants to add fears or any extra info it's more than welcome, that's why I added that to the character sheet. The whole plot of this RP is pretty dark and intense so it'll be a lot of fun to exploit a character's fears and insecurities! I love it. Uhuhu!
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  8. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Name: Kathren Tretoes
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual (Likes guys)
    Hometown: Kathren comes from Violet City, Johto
    Appearance: Kathren is about 4'9 and is a slender build. She has chocolate brown hair that goes a quarter-way down her back when down, however, she normally keeps her hair in a high ponytail that reaches a few inches below the shoulders (about 5 inches, I'm just estimating). She has blue-grey eyes and is slightly tanned (due to traveling a lot). She normally wears a baby blue tee shirt with a crepe pink jacket (if it is hot the jacket is tied around her waist) Light blue jeans and grey tennis shoes. She has a big grey backpack that is stuffed with items. It is one of those big ones that have two huge side pockets and straps for a sleeping bag. She has a brown belt for her Pokeballs (her father gave it to her).
    Personality: Kathy is a kind and gentle individual. She always tries to be friendly, though she is hard of trust (I kinda have a trust score installed for her, I can give more details if needed). She tries to pet every single cute Pokemon (in her eyes that is every Pokemon that acts sweet) or Pokemon that she feels sorry for. Kathy has a better connection with Pokemon than most people due to her soft voice and the fact she has a good heart. However, this is not the way she treats her own Pokemon. With her own Pokemon, Kathy is stubborn, easily annoyed, and strict. She also teases her Pokemon a lot and Derp Lord is her favorite one to play around with, due to his stupidity. She is rather closed off around humans, but around Pokemon she acts more like her true self. She has a false personality that she hides behind, though it is a very terrible shield and it constantly breaks. (If you want to see her fake personality, just tell me)
    Pokemon: Derp Lord (Male Quagsire), Aron (Male Aggron), Star (Female Staraptor), Butch (Male Pangoro), Aurora (Female A-Ninetails), Candle (Female Lampent)
    Character Role: Protagonist
    Item / Ability: Kathren's Journal. Her ability is to create illusions of things that had happened in her past. Though, this can backfire onto her.
    Extra Info: She has a huge fear of Spinda. She will go and drop her trainer capabilities when she sees one. Like, she will freeze up in terror. Derp Lord is a foot and a half smaller than a normal Quagsire. She also freaks out when her journal is missing. Kathy likes to have a Pokemon out with her at all times
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  9. A young girl with mangy hair in her face and a blood soaked dress, just smiles. *evil laughter can be heard in your mind.*
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  10. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    I love her! Although sorry I kind of already had the healing ability for Georgie from the original thread. But hey I thought of a really cool replacement if you're interested: the ability to write or draw in the air or on surfaces and they come to life. For example if she drew a door on a wall it would become an actual door, and stuff like that. Of course it's only a suggestion. :)
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  11. Finally done -.- I hope this is ok ^-^

    Name: JC

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Straight

    Hometown: Alola, Iki town, route 1

    Appearance: She is a light skinned young lady that stands at 5"4 in height with a well feminine build. She has dark brown long hair that is pulled up in a long ponytail with a bang covering her right eye. She has light blue eyes, right slightly blind(bang covers it). She wears a shirt that only covers her left shoulder leaving her right shoulder exposed as only the tank strap shows that is worn under it. On the front of the shirt has letterings that say "There is no room for judgemental comments" in light green, light blue, light red coloring. She wears black caprice on her lower half with bandages on her wrists and ankles. She wears black flats with the straps around her ankles securely. She wears glasses upon her face with a silver and black cross necklace around her neck.

    Personality: Quite distant, Gentle, Strategic, Understanding, Strongwilled, Acts brave when she needs to, Slightly stubborn, Shy(in a stubborn way)

    Blue(F)(Umbreon)(Shiny)(Partner)(wears a blue and black flower on right ear)
    Wolfa(F)(Dusk Lycanroc)
    Bella(F)(Furfrou)(Depudente trim)


    Character Role: Protagonist

    Item / Ability: Her black and silver cross necklace. It gives her the ability to heal Pokemon with just the touch of her hand but also gives protection if needed

    Reason(s) for going to the Chamber of Emptiness
    : Her brother had gone missing as if he disappeared, she decided to investigate the Chamber once she had overheard that trainers who entered never returned. She had hoped her brother didn't end in the same way as those trainers did until she found his cross on the ground.

    Extra Info:
    -She is a violinist as she plays it when she feels sad or depressed-
    -She wears a white wolf blue- streaked mask on her face and black hooded cape to hide her appearance-
    - She has severe asthma along with a medical condition(Tuberculosis)-
    -She understands Pokemon by feeling and emotion-
    -She is the champion of Alola-
    -She can get shy around males but her stubbornness hides it-
    -Bella is the sister of Chapman the Dandy trim Furfrou her twin brother-
    -She fears that something bad could happen to her brother and never see him again-

    : Shadow

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Straight

    Hometown: Alola,Iki town, Route 1

    Appearance: He is a light skinned young that stands 5'8 in height with a well masculine build. He has jet black jet with a bang covering his right eye. He has light blue-gold eyes. He wears a plain black buttoned-down shirt with a tank underneath with black skinny pants and comfortable Chuck Taylors on his feet. He wears a bandage only on his right wrist with a black watch on top of it and a black cross necklace around his neck.

    Personality: Brave, Gentle, Calm, Overprotective(of JC), Strong

    Sparkx(F)(Jolteon)(Partner)(Wears a light blue bandana around her neck with light lavender flowers at the side)
    Eclipse(M)(Midnight Lycanroc)
    Chapman(M)(Furfrou)(Dandy trim)


    Character Role: Lost

    Item / Ability: His cross that he wears that grants protection to a person who holds it for a long period of time and the allies around them but also is able to calm others that seem mad or panicked just by the touch of his hand.

    Extra Info:
    -He is a Violinist as he plays with his sister when she is feeling down-
    -He wears a black wolf gold-streaked mask on his face and black hooded cape to hide his appearance-
    -He is a Pokemon breeder, an experienced one-
    -Chapman is the brother of Bella the Depudente trim Furfrou his twin sister-
    -He fears for his sister's medical condition and that it would worsen when he is not around her.

    Name: Mask

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Straight

    Hometown: Kalos, Snowbelle city

    Appearance: He is a light skinned young male that stands at 5'8 in height with a well masculine build. He has sky blue eyes, right eye part robot. He has grey-silver-Russian blue hair with red tips on all the edges as on the back of his head his hair is a bit long. He wears a dark Russian blue and silver plaid shirt that is buttoned down with skinny jean black pants and comfortable shoes on his feet. He wears a bluish-grey scarf around his neck. He wears two gold rings on his right wrist.

    Personality: Not very talkative, Takes some time to warm up to people, Rather Gentle, Slightly distant



    Character Role: Protagonist

    Item / Ability: His ninja star necklace that his young sister Maskerin gave to him. It gives him a sign of protection as it is able to calm others hearts just by the touch of his hand

    Extra Info:
    -He wears a greyish-blue wolf mask that is silver outlined as he never takes it off-
    -His face was brutally damaged in an accident as he was taken in by scientists giving him a robotic replacement-
    -He fears that others would run him if they saw the other part of his face that is under his mask-
    -He only stays close to JC as he only trusts her despite seeing his face under his mask-
    -Despite his fear, he has a very gentle temperament-
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  12. ThePlayfulFox

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    Nice I'll take it! I was thinking of that, but it kinda seemed OP...
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  13. Lunar like last time the protagonist's items will be left in the chamber. They will have abilities based on that item. The item is not going to be with your character.
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  14. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Very nice characters Lunar! I can see your writing is coming along nicely! :)

    Nah it's cool Playful. The way I was imagining it was like just harmless doodles. Like if she drew an elephant it would stay a doodle, almost like an illusion, and on surfaces it would make for a good portal to get out of somewhere quickly. Y'know what I mean? (this was actually something I considered giving Georgie so I put some thought into the concept lol)
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  15. Krisseon

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    Yes, Kitty is right about that. A quick fix will do.
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  16. ThePlayfulFox

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    I was thinking more with words since her journal was basically her diary...
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  17. Well not have it where she writes out what she is thinking and it comes true if it is not like RP breaking. It could also only work on making items appear.

    Also I noticed I forgot to add in the ability to my character and their items. So that has been fixed.
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  18. Krisseon

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    Sure! However you'd like to incorporate it, as long as it's a purely defensive ability. You might need to give a little more detail on how it'll be used.

    Also I see you peaking Renz! :D *boops your snoot*
  19. Also @Krisseon, you forgot to tag Eli. I think he still wanted to rejoin the RP as well.
  20. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

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  21. Krisseon

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    Oh yeah. Oops...
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  22. Krisseon

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    Thanks Playful lol.
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  23. Name: Mia Mallux
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Hometown: ??? (She doesn't remember, but it's Slateport City.)
    Description: Mia's appearance reflects her personality. Her appearance is sort of half and half, and each side fades into the other (it's not an abrupt split). The left side of her head has multicolored pastel hair, and a blue eye. The right side has black and red hair, and a red eye. She wears a tank top, with the left side being white and pristine, the other being black and slightly ragged. The tank top has a motif on the back that splits between sides, with the left half being a pink heart and the right half being a red skull. She wears a pair of shorts, where the left half is simply blue denim and the right side is black and torn denim. Finally, her left shoe is a white sneaker with pink laces, and her right shoe is a black combat boot. (Whew, that took me a while.)
    Her physical appearance is rather simple. She has very pale skin, and stands at a height of 5'3.
    Personality: You might have already guessed her personality by her appearance. On one hand, she's the bubbliest and sweetest girl alive. On the other hand, she's completely insane. She's nice and sweet most of the time, but never anger her or suffer the consequences. She's very unstable, and you never know when she's going to switch personalities. She loves sweet revenge, and will go to any lengths to get back at those who hurt her.
    Underneath her complete insanity is a pure and innocent girl. She can occasionally have short bursts where she can fight the entity's influence and speak to the protagonists genuinely, but it will always drag her back into the darkness once again.
    Sylveon (F)
    Clefable (F)
    Houndoom (F)
    Malamar (M)
    Mimikyu (F)
    Reason(s) for going to the Chamber of Emptiness: She originally came purely by accident.
    Extra Info:
    Mia from the regular reality, not the alternate one. Her item was a pink heart keychain, giving her the ability to create happiness and motivation in those around her, but it was destroyed by means unknown.
    When her item was destroyed, her link with her homeworld was shattered and she was completely helpless. Desperate and in need, she turned to the Entity for assistance. The Entity offered her a deal: she would be allowed to return home if she sent two others to the Chamber in her place. She accepted the offer, and found two random trainers to lure into the Chamber.
    However, the Entity did not hold true to its part of the deal. It attempted to drag her back into the alternate reality. However, she resisted so hard that only half her soul was brought into the Chamber. Seeing its opportunity, the Entity filled the emptiness in her with darkness and insanity, making her into the girl she is in the RP. Upon her transformation, her Inkay and Houndour evolved from their cuter pre-evolved stages into their more menacing final forms.
    Due to her nature, it seemed natural that she had a special ability. She can, to an extent, manipulate the minds of those around her. Nothing too crazy (she can't fully mind control people), but she is able to manipulate their emotions and basic actions. This reflects her former special ability.
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  24. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Name: Eli Kovich
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Strait
    Hometown: Lumiose
    Appearance: Messy. medium light brown hair, about 5' 10, kind and happy expression that is rarely dampered
    Personality: Happy go lucky, tries to find the bright side always, and always pushes forward. Loyal
    Pokemon: Veon (Sylveon) Razor (Leafeon) Lix (Eevee)
    Character Role: Protagonist
    Item / Ability: Red staff with lightning stone top, Extreme reaction speed
    Extra Info:

    : Mentiras
    Age: 39
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Strait
    Hometown: Lumiose
    Appearance: Black suit with a white tie, a white wood staff with an onix top neatly done black hair
    Personality: Pleasant and trickly, will twist words to make deals that gain him the advantage
    Pokemon: Hope(Arcanine) Deal(Ditto)
    Character Role:Antagonist
    Item / Ability: A golden pen, has the ability to make deals with the antagonist that they are unable to break, a deal made will manifest as a piece of paper, and is the only way to break a deal (Deals sometimes has reality breaking affects). He is a sweet talker, and is impossible to tell if he is lying or planing something. Two ways to make a deal, signing an actual contract, or agreeing on something by shacking his hand
    Extra Info: Will not immediately be identified as enemy
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  25. Oh right then I'll change it to her cross then to make more sense of it oh and thank you @Krisseon ^-^ was a bit worried about my writing
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  29. I'm redoing my protagonist. Not sure about my lost character though.
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  34. Actually you do not need to take it off at all. That would be the item that was left in the chamber. Which is how it got taken.
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  37. Name: Shadara "Shade" Arcafiwhed Darastrix
    Age: 30
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Hometown: Cocona Village, Oblivia; lives north of Mt. Moon
    Description: Her short, wavy hair that reaches down to the base of her neck is pale purple with black roots and pink tips. Her eyes are black with pink and pale purple dots thrown in and black circles under her eyes from lack of sleep. Her skin is pale and pinkish, and she weighs 145 lbs (65.77 kg) due to lack of sleep and nutrition. She is lean and toned, though, but almost a stick. Her usual attire makes her look a little edgy and goth. She wears a black shirt with pink cuffs and collar, pale purple jeans held up with a black trainer belt, black combat boots, a black trench coat, and has a black backpack with pink and purple accents. She also has a twine made into a choker with the charms Black Glasses, Darkness Amulet, Dread Plate, Spell Tag, Ghostly Amulet, Spooky Plate, Twisted Spoon, Psychic Amulet, and Mind Plate, which get left behind. When she is working in the field or in a lab, she has black khakis, black combat boots, a grey dress shirt, and a white lab coat and will have her hair up in a ponytail with a black scrunchy.

    Because she has been lost within the other realm for some time now, her hair is messy, her skin is even paler than before, her eyes have this edge of an unhinged mind, and she slouches quite a bit.
    Personality: She has a few problems, but despite them, she keeps a positive attitude and puts on a smile. She does have some anxiety and paranoia plaguing her, and her constant chronic insomnia and night terrors make it difficult for her to sleep. She can be a bit snippy if she didn't have enough sleep to begin with, but will try to keep her emotions in check. She doesn't like talking about herself because she feels wrongly vain when she does. She also lacks morals, so she uses her sibling's moral compass to guide herself. She also has this snobbish, know-it-all attitude when she talks to people who are older and don't know as much about Pokémon as she does. She may sometimes do this to anybody who doesn't know something that she considers common sense or common knowledge.

    Due to her descent into madness, her sweetness and positivity get outshined by her rudeness and callousness. She is also extremely paranoid and will attempt to get away from people as she finds them terrifying. If she's backed into a corner, she'll attack ferociously and with no regard for herself or others. She also starts seeing hallucinations and can't discern what is real or what is fake and will constantly talk to "shadow people" that aren't even there to begin with.
    • Alolan Raichu - Electric Psychic | Chu | Female | Surge Surfer
    • Gengar - Ghost Poison | Gar | Male | Cursed Body
    • Mightyena - Dark | Magna | Male | Moxie
    • Gallade - Psychic Fighting | Gladiator | Male | Steadfast
    • Hydreigon - Dark Dragon | Drei | Female | Levitate
    • Gourgeist Super Size - Ghost Grass | Djinn | Female | Frisk
    Reason(s) for going to the Chamber of Emptiness: Research purposes, as she has read up on rumors and wanted to investigate for herself.
    How long?: 1 year
    Your Character's Role: Lost
    Item left behind: Her necklace made of twine with the charms Twisted Spoon, Psychic Amulet, Mind Plate, Spell Tag, Ghostly Amulet, Spooky Plate, Black Glasses, Darkness Amulet, and Dread Plate strung through. This gave her the power to have quills, make her super agile and flexible, and more before it got taken.
    Name: Pyroshu "Pyros" Rastrixen Darastrix
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
    Hometown: Cocona Village, Oblivia; Lives north of Mt. Moon.
    Description: He is 6'04" (193.0 cm), 220 lbs (99.8 kg) of mostly muscle, and has a rugged appearance about him. His chest and back are covered with scars from working with temperamental Pokémon (especially Fire-Types and Dragon-Types). He has flaming red hair that gracefully floats up like flames with royal blue roots. His eyes are royal blue with flaming specks dotting the irises. His usual clothes consist of a flaming sleeveless vest, a dark blue t-shirt, black biker gloves, dark blue jeans, black combat boots, and a backpack with a dragon motif. He also has a twine he handmade into a necklace with 6 charms that get left behind. The charms include Charcoal, Fire Amulet, Flame Plate, Dragon Scale, Dragon Claw, and Draco Plate. His necklace dips down right below the collarbone divot.
    Personality: He has a quick-temper, especially when he sees something unjust happening in front of him. He does have a slightly enlarged ego due to insecurities of not being strong enough, which can be his downfall. He is brotherly to those he cares about, and very playful at times. He can make friends quickly with his outgoing nature and is quite the goofball. He is also loyal, until it conflicts with his just morals. When battling, he can be quite reckless, but after the trial with his father, he has tried to find some strategies that work with him and his Pokémon, but he struggles. He's not cunning in battle, but will try his best. He's mostly about raw power and prowess than getting around a Pokémon's defenses. His motto is "They can't defend if I break their defenses." He can also be extremely stubborn, territorial, protective, and impulsive. He's also quite simple and finds violence and power the easiest answers to some questions.
    • Charizard - Fire Flying | Zarda | Female | Blaze
    • Flygon - Ground Dragon | Dunes | Male | Levitate
    • Chandelure - Ghost Fire | Chandela | Male | Infiltrator
    • Haxorus - Dragon | Nokus | Male | Mold Breaker
    • Pyroar - Fire Normal | Shika | Male | Unnerve
    • Kommo-o - Dragon Fighting | General Scales | Male | Bulletproof
    Reason(s) for going to the Chamber of Emptiness: To find his lost sister.
    Power: Can glow like fire and can roar like a ferocious Dragon-Type, due to his necklace now at the Chamber of Emptiness, the necklace being made of twine with the charms Charcoal, Fire Amulet, Flame Plate, Dragon Claw, Dragon Scale, and Draco Plate strung through.
    Your Character's Role: Protagonist
    Name: Angelia "Angel" Shayton
    Age: 35
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Hometown: Born in Laverre City, Kalos; lived in Hau'oli City, Melemele Island, Alola
    Description: She is 5'04" (162.5 cm) and she weighs 120 lbs (54.4 kg). She has pitch-black, mid-back hair with a white streak she bleached on her bangs. She has pitch-black eyes, and her skin is a little pale. She has dark circles from not sleeping very well. Her skin has a rare pigment disorder, which causes her cells/proteins/whatever in charge of the color of her skin to die, making her seem paler than what she really is. If her pigments didn't have this disorder, she'll be as dark as the natives from Alola. She is also quite fit, having a toned body due to her hobby, but still underweight and skinny. She wears a black, poofy dress, with poofy shoulders and white frills at the end of the shoulder-length cuffs and the bottom of the dress. Her dress has a bit of a high collar. She wears transparent, black tights and has a purse with little crystals all over the seams and the ends of the zippers. Her shoes are black and look like they hurt a little, but she doesn't show that it hurts her or anything. Her shoes also have tap dancing soles nailed to them. She has a Z-Ring on her left wrist. She sometimes either has a Darkinium-Z or a Fairium-Z in the slot.

    Due to her descent into madness, her dress is a lot more tattered with a patchwork of random fabric sown on by her Mimikyu to help keep her clothes at least intact. Her eyes have predatory gaze that stares hungrily through people. Her hair also becomes very messy and wild.
    Personality: Even though she is 35 years old, her mental age is closer aligned with the people who are around 21-25 and sometimes even younger. She is very immature and very naive, but becomes a savage during battle. She is very kind, selfless and caring to all who meet her, which can become quite bad for her when they begin to use her sweetness for their own selfish needs. She is always tired, but tries not to show this, but her body language shows. She slouches when sitting, and yawns a lot. Those dark circles under her eyes are from a lack of sleep due to chronic insomnia, which causes her to hallucinate slightly when awake, have trouble staying awake, be delirious at times throughout the day and not be able to remember what happens sometimes, and her Pokemon have begun training themselves because she always sleeps when she is trying to train them herself. Since her Pokemon are already very able in battle, they can battle when Angel is too busy sleeping standing up. Because of her tired state, she can be quite clumsy.

    Her mentality will be explained: There was a time in her life when something bad happened to her, which caused her slow development of her behavior. The reason why she took classes in psychology was to understand why she was so immature and what trauma could have done this to her.

    Her deliriousness can cause her to become quite scary when someone makes her angry. Since her mentality is strained, she could instantly snap and she would be as cruel as the Dark-Types she is fond of. She hates this side of her, so she keeps it locked away, even going as far as making herself fall asleep during an angering confrontation. However, due to being lost within the realm of disillusionment, the naive and sweet side of her suppressed itself in the favor of her cruel and savage side. Not caring for others, she will do what she can to make the entity happy.
    • Zoroark - Dark | Zorro | Male | Illusion
    • Togekiss - Fairy Flying | Togetoge | Female | Serene Grace
    • Incineroar - Fire Dark | Félin | Male | Blaze
    • Mimikyu - Ghost Fairy | Mimi | Female | Disguise
    • Greninja - Water Dark | Quaju | Male | Torrent
    • Mr. Mime - Psychic Fairy | Panto | Male | Filter
    Reason(s) for going to the Chamber of Emptiness: Heard interesting rumors and wanted to investigate out of pure curiosity.
    How long?: 1 year
    Power: She can make others feel insane when she's around them or make them even crazier.
    Connection to home: Her blue bandanna that her and her Zoroark shared. Someone had taken it from the chamber and she lost her power, but regained a new one as she lost herself even further and now she doesn't want to go back, and she just prefers to watch people suffer.
    Your Character's Role: Antagonist
  38. Name:
    Miss GiGi Raye


    Drag Queen


    Jubilife City, Sinnoh

    She is very tall. She stands at 6'3". She is very curvy. She has a shorter torso and very long legs. She has a pear shaped body. She has a very exaggerated face. Her full lips are overdrawn with red lipstick. Her eyebrows are pencil then and very arched. Think of Ursula. She has very pale skin. It has a tint of purple to it. She tends to wear sparkly blue eyeshadow and very big fake eyelashes. She wears dangly ruby earrings and a red diamond black choker. She wears a black learher mermaid dress. Where it flairs there is a diagonal line of sparkly flowers leading to her right hip. On her feet is a pair of sparkly red, and very tall, high heels. On her hands are a pair of opera gloves. Her fingers are covered in rings. All the rings are expensive looking. Her hair is very poofy. It is a white color, has waved, and comes down to her waist. Her dress is very dramtic and strapless. She has a very well put together look.

    She is very over the top. Miss GiGi Raye is a performer. The whole world is her stage. She thinks everything is a performace. She is very self centered and only care about herself. She is very materialistic. She will always want something more then what she has.

    Persian, Cinccino, Snubbull, Furfru, Stoutland, and Roselia

    Character Role:

    Item / Ability:
    (Will think on this more. Willing to take suggestions here.)

    Extra Info:
    • She has died in a fight with a protagonists from the past. She was resurrected by the entity and has given her a look she loves. Her skin went from tanned to a light purple. Her hair changes from blond to white.
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  39. Let me know what you guys think of Miss GiGi Raye. I would love to know what you think of her.
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