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Supernatural High School Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Captain Cardboard, Jul 31, 2018.

  1. @Talon_Widowmaker
    @Ghostly Jazz Hand's
    @Thomas the trainer

    So... I figured someone aught to get around to making this. So here it is. We should probably post our character bios here or something. Here's Drake's.

    Name: Drake Winchester
    Age: 16
    Familiar/spirt animal: Thunderbird
    Appearance: Brown, shaggy hair. Wears a beanie and a jacket, with worn jeans and tennis shoes. Has one red eye and one green eye.
    Power: Weapon Manifestation. He can cause gray, translucent weapons to appear at his will.
    Talents/hobbies: Video Games, Baseball, Cooking, Hunting, Archery
    Likes: Music, Archery, Guns,
    Dislikes: Cats, Bugs, Crowds, waking up early, hot conditions

    And here's one for Punk Girl

    Name: Natasha Iranov
    Age: 15
    Familiar/Spirit Animal: None
    Appearance: A complete punk. Wears a black leather jacket, and has short black hair. She also wears black lipstick, and has brown eyes and pale skin.
    Power(s): Fear Aura. She can make people around her feel very afraid. She can also focus her fear aura into one of her arms, allowing it to become visible as a sort of dark energy. Then, if she hits someone with that dark energy, the victim is has a very realistic vision of their worst fear. This usually paralyzes even the most bravest of people for a few minutes. Natasha also has the ability to "quick step" as she calls it, basically teleporting a few feet at a time. But it's tiring, and she can only do it a few times before she has to rest.
    Talents/hobbies: Scaring people, getting into fights.
    Likes: Grunge music, fighting, the color black
    Dislikes: Pink, Pop Music, and now Sal.

    And also, Laina

    Name: Laina Smith
    Age: 16
    Familiar/Spirit Animal: Peggy the Pegasus
    Appearance: Laina has long blonde hair, and wears a pink shirt. She wears a skirt and tights, and has green eyes. Over all, quite a cute girl.
    Power(s): Phasing. Laina can 'ghost', which allows things to pass through her. While she's phasing, nothing can affect her. From magic attacks to physical attacks, nothing can hit her. Contrawise, while she's phasing she can't hit anyone either. Her second ability is a Knockout Kiss. If she wants to, Laina can knock someone out for a few minutes with a kiss. Works better on boys.
    Talents/hobbies: Drawing, flirting, horseback riding, playing the flute.
    Likes: Boys, the color pink, cute things
    Dislikes: Gross foods
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  2. K

    Name: Jacob Gray
    Age: 16
    Familiar/spirt animal: Darius (dog... a very big one, looks kind of like a caucasian shepherd)
    Appearance: Very tall, black hair and eyes, wears a brownish tank top and black shorts, also has two dog tags around his neck
    Power: Time perception alteration and hound olfaction (can change the way the target perceives time, be it slower or faster, and has a very strong sense of smell)
    Talents/hobbies: goes to the gym 7 days a week, is almost a maniac about it
    Likes: working out, eating, music, dogs
    Dislikes: cats, birds, any other animal that isn't a dog
    History: n/a
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    Name: Sal 'limp' Oregano
    Age: 16
    Familiar: Hex the Hydra
    Appearance: Black hair, Ember eye's, Wear's a T-Shirt That say's 'Supernatural' on it with a white Jacket over it, Black and White Checkered Boot's.
    Power's: Regrowing Lost limb's and Transforming into animal's and Item's
    Talent's/hobbies: Prank's, Playing the Piano, Seeing how many people he can scare the heck out of in a Minute.
    Like's: Prank's, Hydra's, Music and art.
    Dislike's: Big crowd's, Public speaking, Snob's, people who believe there better than everybody Else.
    History: (Learn in the Roleplay, Nosy.)
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    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    THE KISS OF DEATH!!!! Now that's a Weird Power.
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  5. No, just a knockout kiss XD
  6. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    I'm wanting to Add a Few NPC's of My own. That Okay, Me lad's? To make the School a Little more 'Populated' rather Than deserted.
    If No, I understand. :p
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    You liked this But you don't reply? -_-
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    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Is it a yes or a No? I'm Waiting for a Answer, You know...
    Don't wanna Be left in the Open like this without A Answer. On a Completely Other note: Do you think the RP is slightly Dieing out?
  9. Like = Support. Go ahead.

    And no, I don't think it's dying out. We have a comfortable amount of people posting regularly.
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  10. I dont feel like spamming posts so I usually wait for everyone to "advance" before making any more posts (unless I'm having a one on one conversation with someone) so if you think I should post just let me know
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    Alright. Here they are!

    Name: Willow 'Anne' Oregano
    Age: 17
    Familiar: Hope, The bear.
    Appearance: Her Hair is Green, and Put Into a bun. She has Blue Eye's and wear's a Long Kimono dress With a floral Pattern. She wear's White Glove's, And White Ballet Shoes.
    Power's: Able to Control Plant life.
    Talent's/Hobbies: Growing Plant's In the Nearby Forest Path, Making Sculpture's from Clay, Dancing.
    Likes: Plant's, Chinese Culture, Clay Figurine's, Family.
    Dislike's: Fire, Bragging, Samurai's.

    Name: Sam 'Spinx' Emmington
    Age: 16
    Familiar: Whisper, The will O' The Whisp.
    Appearance: Brown hair, He wear's a Mask, That Cover's Up his Facial Feature's, except two Green Eye's. He wear's a Orange Jacket, and Black Pant's. His Shoe's seem to be Orange slip On's.
    Power's: Able To Summon The Spirit's of the dead and Cause bad Luck to whomever he chooses.
    Talent's/Hobbies: Talking to Ghost, Leading People to the Wrong Direction with the Help of his Familiar.
    Like's: Ghost, Long walk's at the Cemetery, British culture (As told by the way he Speak's), Fire.
    Dislike's: People who Talk to much, Threat's He can't Eradicate, Public Speaking.
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  12. Can somebody do mine for me. I'm a bit busy and I just got my acrylic nails done soooo I can't type. Btw this message took me about 20 minutes to type.
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  14. Alrighty, sure @Talon_Widowmaker

    I'm not putting in the pictures, because technically that's not allowed.

    Name: Marie Eclipse
    Age: 16
    Familiar/Spirit Animal: Hades the Manticore
    Power: Dance of Blades and Sirenation
    Talents/Hobbies: Singing, dancing, figure skating, Swimming, and playing the piano
    Appearance: Marie has long, white hair that turns to light purple at the roots. She also has violet eyes, and white clothes. Overall, she is quite beautiful.
    Likes: animals, singing, rain, dancing, being the center of attention, her Manticore, and her family and friends.
    Dislikes: being separated away from Hades, being ignored, not getting the recognition she wants.
    History: daughter of two powerful super natruals, Cassandra Eclipse and Lucius Eclipse, Marie was the center of attention ever sense she was born and it didn't help that her family spoiled her rotten, she brought more game to her family ever sense she learned to control her powers. She earned herself the nickname Queen Blades thanks to her natural talent with her powers. Not only was she know for her power and beauty the girl was also know for her intelligence. Even though she didn't want to, Marie's parents forced the girl to go to Supernatural Highschool just like all the other kids.
  15. Cheers mate-
    Name: Sky

    Age: 16 (appearance wise)/10,000(true age)

    Familiar/spirt animal: A peregrine falcon

    Appearance: : Sky is around 5 ft 7, with pale blue eyes, light brown hair, and quite pale white skin. He is normally wearing a light blue t-shirt, with tracksuit trousers and (decorative, considering that he's always a few inches above the ground) dark blue trainers.

    Power: Air spirits have got, essentially, the power to fully manipulate the air. Most notably, their normal form is air. Sentient air, with an equally intangible and invisible core of an unknown energy keeping their consciousness alive and keeping their powers working, but air nonetheless.

    This means that Sky can slip between his original form and human form at will, allowing him to pass through just about anything you can throw at him, assuming he can shift before it hits him. Although he has heightened reactions compared to a normal human, he still can't shift whilst, say, a bullet is traveling towards him. He'd have dematerialized as soon as he saw the gun. As this is their original form, all abilities work exactly the same, with the only difference being that they are lacking the ability to pick things up. Levitate, sure. Just not touch. This does come with the drawback of being extremely easily contained. You literally need to get a bottle and a cork, swipe it across the place Sky disappeared, and ta-da! One bottle O' Spirit. They are also more sensitive to human pollution and substances, you know. Exhaust fumes, plastic, stuff like that.

    The other parts of being able to fully manipulate air are pretty much anything you can think off. Changing the local windspeed and creating pretty much any weather pattern you can think of, including tornadoes, hurricanes and the such, sending concentrated bursts of wind, changing the air pressure to crumple something up, changing the temperature of the air (although not very drastically. He can't freeze his enemies, just get the temperature to -5°c or something). However, for more of the high energy types of abilities, his human form would simply get ripped apart. It isn't exactly impervious to a half-made tornado. That, along with the fact that the physical form dampens his Core by a small amount, means that he must shift back to his natural form before doing something big. Things such as a small twister, capable of being formed in the middle of a battle, are able to be formed in a matter of minutes. However, larger and more dangerous storms are not used very often, especially since there's no reason to on a remote island, and take many, many hours of non-stop concentration to feed enough power to form one. Also, the resulting energy loss will put him into hibernation for about a week, so high strength storms such as hurricanes are never used in a fight, and only used in extreme cases.

    However, all of this doesn't come without a catch, and that is a massive weakness to the Earth. Simple being in contact with the earth, even in human form, will cause an ache which will become increasingly painful, hence why he is always floating an almost unnoticeable inch above the ground. Going underground, however, will shut off all of his powers, effectively turning him into a normal human. This is essential because if Sky went underground, he would die. His Core would disintegrate around five meters below the surface, which is why it goes into a sort of hibernation whenever the human form descends below ground to prevent its destruction, as well as being unimaginably painful to Sky.

    He does have a limited amount of energy, which is regained by simply being in contact with the air. Going above cloud level allows him to regain power even faster, sort of the equivalent to a human sleeping. If Sky ends up exhausting himself, he can either take a trip up to the stratosphere for about an hour or if he ends up being too tired to do even that, he can go into a sort of hibernation, which is pretty much sleeping. Except as a cloud of air.

    Talents/hobbies: Sky is a fan of flying, as well as fighting. He can process information exceptionally quickly, and therefore has a memory stretching back through his entire lifespan

    Likes: His hobbies pretty much match up with his likes. He also likes to keep situations relatively calm, never preferring to stir something up further. Meeting (and fighting) others is something he enjoys greatly, along with simply speaking

    Dislikes: Sky dislikes the earth and most things associated with it. He also hates pollution, seeing as it was the downfall of his species.

    History: Sky is part of a group of four elemental spirits living on Earth. Earth spirits, Fire spirits, Water spirits, and Air Spirits. They essentially kept their bits of territory safe, with a natural hatred of the opposing spirit. Earth and Air hate each other, Fire and Water hate each other. They're all right with everyone else, just so long they respect each other's space. They couldn't really be classified as living, as none of them need to eat, nor do they really need to breathe as such. They don't even need to reproduce, although how exactly they were created is unknown. They also have an indefinite lifespan, as they don't actually have any sort of genetics to age. So the only way they can die, is by unnatural causes. Over time, humanity began to grow, their technology beginning to get slowly more advanced, and slowly began to pollute the atmosphere. So the air spirits began to slowly die off. It wasn't very noticeable, but Sky had managed to notice it. So he made the choice to create something that could make sure that the human pollution wouldn't hurt him- a human body.

    Five hundred years later (Building a human is harder than it sounds), he'd finished, and around two hundred years after that, the Industrial Revolution hit, a mass extinction event for the Air Spirits. All of them were wiped out, except for Sky. So they are now a critically endangered species, with only one remaining specimen. So Sky's trying not to die anytime soon. The next hundred years weren't very pleasant, knowing he was the last of his kind. If he had any kind of sanity, he would have certainly lost it. Eventually, around the 2000s, he managed to finally accept it, and began doing a bunch of stuff in various cities, from creating hurricanes to send to various countries to shooting down airplanes (but normally catching them before they hit the ground), whatever he felt like doing.

    I hope this is all right. Just give me a yell if there's anything else you want to know if you're interested in accepting me
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    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Sky, We are Pretty Sure the Creator gave up on the Rp. And the Rp is open so...
    Your Application will be Read By other's, and you may Rp on the Roleplay Version of this Page.

    happy for new Member's, -Ghostly Jazz Hand's. (Even if he Didn't create this rp.)
  17. Sooo apparently you decided to just skip the music class and go on with your thing, which is fine I guess, but could you at least ask if we all wanna just skip ahead? 'Cause my group (Jacob, Drake and the punk girl) still had to "perform", and it's kinda rude that you just ignored it and went ahead not only to the break but even to the next class :/
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    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Thomas is the one BASICLY controlling most of the classes. If you have a Problem, try consulting him. (That or Talon...) I'm basically having to erase what I'm in the Middle of writing because of class change. So i'm experiencing a problem Myself. -_-
  19. (Okay I should probably make a profile for Gary. Is it okay if I control a class? but I havent been controlling class changes. we could make a system like in class there has to be at least certain amount of posts for each person before it changes.)

    Name-Gary Evergreen
    Familiar/Spirit animal: Cerabus
    Appearance: 6ft 7 ,Gary has white gelled back hair, a black eye patch, pefers to wear a white suit red tie, black pants and white gloves.
    Power: Core elemental creation and manipulation.
    Talents/hobbies: Electric guitar, Exercising, swimming and boxing.
    Likes: Gary likes feeling like he's the strongest in the room, most of his hobbies mach up with his likes and Gary love it when he gets compliments.
    Dislikes: Gary hates being the weakest in a group, Gary doesn't like the doctor he keeps all of his scars as a reminder and Gary hates bieng booed.
    History: Thomas Mother was a teacher at the supernatural highschool. One day Gary's dad left him and his mother forcing Gary to believe he had to toughen up. Garys power was relatively weak the most he could do was get some sparks. At the age of 15 Gary signed a contract with a demon to increase his power. Gary is partially a demon to tap into the huge amount of power he bestows he transforms to more demon appearance. This demon goes to a school in a grade one over then him.
    Personality: Gary is an alright guy he sometimes get physcopathic desires but he has to try and suppress them Gary will keep his friends close and his enemies distant and `Gary will push his friends to there limit.
    (Edgy as fuck I know)
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  20. So, I'm confused. What period is it now?
  21. third schools over after this
  22. Y'all mind if Jacob punches edgy girl right in the face?
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  23. Mmmm.... I kinda wanna change Laina's powers right now...

    Instead of a ghost ability, she would have the power to change the color of whatever she points at. But if I did that, I would probably get rid of the knockout kiss ability as well. Thoughts?
  24. your choice I suggest you chose 2 powers from a random superpower generator
  25. Wait hold on... I reading through Gary's bio for the first time...

    @Thomas the trainer GARY EATS HUMANS.

    ... Wh... What? Why? Moreover, how does he get away with it?!
  26. How does Maries Family get away with murder also he can just burn the parts he doesn't eat
  27. Marie's family is pretty much the mob, they can get away with it because they're rich and have connections.

    You know, no offense, but Gary's character kinda confuses me. I thought he was bullying Thomas?
  28. Yeah I know I kind of rushed it but in Garys bio I say he sometimes gets violent urges that was the only real reason he hurt Thomas. And also when your a part Demon the police can't really touc you because other Demons have high coneections.
  29. I think you should just throw away the "eats people" part, it's just seems too forced and edgy, for no reason at all, and honestly as Captain Cardboard said it just doesn't make sense that he's able to get away with eating people once a week.
    P.S. I too think it should've taken a bit more time for Thomas to forgive Gary but still, your character, your choice.
  30. I know but thats kind of the point Thomas trusts people to easily Ps I edited the profile to turn down the EDGE.
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  31. I also sent Jacob home, will wait for someone to start the next school day
  32. So, I want to introduce a bit of a villain character, with a power to steal and copy powers... But I don't know. They just seem a little op (which villains should be), but I don't know if the should permanently steal powers or only steal it for a short while... I'm indecisive >_<
  33. Have it so they steal the power but get a weaker version of the power
  34. Hmm... That's an idea, but the main dilemma I'm,having is basically how long should a power be stolen? A few hours? Until the power thief says so?

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