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Ask to Join Super Smash Brothers: Worlds Crossed

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Pro Hero Dekiru, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.


    The sun was up. The sky was blue. Almost a perfect day.
    Almost perfect.
    Darren was simply walking back to his home when he was stopped by a large crowd. He tapped the shoulder of a person in front of him, who seemed shocked.
    "What the heck is going on here?" he asked.
    The woman pointed at the sky, as he looked up. A figure in a green cloak was hovering in midair, holding a strange device. The crowd parted as it reached the ground. Two robots followed it, as they placed their hands into slots on the sides. The figure in green gazed at the people.
    "Your world is reaching anew. Subspace is all that will remain. Long live the Master Hand that guides the universe."
    The robots pulled on the device, revealing a timer.



  2. Sylvia found herself surrounded by strange Primids who had begun to form from the Shadow Bugs spilled all around her. She unsheathed her sword, ready to fight uncertainly. She may have only been a Mii Swordfighter, and while Sylvia was a pacifist, she had done enough research to know that these things were essentially robots, and that by killing them, they feel no pain or death. The grip on her handle tightened, making her sword shift metal against metal from the movement. Soon, they launched themselves at her, running as though they believed they were Sonic and punching as though they believed that like Mario, they could break brick.

    They couldn't. Sylvia ducked under their punches, swiftly drawing her sword and slashing one Primid apart in doing so. Several others launched at her from all directions, to which she responded with a quick maneuver of a spin slash, or her Hero's Spin. She then turned to two unsuspecting Primids, who were advancing on a boy she didn't know, and thrust her sword forward, impaled several Primids, then launched them skyward.

    "Are you okay?" she asked the black-haired boy. She shook her sword free of Shadow Bugs. She highly disliked it that the Shadow Bugs stuck to her sword like blood; she hated thinking of what would've happened, had a real person been on the other end of--

    --nope. Not going there. Nooo thanks. Sylvia had to focus. She shook herself out of her little daze and stood in a proper position, keeping her sword close. She had to stay focused and protect whomever was here.
  3. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Darren looked, in complete shock. "Yeah, I'm fine." he said. "But that thing..."
    In a split second he reacted with the crowd.
    "IT'S A BOMB!"
    Darren said nothing. He just knew he had to do something. His body moved without giving him a chance ton think. He pushed aside the crowd and went for the guy in the green robe. He chucked a rock off the ground at the guy, who easily dodged it. On the bomb, he noticed something.
    "A button," he thought. "Don't know what it does, but anything's better than this..."
    The guy spoke.
    "Primids! Don't let him deactivate the Subspace Bomb!"
    Three... things jumped at him. Darren froze. His hand closed around... something. He swung it, hoping it was something useful. The thing in his hand went through the Primids like butter. It was a sword. The guy in the robe spoke again.
    "Primids! Annihilate him!"
    Darren rose his sword. "Uh oh."
  4. Sylvia jumped at Darren, slashing at a Primid that was attacking him from behind. "I've got your back!" she told the stranger, turning her back to him and attacking at the Primids who launched themselves at the two. Soon, her gaze had shifted to the strange bomb's countdown.


    There was even less time now. She didn't know the bomb's attack radius and staying to fight these Primids was wasting their precious time that could've been used to get away. "We have to get out of here!" she exclaimed to him, but froze for a second when she realized he wasn't there anymore. Instead, she found him climbing up past the Primids to try to get to that bomb. He must've found a way to deactivate it. Sylvia nodded in understanding and did a Hero's Spin once again in order to get the Primids off her back, then dashed toward Darren. "Hey, wait up! I'll clear a path for you! You have a plan, right? Well, count me in on whatever it is you want to do! Let me help you! I'm Sylvia, by the way," she said, panting as she swung at the Primids in front of him, jumping to protect the boy.
  5. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Darren slashed at another Primid. It was as if his sword told him what to do. He slashed at a Primid that was about two feet away from him, and a tornado emerged from the sword and threw it into its friends.
    "Thanks," he said. "I'm Darren."
    He tried to think of a plan.
    He looked back at the crowd of spectators, who were all gone.
    "At least one of us needs to get close to that button," he said, kicking away a Scope Primid. "The other needs to provide support. You're closer to the button considering out current situation..." He cut down another crowd. "I'll carve a path.


    Link was busy with Princess Zelda in rebuilding Hyrule after the Calamity. Several volunteers were cleaning up the castle after Ganon destroyed most of it. The Princess was holding a list of designs and remodels for the castle, and was politely giving orders to the volunteers. Link was standing to the side of the run-down Sanctum, remembering how he fought Ganon, while the spirits of the Champions were having conversations in his head.
    "Can't believe it's been a whole year since we finally took Ganon down..."
    "That doesn't matter. What matters is that we rebuild the damage done, which we are no closer to doing."
    "Lighten up. The precious items under the Malice were our first priority."
    "Link, shouldn't we be aiding in the-- what is that?"
    Link turned. There were some strange... things on the far corner of the Sanctum. Dark purple things. Link approached it. He drew the Master Sword. The strange bugs started to form. The Champions started to react.
    "It's like Malice... but not."
    "Did you figure that out yourself, genius?"
    Link called for Zelda. She approached.
    "What is it? Were some of the Guardians misplaced again?"
    He pointed with his free hand.
    "What..." Zelda stammered. "What is that?" The Champions decided to reply.
    "We don't know yet, princess."
    "Mipha, she can't hear us."
    Zelda smiled faintly. "Actually, I can. I've been getting better in training."
    Link ignored everyone and approached the thing. It formed, creating a monochrome... bipedal... It looked like a mouse with a lightning bolt tail.

    It jumped at them.
  6. Sylvia, albeit very, VERY reluctant, calmed herself with the notion that she'd be protecting and saving many, many more lives than her own, so she swallowed her fear, rocked her heavy head up and down in a sluggish nod, and charged forward with her sword clutched tight as she fought through the sea of Shadow Bug monsters. "Thanks, Darren!" she exclaimed, maneuvering her way toward the ticking time bomb.


    There was no time to lose. Sylvia ducked and jumped over Primids who had gotten in her way, using her sword to attack any nonliving things and covering Darren's back as he supported her. When the Primids were finally clearing, even for just a split second, Sylvia took the opportunity and ran through, taking the lead and charging toward the bomb, sword swinging (again, not harming any living creature; she'd never forgive herself for hurting someone or something living).

    Sylvia steeled her focus. The timing had to be perfect, and she couldn't afford a slip-up. By narrowing her mind and focusing on the path ahead, she should be able to get through fairly quickly.

    She hoped this worked.


    Red was sky-high in the air, flying atop his trusted partner, Charizard, side-by-side with Blue, who was flying on his Pidgeot. The two rivals were now close friends and had traveled the world together (they even went to Alola for vacation!). Now, it was time for them to return home.

    "So, Red, whaddaya think your mom and Gramps are gonna say when we told them we found potential for a new type of Z-Move?" Blue chuckled, his memory fresh.

    Red smiled at his spiky-haired rival, but was cut off when he heard screams from below. The two had arrived to Kanto, but it seemed that they had come too late.

    Red silently pat Charizard's shoulder twice, to which Charizard responded by lowering. Blue quickly followed suit. When the two landed, Pallet Town was in a state of panic. Strange, dark orbs were filling the ground, and people who seemed to touch it were turned into strange, hostile versions of themselves, except without a will; they were almost zombie-like. Blue and Red glanced around. The houses were stuck with their doors shut, and the Oak laboratory seemed unaffected, but how could Red and Blue get through the sea of darkness?

    Perhaps by carving their way through? "Flamethrower," Red said, pointing at the ground leading to Oak's lab. Charizard ignited a spout of flames and cleared a path, but it was quickly swallowed up with more of them.

    "He speaks," Blue said, acting surprised. Red shot him a glare and Blue sighed. "Sorry, not the time, I get it." He pulled out a Poke Ball--and Red knew exactly which one--but he seemed hesitant to throw it. What would happen to it and the Pokemon inside, should the Poke Ball touch the strange dark orbs?

    The people began to come closer, and soon, the strange orbs formed robotic creatures. Blue squeaked in surprise. "W-what are those?" he asked.

    "Flare Blitz," Red said, almost inaudibly.

    Charizard lit itself aflame and charged through the strange robots with shadow orbs spilling out of their backs, clearing a temporary path for the Trainers to go through. Blue yanked Red's wrist and got the two of them atop Pidgeot, flying through the path easily and knocking back some of the robots with the sheer force of the wind at the tips of Pidgeot's majestic wings. When they got through, Blue found himself sighing to himself. "We literally could've flown right over them," he said. "Why didn't we?"

    "The people," Red said, reminding Blue by motioning to the zombie-townsfolk who stumbled clumsily and slowly over to the two Trainers on the avian Pokemon and the dragon-like one right beside them, still on fire.

    Blue nodded, steeling his ironically-not-blue green eyes. "Right. C'mon, Gramps should know what those are."

    Red nodded and the two flew toward Oak's laboratory in hopes of finding some answers as to what had happened in their absence.
  7. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Darren guarded Sylvia from every Primid that jumped at her. He slashed at the Primids, the black orb things getting stuck to his sword. It formed a liquid like blood, which was sort of disturbing to him. After he took care of the last one, it gave Sylvia a clear path to the bomb. There were some Primids left that he was sure she could take care of; though it would be better if he took care of them.
    "Maybe another tornado... gotta come up with a name for that move when I get the chance," he thought.
    The orb things on the ground started to clump together, moving away from the fight. Darren watched as the ones on his sword pull off like a magnet, and they grew and grew. It soon transformed, becoming two giant... ...things, with giant swinging arms with blades on them.
    The green-robed guy spoke. "Greaps, I leave you to destroy him. Bring me his trophy when he is destroyed."
    He flew away, leaving Darren to fight the two Greaps.
    "Hope you can handle those Primids, cause I've got my hands full." Darren thought.
    He jumped at the one on his left, his sword held high.


    Link fought against, like, thirty-five of those electric mouse things. He cut them down without hesitation. He had fought innocent animals before, when he was alone in the wild, trying to find the weapons that would destroy Ganon. Their deaths were necessary for survival. These things were trying to hurt people. The strangest part was that there was no blood; just dissolve into small, purplish-black orbs.
    After he drove his sword into the last one, he looked around. Zelda had evacuated the people. The Champions continued to dispute in his head about what it was. Link ignored them.
    All of the orbs grouped together, creating something larger. Zelda ran in to help Link, but he ushered her away. He held up his Sheikah Slate and set up the Remote Bomb+ rune. He was ready for whatever was coming.
  8. Sylvia ran ahead through the path, unaware of the dangers Darren was facing to help her get through. She continued slicing through Primids, sprinting as fast as she could to the bomb, adrenaline coursing through her veins, making it impossible to register the pain running through her whole body. She was not only exhausted from running, but she was also receiving many injuries in her battles, as she became somewhat sloppy and wild. She had no chance to think, though her instincts almost kept her from killing a Primid, which had led to an injured and bleeding arm toward the end. It only seemed as though twenty seconds had passed by in all of that time when she noticed the clock was running much faster than she thought it was.


    No! I have to go faster! she thought, forcing herself to keep pushing forward. She couldn't let that bomb explode, she just couldn't! S many lives weighed on her shoulders, and there was only one way she could save them. Sylvia pushed, running forward farther and farther. She couldn't let so many people die, not while she had anything to say about it!


    "Gramps! What's happening out there?!" Blue shouted, bursting through the door. Professor Oak, however, was nowhere to be seen. The entire laboratory was a mess. Books, papers, computers, tables, broken Poke Balls, chairs, and several other laboratory items were thrown about, tossed. Blue even saw one of Professor Oak's lab coats, and on top of it, a broken frame containing a picture of Blue when he was young and Oak when he still had brown hair.

    Blue slowly trudged to the photograph, picked it up and pulled it out of the broken frame, and stared at it awhile, bitter. Red walked around the laboratory, searching for a sign of life. The stairs that led upstairs seemed broken, but Red and Charizard were easily able to make it to the second floor together, though the ceiling wasn't high enough for Charizard to stay there, so Red let Charizard go back to the first floor. He quietly trudged through the laboratory when he heard the sound of a flame crackling. Confused, he glanced back at his Charizard, then realized the sound hadn't come from below, it came from ahead. Red ran forward, digging through places he thought could be used as a hiding spot, when he noticed a door slightly ajar at the end of a small corridor. Red slowly walked up to the door, moving it open slightly, to see a bedroom, which was seemingly empty. However, he still could hear the sound of fire crackling, much louder than before, even. The fire, however, was nowhere to be found...

    ...save for the light behind the closed closet door. Red cautiously walked up to it. "...Professor?" his quiet voice uttered. He opened the door to see Oak huddled together with a Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle as his only defenses. Oak winced at the light, then saw Red's face and sighed in relief, his entire, tense body having suddenly eased and relaxed.

    "Oh, thank Arceus that you're here!" Oak cried, jumping up and cradling the three young Pokemon with him. "We're under attack!"

    "Yeah, we noticed," Red sighed. He pointed behind him, gesturing to where he had come from. "Blue thinks you're dead."

    "Like he could get rid of me THAT easily," Oak snorted. "Let's go back. I have much to tell you."

    "Yeah, please do. We need the information," Red added, nodding. "What were those strange black orbs?"

    "When I find Blue, I'll tell you both everything I know."
  9. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Darren dodged the large blades swinging at him from the Greaps. He jumped, driving his sword into the head of the first one. It dissolved. The second one wheeled towards him, as he jumped at it swinging harder. Smarter than the first one, it raised its blades up to block the strike. Darren grunted, but he didn't give up. He used a Gale Strike, which was what he decided to call his tornado move, to spin around the Greap, who brushed it off. Darren repeated this, creating tornadoes with each strike. Soon, the Greap was encircled in tiny tornadoes, taking damage from small bits of trash and rock caught in the gusts. Darren returned his sword to the scabbard that had appeared on his back. The sword had also granted him some strange gear; a shoulder-pad with a strap that connected it to his belt. He also had some combat boots on, though he didn't even own a pair of boots. For some reason, the blue wooden case had a symbol on it.

    It was a circle with two lines on it; one vertical wide one going across the left, and one horizontal thin line going across the bottom. He would wonder what it was later. He booked it back to help Sylvia while the Greap slowly dissolved.


    Link pressed the button on his Sheikah Slate, revealing a blue, glowing, spherical bomb the size of a watermelon in his hand. He chucked it at the black orbs, detonating it on contact. The Champions cheered in his head.
    "It worked!"
    "Nice shot."
    "You mean lucky shot."
    Link ignored Revali's comment. He reached into the massive inventory space that laid in his small bag, pulling out a crescent-shaped bow with intricate design. The Bow of Light not only boasted high attack power, but had infinite arrows made of pure light that sailed in any direction Link aimed it at. He watched as the orbs transformed into a giant purple rhino-like monster with plate armor and shoulder launchers. He scanned it with his Sheikah Slate to figure out what it was. He didn't get information, only some strange symbols. Zelda looked at them.
    "I've studied symbols like these; I can barely translate it. It reads... huh...

  10. Kaleb leapt down from the cliff and fired at the Primids that were slowly advancing upon Darren and Sylvia. “Thought you could use some help,” he said, firing his arm cannon at multiple Primids. “You guys thought of any way to deactivate the bomb yet?” He grabbed a Primid by the neck and fired at its head, then turned around and used his bombs on the Primids with Bomb Drop, blowing up a group of them.


    Mario was in the Mushroom Kingdom, relaxing after his last defeat of Bowser back in the Moon Kingdom. He and the Princess had not been invaded by Bowser since, but he started to sense something bad was going on when he saw the Shadow Bugs falling from the sky.

    They started to form a huge shape, with a turtle shell on its back, and huge claws on its hands, and a big mouth with sharp teeth. Mario recognized the figure immediately.

    “Bowser,” he muttered. He launched himself towards the shadow Bowser and sucker punched him, but was thrown in the air by the Shadow figure. He was hit by the flames it was spitting from its mouth, but he retaliated by moving out of the way and slamming into Bowser with his downward Smash Attack.
  11. Sylvia glanced up at the newcomer. "Yeah!" she exclaimed, not missing a beat. "There's a button! Darren and I planned for me to go get it and deactivate it. Can you help us?!" she asked.

    Upon noticing more enemies, not just Primids, attacking the area around, Sylvia quickly used her sword as a makeshift shield and maneuvered expertly all around them, avoiding as many atttacks as she could until she had finally closed in on the bomb. However, as she had arrived, something had struck her in the leg, causing her left knee to buckle and her to stumble. As she fell, she tried to reach up her hand to touch the button--and to her surprise, she was successful.


    ...it had stopped. Seriously? It stopped? Sylvia half-expected it to be a trap, but using her sword to push herself back onto her feet, she couldn't stop wondering if there was more to be done. "Guys... how're you faring?" Sylvia asked the two boys.


    "Gramps!" Blue exclaimed, eyes wide. "You're alive!"

    "Alive and well, my boy," Oak said, chuckling.

    Oak had followed Red down the steps to Blue, who was more than overjoyed at the sight of his grandfather being alive and kicking still. The three sat down in the lobby on the first floor, discussing the strange orbs and robot-like creatures, as well as the strange zombie-like versions of the townsfolk of Pallet Town.

    "Those creatures are called Primids. Red, you remember, right? You fought them once before, during the Subspace Emissary," Oak began.

    Red nodded. "They could take any form," he recalled, his voice louder than normal, much to Blue's surprise. "Lucas and I fought together to save his friend, Ness. We all fought, and we defeated Tabuu."

    "That's right," Oak confirmed, nodding. "But it seems that they have returned. For what reason, I am unsure, but I have a hypothesis."

    "What is it, Gramps?" Blue asked hesitantly.

    Oak's eyes steeled a gaze, fixed on Red's ruby eyes. "Revenge," he said simply. "I would make sense. They are more powerful than they were before, and those Shadow Bugs seem to have some upgrades on them. They can not only create Primid warriors and other creatures that have never been seen before, but now they can trap the will of those who touch them, turning them into mind slaves and creating shadow duplicates of them. We must stay cautious."

    Red nodded. "Right. We need a portal to get to the Smash Tournament. If there are Shadow Bugs here, then there are surely Shadow Bugs all over the place, not just in this world, but in many, many other worlds as well. Perhaps Mario's world is suffering, Kirby's world... I can't even imagine how poor Lucas must feel if the Shadow Bugs made it back to his world."

    "Red, you never talk this much," Blue said, eyebrows furrowing worriedly. "This is serious, isn't it?"

    Red nodded. "Blue, you're about to hear a lot of my voice. We're going to fight another war."

    "Red, Blue, please be careful," Oak said. "You may be the strongest Trainers in the world, but Blue, you are still my grandson, and you are both my pupils. I care deeply for the two of you. Please, come back alive to us."

    Red gave Oak a blank look before a flash of a smile washed over his face. "Of course," he said. "We'll be back before you know it."

    Blue and Red exchanged smirks, bumped their arms against one another with hands clenched into fists, then turned to the door and waved to Oak without looking back.

    "Smell ya later, Gramps," Blue said.

    "We'll be back soon," Red promised again.

    When they stepped outside, the Shadow Bugs were climbing up to Oak's laboratory. The last Oak saw of Red and Blue was when they mounted their respective Flying-type Pokemon and flew off above the laboratory and out of his view of sight. Then the Shadow Bugs leaked into the lab and soon, Oak was taken over as well.
  12. A figure in a green cloak dropped a Subspace Bomb and activated it in the Mushroom Kingdom.

    15:00, 14:59, 14:58...

    Mario threw Bowser aside before running up to the Bomb. He pressed the button on it, deactivating it. Bowser saw this and grabbed him, throwing him to the floor.

    Mario got up and launched the Shadow Bowser into the air by grabbing and flinging him before slamming him into the floor again with another downward Smash. As the Shadow Bowser fell to the ground as a trophy, it dissolved into Shadow Bugs, which then formed together in the shape of multiple Primids. Mario ran off at the sight of this, with the Primids following behind. As the army of Primids followed Mario, his green-clad brother Luigi saw it and ran after them.


    Kaleb fired at the Primids advancing towards him. “Doing just fine,” he said, grabbing one and signaling Darren to raise his sword before tossing it towards him. “Got a lot more Primids to deal with, though.” He fired at the Primids leaping down from the cliffside. “Just in case there’s a way to reactivate these Subspace Bombs, destroy it!” he called out to Sylvia before firing at the ground beneath him, ramming headfirst into a line of Primids with his Lunar Launch.
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  13. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    The bomb started to glow, and the timer disappeared. It read nothing. Darren started to celebrate, then a monotonous voice spoke from a speaker on the bomb.
    The device fell into multiple pieces. Darren sighed in relief. He turned to the others.
    "Anyone know what that was?


    Link fought against Galleom, a read sphere encircling him. It was Daruk's Protection, an incredible ability he had picked up while trying to kill Ganon. It deflected all of Galleom's shots. He slashed at it, cutting orbs away from its body. Link dodged Galleom's shot with a backflip,giving him a chance to run in and get some more hits. He repeatedly fired the Bow of Light. The string was stronger than steel, felt like water, and was lighter than air. The overwhelming power of the weapon blew hunks of matter away from Galleom's body. Galleom fell. Zelda smiled and clapped, and the remaining townsfolk caught under debris cheered, finding time to free themselves and get out of their hiding spots.
    Link put away his bow. Once again, the Champions spoke.
    "Fine shots, though it isn't nearly as impressive as the Great Eagle Bow."
    "You act as if you built that bow."
    "I did in fact build that great weapon!"
    "Wasn't your weapon made by that guy--"
    "DO NOT MENTION HIS NAME, I built that bow with my bare hands and ten trees!"
    Link approached Galleom, as his head opened. Something in it started to glow.



    Sonic turned back towards Tails, who gave him a thumbs up. Sonic latched something onto the side of his head. A robotic voice spoke from it.
    Tails flicked some levers and pressed a button, which let him press another.
    "Okay Sonic, once it opens, you have to run straight into it at full speed, without any hesitation."
    Sonic smirked. "Hesitation? That doesn't sound like a word in my dictionary. So, where is this going again?"
    "It's heading to a universe where a Subspace bomb was recently deactivated. If those guys can deactivate a Subspace Bomb, the they should be incredible at programming and engineering. I mean, these things are high-tech."
    "What if they just, you know, pressed a button?"
    "Sonic, please. These things were built by multi-dimensional geniuses. Just get ready."
    Sonic stood in front of the gateway, just as it started to pull the wind around him.
  14. Sylvia bounced back from the bomb, which had fallen apart on its own, and hurried to help Darren and the boy whose name she had yet to know. "Nope," she called in response to Darren's question. "But I feel like we should be even more on-guard after that thing was deactivated. The weird shadow creatures are probably angry at us for foiling their plans."

    Sylvia heard strange footsteps behind her as she ran to help the boys. Daring to look back, she found a shadow version of herself charging at her in preparation of a Slash Launcher. Sylvia bounced backward, parrying the attack with her sword, somehow creating a rainbow with her sword's sheer speed alone, and flipping the shadow Sylvia backwards. Shadow Sylvia somersaulted backwards, skidding with her legs far apart, using her hand to support her as she regained her balance, then charged back at her, preparing to slash over and over. Sylvia parried each slash left and right, but was left no opening to strike back. It seemed the two were evenly matched until Shadow Sylvia moved to impale Sylvia once again. Sylvia tried to dodge, but didn't move fast enough to avoid the attack, leading to Shadow Sylvia successfully opening a wide gash in Sylvia's side. Sylvia gripped her left side, crying out in pain. Shadow Sylvia took the opportunity to strike at Sylvia's heart, but Sylvia ducked, stumbled, and gripped her sword tightly as she began to run. Her side was shooting up in pain, but there was no other way for Sylvia to go.

    She tried to open her mouth to yell, scream for help. Shadow Sylvia's sword grazed Sylvia's face. She had to ignore the pain aggressively shaking her entire body to the core. Tears stained the blood on her face, causing it to sting. "G-GUYS! HELP!" she cried.
  15. Kaleb turned around and fired multiple shots at Shadow Sylvia’s face. He launched himself at it with Lunar Launch, then punched it with his arm cannon. He fired again before grabbing it, tossing it into the air, and finishing it off with his downward Smash attack.

    “She’s hurt!” Kaleb called out, pointing towards the real Sylvia. “Find a healing item or something!” He ran into the forest and tried to find something to heal her.
  16. Shadow Sylvia turned into a trophy upon the slash, but not before sending Sylvia a cruel grin. Soon, the trophy of Sylvia was swallowed up by Shadow Bugs, which scattered once they reached the ground. Sylvia stumbled backwards, falling to the ground as Shadow Sylvia completely vanished. Her pink cloth combat dress was now stained with dark red blood, soaking her side and leaving a horrible metallic odor around the injured blonde. She tried to use her sword to stand again, but the pain was too great. Still, despite her suffering, she tried to stand and fight. She needed to help her friends, she had to (despite still not knowing the name of one of the boys). She turned to Darren and attempted to stand without the help of her sword. She sharply gasped. "B-behind you! Darren!"

    It seemed that now that the bomb was gone, the Shadow Bugs were resorting to creating Shadow versions of Sylvia, Kaleb, and Darren--all with their same skills, but without the heart and memories that the real things had, making them pure killing machines. Had Sylvia been in Shadow Sylvia's place, Sylvia wouldn't have struck out of her natural pacifistic nature, but Shadow Sylvia had no such ideals holding her back from injuring--or even killing--Sylvia. Sylvia had to learn that the hard way.

    And behind Darren was a Shadow version of himself. She couldn't just leave him alone, but she had no means of fighting on her own.
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  17. Kaleb heard Sylvia’s cry for Darren to watch out and turned around. He saw a Shadow Darren and activated his arm cannon. “Ready...” he muttered. “Aim...” he said, pointing it towards the Shadow Darren.


    He launched an onslaught of bullets at the Shadow figure, showing no mercy after seeing what the last Shadow figure was capable of. He stopped and grabbed it. “Darren, heads up!” he called out. “Turn around and point your sword straight forward!” He tossed the Shadow Darren towards him, waiting for Darren to unleash the finishing blow.
  18. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Darren did as asked, but the shadow-him blocked the attack. It grinned, thrusting his sword at him. Darren held his blade up to block, but at the last second, it changed direction, impaling him in the foot. Darren howled in pain. He fell back, gripping his bleeding foot. Shadow Darren raised his sword, bringing it down. Darren reacted as quickly as possible, pushing away. The clone followed, finally pushing him up against a wall. About to deliver the final strike, the clone stopped. It turned around. Then it looked up, like it sensed something. Behind them, there was a floating sphere about the size of a basketball. It had multiple coors, and two black stripes; just like Darren's scabbard. Shadow Darren ran back and jumped for it.
    "He wants that thing for some reason," thought Darren. "It must be dangerous." Darren gripped his sword, throwing it with everything he had left at the strange orb. His sword pierced it, shattering it. There was a pause. Then Darren fell to one knee, enflamed in a rainbow-colored aura. His eyes were glowing.
    "Oh," he said, his sword reappearing in his hand, almost like magic. He rolled it over his wrist. "You're screwed now."


    Sonic ran through the dimensional stream.
    "Sonic," Tails' voice buzzed in. "Change of plans. We have information that a piece Link's universe is about to be blown up by a Galleom. I'm also getting information that Link and Zelda are in the perimeter."
    "How do you know that?"
    "Only specifically important people from each universe can turn into trophies. I'd like to call these people Smashers. I'm picking up reading of two Smashers next to Galleom in Link's world."
    "Oh, and one more thing. The Link in this universe isn't the same Link from the Emissary. For some reason, there are several severed timelines from Link's dimension. Only one timeline is available to all sources at one time. The Link we know is fine."
    "That doesn't make sense, but I get it; not the same Link."
    "Right. Save everyone in the vicinity, then save Link and Zelda."
    "You got it."
  19. Sylvia cried out to Darren, attempting to stand on her own. Unfortunately, her side wound was not letting up, meaning she couldn't stand if she wanted to. When Darren had slashed and attacked the strange sphere in the sky, Sylvia quickly recognized it as a Smash Ball, something used in Super Smash Brothers tournaments in their current dimension.

    But why was it here? Did the strange army have control of it now?

    She watched Darren successfully take the Smash Ball, but when she remembered the boy was still out there, she whirled around to face him: the gunman, who seemed increasingly worried about her. Surely if there was a Shadow Darren and Shadow Sylvia, there should also be a Shadow Gunman-person. Sure enough, behind her, Sylvia heard the powering up of a mega laser of sorts. She didn't even need to turn around to know he was behind her and hurriedly ducked at the last second. The shot missed Sylvia despite being from close range, and Sylvia had no choice but to run again. She had to lead the gunman away from her new friends.

    She grabbed her sword, stuck it into the ground, and heaved herself up with it, ignoring the shooting pain that made it increasingly difficult for her to breathe. Sword in hand (used as a crutch to help her move), Sylvia began to hobble away from the Shadow Bugs when she could. However, the Gunner always cut her off because she was too slow, shooting rapidly at her. It didn't take long for him to hit her in the head and knock her out.

    Sylvia hadn't made it far. When the Shadow Kaleb knocked Sylvia out, he lost interest in her quickly and turned his golden, aggressive eyes to face the real Kaleb, smirking as though challenging him to 'come save his worthless friend'.
  20. “Hello, fake me,” Kaleb said, looking at his Shadow counterpart. “How’s it going? Look, I’d love to chat, but I gotta save the universe from you and your black buggy friends, alright?” He fired a shot at the Shadow version of himself, and charged towards it. He grabbed it and flung it into a wall. He attempted to fire at it, but was suddenly hit by multiple shots from the Shadow figure. He fell to the floor, but managed to get off some more shots before he was smacked in the face by the arm cannon. “Darren!” he called out. “I could use some help over he-“ He was suddenly hit in the face again by the arm cannon and tossed into a wall.
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    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Darren viciously attacked the Shadow Darren when he heard the other guy's cry.
    "I've had enough," he muttered, grabbing the shadow-him's arm and slamming him into the other shadow. Now they were both on the ground, struggling over each other to get up. Darren forced them back down with another Gale Strike.
    "You think you have us beat?" he asked, furious. "Well you don't. Not even close."
    Reaching for his sword, the Shadow Darren crawled away. Darren kicked it into the public restroom (where it belonged) and stabbed the Shadow him in the hand. "You think you can barge in here from wherever you came from, and try to blow up everything and ruin our lives?! Well you can't!" The Shadow Darren's hand was oozing black orbs.
    "You're in OUR turf now! So go and crawl back to whatever sewer you came out of, and DON'T THINK ABOUT COMING BACK!"
    Darren raised his sword, glowing in energy. "AND TELL WHOEVER SENT YOU TO GO KILL THEMSELVES!"
    Every slice sent a beam of energy towards the two, hacking away at the orbs that made up their bodies. Darren sent one final beam of energy towards them, decimating the both of them. He landed on his feet, putting away his sword. He walked back towards his allies to check for injuries.


    Zelda examined Galleom, checking for a way to defuse the bomb. She looked back at Link, scared and depressed. Link pushed her aside, raising his sword above the bomb.
    "Hold up," said a voice. The two turned. There was... it looked like a bipedal hedgehog.
    "I... recognize you," Zelda muttered. "There was an old carving. I recall an image of a blue figure with spiked hair destroying the wings of Tabuu, an old legend from some cave carvings.
    Sonic got serious. "That was no legend, Zelda. Now, I've saved everyone in this area. They're in there. You two need to come with me right now, or else you're gonna be saying Sayonara to this world."
    Zelda turned to Link. "What... what do you think?"
    Link gazed at Sonic. He felt the same way that he did when staring at the Sheikah Slate for the first time. He had never seen it before, yet there was something familiar about it.
    Unlike the Sheikah Slate, Link was sure he had never seen Sonic before. He had all of his lost memories. But he knew one thing.
    Link nodded to Zelda. He could trust him. Sonic grinned.
    "Let's go then."
  22. Bowser stood atop the cliff holding his Dark Cannon. He had been waiting for the perfect moment to strike, and he saw his opportunity. He fired at the unconscious Sylvia, then at Darren from behind him, and then at Kaleb. He laughed as he fired but was suddenly knocked down off the cliff. He looked up and saw Mario at the top where he was standing.

    Kaleb dodged the arrow coming towards him, but then saw that both Darren and Sylvia had been fired at as well. He ran towards Sylvia and pulled her out of the way. “Darren, look out!” Kaleb yelled.

    Mario leapt down off the cliff and grabbed Bowser’s Dark Cannon. He fired at Bowser, but Bowser dodged it and grabbed the cannon. Luigi attacked Bowser from behind, but Bowser turned around and fired, hitting Luigi in the stomach and turning him into a trophy. Bowser grabbed the trophy and prepared to run off when he was smacked in the back of the head.

    He looked up and saw Kaleb standing over him. Luigi’s trophy fell to the floor. Kaleb tapped the base of the trophy and restored Luigi to life. Mario charged at Bowser and grabbed him while Kaleb ran towards Darren in an attempt to make it to him in time to knock him out of the way of the Dark Cannon’s blast.
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    Darren jumped out of the way. He looked up at Bowser aiming the Dark Cannon.
    "He has to go first," he thought, as he dashed up to the cliff and started climbing.
  24. All seemed to be going well. Mario and Luigi were handling Bowser like they usually would. Unfortunately, however, their triumph didn't last forever. Soon, something concealed in the bushes took aim with their own Dark Cannon. This time, they aimed at Luigi.

    Jack Reviar had stumbled on the scene and would have rushed to Sylvia if he hadn't quickly caught sight of some light glinting off of the Dark Cannon sticking out of the bushes, charging as its target was trained on Luigi. He had to think fast and hurry to help him out.

    "LUIGI, HEADS UP!" came the young teen's cry, and soon, the white-haired, purple-eyed male Brawler had tackled Luigi and rolled onto the ground just in time to miss the dark arrow, which ended up hitting Bowser instead. Jack sat back up, panting, before he turned to face the green-clad plumber hero he had just saved. "You okay, bud?" he asked. "Nothing broken?"

    A Mii gun was shot in the bushes before a young girl with mint-green hair, red eyes, and an arm cannon walked out. She looked like a pre-teen, almost, and her eyes were trained on Jack. "Wario's taken care of," she told her brother. "How's Sylv?"

    Jack's eyes widened as he remembered his injured sister. "Sis! Sylv, how's Sylvia?!" he asked the people at the scene frantically. "Our sister, pink hair, sword-fighter, blue eyes, small and cute and--please, just tell me she's okay!" he pleaded, eyes landing on Kaleb, who had Sylvia at the moment. He then ran up to Kaleb, offering his own help, as his experienced and incredible strength was plenty to help carry an injured Sylvia (who was much too light than must've been healthy anyway).

    Lucy, on the other hand, the girl with mint hair, hung back, head low and gun at her side, hoping no one noticed her. She was not experienced with dealing with people and she didn't want to begin now, given her past experiences. However, she couldn't just leave, especially when the only people who cared about her were right there, one of whom was clearly dying, by the looks of it.
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    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Darren got to the top, and pulled out the trophies. He stared at Bowser, his large stature and pose staring off into the distance. He then looked at Wario, smirking at his body size. He recalled something called "Smash", though he didn't quite understand it. The forest started to rumble. From the bushed where Wario was defeated, a forest was behind it. Darren ran into the woods, looking around, trying to find the cause for the noise.
    He stmbled across a few items, some of which he placed into his side bag. One was a neon green-metal blaster. Another was a small chrome stick, which ignited into what he decided to call a Beam Sword. A third was a a bottle with a pink glowing fairy buzzing around in it. Some were too big to put in his satchel, such as a large green block with an "!" symbol on it.
    In a clearing, Darren came across a heart, swirling in the center. Gold etchings surrounded the red core, as it slowly spun, gracefully spreading tiny amounts of glitter. Darren recalled that hearts usually restoed health in video games. This was no video game, but it was worth a shot at getting Sylvia better. He ran forward, cupping the small heart in his hands.
    "This should help. Even if it only does a little." He crammed it into his bag, along with everything else. Then the rumbling started again, but louder. The ground started to shake. Suddenly, a giant snake erupted from theground. Red fins jutted from its body, as its slender figure circled around Darren, floating in the sky. It roared at him, and the boy ignited his Beam Sword. The howl was so loud, it could be heard from mile away.

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  26. Aryn immediately stopped what he was doing when he heard the roar. He recognized the sound, knowing it belonged to the legendary Pokemon Rayquaza. Now, most people would have run far away from the sound if they knew what was best.

    Aryn was not most people.

    He turned in the direction of the roar and started to run towards it. it had been so long since he had seen any action. He had been waiting for something to happen.


    Kirby was taking his daily afternoon nap with his friends. Next to him were a yellow Waddle Doo sporting a red and orange jester's hat and a green-tinted Gim with a purple baseball hat. Bandanna Waddle Dee was fishing in the nearby pond. It was a beautiful day to catch some rays, not a cloud in the sky...

    Suddenly, a shadow was cast over the group. Waddle Dee, who was the only one awake at the time, looked up and saw the Halberd... But something was off about it. It was being followed by some evil-looking crimson red clouds. And... What were those weird purple specks it was dropping?

    Waddle Dee was a little scared by this, so he went to shake Kirby awake. "Hey, Kirby, wake up! The Halberd's acting all weird!"

    Kirby rubbed his eyes and stood up, the others waking up from their sleeps as well. As this was happening, they were being surrounded by the shadow bugs. Kirby almost immediately recognized them and got ready to fight. His friends prepared themselves as well.
  27. "Lucy, distract him for a little bit!" Jack commanded. "I'm getting Sylvia to safety!"

    Sylvia leaned on her brother, but quickly shifted her weight so that she could stand on her own two feet. "I-I can stand, bro," Sylvia told Jack. "I can't fight, but I can at least get away."

    Jack nodded and cautiously let her go. "Babysit the Wario and Bowser trophies," he told her. "That's a safe enough job for you, right?"

    Sylvia nodded and jogged away, holding her sword at her side, ready to fight anyone who came near the trophies. When she noticed Aryn in the distance, she steadied her hand and readied her sword so that she could fight, uncertain of who he was or what his motives were. She didn't say anything, but she needed to protect herself somehow.

    Meanwhile, Lucy and Jack immediately delegated themselves to fighting Rayquaza. Since they didn't know the skills of the other people there, they hoped that no one would get in each other's way, while the siblings were already experienced in fighting together.

    "Luce, without Sylv, we're going to need to cover ourselves and each other a little bit better, okay?" Jack told his mint-haired youngest sister. "I'm going to circle it and keep it busy on the ground while I can. If I can get it up in the air, you'll have a moving target. Target practice, 'kay?"

    Lucy nodded. "I've got it," she said, charging her gun. "Don't die."

    "No promises!" Jack called back as he charged at Rayquaza, fists clenched, one of which was drawn back, preparing to punch. He knew that he wouldn't do much damage to Rayquaza by punching it, but by charging it and making Rayquaza feel it through its tough scales, it would likely notice his presence and grow angry with him for trying to hurt him, in which case Jack needed to find a way to get Rayquaza fixed on him, so no one would have to deal with the danger of Rayquaza but him. Jack ran around, hoping to lead Rayquaza in circles and make it launch at him, occasionally sending punches at Rayquaza's sides so that Rayquaza would still keep its attention trained on him. Eventually, Jack found a way to climb onto Rayquaza. It bent its neck around, trying to shoot him off of its body with Dragon Pulse, but Jack clambered up Rayquaza's body (with great difficulty) and finally managed to get on Rayquaza's head. With that, Rayquaza launched into the sky at an alarming speed, hoping to get Jack off of it.

    Lucy tried to fire multiple shots at Rayquaza, but it had quickly left her range. Soon, Rayquaza seemed to disappear from view. Lucy's eyes grew wide as she ran closer to where Rayquaza had emerged. "M-my brother..." she began quietly, voice trembling. She mustered the courage to repeat, shouting, "M-my brother's on that dragon!"

    Jack felt the cold from the growing altitude. His ears popped, his head grew light, and his breathing labored. He felt weak and could barely hang onto Rayquaza anymore, but somehow he remained, rising back up to his doom. He couldn't do anything now; all was lost.

    Or so it seemed.

    "Unite our hearts and bond as one! Charizard, Mega Evolve!"

    Jack barely heard the voice and struggled to open his eyes. A blurry image appeared in his mind, something black and dragon-like, a figure in red, a blast against Rayquaza, and then a sensation of falling. Jack passed out in that moment.
  28. Aryn halted when he saw the Rayquaza soar into the air. He watched it fly upward, to the point where he couldn't see it through the clouds. He could've sworn he saw someone on its back...

    Realizing someone might need help, he began to run again, but stopped once more when he saw Sylvia on the ground in front of him. She was holding up a sword, and seemed to be guarding a pair of trophies. She looked injured. He approached her, letting his guard down to try to let her know he wasn't going to hurt her.


    Together, Kirby and friends were able to successfully take out the Primid army the Halberd had dropped. It took some time (and they had to revive Waddle Doo at one point), but now they were headed for the Halberd on the Warp Star. This whole setting was familiar to Kirby, but he wondered who was behind it this time, since Tabuu was defeated a decade ago.


    "Meta Knight's been acting a little weird today, hasn't he?"

    "I noticed it, too. You think it's another one of those purple hearts?"

    "No, I would've seen it. I've been on watch all day."

    Mace Knight and Axe Knight are having a hushed conversation on the Halberd. In truth, a lot of the Meta-Knights have noticed Meta Knight's strange behavior, but they've all been too afraid to ask him about it.

    "But what else could it be? Meta Knight gave up on invading Dream Land years ago."

    "That's true... But so soon? I thought Kirby destroyed the source of those things."

    "Hey, maybe we should do some investigatin'. See if there's anything else all dark and evil on the Halberd."

    "...I like the way you think, Axe. Where should we start?"

    "I saw Meta Knight down by the Cargo Bay earlier. I didn't see what he was doing, but I caught a glimpse of something dark purple... We should start there."

    "Sounds like a plan."
  29. Sylvia realized that Aryn wasn't a threat and cautiously lowered her weapon, allowing herself the luxury of cradling her injuries and sitting down. She didn't say anything, but based on the worried look on the boy's face, she assumed he wasn't going to hurt her, since he clearly had many openings from which Sylvia could attack, should she have the means to do so, which clearly she didn't. Although if could have just been him putting on an act or underestimating her, Sylvia was typically trusting and believed that he wouldn't hurt her while she was vulnerable like this. Brawlers tended to be honorable people, especially around those who were injured, so Sylvia trusted the stranger and relaxed.

    Out of nowhere, a black Mega Charizard X, accompanied by a Trainer in red, landed on the ground. Rayquaza was nowhere to be seen, scared off by Charizard's Dragon Pulse and retreating into the ozone layer, where no one would see it for a long time to come (hopefully). Behind him, another Trainer, with notably spiked hair, landed beside him atop a large Pidgeot. The two Trainers slid off their respective Pokemon, the one in red carrying an unconscious male in his arms (with great effort) before gently setting him down on the ground.

    Lucy ran forward, overcome with joy that her brother was saved. "Oh, thank you!" she exclaimed to Red. "J-Jack! Jack, are you okay!? Jack!!"

    Jack struggled, his breathing was labored as he tried to get the oxygen he lacked back into his system. His head was pounding and he couldn't feel his body anymore. However, soon, blood rushed through his body, creating tingling feelings all over as he suddenly warmed up to the Earth's atmosphere and the ground-level pressure he needed to feel to stay alive. He was still passed out, for the most part, but Lucy could tell that he was definitely recovering from whatever he experienced in the sky.

    "He'll recover," the boy in red spoke. "I'm Red."

    "And my name's Blue," the other Trainer added. "We're here to help you with some Subspace thing or whatever. But like, there's a ton of you Mii-ish characters, right? Are you also fighting the Subspace Army? Some weird Shadow Bug things or whatever?"

    Lucy shrugged. "Can you guys p-please... please protect my big sister? She's over by the trophies back there," she requested, pointing back to Sylvia's location. "S-she needs help; she's injured."

    "I'll go," Red said simply, striding forward to take his leave. Charizard de-Evolved and followed Red without hesitation, ready to do what was necessary to protect.

    Blue, meanwhile, sighed and gave Red a sloppy grin when he wasn't looking. "He still doesn't talk much. It's a miracle he's even said all of this so far," he told Lucy. "But this whole thing has him on edge. He doesn't know what to do, I think. Still, being the official Pokemon Master of Kanto, he needs to up his game and he knows it. Oh well. This time I'm here to help him, and just so you know, I'm here to help you, too. I'm a cool guy when I wanna be."

    Lucy nodded, unsure of how to respond to Blue's little comment. She continued tending to Jack, still feeling uneasy, but at the same time, at a loss of what to do next. She was never one to lead.
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    Darren looked around, hearing that Sylvia was guarding the two trophies.
    "I'll be right back." he said, moving back out to the trophies, where she was. He pulled the heart out of his bag.
    "Hey," he said. "Glad to see you're alright. I found this in the forest. It should help with the injuries."
    He presented the relic he had found to her.
  31. Once Aryn was closer to Sylvia, He knelt down next to her sitting figure. He could tell her injuries were caused by some other sword. "Are you okay? Do you need help?"

    Shortly after, his questions were answered by Darren coming out of the forest. Aryn stood up, almost ready to fight until he saw a Heart Container in the Mii's hand, so he stood down again.

    After that, he was surprised to see a Charizard coming their way, accompanied by a trainer. He thought he recognized the trainer, but he couldn't recall a name.


    "Sir Meta Knight, Kirby and his friends are approaching the Halberd."

    "...All soldiers on deck, ready to fight."

    "Are you sure? I mean, isn't Kirby our-"

    "Do as I say!"

    "Y-yes, sir!"


    As Kirby and his friends approached the Halberd, they found themselves being shot at by the cannons. As Kirby took evasive maneuvers and got closer to the Halberd, Waddle Dee spoke out.

    "Why is Meta Knight attacking us?! I thought he was a good guy now!"

    They soon crashed on the deck, scattering multiple soldiers. Most of the soldiers looked more hesitant to fight Kirby this time. Regardless, the team fought their way through them, trying to reach Meta Knight.


    "What was that? Is someone here?"

    "It could be Kirby. I saw earlier our flight path would lead us right over him."

    "Well, let's hope he doesn't get the wrong idea."

    Axe Knight and Mace Knight had just reached the cargo bay.

    "You know the code, right?"

    "Pretty sure, yeah. It should be 1... 9... 9... 6."

    Mace Knight entered the code into the number pad next to the door, and the door quickly opened. They headed into the cargo bay.
  32. Sylvia weakly accepted the heart, unable to do much else, and felt some of her terrible, burning pain wash away. The heart had definitely relieved her of her pain, but when Sylvia attempted to twist her body or raise her sword, the pain shot through her whole body, rendering her powerless to protect herself. "T-thanks..." Sylvia groaned. She sighed deeply and glanced over at Lucy, fussing over their fainted big brother. "H-how's Jack?"

    "Fine," Red said, voice hardly above a whisper. "Recovering."

    Sylvia nodded shakily and glanced at the newcomer. "S-Sylvia Reviar. A-and you are?"

    Blue, meanwhile, knelt beside Jack and checked his pulse. "He's alive and breathing," he relayed to Lucy. "All he seemed to do was give you guys a huge scare. Brave kid, he is, but also stupid if he thought he was going to stay alive after that."

    Lucy glared at Blue. "Jack's not stupid! He's the smartest, toughest, and bravest guy I know! I told him to promise me he'd come back, but he didn't. He knew what he was getting himself into!"

    "Whoa, easy there, kid! I didn't mean to offend you!" Blue exclaimed. "But I'm gonna be honest here, and don't be mad, but why did he go after Rayquaza like that if he's so smart?"

    "He just wanted to protect us!" Lucy defended. "Besides, he's done far more dangerous things for us in the past. Everything he does is for our sake, never his. I don't know how to make it up to him for saving us and loving us our whole lives..." Lucy sighed and disarmed her gun so that she could check Jack's temperature with her right hand. She placed her hand under his bangs on his forehead, hoping to use her hand to warm him up at least a little.

    Blue stood up and threw a Poke Ball into the air, releasing a big Pokemon, by the looks of its silhouette before it was revealed. Arcanine let out a mighty roar upon its arrival and glanced at its Trainer, expecting an order.

    "Arcanine, protect the white-haired kid, and make sure he stays warm," Blue told his loyal partner. "Don't leave his side and let me know when he wakes up. I'm gonna check on Red."

    Arcanine nodded and carefully laid down beside Jack, using its particularly warm body to heat up Jack, who finally stopped shivering violently. Lucy watched Arcanine with big eyes, then smiled and stood up, trusting Jack in Arcanine's capable paws, before she left to check on her sister, who by now had three people all around her, hoping she was alright, four including Blue, who exchanged a few words with Red before going off by himself and setting up a computer in the middle of nowhere, likely recording some kind of data. Lucy didn't know what he was doing exactly, but she assumed it was important and left him be. Her sister seemed swamped already, so maybe it would be best to leave her for a little bit. Oh well. She supposed it would be better to take herself and go to someplace where she was needed. At the time, that didn't seem to be anyplace, so she simply sat down in the grass, hoped no one noticed her, and contemplated the meaning of life all alone.
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    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Darren searched through his Bag. Still the same things he had seen before, though he didn't know what some of them were. There was his Beam Sword, his gun, which he hadn't tried shooting, his fairy-in-a-bottle, along with a white fan, a boomrang, and a red-white device with a black "B" imprinted on it.
    "What's our next move?" he asked, beginning to wonder what he had been roped into.
    Darren searched through his Bag. Still the same things he had seen before, though he didn't know what some of them were. There was his Beam Sword, his gun, which he hadn't tried shooting, his fairy-in-a-bottle, along with a white fan, a boomrang, and a red & white device with a bold black "B" imprinted on it.
    "What's our next move?" he asked, beginning to wonder what he had been roped into.


    Link was comforting Zelda in Sonic's dimension, who was shaken after the bomb detonated.
    "So many people were still in that castle... hundreds of people...."
    Sonic looked down. "I'm sorry. You two were our first priority."
    She looked up. "What are you talking about?"
    "Your universe consists of three timelines. I'm a personal friend of Link's. Or at least, a friend of a different Link. I don'tknow what he's going through, but right now, everything is centered on your timeline. I think that the name of the Link I know is the "Hero of Twilight." Your Link is the "Hero of the Wild." Your dimension was the first we picked up to be under attack by Subspace. We should fill you in on that. You see...."

    "So, that's it." We're trying to get a squad back together to fight back.
    "Do you think Tabuu has returned?"
    "Not likely. If he does, I'll just shatter his wings again. You know, nobody ever thanked me for that."
    "I don't see why they wouldn't."
    "Me neither. They owe me. I'm thinking a chili dog with extra jalapenos. That's besides the point. Right now,we need to reach another universe. Right now, my buddy Tails is tracking a new universe that was roped into this. It has a bunch of beings called "Mii's." THey were in a recent Smash tournament. We're going in, and wouldn't mind if you helped out."
    Link turned to his princess, who nodded. "None shall suffer as I am. I will help. And so will Link."
    Link said nothing. He simply equipped his weapons.
    "Nice. Tails, power up the portal! We're going on an adventure!"
  34. "Aryn. Nice to meet you."

    He stood up, wondering what to do, when he heard Darren speak. Aryn wasn't quite sure what was going on here, now that he thought about it. To no one in particular, he spoke out.

    "Could someone please tell me what's going on?"


    "I just picked up on some unauthorized access to the cargo bay."

    "What?! No!"

    "Shall we send someone to go check?"

    "No! No. I'll do it myself."

    Meta Knight turned around and hurried out of the bridge.

    Trident Knight and Sailor Waddle Dee, who had been in there with him, exchanged confused looks. Usually Meta Knight would stay on the bridge and command his troops from here.

    "What's up with him?"

    "Beats me, though he has been acting weird lately."

    "So it's not just me. Huh."


    "What is all this stuff?"

    In the cargo bay that Mace Knight and Axe Knight were now in, there was a sea of purple... things, as well as three giant spherical objects with red X's on them.

    "I have no idea, but it doesn't look good."

    "I think... Are those bombs?"

    "What are you doing in here?!"

    Axe and Mace spun around to see Meta Knight standing in the doorway. He looked furious.

    "Aah! S-Sir Meta Knight! I can explain!"

    "Y-yeah! We were just-"

    "No, it's too late for you. You saw this. Now you have to pay the price."

    Behind them, the sea of Shadow Bugs began to take different shapes. An army appeared before them. Primids, Spaaks, Mites, there were even a few Nagagogs and an Armank.

    "Oh, no..."


    Kirby and the group suddenly started hearing crashes and other smashing sounds from elsewhere in the ship. They began to follow it, when all of a sudden, Axe Knight and Mace Knight came flying into view.

    "KIRBY! Thank goodness you're here!"

    "Meta Knight's gone crazy!"

    The two quickly ran behind Kirby and his friends. The rumbling slowly got louder until an army came around the corner, led by Meta Knight.

    And then everyone was running.







    Serena held the Pokeball with the newly acquired Pokemon in it up in the air in triumph. Her Braixen jumped for joy as well. She put the Pokeball into her bag. "That's another one for the Pokedex! Now where to next..."

    She was interrupted by her Braixen pointing something out to her. In the sky, there was a figure of a boy falling out of the sky. She gasped in fear, but sighed in relief when a Mega Charizard X swooped in and caught the boy. "They might need help... I should head over there."

    And so Serena and her Braixen started to make their way though the forest. It wouldn't be until shortly after Lucy sat down when she would exit the forest and reach the group.

    Lucy would hear rustling noises coming from the nearby forest.
  35. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    Justin was walking through the Smash World, minding his own business. Nothing seemed to be happening where the happy go lucky fighter was, until he was surrounded by Shadow Bugs. “What the... little black shadow balls? Pfft.” He thought, and tried to walk through them. But the orbs of blackness became living things, Primids. Justin had no idea what the hell these things were, but he was sure they were unfriendly. “Listen, if we’re gonna have any problems” Justin said, taunting with the glowing sword he drew” them I’m not afraid to persuade you to stop.” The things went after him, closing in, but he waited until the last minute to jump in the air. He then slammed down with a Power Thrust, dissolving them. He then wiped his brow. “Phew, now onward-“ he said, as he was hit from behind. A yellow eyed version of him appeared from nowhere. It had a foul look on its face, and Justin was a bit startled. He dashed at the copy of him, as it did the same, trying to beat it. He used Blurring Blade to stun it, and rushed it with a Slash Launcher. It retaliated by grabbing him, throwing him into the air, and using an upward slash dash. He fell to he ground, his body aching. The cybernetic suit had protected his body, but he could still feel the pain. “Someone... help...” he said, as the Shadow slowly walked closer to him, ready to finish him off... a 2D hammer had hit the shadow, destroying it. Justin looked to his savior. Mr. Game and Watch had killed his shadow, and helped him up. “Thanks... Game and Watch, right?” Justin asked. The 2D man simply nodded, seeing as he didn’t really have a voice. Game and Watch then pointed in a direction, and gestured Justin to follow. “Better traveling with a group. It’s Justin, by the way.” He said, as the two headed for the main area of the Smash World.
    Shulk was prowling the Guar Plain, minding his own buisness, when yet more Shadow Bugs came from the sky. He noticed the portal that they had came through. “I’ve seen that somewhere before... possibly the Smash World?” He thought. They began turning into Primids, so he wielded his Manado. He began slicing and dicing his way through the enemies. He then looked for a portal to the Smash World. “I need to go through one of those. I think these are coming from that world...” he said to himself. He equipped his Speed art, and made a mad dash towards the portal he found.
    MegaMan was just as Shulk, minding his own business from his world, as the little black orbs rained from above. “Huh?” He thought, as yet more Primids formed. His hand quickly shifted to blaster configuration, and he put up a leaf shield. “Let’s deal with this. Quick.” He said. He began to take down the Primids around him. He wasn’t sure where they were coming from, but he was sure that they were evil. He looked towards the nearest portal, unknowing where it lead. “Well, better than staying here.” He said, and dashed for the portal. Little did Shulk and MegaMan know, their shadows were right behind.
  36. Lucy turned her head toward the bushes and immediately re-equipped her arm cannon, charging it up on instinct. "Show yourself!" she commanded at the bushes, ready to fire. "And prove to me you aren't a threat!"

    Sylvia blankly stared at the trophy behind her. "Well, there's another Subspace war going on after, what? ten years of peace, and now we Miis are being involved in it, too. No one asked for it, not even the villains, I don't think, and we have no clue what's happening, then there was a Rayquaza somehow? I got hit with a shadow version of myself, specifically my own sword, and now here we are."

    "There's more now," Red spoke up quietly, but instead of actually telling what it was like a normal person, he simply walked away.

    "Oh, that's helpful," Sylvia groaned sarcastically, dramatically out of character because of her pain and exhaustion. "Thanks, Red."

    Red ignored Sylvia's snarky comment and tapped Blue on the shoulder, before pointing at Sylvia and the others and sitting on the grass, happily doing nothing, while Blue rolled his eyes and walked over to the group.

    "Okay, since Red obviously is allergic to explaining things or just talking in general," Blue said, sending a slight glare to Red, who smiled innocently as though this was normal. "I'm gonna have to explain it for him. THANKS, RED!"

    He gave Blue a sassy thumbs-up, as though to say, "No problem!"

    "Ugh," Blue groaned, turning back to the group. "Anyway, Gramps said something about the Shadow Bugs from the old Subspace Army having gotten an upgrade of some kind. Back in Pallet Town, all our friends, family, and fellow townsfolk became weird zombie things when the Shadow Bugs infected their minds. Now that I think about it, we left Gramps to suffer the same fate when we promised we'd save the universe and left via Dialga and Palkia." He sighed before continuing with the story. "We don't know who's causing this, but it seems like the villains are on the move again. I don't think staying here will do us much good. We should probably try to increase our numbers before making a move to fight the Subspace Army actively, or else we'll get overwhelmed. That's how Sylvia got that wound and Jack ended up in the stratosphere, ain't that right?"

    Sylvia winced and turned away, unwilling to speak.

    "So when we've kinda settled ourselves, we should probably get going. And we should bring the trophies along, as well. We don't know what'll happen and we don't want them reviving and turning against us," Blue continued. He turned to Red, who was watching the sky. Rolling his eyes, Blue called Red's name and gestured for the Pokemon Master to join the group. "There, I did it. Can I go back to my research?"

    Red shook his head. "Danger," he said. "Let's go."

    Annoyed, Blue jogged to his spot and collected his belongings. Jack who was finally stirring awake, was startled by the sound of Blue commanding Arcanine to pick Jack up and carry him on its back, and was finally jolted awake by Arcanine scooping Jack's torso in its jaws and casually plopping him on its furry spine before standing up and trotting alongside Blue, who ran on foot.

    Lucy, who had initially been pointing at a concealed Serena, suddenly pointed her gun into the air and shot at a figure she didn't recognize in the sky. It was a masculine, godlike figure, with dark skin, wavy hair, and a seemingly snarky attitude.

    "Oh look! Humans! I mean, they're Miis, and they look ridiculous, but they're still humans," the figure in the sky said. "I wonder what would happen if I ate their souls early?"

    "EAT YOUR HEART OUT, HADES!" came a childish voice in the sky. Then there were lots of nature-ish creatures flying at the man...? A dark angel of some kind? It seemed confusing to even try to make sense of.

    "Keep up, Pit-stain!" Dark Pit shouted. "It's been, like, three minutes!"

    "Technically, Palutena's the one controlling his flight," the childish figure said. "But yeah, Palutena, hurry up. At least I support my angel warrior properly."

    "We can't afford to lose our time! There's a bigger issue happening here! Even you have to see that, Hades!" Dark Pit groaned.

    "Aw, but I like me a little bit of drama," Hades sneered. "Besides, adding in my army just makes it more fun. Now I get to take part, too!"

    "Sickening old--" Dark Pit was cut off by Lucy's shot in the air. He nearly missed getting hit the first time, but the second time, Lucy got Dark Pit's wing, causing him to lose his balance and fall through the air.

    "Dark Pit!" Viridi exclaimed, having lost her hold on his wings.

    Sylvia gasped at the falling figure. It was too late when Lucy realized that Dark Pit was the "danger" she had just struck down from the air and regretted it. Without warning, Sylvia abandoned her sword at the trophy's side, rushed to the shadow of the falling angel, ignoring all of her pain and fatigue, and stood there, unsure of what to do next.

    "Alakazam! Psychic!" Blue exclaimed.

    The dark angel boy suddenly halted his rapid descent and gently fell into Sylvia's arms. However, Sylvia was quick to grow weak and lowered him to the ground, cradling his head until the last minute.

    "Ugh..." Dark Pit groaned, opening his ruby eyes. The first person who watched him was Sylvia, whom he instinctively glared at upon realization. "Get off of me," he growled.

    Sylvia flinched away, clearly hurt, but didn't say anything. Instead, she turned back to glance at her sister, who held her gun guiltily. "Lucy," Sylvia said, sounding casual but with clear, deeper meaning behind her tone.

    Lucy nodded and trudged forward, ready to face the fire. "I-I'm sorry for... shooting you out of the sky. I-I thought you were a bad guy..."

    "Yeah, well, no one cares what you think," Dark Pit snarled. "Thanks to you, Pit-stain's up there by himself and now there's no one else to stop Hades from wreaking havoc! Congratu-freaking-lations!"

    Sylvia stepped forward to defend Lucy, who was now on the verge of tears. "E-excuse you! You were high up! There was nothing we could've done!"

    "So what?!" Dark Pit yelled. "You should've paid more attention!"

    "To the sky?! We just finished fighting a sky dragon, to which my brother passed out, putting himself in danger's way for everyone, by the way!" Sylvia yelled, temper rising.

    "Good for him!" Dark Pit countered, eyes boring into Sylvia's. "No one cares! That was just one dragon! I've felled tons of those! Has your brother ever faced GODS?! I don't think so."

    "Rayquaza IS a god!"

    "A Pokemon god with limitations! Hades has no limits!"

    "We get it! You've been through a lot! It's not our fault you look like an evil angel!"

    That was when Dark Pit snapped. "THEN MAYBE I'M NOT WHAT I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE! You can't judge someone just by appearances! If you'd paid close attention to the fight, you'd've noticed I was fighting the BAD GUYS!"

    Sylvia completely backed down. "Y-you're right..." She glanced down at the ground, doubting herself now. "I-I should've... oh goodness, you're completely right... I-it doesn't give you a reason to attack my sister, but still..."


    Sylvia couldn't take anymore emotional drama, especially since now their fighting was trivial, but the conflict was cut off (thankfully, Sylvia couldn't believe to have found herself thinking) by the sharp wound in Sylvia's side. Soon, blood began pouring out of her side again, the sealed wound suddenly opening back up. "A-augh...!" Sylvia fell to the ground, clutching her wound. Dark Pit, noticing that this fighting was going nowhere (and realizing he wasn't the only one in pain, as he glanced at his bloody, broken wing), sighed and turned away. Lucy ran to Arcanine, where Jack was finally getting off of the Fire-type's back and was completely healed.


    "Get Sylvia's sword. Find Red and Blue and get them to help Sylvia. If we can't do anything, Arcanine will have to carry Sylvia until we can find another way to patch or heal her up," Jack delegated instantly, declaring his powerful leadership. "As for Dark Pit, he can still walk, but he won't be flying for a while. We need to especially keep an eye out for him and Sylv."

    Dark Pit heard Jack, but scoffed and turned away, watching as Lucy ran to Red and Blue for advice.

    (OOC: Sorry this took so long and sorry for more awkward action; I'm kinda low on inspiration lately.)
  37. (OOC: Sorry guys, I completely forgot about this RP!)

    Kaleb ran up to the group, having been recovered from trophy form by Mario. “What’d I miss?” he asked. Meanwhile, Bowser, who had been restored by a nearby Fire Primid, aimed the Dark Cannon at Dark Pit from the shadows before firing.

    Mario noticed this and ran up to Bowser. He threw him onto the floor in front of the group. Luigi deflected the Dark arrow with a Franklin Badge and Bowser looked up at the group.
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  38. Soon after Dark Pit had been shot out of the sky, another angel could be seen flying, along with an armada of smaller angels. "Hades!" The angel yelled.

    "Pit, you have to hurry! The power of flight is almost up!" A middle aged woman's voice called out.

    "Whatever! Lady Palutena, get me in close!" Pit replied, drawing his bow and firing a volley of arrows at Hades as his army of Centurions advanced on Hades.


    The Mayor of Smashville was holding an axe, facing an army of Primids. There were about 10 Bipedal animals behind him, also holding various tools, like shovels, axes, slingshots, and fireworks. "Citizens! We will not let Smashville fall to these invaders! Perpare to fight!"

    There was a war cry from the citizens and shopkeepers of Smashville, as the two armies charged towards each other.


    Agent 3 and Agent 8 were on a mission in Octo Valley, investigating some strange Octarian activity.

    "What do ya see, agents?" An old mans voice came through on their radio.

    "Nothing suspicious yet, Cap'n Cuttlefish." Agent 3 replied.

    "Wait, I can see something up ahead through my scope... it looks like... purple Octarians? But... more purple than normal... and it looks like there's something swimming in the ink... bugs?" Agent 8 was looking through an E-Liter 4-K Scope at a large amount of (unknown to them at the time) shadow bug infested Octarians.
  39. Serena froze when she saw the cannon pointed at her. She wasn't quite sure what to say, when the girl aimed up and shot at something above them. Serena flinched, not expecting her to fire, and watched the events unfold in front of her.


    "Another Subspace War? I've heard of the one from ten years ago..."

    Aryn seemed to be lost in thought for a moment before shaking his head. He knew he had to help these people. If there was a war going on, there was no way he could just sit idly by.

    His thoughts were interrupted by a blast from Lucy off in the corner. Two blasts. He quickly ran over to see what was happening, but soon learned they didn't need his help. He began to walk away during Sylvia and Dark Pit's argument.

    Suddenly, he heard a rustle in the forest. He turned around to see Serena, who was watching intently. Serena saw him looking at her, and realized she might as well come out of hiding. So she did.

    "Who are you?"

    "Um... I'm Serena. I've been watching for a while."

    "What are you doing here?"

    "It's a long story. I followed Necrozma here on Lunala's back. It had taken over Solgaleo."

    "Wait, what? THE Necrozma?!"

    "Yeah... I don't know where it went."

    "Well, I'll keep an eye out for it. In the mean time, you should come with us. It's not exactly safe around here, and we'll need all the help we can get."

    "Hmm... Alright, why not?"

    "Great! I'm Aryn, by the way."

    "It's nice to meet you."

    And so the two of them walked back to the rest of the group.


    The chase eventually led them to the front of the Halberd.

    Kirby and his friends (now including Mace Knight and Axe Knight) stopped, having nowhere else to run. Out of options, Kirby got ready to fight. The others followed suit.

    However, the army of darkness didn't fight back.

    Instead, each of the individual enemies began to melt back into shadow bugs. Meta Knight flapped his wings, flying into the air.

    "Enough of this pointless running. I'll destroy you all here and now."

    The shadow bugs started to swarm around Meta Knight, encasing him in a big, purple bubble. The bubble slowly took on a different, much bigger shape than any of the enemies seen before.

    The bottom stayed round-ish, with two large discs coming out the sides.

    The top began to split in two, each side growing arms.

    The Shadow bugs disappeared, revealing a giant blue-and-pink two-headed monster. Duon.

    The group of six begin charging at Duon, ready to take it down and save Meta Knight.
  40. Lucy immediately took notice of the dark arrow coming at Dark Pit, but it was too late for her to do much about it other than shoot at Bowser with her gun, hoping to catch him off-guard.

    "Dark Pit!" Lucy cried in warning, helpless.

    Dark Pit, thankfully, had fantastic instincts and backflipped out of the way of the arrow, though moving around with a broken wing was awfully painful. He cringed, but bore through it and pulled out his Silver Bow, launching an arrow at Bowser. "Ya missed, buffoon!" Unfortunately, Dark Pit realized that Sylvia was probably the easiest target for that stupid gun thing. It should be fine as long as no one takes Sylvia away, but it would still suck if she was hit. Besides, with Smash characters, what happened was that anyone who was hurt to the point of death turned into a trophy. Those guns had the power to kill characters instantly. It was an insane amount of pain, Dark Pit imagined, and as edgy as he was, he wasn't going to let someone else feel that kind of hurt.

    Thankfully for Dark Pit, Red was ahead of him in that, sending out a Jolteon to guard Sylvia carefully. Due to its fast speed, it was able to catch up to Sylvia and protect it in time before anything bad happened to her. Red then sent Charizard to fight Bowser, while Blue had Blastoise do the same. The Pokemon covered each other, firing and ganging up on Bowser like there was no tomorrow (because if Bowser got away with killing and turning people into trophies, there probably wouldn't) and hoped to turn him into a trophy instead, before anything bad happened.

    Jack, meanwhile, grabbed Sylvia's sword and made a break for it. He didn't need another life-threatening situation. He was justice-bound and heroic, but he also wasn't stupid. Bowser was covered by plenty of people, one of whom was his little sister, whose aim was insane. Everyone was covered. Red even had Sylvia protected with Jolteon, one of the fastest Pokemon in his world.

    He trusted his group. More importantly, he trusted his friends.

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