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Ask to Join Super Smash Bros.: To Settle the Score (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Skippidypowpow, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. In the Smash Brothers Universe, there are many fighters...

    And there are many dangers lurking beneath...

    Tabuu has returned, and this time he's stronger than ever. A chosen group will be the primary downfall of Subspace once again. The challenges they face will be much harder, thus the group must rely on each other to survive...


    Pokecharms Forum Rules
    Role Play Rules
    You can control 1 Mii character and 1 fighter from the roster at max!
    The entire roster from every game (excluding Pichu, Mach Rider, R.O.B, Mewtwo, the Link Clones and Snake) is available for you to pick from.
    No romance unless there is a canonical relationship between two characters!

    Mii Bio Template:

    Fighter Class:
    Appearance: (see costumes list in-game)
    Battle Style:
    Moves: (see Mii Fighter moves in-game)

    I will be taking Captain Falcon and a Mii character!

    Name: Roy
    Gender: M
    Fighter Class: Brawler
    Appearance: He has spiky blonde hair and wears a blue Biker Uniform.
    Battle Style: He's calm and quiet most of the time, and his battle strategy is to dodge most of the time. However, when he attacks, his strategy then is brutal.
    Moves: Ultimate Uppercut, Headache Maker, Soaring Axe Kick, Foot Flurry

    So yeah, I'm going to summon people! And the RP will close when I have three more peoples!

    @Eeveechu151 @Fraseandchico
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  2. Name: FD
    Gender: Male
    Fighter Class: Swordfighter
    Appearance: (see costumes list in-game) Green Plate Armour, and a Spiny Hat, Brown Hair that looks similar to Cloud's Hair style, peachy skin, Hazel eyes.
    Battle Style: The fragile speedster/The Glass Cannon. this due to him being energetic and tough, and can get angry easily
    Moves: (see Mii Fighter moves in-game) Tornado Strike, Airborne assault, Hero's Spin, Blade Counter

    PS: Can I Use a Villain Mii that works for Tabuu?
    PPS: Can I Use Ike? he's my Main in Smash 4.
  3. Actually... I don't see Wynaut, bud.
    Also, the rules state that Ike is allowed.
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  4. Name: Dark FD
    Gender: Male
    Fighter Class: Swordfighter
    Appearance: (see costumes list in-game) Rathalos Mail, Dragon Helm, Peachy skin, Red Eyes, Grey, messy hair.
    Battle Style: The Glass cannon.
    Moves: (see Mii Fighter moves in-game) Tornado Strike, Surging Slash, Back in the stone, Blade Counter.
  5. Well, I was actually hoping I could be multiple Smash characters? I'd love to take both Sonic and Shulk. I don't really have a Mii Fighter character I want, but... actually, would Dunban technically count as a Mii Fighter because of the Dunban costume?
  6. Yo can I take my boy link? And I really don't want to be a mii, if that's okay.
  7. Bayonetta... jk. Can I be sonic

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