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Super Smash Bros. - The Seven Maidens (RP Discussion/Sign-Ups)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Mechanist Gamma, Jul 21, 2018.

  1. Yeah, that's what I was thinking as well. Sounds good.
  2. Ratbag... yet again, that's not the purpose of this RP. We're being faithful to the original games while throwing them together in a crossover. Silver's Timeline is constantly up to interpretation due to Silver changing things, but for the other games with canon set-in-stone timelines, we're going with them. It's the case for Mother 3, it's the case for Hollow Knight.
  3. I imagine Toon Link and PAC-MAN storming Fortress Nebula alone would be a death sentence, so is it okay if I put them on hold?
  4. It kind of is a death sentence, tbh, but it'd probably be that Pac-Man goes down and Toon Link manages to hide. Giovanni's the one at base right now, so he has to deal with them. For the record, though, we are sending a bunch of heroes to Fortress Nebula as prisoners in the beginning, such as Red and Green.
  5. Finally, we've got page 2 of the RP!
    ...and ten pages of discussion!
    ...quite a difference!
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  6. Discussions usually have more pages than the RP
  7. True but not this much of a difference...
  8. You should see the Naruto AU RP

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