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Super Smash Bros.: Greninja and Charizard Join the Fray.

  1. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    A Nintendo Direct presentation held yesterday officially revealed two new Pokémon characters joining the Super Smash Bros. roster of challengers, taking their place alongside already-announced Pikachu and Lucario - alongside a myriad of other new facts about the upcoming Super Smash Bros. games for the 3DS/Wii U. For those facts related to Pokémon, read on.

    Surprising exactly no one, Charizard makes a return - this time as a stand-alone character rather than part of the Pokémon Trainer three-in-one pack. Appropriately, it seems to have a slightly more elaborate move pool.

    The Big Favoritism Fire Lizard is joined by newcomer Disco Ninja Frog Greninja, which appears to utilize Water Shuriken and Substitute alongside a wide variety of blatantly stereotypical ninja moves, complete with the silhouetted-against-moonlight-many-cut-mayhem maneuver as what appears to be its Final Smash.

    ML.png MCX.png
    Mega Evolution makes an in-game appearance (with Mega Lucario and Mega Charizard X confirmed), though the mechanic by which this evolution is implemented is yet unknown.

    Arceus, Meowth, Electrode, Eevee, Staryu, Metagross, Fennekin, Meloetta, Gogoat, Entei, Deoxys, Palkia, Kyurem, Victini, Keldeo and Xerneas have all been confirmed as Poké Ball-summoned Pokémon, with some summoned via a new type of Poké Ball item, the Master Ball, which only calls upon Legendary Pokémon.

    Lastly, the Wii U version (at least) appears to have a battle stage based upon the Kalos Pokémon league - and the 3DS-exclusive Smash Run mode appears to feature Chandelure as one of its minor enemies.

    The official reveal trailer, as published on the official Nintendo YouTube channel, may be watched here:
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by StellarWind Elsydeon, Apr 9, 2014.

    1. Faleepai
    2. Danielnik98
    3. FalChromiforme
      Greninja looks overpowered. Too bad he doesn't have a mega evolution (although that would make him truly unstoppable)
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    4. Sy Kage
      Sy Kage
      Wow! Can't wait to get this on my 3DS!

      Last edited by a moderator: Apr 10, 2014
    5. Dinova
      I believe that during the Nintendo Direct, Sakurai said that Mega Lucario would be Lucario's new final smash? That said, it would make sense if Mega Charizard X would be Charizard's final smash. Especially considering that it no longer has access to Triple Finish as it's final smash.
    6. Burgundy
      He never directly stated that the Mega Evolutions are Final Smashes. Though they likely are. I can't think of what they would be otherwise.
    7. FalChromiforme
      Transformations? Alternate costumes?
    8. StellarWind Elsydeon
      StellarWind Elsydeon
      I'm assuming Final Smashes as well - particularly seeing how character 'transformations' seem to have been abolished whatsoever - ZSS and Shiek, for example, are now their own stand-alone characters as opposed to transformations of Samus and Zelda (which makes me wonder what they'll do with THEIR final smashes).
    9. FalChromiforme
    10. Sy Kage
      Sy Kage
      I just realized something. I find it strange that both my starters in Y (Greninja and Charizard) get their spot in SSB. I feel watched.
    11. FalChromiforme
      well, those are mine too . . . I think that Greninja + Charizard is the most popular starter combination . . .
    12. Sy Kage
      Sy Kage
      Seems that way, Aurora. Seems that way.

      And why didn't Yveltal get a Pokeball summon?!
    13. Trainer_Ethan_
    14. ThatSeviper
      IM SO PUMPED :D!!!!!!
    15. Awoken
      @Trainer_Ethan_ there is a very high chance they'll do it because Greninja is the last thing I expected them too add. Maybe Chesnaught and Delphox will get in on it too, but honestly, what are the chances.
      I would love to see Volcarona make an appearance. Wether it would be a character or a Pokéball I don't know, but probably a Pokéball.
      I also had a great idea for what they could do with Charizard. Since Charizard has two Megas, he could mega evolve into one of them depending on the game version you have. If you had Wii-U version, it would be X, and if it were 3DS, it would be Y.
    16. Da Freezah
      Da Freezah
      I've never thought of an SSB4 for 3DS...:o
    17. Carmen Lopez
      Carmen Lopez
      While I'm sure not everything has been confirmed, I'm pretty sure Charizard, Greninja, Lucario, and Pikachu are going to it as far as Pokemon fighters which is plenty for me.

      And if Mega Lucario is Lucario's final smash I'm either going to be happy or really disappointed. In the thirty minute video it showed that Mega Lucario has regular Lucario's aura moves at full strength no matter how much damage it's taken. This could mean that Mega Lucario acts like Bowser's or Wario's final smashes where the current moveset just gets buffed, which I'm not as happy with, but oh well. For some reason I've never been a fan of those type of Final Smashes.
    18. Burgundy
      Jigglypuff will also be in. Just cause she's one of the original 12. Even though Cap. Falcon, Ness, and Jiggly haven't been revealed, they wouldn't cut the originals. :l
    19. Trofl
      Guys, what consoles can I get this on?
    20. Awoken
      WiiU and 3DS.
    21. Pang yu wei
      Pang yu wei
      Hmm... Maybe there like a special way to mega evolve the Pokemon. Like if you use location for example then a special item will appear which allows into mega evolve him. Maybe there also like a special requirement like getting 15 hits in a row or something like that. As for greninja I feel it's unfair for only having greninja and not the others. Same for Charizard.
    22. Burgundy
      No, these are most definitely Final Smashes. Getting a special item or 15 hits in a row would happen WAAAAY too often. It would also force a ban on Lucario and Charizard for competitive players if it wasn't a Final Smash. :8B:
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    23. Lukenblaz
    24. Pkmn Rookie Zack
      Pkmn Rookie Zack
      My Card For The Confirmed Fighters
      Last edited by a moderator: Jan 30, 2017
    25. Secad MS
      Secad MS
      Well, I'm pleased. Greninja was the final evolution of the starter I picked, and I often play Lucario when I play Brawl, so I will be very happy to play as both in the next game.
    26. Christoffer113
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      who cares about Greninja, Fennekin and Quillin ftw!

      You forgot Fennekin, he was there too.
      Last edited by a moderator: Jan 30, 2017
    27. StellarWind Elsydeon
      StellarWind Elsydeon
      Fennekin isn't an actual playable fighter, though. It is a Poké Ball-summoned Pokémon. So this trainer card is, at the moment, accurate.
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    28. Pkmn Rookie Zack
      Pkmn Rookie Zack
      I said Fighters
      Not Pokémons in the trailer
    29. elimanator1000
      • Please do not double-post. The offending posts have been merged.
      no way thats awesome!

      MEGA CHARİZARD X!!!!!!

      me too:)
      Last edited by a moderator: Apr 19, 2014
    30. crax686
      I am very excited for this game. I hope they bring back Mewtwo and Mew, they forgot to re-add them in Brawl. If Jigglypuff IS confirmed, they better make him better. And the Megas most definitely are their final smashes.

      Zelda and Sheik have ungonfirmed final smashes now because of their split-up, and ZSS is unconfirmed. Samus will most likely have the same final smash without the transformation, but this is unconfirmed. If this were true, than Samus would be most likely banned from competitive play. ZSS's final smash is low range, transforming back to Samus, but she has a far range blast in normal mode.

      All of the split-ups are concealing mysteries...
    31. Teapot
      @crax686 You really do need to watch the Nintendo Direct properly and do some basic research, half your assumptions already have answers.

      They didn't "forget", you don't just suddenly have a six-month lapse of memory during the design process for a game :p Firstly, Mew was never playable and thus never removed - it still appears in Pokéballs. Mewtwo was removed because Lucario was basically a clone of it with a better mechanic. As you know, Smash Bros tries to avoid very closely-related characters these days.

      Pure assumption. You cannot say they're "definitely" anything; nothing has been confirmed. It's quite likely you're right and the Pokémon do Mega Evolve as part of their Final Smashes, but then they might have a new mechanic.

      She does, it's actually highlighted in the Direct to make a point. I sincerely doubt she'll be banned from competitive play, not least because they'll have nerfed her N00b Beam Final Smash to make up for the (very much wrongly-perceived) impression that she's crippled after using it being gone. Plus, they never banned Meta Knight for his stupid B or Pit for his HYAYAYAYAYAYAAAAA attack, why would they ban over a move you might maybe see once a game?

      ZSS will have a new Final Smash, given that she doesn't magically reclaim her suit anymore.
      Burgundy likes this.
    32. FalChromiforme
      I hope Roy comes back as a fighter, maybe with his Project M moveset . . . that final smash tho . . .
    33. Iain108
      Well... That`s four looks like no more Pokemon are joining the fray.
    34. Burgundy
      That doesn't necessarily mean that there won't be more. Remember, the Mario series already has 5 characters, and in Brawl, there were 6 Pokémon. I highly doubt Sakurai would cut any of the original 12, since they have been in every game since, which is why I think Jigglypuff will be the last Pokémon.
      Honestly I don't care at all about Mewtwo.
    35. Iain108
    36. Valin
      Questionable. Roy's inclusion in Melee, from Japan's perspective, was basically an advertisement for Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, which came out around the same time, and was the first Fire Emblem after a three year hiatus. Compared to Marth, who was the first main character in the series and starred in the most games, and Ike, who starred in the most games seen overseas, Roy is a fairly minor figure in the series as a whole.

      On the other hand, though, due to being one of the first Fire Emblem characters known to the west, that might include him in the new Smash, so who knows? However, I think it's more likely a character from Awakening (most recent game, and probably has the most worldwide acclaim) will be included as a playable character (maybe the Avatar. It seems a lot of characters have movesets that reference the various games they are in, and the Avatar could be any class in Awakening, so...), but hey, I could be wrong.

      Anyway, on the subject on Greninja, even though it's highly likely, I'm hoping its Shiny form will be available as a pallet swap, because I like black Greninja.

      Also, even though this might just be wishful thinking, I'm wondering if the player's Mii will be a playable character (wouldn't be the first time, considering Mario Tennis), because I'd love a character you could fully customize the appearance of...
    37. The Voltagonist
      The Voltagonist
      Honestly, I was pretty disappointed when I originally saw these two make it to the roster. However, when I did see what they're moves were and how they fought, my spirits did slightly lift. However, I'm still hoping that Mewtwo does make his comeback in this game, someway, somehow.

      Overall, though, I'd say these characters make a fine addition to the Super Smash Brothers fighter list.
    38. Awoken
      I was thinking of some of the possible Greninja color swaps we could get, and found a few possibilities.
    39. FalChromiforme
      That Purple Greninja tho . . .

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