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Super Smash Bros. Charms -new question-

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Satoren, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Character Name: Aero

    Character Bio: A humanoid, who's years of training allow him to focus his energy in ways most people can't. He is able to focus energy through his weapons and use it to seemingly move through shadows (from one to another). Although powerful at first Aero can't exert himself too much as his energy force is quickly depleted.
    outfit consists of a longer black jacket(suit like), white dress shirt unbuttoned at the top button, red skinny tie, dark pants.
    weapons are 2 daggers (not sharp but have groves on one side where he focuses his energy into energy blades)

    Standard Special Move: slash- just a simple slashing motion, Range is about 2 feet when charged fully, used as a quick attack its range is only about 9 inches

    Up Special Move: upward slash- basically what it's called, distance thrown upwards only depends on opponents weight

    Side Special Move: side kick- Aero uses his daggers to slash starting low which draws opponent inwards, and turns with the slash into a kick. (can be charged to extend blade and power of kick)

    Down Special Move: counter- when an opponents attack strikes while using this Aero disappears into his own shadow and reappears from beneath the attacker striking from said attackers shadow

    Final Smash: Shadow control - Aero's shadow extends along the stage, If anyone is caught in it they are frozen, Aero moves through the shadow to the caught opponent then deals hits in quick succession (racking up damage) then deals one final blow (similar to how link's final smash goes except you remain on the stage where you were caught and don't necessarily fly off) (after using this he must rest for a couple minutes only able to run, jump and dodge during this time)

    Victory Quote: "easy enough" (he fixes his jacket and crosses his arms)

    Stage: Aero's Sprite shop, a deserted building filled with smashed hopes and dreams, also your occasional spliced pokemon and pokemon trainer appear here

    Stage Music/Theme: for now... Megaman ZX - Boss Battle Remix
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  2. Right, I updated Ethan's Profile, but since it's more like scrapped and redone, I'm posting again :>

    Character Name: Ethan Tange

    Character Bio: Feeling bored one day, Ethan decided to leave his gardens to go and play~! His odd style matched with mid and long range attacks make him a handful to fight against. He'll burst onstage in a flurry of hearts, and seems to have endless energy! He's fairly fast, and rather light. On the other hand, Ethan can run across the air, as if he can fly ♥ He's really on a rainbow, but don't tell anyone! His simple mindset lets him bypass defensive shields and the like with love!

    Standard A - Ethan lifts a finger and a small burst of multicolored light appears in front of him. Repeating makes it continue flaring.

    Walking A - Headbutt. It's more Ethan bending over to tie his shoes, but it sometimes knocks foes down regardless.

    Running A - Ethan trips. Durrhurr. This knocks Ethan and the target down if it connects. If he misses, he sort of is left in a vulnerable state.

    Across Smash - Ethan sets off a small explosion of love in front of him. It does multiple hits, and has little lag time. It also bypasses shields and whatnot.

    Up A - Ethan makes a rainbow pop up from the side he's facing, travel over him, and come down on his other side with a wave of his arm. This, like many of his attacks, will knock the foe down.

    Up Smash - Ethan throws a heart up in the air. It travels about three character lengths high or if it makes contact, and then explodes. The size of the explosion depends on the heart's color.

    Down A - Ethan hops in place. Upon landing, a puddle of color spreads out from where he crouches. It's about as wide as two of him in a crouching state.

    Down Smash - Same as Down A, but higher and longer the more it is charged. The puddle also splashes up color drops upon landing.

    Standard B - Heart Breaker!!. Ethan charges himself with nice thoughts, and then releases hearts with rainbows trailing them. They do damage, but don't cause knockback or flinching, even. They do, however, immediately the destroy anyone who is guarding, and sends them into a dazed state. It fires rapidly if quickly tapped in the direction he is facing. It can be charged up to seven, in which seven hearts will fly from different points above or below Ethan, depending if he's on the ground or in the air. They travel until they leave the screen.

    Across B - Love Colored Rainbow!. - Ethan charges up color in his hands, and from them bursts a rainbow! It ignores any physical laws and travels in the direction Ethan points it in until it leaves the screen. Nothing can stop this feeling!

    Up B - Forever Love ♥. - Ethan bursts into a flutter of hearts and gains the ability to fly through just about anything in every direction. The longer he stays this way, the more hearts disappear from the mass. When he cancels this form, or runs out of extra hearts, Ethan jumps up a little in excitement as he reforms. He can still attack as well, as he's not in freefall. The drawback to this attack is that the more damage he has, the less hearts he can expend. The hearts deal damage and break guards, similar to Heart Breaker!!.

    Down B - Dizzy Love Dance~! - Ethan spins around rainbows trailing in his fingers. In midair, this move breaks gravity, as he follows the path he traces with the rainbow under his feet. It's a versatile recovery move if one gets the movement right.

    Final Smash: Endless Love!!! - Ethan ignites himself on a rainbow colored fire and flies around the screen twice, creating two circles of hearts encircling all foes. The size varies depending on where everyone is. The hearts then fire towards a center point, throwing many rainbows with it. These projectiles don't cause any flinching or knockback, but each do 1%, racking up quickly. It does massive damage if one is caught at the central point of eternal joy. If the foe touches one of the main heart circles, they are knocked into the middle. This final smash is unlikely to cause KOs by itself, but with help from Ethan...~

    Victory Quote: "Uuuu, I hope that didn't hurt..." and "Yaha~! Let's do it again! <3333"

    Stage: The Peerless Gardens of Love - Battle takes place at a crossroads, where four beautiful gardens are placed at each corner. As battle happens, depending on which side of the screen is more dominated, the camera starts to shift into one of the gardens, where battle continues. In the Garden of Hearts, the garden is full of sprouting hearts that fly up into the sky as one fights in a clearing. After a light shower, a rainbow shines down upon the field, which one can use as a temporary platform. The Garden of Vibrance contains many varieties of flowers of different colors that seem to endlessly sprout. They can even grow from under your feet, causing you to trip! They just as quickly disappear as well, showing fleeting beauty. The Garden of Impossibilities contain plants that defy gravity, and seem to be growing from the sky down. Sometimes, if one is about to be whacked out of the screen, a sudden branch or tree sprouts from nowhere and punches you in the opposite direction! It's a place where reality blurs. The last Garden is the Garden of the Wayward. It's a normal garden, but odd spirits travel around, and even wander across the screen in a fixed path! If one is hit by the spirit, their movement is reversed as it momentarily possesses their body.

    Stage Music/Theme: Peerless Gardens: Tomorrow Will Be Tangrow; Yesterday Was Tangrelle

    Ethan's Musics: Love-Coloured Straight Magic!
    Final Smashmix: Fantasy Heaven
  3. Because this somehow skipped my notice, and because I'm actually interested...

    Character Name: Silent Dre

    Character Bio: The son of a priestess of the moon goddess, this warrior was gifted with the power to command water and rain, bringing them against his foes in combat. He is perhaps most well-known by his trademark long green trench-coat and navy blue tuque pulled down tightly over auburn-colored hair. Though his name would imply that he is mute, he can be rather talkative at times, though he prefers to think of himself as laconic, at best.

    Standard Special Move: Pelota de Agua (Spanish for Ball of Water) - Silent Dre makes a complicated gesture with his hands before generating a swirling mass of water between his hands. Can be charged up to an orb roughly half his size. The speed and power of the projectile depend on its size; smaller balls will move faster and cause less damage, while larger ones will move slower and deal more damage.

    Up Special Move: Pluie Soudaine (French for Sudden Rain) - Silent Dre lets out a cry, focusing his power into creating a tendril of water, which he whips upward at a forty-five degree angle. Once this tendril reaches its full length, about five feet or so, it creates a raincloud, which douses those unlucky enough to stand beneath it in a damaging shower, peppering them with a flurry of raindrops. Can also be used as an edge grab recovery, similar to Link's hookshot or Ivysaur's Vine Whip.

    Side Special Move: Wut des Wassers (German for Fury of the Water) - Silent Dre gestures with his arms, and a gout of water spews from his hands. It travels a short distance, rolling as it does so. Each roll has a chance to deal damage, with an unlucky combatant being struck several times if he or she is in the perfect spot. It rolls about six times, the sixth having a knockback effect if it connects.

    Down Special Move: Tidal Spray - Silent Dre slides across the ground, kicking up a spray of water and sending anyone it hits skyward. Basic move, deals some damage, but its main use is to get past an opponent and strike from behind.

    Final Smash: Wo de Piaoliang Muqin (Mandarin Chinese for My Beautiful Mother) - Silent Dre folds his hands and bows his head reverently. An icon appears in the background of the stage: a woman seated upon a crescent moon. She smiles lovingly at Silent Dre and raises a hand. Silent Dre disappears as portals begin to open on opposing sides of the stage, and from these portals appear blue-scaled Chinese dragons. They speed across the stage, damaging anyone they come into contact with. While getting hit by one dragon will certainly not kill a person, getting hit multiple times certainly will. Each dragon, after it crosses the stage, retreats into another portal. The whole ordeal lasts about twenty seconds altogether.

    Victory Quote: Silent Dre strikes his breast with a closed fist and recites, "Ego quis non victus sum, te saluto." (I, who was not defeated, salute you.) He then bows his head, fist still pressed to his chest.

    Stage: Most likely would be on another stage with his own music.

    Stage Music/Theme: Pulstar - Vangelis
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  4. Pheonix
    Item Type: Assist Trophy
    Effect: Pheonix appears in a burst of fire (does minimal 2% damage), looks around, cringes and proceeds to blow up in a ball of fiery doom. Size of explosion is roughly 1.5 times that of a smart bomb and the resultant fire ball of doom hurts all combatants (just like said smart bombs).
  5. Character name: SlowPokemon

    Character Bio: The friendly, intelligent (;D), and easygoing SlowPokemon is making an appearance in SSBC.

    Standard Special Move: Psychic. Sends a psychic beam in both directions, causing damage upon impact.

    Up Special Move: Lagging Tail. Jumps upward slightly, causing a small amount of damage if an opponent is in the way. Its tail becomes very heavy and also whips upward, grasping on to any ledges, and dealing serious damage to foes. Leaves it unable to attack again until it touches ground.

    Side Special Move: Headbutt. ...What it says.

    Down Special Move: Surf. moves on a wave of water to attack the opponent, causing a little damage but pushing the opponent along with it.

    Final Smash: Yawn. SlowPokemon yawns hugely, hypnotizing all other opponents to fall asleep for a very long time, leaving SlowPokemon free to attack.

    Victory Quote: "... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...Yawn?"

    Stage: Slowpoke Well, of course.

    Stage Music: Route 47.
  6. Louie Forest (The guy in my avatar)

    Across Smash - Forest ballet: Spins the way he is facing with green aura surrounding him, then does a green version of Mario's across smash.

    Up Smash - Skyward Power: Crouches for half a second, then slashes upwards loads of times. Then he does the final blow, knocking the enemy far.

    Down Smash - Spooky Power: Blacky Purple aura surrounds Louie, then the aura blasts back both ways. Powerful. (Looks like hidden power)

    Standard B - Ghostly Spin: Spins with a spooky, purple aura around him. Deals up to 15% damage.

    Up B - Shadow bubble strike: Louie pauses for 1 second, then blasts himself into the air by shooting blue and purple bubbles at the ground. Bubbles inflict damage.

    Across B - Nature aura: Fires a ball of green aura at the enemy. Can be charged.

    Down B - Heal of the Mage: Heals 50% damage. Can only be used twice in battle.

    Grab Attack - Ghost grab: A ghost lunges forward and brings the enemy toward Louie.

    Up Throw - Ghostly strangulation: Louie throws enemy up and Ghosts strangle the enemy.

    Forward Throw - Tornado Bomb: Throws the enemy forward in a tornado. The tornado then explodes, causing damage.

    Backward throw - Counter attack: Grabs the enemy, rolls backward and then throws them. Louie then punches the enemy repeatedly in the air.

    Down throw - Ghostly Soul: You can control the enemy for 10 seconds. Louie gains invincibility while this happens, but when the 10 seconds are over, Louie gains 35% damage.

    Final Smash - Dice of intelligence: Louie spins elegantly into the air while a dice spins. The dice has 6 sides, all with different effects:

    Flame: Flames appear on Louie's hands as he blasts fire on the stage. (A better version of Lucarios')
    Thunder: The dice turns yellow and blasts across the stage repeatedly, hurting enemies. It then explodes in the centre of the screen.
    Water: First, Louie blasts torrents of water at the enemies, stunning them. Then he puts them in bubbles and they rise off the stage.
    Leaf: The most powerful attack. He sends out his shiny Jumpluff, his shiny Miltank, his Doredia, his Persian and Zoroark. They all arise into the middle of the stage and mutter a strange spell. Then the circle around, getting faster and faster. Then the shout violently and release a powerful blast of nature power, knocking out all enemies.
    Rock: Releases a brown blast of energy at the ground, releasing a giant sand worm that eats 1 enemy, knocking them out.
    Death: Everyone on the stage dies instantly. (Including the user of the attack.)

    Up Taunt - Does a ballet-like spin with green sparkles.

    Side Taunt - Break dances, then says ''Hey, kids, GO!''

    Down Taunt - Does a quick spin, then backflips and smacks the floor, releasing green aura.

    Stage - Ilex Forest. The place where you challenge the last boss.

    Stage Theme- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACePWJl9PRc (Thanks Pokeneon7!)

    Victory Quote: ''Don't mess with the mater of time...''
    ''Knowledge is power...''
    ''Suck on that, bitch!''
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  7. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Short, but 's all a bit of fun~

    Character Name: Karu L. Pop

    Character Bio: A somewhat self-contemplating individual, Karu's persona is friendly yet his other emotions lie as deep as the abyss. Just meeting him is often enough to make him friendly though a push to the wrong button can lead to a vicious hate. When contemplating more complex aspects of life he will oft' retreat to the shores, though more often than not he'll settle for being distracted with his favorite candy. Lollipops! When his bad side does come out he'll use daggers as standard and magic as supplement and method for stronger hits.

    Standard Special Move: Karu draws back his arm to throw two throwing knives. If the button is held down they begin to glow blue with magic, signified with a small burst of energy. In the charged state when thrown more damage is done.

    Up Special Move: Karu throws both daggers with tendrils of water attached upwards, pulling the enemy down once lodged in them. Capable of attaching to the edge of a surface and pulling hard enough to throw him up into the air.

    Side Special Move: Karu attaches a whip-like tendril of water to his dagger hilt and lashes it toward the enemy, if hit by the enemy during this the dagger will drop to the ground harmlessly and have to be retrieved. He can lose both daggers before the move becomes useless and will simply result in a splash of water dealing mild damage. In the

    Down Special Move: When performed in the air Karu kneels with both palms flat down and creates a sphere of dense water around himself, falling rapidly toward the ground with a mild aquatic shockwave upon impact as sphere dissipates. When performed on ground Karu will either sheathe or unsheathe his daggers. Without them he uses small orbs of water that move with motions of the hand for close combat.

    Final Smash: Karu is surrounded by a veil of water as he sheathes his daggers and bites into a randomly coloured lollipop. From behind him a tsunami rises from off screen and for the few seconds the mass of water raises to full height the A button will cause Karu to throw his throwing knives straight ahead. Regardless of how rapidly tapped, no more than three or four will be thrown. Pressing B in succession will also result in sparks of blue coloured magic heading straight on, no more than two or three can be fired. If the opponent is defeated by the wave a small shimmering sparkle of light will go from the opponent into the lollipop.

    Victory Quote:
    "Well, looks like even friends like to stand up and fight."
    "You made a good effort ... but sooner or later the abyss gets everyone."
    w/ FSmash "...This lollipop is good, tastes just like your soul."

    Stage: A stage on a plateau of pastel pink coral with drops from it leading to water either side, vibrant coral in the fore and background with the sun in the skies and seaguls gliding past. Every now and then the seagulls will drop a capsule down onto the plateau. On this stage Karu's special entry will be him sitting on his side of the stage then standing up somewhat nonchalantly, tossing a lollipop stick aside.

    If the battle lasts 5mins+ a vicious storm with brew signified by a flash of lightning, winds lashing across the coral reef, twisters in the background with remants of the reef caught in the storm and waves splashing at the sides of the arena. If the battle lingers for a further two minutes a small wave will wash over the plateau followed by a bolt of lightning striking the stage, damage avoidable by jumping into the air and not into the bolt. The wave itself can come from either side and will merely move the players gradually if on the ground.

    Stage Music/Theme:

    Normal Battle / Theme

    Music would fade out, other music jumping in with the first flash of thunder in the background.

    Storm Theme
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  8. I'm going to end up joining it around Ep. 2; but I might make a cameo, if I'm allowed.

    Living Area-The Pinnacle of "The Cliff", otherwise known as 'Luminous Peak'.
    It is named that because, during nightfall; the luminescent moon can be seen very clearly.
    Unfortunately, by height; that makes it a hotspot for many nearby raging thunderstorms.
    Not a very populous area at all, but it is perfect for hiding;
    Unless you decide upon the Forest of Glitter for concealing yourself.
    Korora, who resides there; is happy to find visitors and tell them stories.
    Super Smash Bros Charms Set:
    Character Name: Korora Starfall
    Character Bio: A very naive bookworm who is interested in Astronomy, she doesn't like fighting, in which she
    thinks holds needless strife. At night, she brings out her telescope, recording events which have happened
    within the Solar System. She talks more when she's nervous; and when you make her angry or sad
    (the chance is very slim though); she will attack with all her might!
    She will always keep her head up for her freinds and allies- with the power of the stars!
    Character Statistics: Slightly shorter than average; she holds mildly high power and is very agile, but it's very hard
    for her to take more than a few hits; as her composition is extremely weak. The best strategy is to keep in close
    range and catch her off guard, and you should finish the fight quickly; but she has a few tricks to blow you off....
    Standard Special Move: Pisces Barrier: Three brightly-infused meteors make the astrological sign of Pisces
    (see here: http://www.cutehoroscopes.com/horoscope ... symbol.jpg) and serve as her barrier. (Duration- 3 Second)
    Before Cast: The sign does not damage until after the spell is cast, and you are free to hit her till then.
    After Cast: The barrier will not disappear unless the foe comes in contact with it, resulting in moderate damage
    and a 1 Second Immobilization; which gives her time to briefly attack you with a weak attack.
    Up Special Move: Black Abyss Hole: Korora creates a Hole above (or sideways if she's backed into the corner)
    that sucks in any supportive items and assist trophies for 1 minute and 35 seconds; rendering them non-useable.
    If sucked in; when the time limit is up, she can press B to spit it out to the foe for a small amount of damage.
    Side Special Move: White-Hot Comet: Korora sits on a Comet, Zig-zagging everywhere, in screen and out of
    screen as if on a joy ride. She will always attack where you headed last; and since the duration is long and there
    are many attacking attempts; thankfully the damage from this attack is very weak, despite her speed.
    Down Special Move: Smashing Supernova: Korora takes the power of a very large blue star and impales it with
    all her might; creating an unethic Supernova. This does decent damage; but is extremely hard to aim.
    Final Smash: Galaxy Starlight Shower: She calls upon the power of the Galaxy, wielding stars of all colors
    to attack with fierce power in patterns; the direction thrown depends on where she is on the map.
    The attack has random patterns every time; the stars will collide occasionally. There are narrow gaps, however.
    In order of damage; Red deals the least; and White deals the most; but all are inevitably extremely deadly
    and likely to Overkill. Has a one-minute cooldown.
    Victory Quote: "I won...so don't think of trying to screw with me."
    Pinnacle of Luminous Moon - A very serene area; with lilies to compliment the quiet, yet rural area.
    With Korora's magic; she creates this transparent, elevated stage; the Moon as the witness.
    Note: If Jirachi uses his Doom Desire; an illusion of a clock reaching 12 A.M. will commence; Doom Desire throws the opponent to their doom.
    Stage Music/Theme:
    Mokou's Theme - Reach for the Moon - Immortal Smoke - Rock Remix(Link is below)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fa7CkEAl ... re=related
    Pokeball(s) - Pokemon: Jirachi.
    Option #1: Jirachi comes out of the ball and uses "Wish" to heal damage done to the castor.
    Option #2: Jirachi uses Doom Desire to blast the foe into fireworks. He is vulnerable before the cast, however.
  9. Here comes a new challenger~

    Character Name: Zilla

    Character Bio:
    A rather unique Pokemon and RX's beloved companion, Zilla joins the battle as he searches for answers regarding the disappearance of his dear friend and partner. He is not alone in his pursuit as he has the mysterious aReX, a robot butler that resembles RX. Being a giant Buizel, Zilla is quite strong, yet retains the speed akin to his species. However, he becomes even more of a threat once aReX becomes active and starts moving around the field. The strange marionette can also perform attacks that combo together with Zilla's own, allowing the duo to corner opponents and defeat them with a barrage of attacks. Wielding Zilla and aReX is a bit tricky, as you will ultimately be controlling two characters at once! But with a little hard work and some imagination, this dynamic duo can potentially be one of the more powerful characters in the game.

    Home Stage:
    Pokecharms Airship -Viewing Platform, Garden Area- A long platform with several trees you can jump onto. These odd trees occasionally drop items on the ground. In the background are a set of tables and chairs for passengers to sit and partake of refreshments while admiring the sky overhead..or a heated battle.

    Stage Theme:
    Memory of Tears (vs RX theme)

    5A- Two quick punches and a kick. Last hit launches opponent into the air and combos with 2Smash.
    6A- Slaps the opponent with his tail. 2 hits, has high priority.
    2A- Zilla sweeps at the ground with his tail. Short range, but very fast.
    8A- Zilla headbutts upwards, flinging airborne opponents away.
    6Smash- Zilla uses an Ice Punch and uppercuts the opponent. Freezes the opponent until he/she lands, but opponent can recover quicker by toggling left and right. Very fast but has a slow recovery.
    2Smash- Zilla swipes upwards using his tail. Can cancel into Aqua Jet.
    8Smash- Zilla stomps down on the opponent, causing them to bounce into the air. Has a midair version in which he performs a diving kick. Slow startup.
    {aReX inactive}
    5Special- Automarionette- Zilla drops aReX on the ground and he becomes active. Aerial version throws aReX slightly forward. Holding B will throw him farther for both ground and aerial. Zilla can input commands to aReX during a throw or in the middle of a combo, but if he gets damaged, aReX returns to him automatically.
    6Special- Counter Shield- Zilla spins on his back while shooting water from his mouth, damaging and pushing opponents away. Has high priority. Can be used in midair.
    2Special- Waterfall- Zilla leaps upwards and does a cartwheel, summoning water with his tail and then sending it crashing down on the opponent. Has short range but brief invincibility on startup.
    8Special- Aqua Jet- Water swirls around Zilla and propels him upward. Holding B extends his time in the air and allows you to aim his attacks.
    {aReX active}
    5Special- Automarionette- aReX does a slow punching motion that pushes opponents back. Holding B while using the directional pad allows aReX to move around the field. Pressing B twice in succesion causes aReX to teleport directly to Zilla. While retracting, Zilla is temporarily invincible and stops falling while midair. Zilla can input commands to aReX during a throw or in the middle of a combo, but if he gets damaged, aReX returns to him automatically.
    6Special- Linear Volley- aReX launches a very fast projectile that pushes several opponents backwards. Slow startup.
    2Special- Nirvana- aReX claps his hands overhead, creating a shockwave to deal damage. Has good ground and midair range and bounces opponents back towards Zilla.
    Final Smash- Babel Punishment- aReX emits a large aura that confuses all opponents within it, temporarily switching all of their commands around.

    Victory Quote: aReX- All systems green.
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Assist trophy: Thepyro - I come out of the trophy and beat people with sticks! ([sub]I'm so board right now...[/sub])
  11. Bring on the Touhou trophies! >=D

    Assist Trophies

    Aya Shameimaru: The Tengu reporter will be summoned onto the field, Draw her reporter's camera and start taking photos. The taken photos will spin on the screen, covering it Nintendog-style. After fifteen shots she will run out of film, say 'Damn...' and poof.

    Nitori Kawashiro: The Kappa will be summoned onto the field, and use Kappa's Pororca. This will bring a picture of herself and a background onto the field's background, and start to rain blue Touhou bullet clusters. After fifteen seconds, this will stop, and she will poof. The clusters cause water damage.

    More to come soon.
  12. Cynda

    Cynda Guest

    Character Name: Cynda
    Character Bio: A sassy girl, Cynda joins the fray! With the ability to call apon nature, she is a formidable foe. With her plants by her side, you shouldn't mess with this female!
    Standard Special Move: Flower Bash - Cynda holds out her hand and a long stem grows out from her palm. The length of the stem depends on how long the button is held down. When the button is released, or it hits someone/thing, a flower blooms instantly, knocking back anyone in it's range with nature based damage.
    Up Special Move: Leaf Rise - Cynda rises on a flurry of leaves, damaging anyone on the sides or underneath.
    Side Special Move: Vine Whip - A vine shoots out from her sleeve, whip and entagling whoever it hits. Can be used as a recovery move.
    Down Special Move: Nectar Trap - Cynda summons flowers underfoot to let out nectar, which then sticks the next person to step on it the stick there, leaving them open to attack.
    Final Smash: Mother Nature's Fury - Great Redwoods rise to the hevens from the bottom of the stage, stopping any escape. Cynda then calls apon Mother Nature to summon a giant Venus Flytrap. This swallows one opponent, and as it is getting eaten he or she slowly gains damage. Cynda can attack them when they are trapped. The flytrap then spits them out, causing more damage as they land. The trees and the flytrap then disappears.
    Victory Quote: How's that for ya?
    Stage: Flora Forest - A small clearing in a forest with trees overhead. There are small trees that act as sink-throughable platforms, that drop fruit every now and then. Every so often, Mother Nature herself appears, and gives help to a random player, raining fruit down apon them.
    Stage Music/Theme: Yet to be decided

    Blazi made me...
  13. Character Name: K-Star

    Character Bio: A young scientist, the brilliant K-Star travels through space in his small ship, the Galactic Cruiser. During his many adventures, K-Star has collected many tools to help him in the fray: A photon pistol, cutterangs (blades that act like boomerangs), a regenerating jetpack, lightweight armor, the Whallop Mallet (a giant hammer; Yay hammers!), and much more. He may not have any special powers like the other characters, but with his boatload of powerful tools and gadgets, K-Star is a force to be reckoned with!

    Standerd Special Move: Photon Shot
    K-Star charges up his photon pistol and fires a ball of photons. Press and hold B to charge up the photon pistol and release more powerful shots. It has a small chance of stunning his target.

    Side Special: Cutter's Barrage
    In this attack, K-Star releases three cutterangs in three directions: straight forward, downward, and upward. K-Star can then control the blades using strings attached to them. He may swing them around as long as the player holds B.

    Up Special: Jet Tackle
    K-Star pulls out his jetpack and flies upward to either bash opponents above him or recover. Press and hold B to charge up K-Star's flight distance. While charging, the player may use the control stick to change the direction K-Star flies. Also, if the player press B mid-flight, K-Star will release his jetpack. If the jetpack runs into anything, it explodes and returns to K-Star's back.

    Down Special: Hammer Smash
    K-Star pulls out his Whallop Hammer and flattens an opponent in front of him. If used in midair, K-Star will pull out the Whallop Hammer and spin vertically, sending anyone in his way flying!

    Final Smash: Growing Bomb
    In this attack, K-Star pulls out his secret weapon: the Growing Bomb. It starts out small, but the player can rapidly hit the A and B buttons to make it grow. Once it's ready to explode, K-Star will fly off screen and the bomb will explode! Anyone caught in the attack will take heavy damage and fly out towards the edge of the screen. After the Growing Bomb explodes, K-Star will fly back into the middle of the stage.

    Victory Quote: All according to plan!
  14. More Touhou Assist Trophies ♥

    Kogasa Tatara: When the Assist Trophy is activated, a one eyed purple umbrella pops out and yells surprise ♥ This knocks you over, like a trip.

    Yuyuko Saigyouji: A pink haired ghostly girl appears midair at midscreen, and spreads her arms, making a large fan like gap appear. Anyone who nears it will be pulled in, causing an instant KO. This applies to the user as well, so watch out! Aesthetically, cherry petals fall while this assist trophy is active, which is roughly fifteen seconds.

    Rumia: A mass of darkness will appear from the trophy and fly aimlessly around the screen. If one enters the cloud, their percentage quickly racks up as Rumia tries to eat them. Rumia herself can bump into objects, changing her trajectory.

    Reisen Udongein Inaba: An odd girl with red eyes and rabbit ears appears briefly on the screen before dissapearing. After this, the background is lit with two piercing red eyes and starts spinning. While Reisen's Lunatic Red Eyes are active, all fighters will end up seeing doubles and triples of objects, even themselves! They could be real or fake; it's hard to tell.

    Medicine Melancholy: A little doll appears from the trophy and curtsies, sending up to ten dolls from behind her to random locations. Each doll emits a purple gas that will slow down those who enter it. They will only dissipate if hit.

    Kanako Yasaka: A goddess of wind appears, and creates gusts of wind around the stage. The direction the wind moves will affect your own movement.

    Satori Komeiji: A counter-trophy of sorts. If another assist trophy or a final smash is activated, Satori's Third Eye flashes and Satori executes the move, stealing it from the user.

    Heehee, that's a lot! I'll throw on links later.
  15. tocino4

    tocino4 Guest

    Name: Tocino
    Character Bio: Once a Young boy that ate bacon way too much, he became obsessed with breakfast Pork product, as he became older, he became more obsessed, he then had a Marty McFly story, and as he warped through time he held his Pork Product proudly in one hand, but he put the corroaridance wrong, so he warped to the future, at the time of a Brawl, Super Smash Bros. Brawl!

    Standard: Bacon Back At Ya"!- Its a Counter move, you bring out a long thing of burnt bacon if someone hits you, you put the bacon through the ground and it shoots out tiny, yet powerful, chunks of bacon out in every direction, it is Kind of easy to dodge, but if done right, it can pack a serious sizzle!

    Side: Ham Hassle- Tocino throws too thin slices of cooked ham on both sides of himself, they dont deal much damage, but can be done rapidly!

    Down: Sausage Skates- Tocino puts two Sausage Patty's on the floor, quickly, then skates on them, he go's twice as fast, his attacks are a lot quicker, but his range and attack go down, this is a mode/ form, so if done again, he takes them off, and if hit while in the form the Sausage's go flying off his feet in a random direction doing damage to again who is hit by them, and resets to his normal form.

    Up: Sausage Snatch- He pulls out a long Sausage Link, that reaches out, and can grab on too ledges, It is just like Olimars Up but, it can be flung in any direction and, if it hits anyone with an Item you steal that item from them, including bunny hoods, if hit by someone who doesn't have an Item you steal some HP/ damage from them.

    Final Smash: Jamon- You create a Sword, Mace, Shurikens, or any other Weapon at random out of meat, You have a whole new personality, name, and attacks (which means i have too make a new character, which i will do later)

    Up-Eats Bacon
    Down- Pull out a pan and flip your Ham in the pan a few times
    Side- Acts like he shoots a gun with his Sausage Link, and spins it around a few times and puts it away

    Victory Action- Hugs all his Pork Product, with bacon in his mouth chewing it

    Music- Sizzling, then chewing sounds

    Stage- A Frying pan, the floor hops up and down a few times, and the floor sizzles sometimes, if you are standing there while it sizzle's you take Burning damage

    Victory Quote- I hate Vegetarians!
  16. Below link underneath everything, is a sprite sheet so everyone gets an idea in what I am describing.
    Character Name: Cloak3000
    Character Bio: A spirit trapped inside a robot's internal system. He's been around for decades inside a killing machine, if he is destroyed, his soul will finally be freed.
    Standard Special Move: Standard missile fire, hold it down and guide it for a brief amount of time!
    Up Special Move: Extra boost (or super launch) and then if you hold it down he'll descend slowly with the hover
    Side Special Move: Arm launch, it'll come back and re-attach like Link's hook shot
    Down Special Move: Spinning glove trap (hold it down, the faster and more cycles it spins, hold it too long and it malfunctions)
    Final Smash: Green Turbine, the ring is a barrier that protects him from any attack and as it pushes out, it will knock your character back (no harm from that) but when the orbs come out and you get hit, you'll get a shock, then the beam like Samus's.
    Victory Quote: *robotic voice* Let me share you some advice for your next battle!
    Stage: A collapsing future city under attack of aliens, much more devastation and fire in the background than any other stage, you will be on a platform as big as Final Destination that will soar over the devastation
    Stage Music/Theme: Something techno and fast paced, something futuristic and robotic as well.

  17. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Character Name: Alue
    Character Bio: I haven't thought one up...
    Standard Special Move: Spartian kick - This explains itself
    Up Special Move: Haul my ass outta here! - Again, this speaks for itself XD
    Side Special Move: SQURALS! - Okay, this only works on dogs, but still.
    Down Special Move: YAOI - You don't want to know...
    Final Smash: I'M ON CRACK - I quite possiably am XD
    Victory Quote: -distracted- Huh?
    Stage: The twlight zone!
    Stage Music/Theme: What do you think?

    Card games on motorcycles 0.0
  18. Character Name: Sangmo

    Character Bio: A very happy kid... unless he loses. Likes to help people in need. In battle he always has mood swings.

    Standard Special Move: HAPPY SMILE! :D : Sangmo will smile which will make the opponent blind. Then Sangmo will attack.

    Up Special Move: Angry smash >:( : Sangmo turns red and jumps very high and smashes!

    Side Special Move: Sad Cry :'( : Makes th stadium floods. opponent drowns.

    Down Special Move: Ice Cold/Red Hot/Sunshine/HyperKICK (Depends on what move Sangmo used last if Sangmo used Happy first. Sunshine will go. If this was your first move.... HyperKICK will take place.
    Ice Cold : It suddenly becomes cold. OPPONENT FREEZES.
    Red Hot : A volcano appears in the stage. Spewing lava.
    Sunshine : Fire burns opponent.
    HyperKICK : A high powered kick.

    Final Smash: Trio Shot : Player gets blasted with tears. Sangmo smiles and then he gets angry and smashes.

    Victory Quote: I GLAD I WON! No I'm not.... GRR! I HATE YOU!


    Stage Music/Theme:
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