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Super Smash Bros. Charms -new question-

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Satoren, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. I like Fighting games. Mostly because beating things to a paste with epic moves is both fun and pretty, but also because most games have all these outrageous characters coming together for a brawl. So, the question for today is- If you were in a fighting game, what would your character be like?

    Since this can be a fairly vague question, given the oodles of fighting games out there with different mechanics, we're gonna answer this in the style of a Super Smash Bros. game, which I'm sure most of you are familiar with.

    So, you'll be answering with this format:

    Character Name:
    Character Bio:
    Standard Special Move:
    Up Special Move:
    Side Special Move:
    Down Special Move:
    Final Smash:
    Victory Quote:
    Stage Music/Theme:

    Here's mine as a sample.

    Character Name: RX

    Character Bio: Lurking in the dark, shadowy reaches of Pokecharms Chat, RX emerges to do battle! He rides into the fray on board the Pokecharms Airship that he designed specifically for the occasion. This Charmsian artist does battle using a mysterious creature made from shadows called Morpheus. RX can change Morpheus' form to suit his needs, turning him into a bladed weapon or a flying projectile among other things. Because RX dislikes strenuous activities he is unable to dash around the ring, opting to walk casually instead. However, with Morpheus' help, he can quickly bridge the gaps between himself and his opponents then attack with surprising speed.

    Standard Special Move: Shadow Cast - RX's Shadow flies forward and damages an opponent nearest to RX by summoning a large spike protruding from the ground. The spike is thinner but longer if RX uses Shadow cast in midair. This projectile can extend from one end of the screen all the way to the other if you hold B long enough. If you press the B button again during Shadow Cast, RX will quickly slide forward to the farthest end of the shadow. He is just as vulnerable while sliding, so make sure there are no enemies in front of him! If RX manages to hit someone with Shadow cast, press A to quickly slide over to the opponent and deliver an attack that can connect into a normal A combo.

    Up Special Move: Ravenous Coil - RX casts Morpheus upward, launching himself towards opponents in midair or saving himself from falling off the ledge. If you press B again while an opponent is caught, he can then fling the opponent away. The opponent he flings can hit others if they're in range.

    Side Special Move: Invitation to Hell - RX dashes a short distance forward. He is briefly invincible while dashing. If A is pressed directly after, he will quickly summon a black drill to protrude from the ground in front of him, launching nearby opponents upward. Similar to Shadow Cast, the drill becomes thinner and longer if he uses it whilest airborne. This attack is mostly used to escape pressure from opponents at a close range.

    Down Special Move: Shadow Sneak - RX summons 2 shadow clones above him in a column while dashing forward. Pressing either the up, forward or down button during the move allows RX to switch places with one of the clones, confusing his opponents.

    Final Smash: Shadow Rapture - the screen zooms out as RX uses Morpheus as a giant paintbrush to draw a random picture on the screen, each stroke of the brush damages opponents who are unlucky enough to be within range.

    Victory Quote: That didn't hurt too much, did it?

    Stage: Pokecharms Airship -Viewing Platform, Garden Area- A long platform with several trees you can jump onto. These odd trees occasionally drop items on the ground. In the background are a set of tables and chairs for passengers to sit and partake of refreshments while admiring the sky overhead..or a heated battle.

    Stage Music/Theme: Writhe in Pain

    Ahahaha, Second Option.

    Now that you have an idea of what to do, go forth!
  2. Re: Super Smash Bros. -Charms style-

    Character Name: Blazikid

    Character Bio: An entity of fire, a powerful pyrokinetic, a, teenager? A fierce battler of charms, Blazikid is more than ready to defeat anything that comes his way! Blazikid is very fast, and likes getting around with leaps and dashes. With his choice weapons of his sword of flames: 'Dragon's Flame', a powerful gun, a whip made of a fallout creatures tail and amazing hand to hand combat skills, he is one strong fighter! He will protect his home, The Foating Isles of Ignis, with every last breath in his body. With a fiery heart, and a temper to match, you had better watch out!

    Stats: Is medium sized, but his running speed is almost as fast a sonic, and faster than Captain Falcon. Flammable objects Explode/whatever when he is near.

    Standard A: Slash - Blazikid whips out his sword and slashes right ahead of him. Can be used up to three time in succession. Smash is a stronger version.

    Standard Special Move: Fire Punch - Blazikid launches a quick punch covered in flames to whatever is in front of him. The longer the button is held down the more punches delivered. Max 3. Is turned into an uppercut in midair.

    Up A: Up Slash - Swings sword upwards in an arc. Smash swings the sword three times with increasing damage.

    Up Special Move: Whiplash - Blazikid shoots his whip upwards, before swinging it in a tight circle around him. Can be used to save himself, or hit enemies above and to either side of him. Is more diagonal and reaches downwards in midair

    Walking A: Jump Slash - Blazikid Jumps forward a little bit and swings his sword.

    Running A: Leap Slash - Same as above, only jumps farther. Smash is a jumping stab.

    Side Special Move: Dark Bullets - Blazikid whips out his .44 magnum and shoots ahead of him. The longer the button is held down the more bullets shot. Max 6. Shoots diagonally going up or down depending on the closest enemy in mid air.

    Down A: Blazikid stabs his sword downward, creating a small shock wave, and in midair plummets downwards. Smash is a larger shock wave.

    Down Special Move: Din's Fire - Blazikid uses a spell that creates a small orb of fire around himself. Takes time to cast, but does not flinch during this time, though I take damage. Based on Ocarina's Din's Fire. Floats in mid air while conjuring.

    Final Smash: Chaos Spin - Blazikid gains a ghostly blue aura, and floats to the center of the screen. He starts spinning in that spot and one stream of fire starts flying out of one side while a stream of Darkness streams out the other side. As he spins these spin clockwise, directly opposite each other, curving and ricocheting off walls and objects. When parts of these streams meet each other the touching parts cancel each other out, a small explosion happening in the place of the nullification. The fire burns the brawler for a short amount of time, while the darkness poisons the brawler for the same amount of time. The streams by themselves deal element based damage depending on the stream. Is invulnerable during the Final Smash.

    Up Taunt: Hair bursts into flames, but Blazi looks upwards and sees the flames, shaking his head to extinguish them.

    Side Taunt: Spins for a couple of seconds with a ghostly blue aura surrounding him.

    Down Taunt: Will ignite into flames momentarily, before reforming.

    Entrance: Spins into the stage with a soft 'whoosh'

    Entrance (On Isles): Lands on the part of the screen closest to the hut, draws his sword and shouts, "Get off the Isles!"

    Victory Quote: And that's how I roll!

    Victory Quote (On Isles): I told you to get off, so get off.

    Stage: Floating Isles of Ignis. - Several hundred total (tiny ones included) of floating islands positioned high above the sea, a setting sun in the background along with some stars and several large floating islands, with lakes, waterfalls, volcanos and other stuff. The actual battlefield is several small and medium sized floating platforms that look like floating islands, none sink through-able. The view and angle makes you not see the land of 'Charms behind the isles. On one of the isles, containing a lake/waterfall/mountain/forest, you can see a nice one-room wooden hut, with a small training ground next to it. This is where Blazi lives, and will do anything to protect his home and the Isles. It looks like that lovely picture Reynald drew for me.

    Music: [dBu Music] 紅魔狂死曲 ~ UNknown Girl: U.N. Owen was her?

    Alternate: O-Life Japan ~ U.N. Owen was her? ~
  3. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Re: Super Smash Bros. -Charms style-

    Character Name: Tailon

    Character Bio: Always ready to battle (or just show off) Tailon joins the fray looking for a worthy opponent (and again, a chance to show off). He appears on a slab of ice, melting it away just above the ground. Tailon does battle with his personal blade, Stinger, a single sided blade which sports spikes on the handle guard and the end of the handle, a gauntlet with a shield attached large enough to reach his elbow, and a wide array of magic, which increases his speed and strength, as well as being used offensively. Despite his ability to hit hard, he is extremely slow when doing so, and instead uses his blade for weaker, faster strikes.

    Standard Special Move: Fierte Gellee-Tailon calls large icicles from the ground around him, damaging those nearby and possibly freezing them momentarily.

    Up Special Move: Matin d’éclair- Tailon flies upward in a pillar of lightning, pushing anyone in his path away slightly. On the ground, the tackle can be aimed diagonally or straight up.

    Side Special Move: Flamboyer Fend- Tailon launches himself forward in a fiery spinning attack, striking twice with Stinger, then punching with his gauntlet.

    Down Special Move: Secouer de Terre- Tailon grabs a boulder of variable size and throws it directly forward, smaller boulders deal less damage but fly further, while larger boulders deal more damage at the cost of range.

    Final Smash: Justice- Tailon charges forward, and slashes the enemy, then attacks several times with Stinger, sending off magic energy trails as he goes, before spinning, collecting the energy, and landing a powerful punch backed by fire, ice, and lightning energy as the final blow.

    Victory Quote: Oh come on! Quit playing games!

    Stage: The Elements- a massive stone platform, floating on a dark ocean, with a lightning storm raging above. A meteor occasionally destroys a quarter of the platform, which eventually repairs itself.

    Stage Music/Theme: Tension Rising

    Durp French words :3
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  4. Re: Super Smash Bros. -Charms style-

    Edit: Changing this from before because it was stupid.

    Character Name: Captain Freta

    Character Bio: Captain Freta is the captain of the Black Clamperl, a pirate ship that is devoted to protecting the land of Pokecharms. He doesn't plunder anyone except for other pirates that threaten the Charmsians' way of life. He was once a member of the Church of Toastantology in another land, but he left after he lost his right leg from the knee down during a fight with another member. He now has a bionic leg with a wooden finish to replace his lost leg. He kept using the toast powers he was granted in the church for some time, but he gave up on the powers when he heard that the church had disbanded. His weapon of choice is a wooden pole.

    Standard Special Move: Freta fires his miniature cannon at his foe. It takes about one second to prepare before it fires.

    Up Special Move: Freta hops on his bionic leg, and jumps upwards at a great force, pushing everything and everyone out of his way.

    Side Special Move: Freta uses his wooden pole like a lance and pins down those in front of him. If he takes his time, he is able to charge power in his bionice leg to make him faster and the charge more powerful.

    Down Special Move: Freta stomps the ground with his bionic leg and causes a small earthquake that hits eveyone on the ground including himself.

    Final Smash: Freta goes berserk and smashes around the stage with his wooden pole unable to be stopped until he becomes exhausted.

    Victory Quote: "Yo ho ho!"

    Stage: The Black Clamperl. A stage on the pirate ship's deck. The crew sometimes comes out briefly to attack whoever they see. Cannons also go off near the stern that can blow off anyone who's too close.

    Stage Music/Theme: A Tiny, Tiny, Clever Commander
  5. Re: Super Smash Bros. -Charms style-

    Character Name: Dark Soul

    Character Bio: Dark Soul is an average citizen of 'Charms at day, noticeable by the variety of weapons that hangs from his belt and black jeans/t-shirt. But at night, he reveals his true self: A hybrid warrior, clad in shadows but with control over light. He fights with a lightning halberd that focuses his light powers and a Colt.

    When the opponent enters the stage, the moon and stars suddenly disappear behind giant thunderclouds that suddenly emerge in the sky. It starts raining, a cold, harsh rain. Lightning strikes the ground and when the light wears off, the teenager is standing right there, dressed in full armor and with his lightning halberd held in both hands.

    Standard Special Move: Triple Lightning- A golden spot appears under the enemy’s feet, which is a forebode of a lightning strike. Fleeing from the spot gives a 50% chance of not getting hit, because when the opponent flees from the spot, lightning will strike on one side of it randomly. Dark Soul is vulnerable during this process and a second after.

    Up Special Move: Lightning Swirl- Dark Soul twirls his halberd above his head and lightning swirls around him, forming a huge cylinder releasing lightning shots from the bottom at first, working its way up to the top of the cylinder and then down again. Based on Hurricaune’s Lightning Tornado from Megaman ZX.

    Side Special Move: Side Shots- Dark Soul twirls his halberd in front of him, and lightning shoots out from the sides. A fast but moderatly weak attack.

    Down Special Move: EleColt Rampage- Dark Soul flies up into the sky, and shoots lightning bullets down from the sky whenever he starts glowing for three times. There are a couple of safe places, but you have to be lucky to be into one. The bullets are very fast but can be evaded if you’re really quick.

    Final Smash: Hyper Sun- Dark Soul moves to the exact middle of the level. Thunder rumbles and Dark Soul is hit by lightning, after which an orb of light forms around him that obscures him from view. The orb acts like a sun, shooting massive light streams from eight sides.

    Victory Quote: ‘I hope you’ll enjoy your new life as history!’

    Stage: ‘The Cliff’: A huge cliff with a fantastic view of PokeCharms City and beautiful lakes and forests. There are stone pillars on both edges of the screen, and ground is littered with pebbles.

    Stage Music/Theme: Sakuya Iyazoi- Lunar Dial Fits the character perfectly<3
  6. Re: Super Smash Bros. -Charms style-

    Character Name: Shyu

    Character Bio: From stealing soda cans from vending machines to making faces at people, Shyu is a prankster at heart. Born from an experiment that was supposed to utilize the DNA from Ghost Pokemon to create clones of the Pokemon they were before they died; the scientists totally failed and created Shyu instead. Because the project was controversial before an entire new creature was created, the fact that Shyu and not an already existing Pokemon was born caused the project to shut down. Shyu, as it happens, is a very long lived creature and has since outlived the scientist charged to take care of it. Now it roams freely across the land... causing mischief and confusion where ever it goes.
    Shyu is a floaty creature, relying mostly on it's Psychic powers for balance (due to the lack of upper limbs). It's fast, quick and easy to knock around. If you can hit it.

    Standard Special Move: Flack. Shyu sprays the opponent with a black spray that comes from it's mouth. This has to be repeatedly pressed, and Shyu is vulnerable during the spray. The Flack will stay on the character for a short while before wearing off, slowing you a little. If you get it all over your body though, your character will be vulnerable and flail around for a few seconds, getting all the Flack off before continuing.

    Up Special Move: Grabport. Shyu's Haunter hands will reach up and grab what ever is above it before the body teleports to reunite with it. If you are grabbed by the Haunter hands, you have a second to say "Crap" before you are hit by a Psychically charged Shyu and blasted across the screen. Luckily for you, the hands are not easy to aim.

    Side Special Move: Shadowdash. Shyu sinks to the ground and dashes, and after a short distance, pops up. Kind of like the Starfox dash thing, only the opponent can only get hurt at the beginning of the move and at the end of the move.

    Down Special Move: PsyNova. Shyu releases a nova of energy in a few feet radius, knocking opponents away.

    Final Smash: Overload. Shyu has a pulsating aura around it for a reasonable amount of time in this game. The aura powers up Shyu's moves as well as causing damage to any opponent who touches it. When the aura expires, a large explosion takes place around Shyu, knocking anything around it across the screen.

    Victory Quote: A chittery laugh. No talking or telepathy for this one!

    Stage: I'd imagine that Shyu would be a secret character that would just use someone else's stage with different music.

    Stage Music/Theme: This or an awesome remix with the drums.
  7. Re: Super Smash Bros. -Charms style-

    Character Name: Toru (-Toru's Main Theme: Ferrum Sword- -Toru's 'Anger Point' Theme: Peak High Fury- And yes, I did rename those songs to fit Toru :p)
    Character Bio: The carefree and wild geokinetic of Pokecharms, Toru, has finally joined the battle! Be guaranteed he'll send opponents flying with his heavy sword blows and his earth controlling abilities. But watch out... I've heard he has quite a temper.
    Standard Special Move: Boulder throw - Toru summons up giant chunk of rock which he hurls in the direction he's facing. The longer you hold down the B button, the higher the angle he throws the boulder.
    Up Special Move: Sky Bound - Nothing special really. Toru just leaps high into the air. Anyone who comes into contact with his fast leap will take a small amount of damage.
    Side Special Move: Dashing grapple - Toru quickly dashes towards the enemy and quickly grabs them, before slugging them in the face with one of his trademark rock fists, sending them flying backwards. If this move connects in the air, however, Toru choke holds the opponent, before slamming them into the ground - or offstage, if you don't have any ground beneath you!
    Down Special Move: Rock spear pillar - Toru slams his blade into the ground, triggering two spears made of earth to diagonally erupt out of the ground on both sides of Toru, before returning back into the ground. If used in the air, Toru descends quickly to the ground and then continues the attack. Toru has no cover above him during this special, so try and strike him with a vicious attack from above!
    Final Smash: Raging earthquake - When Toru gets a hold of the Smash Ball, the power causes his angry side to take control. With a piercing roar, he jumps into the air, before crashing onto the floor, causing damage to everyone on the battlefield as the screen violently shakes. Players will still be able to freely move around the field whilst the destruction occurs, but the final crash of the earthquake will seal their impending doom. A simple but extremely powerful Final Smash.
    Victory Quote:
    ."All right! I did pretty well today!"
    ."Earth Godess, I thank thee for thy blessing."
    .(If victory is obtained whilst using a smash ball) *Manically Roars* "I'll crush you... all! I swear it!"
    Stage: The Temple of The Earth Goddess - The Temple if located on the side of a large mountain, that's so high up you can see the land around the mountain in the background. The Temple itself is of an intricate design; a slanted roof made of brown rock being held up by large pillars, with statues in the background. In the middle of the stage is a large throne, for The Earth Goddess herself. Every now and then, she appears, spawning platforms of earth to help or hinder brawlers, or send boulders flying from above.
    Stage Music/Theme: Tiger Raxasa
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  8. Re: Super Smash Bros. -Charms style-

    Character Name:Tangrelle/Tangrow ♥

    Character Bio: Tangrelle and Tangrow are two tentacled friends that are also Ethan's familiars! With a crash, they enter the battlefield ready to fight! They're both very heavy and as such, their attacks reciprocate this! Contrary to what one would think, they can jump rather high as well, and move at a moderate speed. With a lot of weird angles on their attacks, you can be certain it'll be a silly fight!

    Standard Tangrow Special Move: Rummage Rummage-Meow! - From atop Tangrelle and Tangrow, an item pops out from their mass of vines and is either a kitten bomb, missile, or fireworks. They all have slightly tracking abilities whilst airborne. The bomb drops in front, the missile travels horizontally, and the fireworks go up and BOOM! They have wide range, and generally hurt everyone involved pretty hard.

    Up Tangrow Special Move: Flurry of Vines - One of the Tentacle Twins attacks that make use of Tangrelle or Tangrow. One creature reaches in many directions their vines and form a tentacle trampoline, allowing the other to bounce upon it. By pressing the left or right direction quickly afterwards, the vines will also reach their vines arc, creating a weak barrier that the other can also jump off the sides of. This move protects one and allows Tangrelle/grow to use their longer ranged attacks with relative safety in case they miss.

    Side Special Move: Bizarre Sign "Tentacle Rape!" - One of the Twins whistles and switches out with the other, either Tangrelle or Tangrow and leaps upon them. Tangrow is slower, but harder hitting, whilst Tangrelle is faster and jumps higher. Pressing the side button twice causes them to throw out a vine to the side, or diagonally, instead. If it makes contact, the tentacle stuns them momentarily and heals the user by a small percentage. Tangrelle's vine is slightly longer.

    Down Tangrow Special Move: Leap of Fail - Tangrelle/Grow attempt to make a huge jump off the ground, but they forget where they're going, so they trip and fall. As they do, their vines reach outward, either left for Tangrelle, or right for Tangrow. As they jump, the vines first go in a diagonal direction before they crash down and gain more range. A strong move, but it takes quite some time for them to get up afterwards. Sometimes, Kitty Fireworks are fired off on jump. It's not as strong as the regular one, but it is still quite the ranged attack.

    Final Tangrow Smash: Rush of Beauty "A Cat's Colorful Chase" - Tangrelle/Grow jumps off of Tangrelle/Grow(The other), and, excited, lights himself in a multicolored flame! He then rushes off the screen, with Tangrelle/Grow chasing him. In the chaos when they return, Their vines have caught the multicolored rainbow flames as well! It then comes across and leaves the screen around ten times, each time increasing in speed before he crashes into the first platform he meets. The area of the rainbow is like a swirling arrow. One can control where Tangrow comes from next by use of the control stick. He generally directs himself at one player's current position, wanting to give them a huge hug! It tends to be that he misses, which is why he tries again at a faster speed! It's quite a hectic, and silly, attack!

    Victory Quote: Oh heavens, I think I did it! Yay~ ♥

    Stage: The Emotional Skyscraper - Battle takes atop an impossibly high building, with many odd and beautiful colors and distractions going on in the background. They make projectiles harder to see. On occasion, a flurry of circular colors fall down from the sky, in all directions and speeds. At other times, when an audience cheers for a character, that Brawler's past memories will show up in fragmented images, creating clarity in the mess of lights. On Tangrelle/Grow's music, on occasion, flowers will fall from the sky as tentacles appear from the windows of the skyscraper to catch them. They will then hold them for a moment, and throw them back up into the air, where they burst into petals. It's mostly for show, but the tentacles can act as a savior platform.

    Tangrelle/Grow's Music: Small Sweet Melancholy
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  9. Re: Super Smash Bros. -Charms style-

    ooh! This looks very interesting! Let's see what we can do...

    Character Name: Brendan Savem

    Character Bio: Not usually found on the field of battle, Brendan is one of the more humble Charmisians around. When he does get baited onto the field though. He shows a very proficient control over combat. Although he’s skilled in many different types of weaponry, he fights prominently with hand-to-hand, and wears vambraces under his jacket. A well timed basic attack is able to reflect an oncoming projectile. Or when the movement stick is tilted in a certain direction, he can reflect it in that direction. As a natural acrobat, his attacks are stronger while he’s airborne and can easily change his movement direction. Brendan is usually far too early to an appointment, so will lounge around the stage waiting for his opponents to arrive.

    Standard Special Move: Uppercut – Brendan delivers a basic uppercut which knocks his opponent upwards. When it connects while in the air, he catapults himself towards the ground, potentially harming any combatants below, but with the risk of certain knockout if there’s no ground beneath him.

    Up Special Move: Grapple – Brendan pulls out a grappling hook and flings it in a diagonal direction. It can be used to grab ledges, but is much more fun when it grabs an opponent. When he ensnares an opponent, he pulls himself up onto the opponent and jumps off of him. By tapping the basic attack button at the right time, he can deliver a sharp kick as he jumps, often times resulting in a Meteor Smash. Wrong timing results in a fumble that keeps him from jumping when he reaches his opponent.

    Side Special Move: Weapons – Brendan pulls out one of ten different weapons from his “tiny-box-that-came-free-with-Mary-Poppin’s-handbag” and uses it, the weapon used is determined randomly. The only common thing between the weapons is the brief 1-second pause before using it, this allows the person, and his opponents, to see what the weapon is and act appropriately.
    1: Toy Gun – Doesn’t do much, but the faces are priceless.
    2: Peanut Pop Gun – Similar to what Diddy Kong uses, except it doesn’t require a charge period.
    3: Double Peanut Pop Gun – Brendan pulls out two of the previous weapon in line, which he fires in opposite directions.
    4: Trident-Javelin – Essentially a three-pronged javelin. In the pause period, the movement stick can be used to aim which direction it is thrown, the trident arcs as it moves, and does damage to anyone it hits. When it hits the ground, it can be picked up and used as a batting item.
    5: Throwing Knives – Brendan pulls out nine throwing knives, which he throws at ten degree intervals in front of him. At twenty degree intervals when he gets this while airborne.
    6: Flamethrower – Spews flames in front of him, holding down the special button will keep him throwing fire until the fuel runs out.
    7: Item – Brendan takes out a randomly picked batting, throwing, or assistance item.
    8: Plant Mine – Similar to Snake’s down basic, Holding down the special will increase the strength of the explosion when it registers someone on top of it.
    9: Mine Rope – Brendan pulls out a long cord with mines running down it. Brendan will throw it in the direction he is facing, causing a trail of mines which are then detonated in sequence. If an opponent is caught by the rope, they are ensnared in it at the cost of shortening the rope’s reach.
    10: Hyper Mode – The final item in line is a specialized pill that isn’t only packed with 20 essential vitamins and minerals, but also increase Brendan’s skill, strength, and ability for fifteen seconds. He is noticeably faster, more resilient to attacks, and the basic attack button can be used repetitively to turn Brendan into a tornado, this takes up his shield meter however, and will stun him if he spends too long. Hyper Mode can only be entered once in a single brawl.
    (gasp… making Mr. Game and Watch’s Judge Move must have sucked)

    Down Special Move: Dodge and Strike – Similar to other counter-attacks, if Brendan uses this as a person uses a melee attack, then he will dodge and roll behind the person, then smashing him in the back hard enough to send him flying across the stage, any items held are automatically dropped in this process, which makes this a surprisingly handy counter against a hammer.

    Final Smash: Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch – Yes, a Monty Python reference. Brendan pulls out the relic and pulls it’s pin. Then, while counting “1… 2… 5!”, he tosses the grenade at his opponents, where it will explode with choral music upon hitting the ground or an opponent after tossing. The blast radius is the same as a Smart Bomb, but is significantly more powerful.

    Victory Quote: “Sorry mate, try again.”

    Stage: None, a secret character as Rayn calls it

    Stage Music/Theme(s):
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aytSMb0xVo&feature=related, although it's going to need an appropriate stage...
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fftmWBCiUCo, a bit more badass, but still stolen from a video game
  10. Re: Super Smash Bros. -Charms style-

    As appropriate a place as any to make RP!me changes official within my own mind xD

    Character Name: Chadwyck

    Character Bio: Whether rising from the depths of the oceans or falling out of the heavens, Chadwyck can't seem to keep his feet on solid ground. Always trying to push the boundaries of his world, Chadwyck floats down to the battle field in a dirigible which attains flight via the fire he holds in his hand. Promptly readjusting his hat and coat to keep them looking nice, Chadwyck enters the fray with his sword; fashionably hidden within his cane, and a "Moses Brothers Self-Defense Engine Frontier Model B," essentially a revolver with an elongated barrel. Armed not only in the physical sense, but the supernatural as well, he relies heavily on the powers of pyro/electrokinesis, the power over fire and electricity, not only remarkable for battle, but for tinkering as well. Chadwyck doesn't like to dart about the battle, preferring instead to take his time and develop strategies.

    Standard Special Move: En Guarde - Chadwyck makes a quick slash with his sword to disorient foes and knock them off balance, he then follows up with a shot of his revolver. The longer the button his held down, the more slashes are made and bullets are fired, up to a maximum of four.

    Up Special Move: Electromagnetism! - Chadwyck courses electricity throughout his body, focusing the power at the soles of his feet, and forces it to rise; taking him along with it. In addition to the recovery aspect of this move, slight arcs of electricity shoot around Chadwyck in a small radius, striking out at any foe who gets too near. When used while on the ground, Chadwyck rises at a sharper angle to escape foes and damage them at the same time. When uses in midair, the player has slight control as to which direction he is to go.

    Side Special Move: Ifrit Model II - After the fiery failure that was Ifrit Model I, Chadwyck decided upon this mechanism for channeling his pyrokinesis. He produces small, mechanical orbs and fills them with white hot flames, sealing them in with a shield of electromagnetic energy. He then tosses the ball in an arc. The power is increased the greater the orb's momentum, making far off targets take increased damage. When used in midair, he tosses the ball at a downward forty-five degree angle.

    Down Special Move: Thor Model R - Chadwyck reaches into his coat and produces a minuscule, metallic disk that will stick wherever it lands and he tosses it forward. The device has been constructed to draw the power of electrical currents. Using the down special again will cause Chadwyck to shoot a stream of lightning, that will be inevitably drawn to the disk via the shortest possible route. Whether it be stuck to an enemy, wall or the ground. Sadly, the current cannot pass through solid objects.

    Final Smash: Clockwork Heart - Chadwyck lowers his welding goggles over his face and leaps off screen, appearing again at the front of the screen aboard a large, steam-powered robot. After many years of tinkering, the robot has been prepared and successfully produced; battle ready. Using one hand to keep steam coursing through the robot via pyrokinesis, Chadwyck uses his free hand to use an electric current to control the robots movements. Unleashing a powerful attack that nearly breaks the sound barrier, the robots fist smashes into the target. (essentially, it's aimed like Dragoon, only with a slightly larger target area).

    Victory Quote: Are we done here? I'm a very busy man.

    Stage: Within the Clock Tower - Behind the Clock's Face - Turning cogs and various moving parts make this stage tick, acting as the platforms littered about the stage. As time passes the platforms continue to move, and when the clock strikes anyone on the platforms is paralyzed momentarily by the vibrations going through the clockwork. The Clock's face makes up the background of the stage, the face is a glass window of sorts so that people on the outside can appreciate all of the mechanics causing the clock to tick, the fighters see a city sprawled out far below them.

    Stage Music/Theme: I'll Face Myself
    OR because I couldn't decide!
    Fibonacci Sequence
    We Are Sex Bob-omb

    By the way, I totally want to play this game, just saying xP
  11. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Re: Super Smash Bros. -Charms style-

    Yoshimitsu >;3

    Standard A - Punch. Repeating makes two more punches, obviously.

    Walking A - Roundhouse kick. Not massively damaging, but knocks foes back more than a standard attack.

    Running A - Spin-kick. He stops and spin-kicks. No forward movement, so it can get a bit tiresome to use.

    Across Smash - Sword Strike. Draws the Bahamut Blade and launches an aggressive horizontal swipe, throwing his whole body into the attack.

    Up A - Sword Sweep. Sweeps his sword overhead. Low damage, low knockback.

    Up Smash - Light Explosion. He draws a circle in the air, creating a disc of light which then explodes. Slow, but damaging. Can hit enemies if they enter the explosion, but does less damage.

    Down A - Sweep-kick. Much like Fox's tail-sweep from SSBM. Weaker, not much knockback.

    Down Smash - Light Pillar. Two hip-high pillars erupt, one on either side. Low damage and rage, but good knock back.

    Standard B - Bahamut Tornado. Arm gets the Bahamut Armour, and he spins on the spot to deal damage. No air-recovery, vulnerable for a moment after attack.

    Up B - Bahamut Jets. His shoes quickly change into jet boots and he shoots off in the direction aimed. Damage upon impact.

    Across B - Light Bolt. Those who are GC fans, think of Lire's basic attack. Can aim up or down by holding B while aiming up or down. Otherwise, fires straight ahead.

    Down B - Shockwave. Focusing Light into the ground, causing it to erupt in front of him in the ground. Low damage, good range, medium knockback.

    Grab Attack - Bonks them in the head with his sword hilt. Not too damaging.

    Up Throw - Throws them upwards and slashes them, sending them up.

    Forward Throw - Reverse-roundhouse kicks them. Good damage, doesn't send them far.

    Backward throw - Throws them behind and throws a Light Bolt at them, that explodes on contact. Not much damage, but throws them furthest of his four throws.

    Down throw - Throws them down and as they bounce, elbow-drops them. Moderate damage, leaves victim vulnerable for a moment, not much knockback at all.

    Final Smash - Bahamut Blade Explosion. The Bahamut Blade takes on a new look, a blade with Bahamut's head and neck twisting around the end. He throws it forward, and spiraling beams of light erupt from the whirling blade. Anything caught in the blast is damaged by the beams. A shockwave then erupts from the sword, throwing enemies below 75% far, and KOing enemies above 75%

    Up Taunt - Swings his sword in a figure 8 around him.

    Side Taunt - Looks kinda smug and says, "I told ya, you're not good enough."

    Down Taunt - Shrugs, holding the Bahamut Blade loosely.
  12. Re: Super Smash Bros. -Charms style-

    I can totally see this becoming an RP. Now, let's see what I can muster up...

    Character Name: Kera

    Character Bio: Kera is an overall friendly person, except when he is angry. As an archer, he will not hesitate to shoot an arrow into your head. His most commonly used arrows are covered with a purple aura, and shoot quite far. He's a writer, but that career was put on hold for a while. He's got many enemies, and his hit list is always growing. Yet, his friends list gradually grows as well.

    Standard Special Move: Aura Arrows- Kera takes out his bow and shoots an arrow covered in purple aura. The more damage he takes, the more powerful the arrows become.

    Up Special Move: Heat Seeker Arrows- Kera notches three red arrows, and when shot, they will head in the direction of the nearest enemy, causing an explosion on contact.

    Side Special Move: Slash- Pulls a sword from his side, and slashes the nearest opponent, causing minor damage that builds with each strike.

    Down Special Move: Charge and Stab: Kera pulls out his sword again, and charges the opponent, stabbing them.

    Final Smash: Dark Arrow Blitz: Kera disappears and re-appears at the top of the stage. He glows, and takes out his bow. He then continually shoots black arrows at his opponents. He can occasionally let loose larger arrows, but then the small ones are harder to aim.

    Victory Quote: "These arrows have no limits. Not even Hell."

    Stage: Creator's Grove: The stage starts as a grove of trees, filled with fruit and flowers. The scenery will change, depending on the status of the players. If one is losing, the scenery surrounding them becomes dark and dreary, killing the plants. The winner is surrounded by growing plants, and fresh aromas.

    Stage Music/Theme: http://aviary.com/artists/Kerauno/creat ... pion_mix_1
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  13. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Re: Super Smash Bros. -Charms style-

    Character Name: Rex

    Character Bio: A master of Stealth and an accomplished marksman, Rex is not the type to fight his opponents face to face. Instead, he relies on his skills and Umbrakinetic Abilities to deal with threats from a distance. Cloaked in black, he has no trouble disappearing into the shadows around him. However, because of his heavy reliance on the darkness, he commonly avoids bright areas.

    Standard Special Move: Dark Bolt - A small blade of shadows forms next to Rex, before flying in the direction he is facing.

    Up Special Move: Dark Portal - Rex disappears into the shadows, reappearing several feet from his former position.

    Side Special Move: Dark Shot - Rex takes aim with his trusty SPAS-12 and fires a slug empowered by the darkness at his opponent. The bullet has enough recoil to send him sliding back a bit, which is much more noticeable while he is airborne.

    Down Special Move: Dark Blast - Rex creates a ball of darkness in his palms and smashes it into the ground with enough force to propel him a foot into the air. The ball explodes upon contacting the ground, sending a small shockwave out.

    Final Smash: Dark Wave - Rex summons all the area's shadows into the middle of the stage, before sending them flying in directions in a ring.

    Victory Quote: Nothing worth my time.

    Stage: The Iron Fortress - The top floor of a tower. Through great glass windows, a sprawling city is visible in the night. The building is obviously the tallest for miles. The floor is covered in a red carpet, and the walls and ceiling are a comely tan color. Through the windows, a halo is visible circling the tower, providing the only light the room has. One must pay attention in this room, less they lose sight of their opponents, and themselves.

    Stage Music/Theme: Color Me Blood Red/Nocturnal Romance
  14. Sem

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    Former Administrator

    Re: Super Smash Bros. -Charms style-

    Character Name: Sem

    Character statistics: Because of his small size Sem is fairly light and not difficult to KO at damage percentages as low as 75-80%. The advantage of his size is an ability to avoid some attacks and projectiles. He isn't as fast as other small characters, but all of his attacks are preformed in decent time. He is a slow faller, so he can perform many aerial moves while air-born.

    Standard A and A-combo: Gunblade slash: Slashes once using a single blade. If pressed twice Sem will deliver a second, more powerful slash with decent knockback.

    Up-tilt: Whiplash: Sem's gunblades are replaced with a serpent sword as he slashes in an upwards arch. Little damage, but is quick, has decent range, and draws the enemy in.

    Side-tilt: Far Slash: The serpent sword is used to slash at a distant enemy. Again the damage isn't too great - stronger than the up-tilt - but draws the enemy in closer and is a quick attack.

    Crouch: Stab: A short range but powerful attack. Sem crouches and stabs the foe. Has very little knockback, but can be used to spike if used on the edge.

    Neutral Aerial: Ice Ring: A ring of ice surrounds Sem and spins, knocking away foes and causing decent damage as well as being fast.

    Forward Aerial: Tail Slap: The only attack that actually uses a part of Sem's body. He spins forward and powerfully smacks the foe with his tail. Can KO at higher damage rates.

    Back Aerial: Back Slash: Spins back and slashes the enemy with the gunblade. Good knockback with decent damage.

    Up Aerial: Aqua Blast: Condenses an orb of water and has it burst up at an enemy. Can only KO at higher percentages.

    Down Aerial: Steel Raindrop: Sem fires his gunblade directly downwards. The foe will be spiked if the shot hits.

    Standard Special Move: Gunblade shot: fires two shots from each of his gunblades. Does small amount of damage and has little knockback but can be pressed repeatedly.

    Up Special Move: Vapor: Briefly turns into water vapor and rises in an upwards direction. Jump button can also be held after the second jump and he will turn to vapor, allowing him float for a short time. In this form he is invulnerable, but he cannot pass through solid objects and he cannot harm anyone.

    Side Special Move: Water Whip: A large tendril of water is created and used to lash at a foe. It has quite a long reach and can KO those who have around 100% damage.

    Down Special Move: Ice Spikes: Spikes of ice erupt in front of and behind Sem, rising slightly over his head. Very short range but has nice knockback. Meant to force people away and can block projectiles.

    Up Smash: Water Jet: (Think of Squirtle's down smash) Summons a single large column of water that erupts from the ground.

    Side Smash: Blood Push: Sem, using the water within his enemy's bodies, pushes them far away from him. They need to be very close to him for it to work, but he doesn't need to be touching them. It is his main technique for KOing.

    Down Smash: Frozen Tomb: A small area around Sem freezes, trapping those close to him. The ice promptly breaks, delivering a very small amount of damage with no knockback, but leaves enemies stunned. The move will block projectiles, but is too slow to be used over Down B for only that purpose.

    Final Smash: Sentient Current: Sem summons a large amount of water that rushes into his location, trapping and hurting those who are caught up in it. As he becomes one with the water it freezes and then shatters, sending those trapped inside flying. Can KO at as little as 50% damage depending on how light the character is.

    Victory Quote: *stays silent*

    Stage: Frozen Island. A large island in the middle of the sea. (Think of the Pirate Ship, only bigger, and an island, with no hazards.) The ground is slippery due to ice but the cliffs and platforms are stable. The weather changes from rain to snow. If it's raining the ground will thaw and become un-slippery. The cliffs can be broken after a very long time (they usually survive the match unless it's just really intense) and will not return. Rubble can be used as projectiles.

    Stage Music/Theme: Eternal - Evanescence. A purely instrumental track that is much ♥
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  15. BlackRoseJack

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    Re: Super Smash Bros. -Charms style-

    Character Name: Juliet Monroe

    Character Bio: She was once a young lady born into a rich family until the fateful day she was captured and turned by an evil more powerful than she would have wanted him to be. After she was turned she waited until her master was in a state of pure sub-consiousness before she rammed a stake through his non-beating heart. After her master was destroyed she roamed the night fueled by the hatered that her life from then was stolen from her.

    Standard Special Move: blood bash, using stored blood energy she slashes into her enemy with unimaginable force.

    Up Special Move: blood swarm, during a jump a rush of blood charges toward the opponent at high-velocity speed causing serious amounts of damage.

    Side Special Move: bat block, a swarm of vampire bats cover juliet and allow her to evade 5 attacks before dragging the opponent into the free for juliet or allies to take a free attack (bats in the air last 1 minute)

    Down Special Move: bad blood, juliet crouches and dark energy spikes underneath the opponent and delivers an intoxicating sting that temporarily paralyzes the opponent.

    Final Smash: feeding frenzy, juliet jumps on the opponent draining there life force before delivering a blow to the head knocking them into the afterlife.

    Victory Quote: "enjoy death... I couldn't"

    Stage: Castle Monroe, A large spectral domain that gives the presence of a greater force. Juliet is faced in her chamber.

    Stage Music/Theme: Disturbia instrumental from 1st chorus.
  16. Re: Super Smash Bros. -Charms style-

    Character Name: Secad and Fi (similar to the Pokemon Trainer in controlling, except in merge)

    Character Bio: Secad is a member of Pokecharms, who first arrived nearly three years ago. She is a nearly a black belt in kempo-style karate and jiujitsu, and decent with a bo, as well as intelligent and random. Fi came about six months after Secad arrived, in a fateful chat battle with Secad’s pyrokinetic gerbil launcher. As she was launching, multiple spells hit her, symbiotically bonding a white gerbil to her. They can merge and communicate mentally with each other separately, while together, they can create pyrokinetic constructs and gain enhanced size, strength, and abilities such as senses, jumping, etc. Fi alone has human intelligence, mild telepathy (can send thoughts/speech), and pyrokinesis.

    Character Stats: Secad alone is rather fast and light, being what would be 97 pounds, 5’3, in real-life. However, her recovery is average, slowing down the more damage she takes. Nevertheless, if she can avoid getting hit, she can quickly deal the damage with quick blows (and blocks, of course) with her red oak bo staff, turning opponents energy against them with jiujitsu, and general unarmed fighting with karate techniques. Her intelligence is quite useful in alterable environments. One of her main weaknesses (other than physical) is that she is rather distractible.

    Fi is a standard gerbil in physical abilities. Nevertheless, her pyrokinesis could make her formidable, as well as her intelligence. She may be less creative than Secad, but she is less distractible.

    Fi and Secad can merge into a pyrokinetic anthropomorphic gerbil. This anthro gerbil can create fire constructs, unlike Fi alone. They are two bodies in one, often in sync due to their minds also being open to the other. They have enhanced strength, speed, senses, jumping ability, and other ‘super gerbil’ abilities (i.e., chewing), also able to use the bo staff. However, due to the differences in proportions, jiujitsu and some karate techniques are unperformable.

    Standard Special Move:

    Secad: Bo staff block and attack, unarmed, roundhouse kicks, general karate fighting techniques

    Fi: Fire whip

    Fi-cad: Flame-coated weapon attack, unarmed, claw, tackle, bite, etc. physical attacks with fighting techniques that are not jiujitsu

    Up Special Move:

    Secad: Jump headlock throw (I jump into it to take opponents off guard), armed, the ‘helicopter’ (bo staff swung in figure eights to block, do multiple quick attacks, etc.)

    Fi: Zooming fireball dive

    Fi-cad: ‘Mario-style’ jump and smash

    Side Special Move:

    Secad: ‘Shoot the Leg’ (basically tackle a person’s leg to knock them down while they are in a hold that prevents movement)

    Fi: Telepathic overload (she sends enough annoying messages to make the person pause for a bit)

    Fi-cad: Directed fire shot

    Down Special Move:

    Secad: Sweeps the legs out from under her opponent with her bo staff, unarmed, simple pulling takedown

    Fi: Burrow underneath her opponent to shoot a flame up directly underneath them

    Fi-cad: Burrows underground (environment permitting) to bring down the earth under her opponent’s feet.

    Final Smash:

    In the Final Smash, regardless of current form, Secad and Fi merge, using the flames to fly above to rain flaming pyrokinetic gerbils on everyone.

    Victory Quote:

    It depends on who was out last.

    Secad: “You have to love my smarts and my gerbil!”
    Fi: “I don’t call you /my/ human, do I, hmm?
    Secad: “Yes, you do.”


    Fi: “Gerbils burn, man.”
    Secad: “You certainly do.”

    Fi-cad: “Rodent and female: together, they are unstoppable!”

    Stage: The two’s favorite stage would have to be the custom one of gerbil-filled Mongolia.

    Stage Music/Theme: “I Don’t Give a Damn about my Bad Reputation,” by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
  17. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Re: Super Smash Bros. -Charms style-

    This... might be somewhat complicated. XD

    Character Name: Shiny

    Character Bio: A girl, a musician, a warrior… just what is she? All of the above! Shiny comes to the brawl after lurking in Pokecharms chat for so long! With her ice magic, musical talent, and formidable laser-fan, she’s truly a versatile fighter! Her defense might not be the best, but she completely more than makes up for it with her fighting skills and speed.

    Standard Move B/C: Shining Kick – Shiny basically kicks you. Hard.

    Standard Move A: Shiny uses her bow like a sword and swings it at you. However, this move isn't as powerful as her Shining Kick, but it is a lot faster.

    Standard Special Move A: Viola Bash – Exactly what it sounds like; Shiny hits you with her viola. Oh, and since violas are both sturdier and heavier than violins, this might hurt.

    Standard Special Move B: Laser Slash – Shiny slashes at you with her laser-fan. Has a farther damage-range than both Viola Bash and Ice-Whip and can hit multiple enemies, but is considerably weaker.

    Standard Special Move C: Ice-Whip – Shiny whips the opponent with her ice-whip. Can hit through obstacles and has a longer damage range than Viola Bash, but not as powerful as it.

    Up Special Move A: String Snapping Sonata – Shiny intentionally snaps one of the stings on her viola so that it flicks outward and hits the opponent’s face; can also be used to grab onto ledges when falling.

    Up Special Move B: Light Show – Shiny summons a large laser and shines it upward on herself in order to teleport upward; opponents caught in this light can be damaged.

    Up Special Move C: Ice Storm – Shiny moves upward on a cloud of ice; if this cloud touches you, it can damage and possibly freeze you.

    Side Special Move A: Cannon in D – Shiny plays a short little piece, and shoots a music note out of the tip of her bow in the direction she was facing.

    Side Special Move B: Imma Firin’ Mah Lazors – Shiny’s laser-fan emits a large beam of light which damages anyone it comes in contact with. The longer you don’t use it, the more powerful the beam becomes.

    Side Special Move C: Snow Storm Spin – Shiny spins around while a sort of winter storm whirls around her; when using this move, Shiny can move left or right at a faster speed.

    Down Special Move: Weapon Transformation – Shiny changes her weapon (the order is viola (power), laser-fan (range), ice-whip (speed)).

    Final Smash: Winter Concerto – After she receives the smash ball, Shiny summons a large grand piano made of ice and plays a piece as a finale for her show. For special effects, she makes the place snow little music-note crystals, which effectively freezes the floor. As the music progresses, the snow storm whips up and it becomes harder to see and also harder to move both midair and on the ground, and it’s possible for you to get pelted by pieces of ice. The stage gets back to normal once the music stops.

    Victory Quote: Heehee, let’s play again!

    Stage: Vivaldi's Isle, a floating island that's season changes from time to time. Springtime's the "neutral" season, where no special effects happen. In the summer, there are heavy rains and it's just really hard to see anything. You also slow down in the mud puddles. Fall, everything's all windy and stuff and it's hard to move from left to right or right to left, depending on the direction the wind's blowing. When winter comes along, snow's falling, and you can slip and slide around all over the place.

    Stage Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7nR7W0wxlM

    Character Theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9wHYiic ... re=related

    Vivaldi's Isle is part of the Isle of the Asian Trio :3
  18. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Re: Super Smash Bros. -Charms style-

    Character Name: Sir Red

    Character Bio: Red is a valiant knight who can often be found lurking in the shadows of Chat. He wields a mighty unnamed sword crafted from the finest metals from around the land and adorned with a single emerald in the hilt. Along with his sword, Red has control over Ice and thus presents himself as a worthy adversary for those up to the task. Despite being a Knight Red doesn't wear any armor; instead he chooses to keep himself lightweight. As a result Red can be knocked around a bit, but he can quickly change direction and bound around the arena. Despite being a fair battler, Red considers himself a pacifist. He only fights for a few reasons: Lady Dwayna's honor, self defense, or if somebody is just being really annoying.

    Standard Special Move: Rising Slash - A simple Sword slash, can be done in a combo that results in Red dropping to knee and slashing upwards along his opponent's body.

    Up Special Move: Artic Dash - Red thrusts his arms behind himself and creates a pillar of ice that propels him forward. Can be used to lunge at enemies (and if used in combo with Standard move delivers an elbow shot), or to save him from falling off of ledges. Can only be used once in succession, though.

    Side Special Move: Icicle Barage - Red quickly solidifies water vapor into icicles and launches them as projectiles about the arena. Can be aimed in various directions.

    Down Special Move: Frozen Tsunami - Red grips his blade with both hands and, taking water vapor in the air, encases the blade in solid ice. He then quickly stabs the ground and sends a wave of ice outward in a singular direction.

    Final Smash: Red Rising - Red clenches up and begins to pulsate red energy. He throws his arms out and creates an ice armor around himself and his blade. Red spins his blade and stabs it into the ground creating an ice pillar with a decent sized radius. After a moment the pillar shatters and all of those that were caught in the pillar take heavy damage, and Red also takes some damage from being in the radius of the pillar.

    Victory Quote: *sigh* Wish we could have avoided that, really...

    Stage: Doesn't have one. (I suppose I would piggyback off of Dway's if she made one >>)

    Stage Music/Theme: Solaris Phase 2
  19. Re: Super Smash Bros. -Charms style-

    @Kerauno: Or a amateur game if I download scratch nyurhurr >;3

    Character Name:Indie-reeper

    Character Bio: Indie is a more or less recent addition to the Charms plethora. While weak in physical stregnth, he posseses a unique magic. The magic of the Sheepyrock, ancient earth spirits that materialize in the shape of sheep made of rock. And Indie can control them. Due to lacking in physical power, his mana is honed to an impressive level. His giddyness also allows him to avoid minor blocks, happily slashing away with his scythe until its the end of the line for his opponent.

    Standard Special Move: Attack Sheepyrock- Indie conjures an aggresive Sheepyrock and sends it in the opponents direction. It will tail the opponent for a short legnth of time before dematerializing. If it lands home, the opponent will take damage and be tripped over.

    Up Special Move: Petit Sheepyrock- A triskel sign forms above the opponents head, and a storm of fist-sized Sheepyrock rush from below, causing a myriad of small hits.

    Side Special Move: Solid side- A Sheepyrock is aimed in the direction of the opponent, and is flung quickly to cause a hard hit.

    Down Special Move: Mutton veil- Indie slams his scythe into the ground, releasing a parade of Sheepyrock's to form a ring around Indie. While this takes up much mana, sheepyrock may act as projectiles if needed.

    Final Smash: Atlas Ram Indigo Herd- Indie uses amost all of of his mana to summon the Atlas Ram, the grand Sheepyrock. He rides upon him for a short amount of time, taking up a lot of the stage. Opponents who get in his way will usually be crushed.

    Victory Quote: *draws camera* One for the memories *takes pic*

    Stage: Atlas moor- An expansive moor that the Sheepyrock graze on when materialized.

    Stage Music/Theme: Nirvana- Smells like teen spirit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTWKbfoikeg&ob=av2e
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  20. Re: Super Smash Bros. -Charms style-

    To keep the ball rolling, let's throw in another question~

    If you could have a certain item in SSB, what would it be? Essentially, create your own item/assist trophy/pokeball


    Z-I.M.D.A.S. S.I.G.G.M.A. Mk III
    Item type: Assist Trophy
    Effect: Summons Z-I.M.D.A.S. onto the stage. RX's android assistant releases three floating devices called Capture Steins in a random formation, then fires a beam that bounces several times between the gadgets, damaging characters in range of the beams. Occasionally, the beams will also bounce directly into a character.

    Item type: Pokeball
    Effect: Summons Buizel onto the stage. Buizel uses Aqua Jet and zips around the screen before randomly locking onto a player like a missile.
  21. Alphabot
    Item Type: Miscellaneous or Weapon
    Effect: Attaches itself to the user's weapon and alters its composition and appearance to maximise damage. E.g. When attached to French Toasta's wooden pole, it will turn into a light weight metal rod with a mace ball at the end of one side. If the user has no weapon, it acts as the user's best suited weapon.

    Item Type: Miscellaneous
    Effect: Attaches itself to the user's armour and alters its composition and appearance to maximise damage. If the user does not have any armour (E.g. Jigglypuff) then it acts as armour.

    Item Type: Miscellaneous
    Effect: Attaches itself to the user's body and alters its structure in a way that is ideal for the users speed, agility and jumping height.
  22. Light Magic Relic
    Type: Assist trophy
    Effect: A stone relic in the form of a lightning bolt. When it is picked up, there are two choices of what to do with it; Pressing A will cause three light spirits to emerge from the relic that swirl around the user's body defensively and can take up to three hits each. When B is pressed, the same light spirits emerge but they fly towards a random enemy to do damage.

    Mirror Ball
    Type: Miscellaneous
    Effect: When this ball is picked up, it melts away into a silver liquid that covers the user like a second skin. This makes the user invincible against laser- or light-type attacks, but not against physical attacks, and only for one minute.
  23. Boomerang
    Item Type: Throwing Item
    Effect: Can be thrown and will be similar to Link's boomerang. If you hold down the button however, it will start locking on people or even items, a maximum of three. The boomerang will then home in on the targets, damaging opponents and picking up items like it does in the Zelda Games. It will then return to the user's hand, ready to be thrown again. If it picks up an item in this manner, then the user will drop the boomerang on the ground in favor of the collected item if it's a batting or throwing item. Miscellaneous items are automatically equipped and the boomerang remains in the hand. Using a smash attack with the right timing can knock a boomerang out of midair. And it is even possible, despite the slightly difficult timing window, to grab them in midair, taking it or whatever item it was carrying for your own devices. After a random number of throws, the boomerang looses its proficiency, becoming a simple tossing item that does minimal damage.

    Item Type: Assist Trophy
    Effect: Layle will use his gravity powers to throw items, or even brawlers, at other opponents. After six throws, he'll target one opponent, lift him into the air, then slam him into the ground. The opponent will fall through narrow floors until he reaches solid ground, and will take a hefty amount of damage. If no such floor exists on the stage, Layle is unable to appear.

    Throwing Hammer
    Item Type: Hammer
    Effect: Slightly more damaging than the Golden Hammer. However, the hammer is incredibly heavy, so is swung around like in a Hammer Throw. The user is unable to jump, but falling is slowed. As a grand finale, the user can throw the hammer in any direction, damaging any opponent in the way. Like all hammers, it can be faulty, but this doesn't become apparent right away, and might actually work out in the user's favor, maybe. On a faulty hammer, the head comes off like a normal hammer, except as the person is spinning, it will fly off in a random direction, damaging opponents in the way as it goes. However, the user is left spinning the end of the hammer, which no longer gives you the slowed descent. This opens up the way to some very depressing self-destructs should the head come off while you're in midair.
  24. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Lysis Fox
    Item Type: Assist Trophy
    Effect: Summons the ex-Team Rocket soldier to the field. She will use a combination of gunfire, close-range combat, and teleportation to deal damage and eliminate enemies. She will do a lot of a damage very quickly, but she only appears for a very short amount of time.
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  25. Liam Monroe
    Item Type: Assist Trophy
    Effect: Liam appears out of a dimensional rift, thanks to his only magical ability, and twirls a keyring around his index finger. He then uses said keyring to unlock a briefcase he carries with him, producing one of three weapons: a flaming sword for close range, a rose whip covered in thorns for medium range, or an arc cannon that attaches to his arm for long range.

    Serah Williams
    Item Type: Assist Trophy
    Effect: Serah appears seemingly out of nowhere as leaves blow across the stage, she then begins to glow an eerie shade of green and vines shoot out of the ground and keep enemies rooted to the spot for an amount of time determined by the percentage of damage that they have received.

    Item Type: PokeBall
    Effect: Lunara appears on the field and casts a dark protect consisting of all the shadows in the area, preventing any harm to the thrower of the PokeBall so long as they are inside the protect. Then the protect expands out in a Dark Pulse reaching a wide area of affect.
  26. Tangrelle & Tangrow
    Item Type: Pokeball
    Effect: Tangrelle and Tangrow decide to have a little fun as they hop to each side of the platform they're summoned on. They then stretch their vines to each other and to the sky for quite a while, blocking passage past the vines. It can be useful to restrict movement, but also to wall yourself in to charge projectiles and whatnot, which escape through their boundaries. Not thrown items though, as those bounce off the walls of tentacles. When touching the walls of vines, it is like a bumper effect, although not as drastic, and it launches one upward slightly. If one is in between, the bottom layer of tentacles between Tangrelle and Tangrow act as a trampoline.

    Iridescent Indifference
    Item Type: Healing Item
    Effect: When picked up, this slowly-dropping rainbow heart automatically activates, and all player's percentages are averaged and become the average of the four.

    Raging Heart
    Item Type: Percentage Modifier
    Effect: This item always falls from the top of the screen. Once it lands, all player's percentages will be immediately doubled, and those nearby will be momentarily stunned. If the heart is touched by a played in midair, the player will receive the effects. This item generally shows up during long matches, when the average percentage of players is below 50%.

    Joyous Heart
    Item Type: Percent Modifier
    Effect: This item always falls from the top of the screen. Once it lands, all player's percentages will be immediately halved, and those nearby will gain a momentary boost in speed. If the heart is touched by a player in midair, the player will receive the effects. This item generally shows up during fast-paced matches, when the average percentage of players is above 50%.
  27. Eevee
    Item Type:
    Effect:Once out of the ball, Eevee will evolve into one of the Eeveeloutions depending on what character threw the Pokeball. The character's powers will mostly be in affect, but if they aren't really connected to a single element, their pallet will determine what Eevee will evolve into.
    Vaporeon: Eevee will evolve into Vaporeon if the character uses mostly water moves or if they are in a blue pallet. Vaporeon will create a puddle of water that it will patrol in Acid Armor. If a character walks in the puddle, they will slip. If they touch Vaporeon, they will be knock a ways off.
    Flareon: Eevee will evolve into Flareon if the character uses mostly fire moves or are in a red pallet. Flareon will use Flare Blitz and run across the stage, burning and knocking around enemy characters.
    Jolteon: Electric moves or yellow pallet. Jolteon will create a thunderstorm in a small radius around him for a while. You can guess what happens if enemies touch it.
    Espeon: Psychic moves or purple pallet. Espeon will use Psychic that will lift enemies a short distance and damage them, causing them to fall, if they get within a certain radius. This would suck on a short stage.
    Umbreon: Dark moves or black pallet. Umbreon will use Faint Attack that works pretty much like Starfox dash.
    Leafeon: Nature moves or green pallet. Leafeon will use Leaf Storm that will create a flurry of leaves around him for a short time.
    Glaceon: Ice moves or white pallet. Glaceon will use Icebeam, which has a high chance of freezing the character.
    Special Characters: If Shiny throws a Pokeball containing Eevee, then the Eevee will not evolve and instead be shiny. It will also shoot lasers from her mouth.
    If Shyu throws a Pokeball containing Eevee, Rayn will show up instead. Rayn will use Psychic like other Espeons, but will lift them higher and cause more damage.
  28. Heh... what the hell...

    Character Name:

    Character Bio/Appearance:
    Out comes Blarg, a relative newcomer to the 'Charms fray! He is pretty short, by most standards, making him semi-difficult to hit with some attacks. He has black, spiked hair, and sports a Metallica t-shirt and ripped, baggy jeans.

    Stats and Stuff:
    Because of the previously mentioned height, Blarg is light, and also fairly agile. He has endurance, allowing him to run long distances, but can be K.O.'d with a lucky hit around 80%.

    Standard Special Move: Drumstick Toss
    Blarg lobs a drumstick at the foe. It's a weak attack, yet it can be spammed by repeatedly smashing the B button.

    Up Special Move: 'Splosion
    Blarg spontaneously 'splodes into a fiery inferno, propelling him far upward, yet dealing minor damage to himself.

    Side Special Move: Vending Machine
    Blarg pulls out a vending machine (from... somewhere...) and puts a few coins in it, and almost anything can pop out, some things being completely useless, some things dealing the same amount of damage as a Home Run Bat!

    Down Special Move: Paintball Barrage
    Blarg kneels on one knee for a short amount of time, and pulls out a paintball gun! It can be aimed, and is semi-automatic.

    Final Smash: The Lady GaGa Fairy
    Using the energy from the Smash Ball, Blarg channels Lady GaGa (by way of Jason Voorhees, David Bowie, and Scorpion from Mortal Kombat) and transforms into The Lady GaGa Fairy! He/she/it then flies around GaGa-ifying everything in him/her/it's wake. This Final Smash only lasts for a short amount of time, and deals minor damage to Blarg (for overusing a chat joke.)

    Taunt: Blarg squints into the general direction of where he K.O.'d another player.

    Victory Quote: "Wait...? What just happened?"

    Stage: Roof
    Blarg's stage is the roof of a suburban house. The weather can change, and various hazards present themselves during this time:

    Sun: An occaisional breeze can change the speed of a character moving in certain directions. Fire and Aura damage is increased.
    Rain: The roof becomes slippery, and lightning can occaisionally strike. Water and Electrical damage is increased.
    Snow: Movement is decreased for characters here. Ice and Darkness Damage is increased.

    Stage Music/Theme: Blood - My Chemical Romance

    Item: Vending Machine
    Has the same effect as Blarg's attack of the same name, only this item can run out of suplies after 5 to 10 uses. In coin matches, using the item can also take off 1 coin from your count.

    Poke Ball: Mike the Primeape *points to avatar*
    Mike races around the stage, tackling characters and throwing his cane, which can be picked up by players and used as a weapon! However, if you pick up the cane Mike threw, he will only attack the player holding the cane, aiming to get it back. He disappears after a short time, however, the cane stays on the field if it is being carried by a character.
  29. Character Name: Kazuhiro

    Character Bio: Years ago Kauhiro was banished from his home land for stealing Rokuyo (the sword of the fifth emperor of Ula). He moved on in his days leaving behind most of his possessions, his family, a lover, and memories both good and bad. Kazuhiro made his way to a forest where he lived for many of years until the Empire from which he was banished expanded their reach under the new Tyrant. Still bitter about his banishment he ignores them and moves on with his life. Later while resting the empire attacks a small village that he had stayed at for the past year he fends off the empire that he was once from.

    Character Appearance and use: Average height about 6 feet or just above, his frame is medium build. He had messy dark blue hair and blue eyes. He has black long pants, and shirt with a green sash to hold the sword. He has quick speed, good counters, and pretty good durability however he has verifying attack power.

    Standard Special Move: Reverse Slash- He slashes the opponent from the front and back

    Up Special Move: Up or down- He uses an extended jump, if any enemy is bellow or on the same level of him they are slashed, if they are above he can use the up b again.

    Side Special Move: Location slash- He slashes and does damage with the sword but the "sword" also has its slash appear further ahead. Its angle of projection can be changed with the joy stick.

    Down Special Move: Shadow swords- The field that Rokuyo emits becomes visible, blades shaped like Rokuyo come out of the ground from both sides

    Final Smash: Rokuyo final form- The field of Rokuyo becomes visible and has large has the fields length it stays up so long Kazuhiro has the Final Smash (until it runs out), while active the range and power of Kazuhiro's attacks are increased, in addition anyone who touches the field's floor save for Kazuhiro (and any team mates) is attacked by several shadow fighters that can do good damage if they hit. [5 appear each time a person save for Kazuhiro (and any team mates) touch the field] Down B covers the whole field bottom up, if a person remains on the bottom for 5 seconds after the shadows are killed they come back (this is to remove bottom sitting) all special attacks cover the field distance.

    Victory Quote: Your there, your not there, your no where. That's the way it is just get moving and look for greener fields.

    Stage: He had 3 stages

    Stage 1- The Empire's main court- in the back ground there are soldiers of the empire they are the ones who brought him to the empire before his banishment. They will often shoot arrows at the players, often times they will appear on the field they will fight the closest player to them but leave rather quickly and are easy to kill. (Falling into the surrounding water means death if in for too long). A draw bridge drops every now and then to increase field range to the gates however once it goes up anyone caught on the other side dies.

    Stage 2- A small hut in a forest is int he back ground, the trees can be chopped down (by a Pokemon that knows cut- JK) they grow back rather quickly making it hard to create much combos.

    Stage 3- a small village, like with stage 1 water means death, but also the ledge means death. Statues are in the back ground with the roars of the empire hear able in the back ground.

    Stage Music/Theme:
    Stage 1- Theme 1
    Stage 2- Theme 2
    Stage 3- Theme 3


    Question 2

    Name: Exploso
    Item Type: Assist Trophy
    Effect: He appears and desingates a random number from 1 to 9 then a random area on the field players have that much seconds to get to the area, the less time given the weaker the explosion that happens after, only the user is undamaged by the explosion.

    Name: Portal
    Item Type: Miscellaneous
    Effect: Can be put on the floor or in the air, if there is no other it does nothing, however if there is another one what comes in one goes out the other.

    Name: Mii's rampage
    Item Type: Assist trophy
    Effect: The Mii's attack in a mob like fashion looking so happy with their pitch forks and torches, they sweep across the field. They push all but user to the edge while doing damage.
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  30. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Character Name:Amyu and F3ar
    Character Bio: Coming so suddenly as if out of a story book, the teenage assassin and her wolf demon join the brawl! with Amyu's intelligance and F3ar's powers the combo prove hard to beat. And so, They aren't sure if they're ready, but they do know that they won't go down without a fight!
    Standard Special Move: Mystic chant (Amyu chants a phrase that can stop anyone in their tracks!, but be careful, remember that Amyu's will is weak)
    Up Special Move: Blade swoop (Amyu calls out a speceal black sycth and uses it to grab ahold of the nearest edge)
    Side Special Move: Claw posin (Amyu uses a wepon covered in poison and lunges at the foe, however, the pioson wears off quickly)
    Down Special Move: self reflection (F3ar taps into the foes mind, and tells Amyu their weekness)
    Final Smash: Fate binding (F3ar links the foe's soul with Amyu's, the effect only lasts untill Amyu fainds 1 time after the final smash)
    Victory Quote:*normal* Phftt! That was nothing! *Agenst another Charms smasher* I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of how awsome I am
    Stage: Anglice libary
    Stage Info: The hevanly vertue, only thoose seeking wisdom are admitted. It is also a good place to read up on battle strigatys, as well as watch them
    Stage Music/Theme: Outcast
  31. Character Name: The Redeemer

    Character Bio: Savior of the Believers , Shunner of the Non-Believers .

    Standard Special Move: Head-Hittin' (headbutts the opponent with an unimaginable amount of energy , hurting the victim and the user)

    Up Special Move: Fatal Nite Throw (grabs the victim , takes them high in the air , brings them down with a death-defying crash)

    Side Special Move: Out-Screen Terror (kicks victim hard out of the screen)

    Down Special Move: ?

    Final Smash: Call of Darkness (Screen turns black , victim losing life by 50 every second)

    Victory Quote: In The Face !

    Stage: Anywhere , Anytime

    Stage Music/Theme: Around The World by MOVE
  32. Character Name: Shocari

    Character Bio: Hiding in plain view inside 'Charms, Shocari "appears" to challenge you! He shimmers in with his shadow-mastery of Umbrakinesis, then calls forth a ferocious storm. This all-around average member attacks using both Electro and Umbrakinesis. Shocari is capable of spreading photons thin, thus making something "invisible", allowing for unseen punches and kicks. Since he has a relatively petite physique, Shocari uses energy attacks rather than physical ones, though he is suited for above-average running speed. One of his favorite techniques is forming a sphere of darkness around his hand, which he then extends into a wickedly sharp blade of energy that has electricity circulating around it.

    Standard Special Move: Black Lightning- Shocari tosses a dark lightning bolt straight ahead of him, which has more power the longer you hold B(up to five seconds). Pressing B repeatedly(up to five times) unleashes a salvo of lightning.

    Up Special Move: Death Whisper: Shocari cloaks himself from view by dispersing photons extremely thin, then uses the invisibility to move unseen. The invisibility lasts only a few seconds, during which he is unable to attack. This attack can't be used consecutively.

    Side Special Move: Flash Reaction- Shocari tosses a thundercloud that creates bright flashes of lightning that go on and off for several seconds, causing on and off blindness. The strength at which the control stick is hit determines the reach. If Shocari is hit while using this attack, it will be set off where he is standing, making him suffer the effects. If one is in the flash for the entire duration, they will become dizzy.

    Down Special Move: Shadow Projection- Shocari creates a shadow double of himself, and takes 45% damage. The double will not be destroyed until it has taken that amount of damage. Shocari will be stuck in one spot until either the double is destroyed, or he uses the attack while the double is still active, the latter of which causes the double to vanish. During the time in which the double is active, it can uses all of Shocari's attacks, but only at 75% of the normal damage output/duration. If Shocar iis attacked while the double is active, the double will disappear.

    Final Smash: Midnight Rain- Stormclouds gather, darkening the stage and mercilessly raining down thunderbolts upon the field, doing massive damage to all but Shocari.

    Victory Quote: Shadows are without form, and thus, without weakness.

    Stage: Oricos' Cemetary- An ancient cemetary full of broken tombstones and frightening dead trees. Certain graves are weak and can be fallen into, with most having interesting items, which the trees will sometimes drop as well. The forecast? Rainy with a chance of a fist in the face.

    Stage Music/Theme: Midnight Rain
  33. Dia


    Character Name: Dia~

    Character Bio: A new challenger approaches! This Charmison is an enormous otaku who uses her anime/manga/videogame skills to take on opponents. She's quick witted and loves violence, I wouldn't get too close if I were you. She carries a light gray satchel in which she holds all of her weapons. It contains things such as her mp3 player, her manga, plushies, and other normal 'otaku' items. She's not the fastest player but her attacks pack a punch...((they cause a pretty good amount of damage, depending on the move etc etc))

    Standard Special Move: Otaku Bomb- throws a bottle of Ramune, A Japanese soda, an anime plush, or a box of Pocky, and then KABOOM. The bomb can be thrown farther if the B button is held longer.

    Up Special Move: Satchel Hook- she throws up her satchel; if there is someone gets hit with her satchel they receive damage. Also, the satchel is used to hook onto a ledge to prevent her from falling; if it is hooked successfully then Dia can easily climb up.

    Side Special Move: Fangirl Whack- she pulls a black baseball bat out of her bag and swings it. If someone is hit, they are likely to fly into the air.

    Down Special Move:
    Thunderbolt- pulls a pikachu out of her bag and hugs it. The Pikachu uses a large thunderbolt attack. Causes some damage to Dia but massive damage to anyone hit. ((the thunderbolt is Pikachu's thunder attack from SSMB))

    Final Smash: Pokeball Fury- massive amounts of pokeballs fall from the sky and rain onto the stage, they open simultaneously and damage everyone but Dia.

    Victory Quote: Whoot! Good fight~!

    Stage: Dealer's Room- stage that very closely resembles an Anime Convention's Dealer's/Vendor's Room. Occasionally, the background items will drop out of the background and become usable. Every once in a while a "!!!" mark will appear on the screen and a bunch of raging fangirls will run across the stage, squashing anyone that's in their way. ((there are multiple platforms on which you can stand on; such as merchandise shelves))

    Stage Music/Theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKE_8uWZ ... re=related

    Alternate: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1azCtwX ... re=related
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  34. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Oh alright, I'll do me too.


    Standard A - Glitter Strike. Uses a glittery star-shaped Yo-yo for a weak attack.

    Walking A - Glitter Swing. Throws said yo-yo in a wider swing.

    Running A - Rainbow Slide. Sliding kicks, with a rainbow trail appearing behind him.

    Across Smash - Rainbow Flash. Spins once, a rainbow following his hand. Very good knockback, but not particularly strong.

    Up A - Glitter Throw. Throws some explosive glitter above him.

    Up Smash - Rainbow Arc. Sweeps arm overhead, creating a rainbow. Just like his across smash, but above his head instead.

    Down A - Glitter flash. Sweeps the yo-yo low to the ground, taking out the opponent's feet. Causes tripping.

    Down Smash - Rainbow Glitter. Throws some glitter to the ground around him, which then explodes upwards in rainbow pillars.

    Standard B - Dodge-strike. Automatic dodge before the attack, then throws a face full of explosive glitter in front of him.

    Up B - Rainbow Ride. A rainbow appears in front of him, which he runs up then jumps from. Hurts anyone who touches the rainbow.

    Across B - Rainbow Bolts. Throws a bolt of colour, which cycles through each colour of the rainbow. Can be charged.

    Down B - Dodge-rainbow. Automatic dodge, then sweeps his arm upwards which causes a rainbow to shoot up from the ground.

    Grab Attack - Face Full Of Glitter. Explodes the opponent's face.

    Up Throw - Follow The Rainbow. A rainbow appears from El's feet which chucks the opponent skywards.

    Forward Throw - Reverse Rainbow Strike. Spins, then thrusts his palm at the opponent which causes a rainbow coloured explosion.

    Backward throw - Glitter Throw. Wraps yo-yo around the opponent, then flings them away.

    Down throw - Eat Dirt. Wraps yo-yo around the opponent, then drags it down which slams the opponent into the ground.

    Final Smash - Taste The Rainbow. A series of flashing meteors strike the stage, each with a rainbow trail behind it. Can be dodged, but the quickness and quantity of meteors is difficult to keep up with.

    Up Taunt - Spins and poses, while sparkling.

    Side Taunt - Shifts the colour of his hair.

    Down Taunt - Dodges into the background, then comes back and says, "Ducky, you're not fast enough."

    Stage - Rainbow Paradise. It's a bunch of clouds on top of a rainbow. Not much to say, really. Sometimes it rains.

    Stage Theme
  35. Assist Trophy: Team Infinity: As the Assist Trophy is actvated, All four Members of Team Infinity jump out, and go after a character. If Blazi gets there first, he will use Blazikid Barrage, a move similar to Naruto's Uzimaki Barrage, 1 hit K.O.ing the victim. If I.Q. gets there first, he will use Earthquake to send the person Flying out of the field. If Indie gets there first, he will use his powerful thunderbolt attack to launch the victim upwards, bashing them against the front of the screen always. If Fuwa gets there first, she will latch on to the victim and carry him/her out of the stage.

    Pokeball: Blazi: Once sent out, a very mad looking Blaziken will go after one of the people in the field, beating them up with a combination of Fire Punches, Blaze Kicks and Close Combats.

    Miscellaneous: Pheonixian Seed: A small seed that when eaten, will make the eater grown Pheonixian wings, and fly around the stage spouting fire.

    Assist Trophy: StellarWind Elsydeon: A moderator of 'Charms, he will jump out and start slashing repeatedly the first person he sees. This is a one hit K.O.

    You can't escape the Armblades. *Cackles Evilly*
  36. BeginwiththeEnd

    Character Bio: A video game junkie who one day instaniously gained psychokenetic powers, decided to use these for good. Although sometimes he will use it for personal gain. He uses an assortment of blades from several video game protaganists (ie. Cloud's Buster Sword, Travis Touchdown's Beam Katana, Riku's Soul Eater, and Link's Master Sword) and can move/stop objects with his mind. Becuase this power is retivly unknown to him, he cannot continuosly use them without hurting his brain. He also is a big fan of Metal and Alternative Rock.

    Standard Special Move: Mind Source- Uses brain waves to send eletrical pulses into enemy's spine, disabling them for a second. It only works horizontally, and cannot be used more than 5 times in a row without making BeginwiththeEnd wrigth in agony.

    Up Special Move: Brain Buster- Uses Cloud's iconic Buster Sword to leap into the air and slice the opponent, sending them flying. Around 10% of the time, instead of Buster Sword, you will get Ultima Weapon, which does insane amount of damage.

    Side Special Move: Random Sword Slash- Uses Travis Touchdown's iconic Beam Katana to do a three-slice combo. 50% of the time, he may use Link's iconic Master Sword to the same effect.

    Down Special Move:Aura Bomb- Uses Riku's iconic Soul Eater to shoot medium-ranged white fireballs.Damage done can very from 1-50%.

    Final Smash: Dark Matter- After getting Smash Ball, you can stop all characters on screen momentarily. You will immediately target the closest opponent and fuse all your swords to create BeginwiththeEnd's own unique sword nicknamed "Dark Matter". He then goes on a barrage on the opponent similiar to Link's Triforce Slash. The opponent goes flying, and time resumes back to normal.

    Stage: Mind Room- An arena with a phychodelic backround with random colors.(Trust me, i'm not a druggie) The aerena will periodically change to BwtE's favortie video game/anime locations. From Ganon's Castle to inside the Lifestream, to even a Japanese high-school.

    Victory Quote: "I...I can't believe I won..."

    Stage Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXDxYIWAT7Y&feature=related Since I said he was into Metal and Alternative, his theme would be this for the head-banging rythm and guitar riffs. Although, he secretly likes Soft rock bands like Coldplay...
  37. Assist Trophy: Linkachu- She would jumped out of the trophy, pull out a miniature Master Sword, and and charge at the enemy while swiping violently.

    Poke-ball: Absol- It will create whirlwinds from its scythe that will home in on a random target.

    Someone NEEDS to make a fighter flash-game with these characters. XD
  38. I'm considering it for a project in university, but that won't be happening for a couple of years. Try asking again when I'm actually IN university.
  39. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Character Name: Dwayna (or Soul Stealer Dwayna for alternate - Down and B to switch)

    Character Bio: The shapeshifting she-dragon of Charms, Dwayna DragonFire doesn't usually like to fight her friends, but this time around she shows no mercy. She doesn't bother to hide her robotic attachments behind her usual illusions, which makes her look all the more intimidating in her regular form. If she chooses, she will also turn into the Soul Stealer to rain Death upon her foes and make her mark on others. She is a force to be reckoned with, especially when her knight Sir Red fights by her side.

    Standard Special Move:
    Dwayna: Claw Claw Bite - When you do this, she will sweep with her normal arm towards the foe, then her robotic arm, and finally bring her head forwards in a snapping motion that will be emphasized with a bite animation.
    Soul Stealer Dwayna: Soul Blast - Sends out a bolt of energy in the direction specified, and can also be charged up.

    Up Special Move:
    Dwayna: Booster Claw - Dwayna flaps her emerald wings to boost her self upwards and claws anyone in front of her or in the air before plunging back to the ground below.
    Soul Stealer Dwayna: Deathly Strike - Pulls out her scythe and spins around whilst jumping into the air and comes back down to the ground normally.

    Side Special Move:
    Dwayna: DragonFire - Sends out a jet of emerald and green flames.
    Soul Stealer Dwayna: Scythe Swipe - Reaches outwards with her scythe in a quick but deadly swipe.

    Down Special Move:
    Dwayna: Tail Wing Strike - Draws people in with a swipe of her tail and then puffs out her wings to slap them away again.
    Soul Stealer Dwayna: Spinning Death - Spins around with her scythe and shoots out small bolts of energy in every direction while doing so.

    Final Smash:
    Dwayna: Shapeshift - Turns into a fully fledged emerald and silver dragon with the robotic limbs that match. In this you can steamroll over people and blast dragonfire at them (much like the mechanics of Star Fox/Falco Final Smash)
    Soul Stealer Dwayna: Ring of Death - Blasts out a large radius of energy, and if anyone is caught in said radius they have their soul stolen (they take damage while Dwayna is slightly healed by this factor). They are then pushed outwards by the radius expanding for a slight second before it sucks back into her body. INSTANT KO to anyone who gets caught in this Final Smash.

    Victory Quote:
    Dwayna: "DragonFire Forever. Bow to your queen."
    Soul Stealer Dwayna: "Grim Reaper? *laughs* Soul Stealer."

    Stage: Terrater - Much like the mechanics of the Super Mario Sunshine stage, in Terrater you go around the scenes of Dwayna's planet on a platform that appears and disappears. The different scenes include the central park (with all street offshoots made apparent), the forest (where eyes will peer out from the darkness), the desert (with accompanying mountain range), the ocean (you fight underwater in front of the Great Father of the Androids), and Dwayna's castle (emerald green with silver highlights). Also, depending on how long you play this stage, the scenery will switch to have different hues (yellow, green, red, blue).

    Stage Music/Theme:
    Alternates between Warrior Soul - Kiuas and Life Starts Now - Three Days Grace
  40. Beware of fail.

    Character Name: Jenova Requiem

    Character Bio: The 'Charmsian poster child of good behavior, Jenova has used this to her advantage, finally being able to get nearly everything she wanted and needed. Although loyal and attached to her friends, she will massacre anyone that she feels has "gone over the edge." Her true nature is rather timid and shy, although her profound abilities have now wiped what was left of it, replacing it with stoic coldness. Desires to have omnipotence and omniscience, and will not rest until she has accomplished it.

    Standard Special Move:
    Parasol Lace - Jenova's parasol automatically opens and its lace whips out and hits anyone in front. The damage increases the more times you press B (6 being the maximum.)

    Up Special Move:
    Meteor's Petticoat - A group of meteors are summoned from Jenova's body, spiraling and attacking anyone within a limited radius around Jenova. They then open & turn into a spinning petticoat similar to a circular saw blade, which flies around the stage in a circular motion.

    Side Special Move:
    Parody Ribbon - Jenova spins in a manner similar to a top while holding and whipping around a scarlet ribbon above her head. Spins back and forth across the stage only once.

    Down Special Move:
    Noble Space - Flies up in the air and spins her parasol around like a drill. Its lace, similar to Parasol Lace, whips out and spins as well. The faster she is (by pressing B rapidly 4 times,) the more damage she gives.

    Final Smash:
    Ending Fiction - Turns into a full grown, gray-skinned bandage-clad woman with floor length white hair. Her parasol, now with thorns instead of lace, has also increased in length and sharpness. With this form you can stand on platforms without them disappearing, as well as being able to summon gigantic meteors to crush everyone. However, this also gives Jenova 45% damage.

    Victory Quote: "Wash your blood, fool."

    Stage: Victoco Castle - An enormous ballroom with plenty of chandelier platforms. Some of them disappear as soon as you step on them. Occasionally crystal failwhales will fall from the sky, breaking and turning into items. However, fluorite failwhales (which will have a purple hue to them) are extremely rare and have more interesting items.

    Stage Music/Theme: Lunatic Princess
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