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Super Smash Bros. Character Discussion

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Venomoth, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. Who are your most used characters for each of the Super Smash Bros. games? Here are mine:
    64: Fox and Mario
    Fox: He's incredibly quick and has great combo abilities, I usually start with a down-tilt followed by up-smash or up-air.
    Mario: He's got an amazing combo game, a great grab game. I don't have any specific combo-starters with him, though I do enjoy chaining up-tilts and up-airs together.
    Melee: Fox and Roy
    Fox: Same reason as 64.
    Roy: Fast, strong, and easy to use.
    Brawl: Fox and Falco
    Fox: Same reason as 64.
    Falco: Just like Fox, he's got great comboing abilities with a strong camping ability.
    Smash 4: Fox and Mewtwo
    Fox: Same reason as 64.
    Mewtwo: It's SO much better now. Its combo ability, projectile, and KOing ability is fantastic.
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  2. Pikachu because I'm trash.

    No other reason, I'm just trash. And I honestly don't play smash that much.

  3. Pikachu has always been a fantastic character. I'm trying to learn to how to use him in Brawl at the moment.
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  4. OnePiecefan11

    I use Ness and Lucas a lot. If you know how to use them right, they're unstoppable. Their PSI shield move helps block long range attacks and heals from them. Plus, their smash move PK Starstorm is so cool.

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