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Super Smash Bros. BRAWL

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by lucarioteen, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. What's your favorites on SSBB ?

    My favorites:
    Character: Lucario (of course) and Donkey Kong
    Stage: Spear Pillar and Final Destination
    Item: Deku nut and Smash Ball
  2. Character : Peach , Metaknight
    Stage : Port Town Aero Drive , Hanenbow
    Item : Pokeball
  3. Character : Pikachu and Dr. Mario
    Stage : Pokémon Stadium
    Item : Pokeball
    (fhave only tries Brawl, but theese are my favourites in Meele)
  4. Excuse me, kiddies, but I think this being in the video games discussion forums warrants some actual video games discussing. Don't just go and list your favorite character/stage/items, explain why you like using that character/stage/item as well.
  5. Carmen Lopez

    Friend Code:

    Pit: He was the character I used to get the hang of Brawling and he's been one of my staples ever since...but I only play him in his fallen angel colors. Decently powered moves, awesome recovery, yeah XD

    Marth: I find him pretty easy to handle even though I do have issues at time with his Down Special (as in getting combos). I love love love when I actually hit with his Counter.

    Fox: Okay, I suck at using Fox so bad but he's just so fun the use XD He has a spammable projectile which is part of the fun, but I also like his standard moves and his smashes as well.

    Lucario: He's another character who I really grew to like. I love all his techniques and find they're all funky to use. The aura moves that do more damage in proportion to the damage Lucario takes himself is an interesting twist that calls for different strategies to take advantage of it. I've even heard of people intentionally setting off Smart Bombs with Lucario to damage him a bit.


    Where do I even start because there are at least five or six, but I'll keep it to three.

    Smashville: Unlike most people who like to go for Final Destination or Battlefield as their neutral stage, I prefer Smashville. The stage in itself is pretty and I'm a huge Animal Crossing fan. It's always a treat to hear the tracks as well. I'm currently trying to unlock the music from The Roost. ♥

    Spear Pillar: Okay, I totally admit to liking this stage primarily because of the music. Team Galactic Battle and Dialga/Palkia Battle rock. I also love how the Pokemon screw with the stage (Palkia's my favorite when it reverses the controls).

    Mario Bros: "Hardcore" Brawlers dislike stage hazards but I think they're fun every once in a while. This stage has oodles of things that are out to kill you and it's just a good time. I love playing Coin Matches on this stage too.


    Koopa Shells and Soccer Balls: Make sure to have these two items on and go to a stage like Shadow Moses Island and let the fun begin XD
  6. Favorite Characters:

    Lucario-This was probably sooo obvious. Anyway, the aura moves come in handy when it comes to long range attacks, and since I take a lot of damage sometimes, the fact that they become stronger with damage is a good thing too. Yeah, he's slow, but strong.
    ...Guilty. I do that all the time XD.

    Pikachu- That Thunderbolt has come in handy on several occasions. Plus, he's quite fast, so that's a bonus. Plus, the spammable Thunder (?) attack is fun especially when you hear him say "Pikachu, pikachu, pikachu" Over and over again.

    Kirby- Believe it or not, Kirby is mt best character. I deal out some wicked combos with him. The fact that he can EAT enemies and GAIN THEIR POWERS is totally beast. And he can jumper higher than most characters. And the Down+B come sin hand when you're above an enemy. Like, one second, I'm a balloon. Then, THUNK. I'm a brick. XD Plus his Final Smash is funny, and so much fun to spam.

    Zelda/Sheik- Totally awesome with the Down+B moves, Sheik is. The multiple knife throwing comes in handy for long-range attacks. And their special jump is useful too, when avoiding falling off the stage.


    I like the Temple from LoZ. It's spacious and gives a lot of room to fight, recover, hide, etc etc... But it's annoying when you get a Smash Ball and everyone is hiding...

    Spear Pillar is also a favorite, because the place falls apart, and the Legends screw with you all the time. Especially Palkia's control-switch-thingy. Always fun.


    Pokeball: 99.9% of the time, it's something useful. The other .1%, it's something useless, like Goldeen. I've always wanted to see Manaphy, just to see the Heart Swap.

    Lipstick: I THINK that's what it's called... I love that when you hit your enemies with it, the get a little flower on their head, and get damaged. Always funny to know that a harmless little flower can damage you enemy into submission~~
  7. My favorites:


    Olimar- Yes, Olimar. People say he is useless, but they don't know how to use him. If you use him right, he is really good! Also, Pikmin rule.

    Luigi- EPIC WIN. Powerful, annoying final smash, good jump, he has EVERYTHING! (Except wall jumping. :'()

    Ness- Good jump, powerful smash attacks, and PK Pulse= Epic.

    Jigglypuff- A Pokemon with good jump, a final smash you can glitch with, (GIANT JIGGLYPUFF!) and is powerful. The only problem with him is that he is the most defenceless character in the game. Meh.


    Distant Planet- Aahhh, the stage everyone hates. There is one in every game. I like the look, te effects, and I like feeding the spotty Bulborg pellets. (And occasionally the odd enemy. ;D)

    Battlefield- Basic, fun and no annoying stuff. A perfect stage for beginners.


    Pokeball- Very useful, and is Pokemon. The only problems are Goldeen and Munchlax. (Sorry Munchy Lax!)

    Home Run Bat- Very powerful in throwing, and you can knock foes of the stage in one hit. EPIC.
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  8. Chracters:

    Luigi- He's such a little oddball- He trips twice as much, and one of his taunts damage, plus his facial expressions are oh-my-god hilarious. Not to mention, I like his side smash. Handstab! Oh, and his final smash reminds me of the Mother series.

    Link- This charming gentleman's meteor smash, plus his not-too-fast-not too slow speeds makes him my favorite. Also, I've used him since I fell in love with the Zelda series 8 years ago, so that would have been that whether or not he was fun to play as.


    Big Blue- Just... the music. I love the big blue theme.

    Spear Pillar- The potential craziness is high, plus the cameos of my favorite Gen IV legendaries makes it pretty fun.


    I'm a fan of the Regular Ol' Black Hammer, and the Assist Trophy. Not the Pokeball though, as it always ends up being Munchlax. Freakin' Munchlax.
  9. Characters:

    Bowser - He's always one of my favourite Nintendo characters, he was my main in Melee, and continues to be so. Yeah, he's slow, but makes up for it in raw power. My favourite of his attacks is that Arse-Slam thing. It's brilliant on a stage like Shadow Moses Island, where you can't die at the bottom of the stage. It's also good on weakened brawlers, since it has a lot of knockback, and decent power too.

    Snake - At first, I didn't like him, but he's grown on me. Brilliant recovery move, strong smash moves, just good all round.


    Shadow Moses Island - The music is the thing that I love about this stage. The background is stellar too. I love it when the machines break the wall.


    Bombs - While being an average Brawl player, I'm an expert with bombs. 'Nuff said.
  10. The only character I ever find myself using is Meta Knight. He's so damn cheap, and I won't have it any other way. :D His attacks seem to flow very well together and combo-ing is easy with him.

    My favorite stages are the ones that you can make yourself. If you ever see mine, you will realize just how little life I have.

    As far as items go, my buddies and I generally play with no items on, with the exception of the Smash Ball on low setting. If I had to pick, I'd say that Deku Nut-ing people in the face and stunning them is pretty fun.
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  11. Does anybody know how you can get Jigglypuff on SSBB ?
  12. Character: Bowser, Diddy Kong, Pit, ROB, Olimar, Lucas, Pokemon Trainer, Sonic
    Stage: Luigi's Mansion, Final Destination, Kid Icarus's stage, Mario Sunshine's stage (sorry, it's been years since I last played)
    Item: Pokeball, Assist Trophy
  13. Does anybody know how you can get Jigglypuff on SSBB ?
    Play 350 brawls.
  14. Secad MS

    Friend Code:
    I always play as either Lucario or Pokemon Trainer, usually Lucario. I started out with Pokemon Trainer when I first played at a friend's house, but I tried Lucario and liked his handling much better. I play the Pokemon characters because I like Pokemon. I've tried Meta Knight once or twice, but I will still play as a Pokemon.

    My favorite stage is the Pokemon Stadium. The changing is quite entertaining, especially on the wind stage. The screen behind the stage is quite cool to watch.

    Of course, my favorite item is the Pokeball. I remember seeing Manaphy, Mew, and Celebii all in the same day of playing, this Halloween. I must have had very good luck.
  15. I usually pick Ness or Lucas, but I like a lot of characters. I also tend to just hit random and play as whoever I get :>

    I don't play as much as I wish I did because nobody likes to play with me and it lags too much online. When I do play I just choose random for the level and hope that it's something like Hyrule Temple :}
  16. I'll give this a try.

    Character: KIRBY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD KIRBY *ahem* but aside from that, I like Toon Link, Falco and *looks around* Sheik
    Stage: Pirate Ship. Especially when Molgera boss fight and Termina Field are playing. I also like other stages, but I just can't think of them |D
    Item: I quite like the CDs and Trophies
  17. Characters: Kirby and Meta Knight
    Stage: I don't really have a favorite.
    Items: Dragoon, Pokeball, and Assist Trophy
  18. You can unlock everyone by playing a ridiculous amount of matches.
  19. For me
    Character: I have 6.....Pit, Lucario, Falco, zelda/Sheik, Sonic, Pokemon trainer
    Stage: Spear Pillar and various custom stages
    items: The only item i really enjoy to use are pokeballs
    More Characters: I really cant decide on 1.......Peach, Marth, Ganondorf, Ice climbers and King Dedede

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