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Open Super powered high

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Frontier Master, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. OOC
    this rp will be more focused upon School life and teenage struggles rather than saving the world of the like

    No God-mod.
    Though Swearing is allowed please don’t over do it, so much so that your posts consist primarily of F-bombs.
    Romance is allowed but please don’t be creepy about it.
    Your powers need to be justified and balanced and please remember you’re still a young person so unless you’re near the end of your schooling you’re unlikely to have mastered your powers yet.
    Maximum of two OC’s per person and staff roles are available.

    Principle: Ajax Kandor @Frontier Master
    Vice principle:
    Heads of faculty:


    Dear (insert name here)
    You have been invited to attend the newly refurbished Atlas High, the latest and greatest super powered educational facility. Where you will be taught to master your abilities and take the next step into the world as a super-powered individual.
    Please complete the attached application form and return as soon as possible to ensure your place
    We look forward to reading your applications
    Ajax Kandor
    Atlas High Principle

    Age (13-19):
    Noticeable achievements?:

    Here’s mine
    Name: Orion ‘Rion’ Battler
    Age (13-19): 17
    Powers(?): absorption, containment and redirection/transformation of energy
    Special skills(?): proficient in Wing Chun
    Personality: Rion is gifted with a very unique moral compass, anything can be justified in the right amounts or for the right reasons, it is is this relaxed reasoning that has shaped his personality. He tries to be on good terms with everyone however those who he determines unworthy of his respect find he can be an incredible adversary
    Appearance: 5’9 lightly tanned with a slim-fit build Rion’s dark grey eyes sparkle slightly with a blue-grey hue while his hair also mirrors this with a dark grey dyed colour and hidden blue streaks which catch the light every so often to reveal themselves before disappearing again with his stone colored hair. He more often than not can be seen wearing a plain grey shirt accompanied by a primarily grey jacket with silver and blue patches, all atop a pair of lightly faded and torn jeans
    Backstory: (coming soon)
    Noticeable achievements?: as a child he saved his family home from burning down by absorbing all the thermal energy before releasing a plume of Fire 10 feet high thanks to a poorly timed burp. likewise he foiled an attempted robbery by sapping the burglars getaway car of Kinetic energy and freezing the doors shut until police arrived
    Other: scared of spiders, clowns and telepaths
  2. ArmedBlue

    ArmedBlue Previously Manu456Alola

    Well, guess I'll join.

    Name: Manuel Stone
    Age (13-19): 13
    Powers(?): Energy Manipulation through music/singing, and also telepathy. The former can also allow him to amplify someone else's powers. This power however, due to his lack of control over it, causes it to sometimes manifest as a second personality, with its own form and will.
    Personality: Manuel is a kind, calm guy, but sometimes shy. Sometimes he can care for others more than himself.
    His second personality, a manifestation of his powers, has a more confident and mischievous personality.
    Appearance: Manuel has short, black hair and brown eyes. He often wears a blue jacket with a white shirt underneath, blue jeans and brown shoes, and also glasses.
    His second personality, who goes by the name Nova, takes the form of a young teenage boy with red eyes and spiky purple hair, with one white spike. He wears a black uniform with gold, purple and white highlights, gold buttons, a cape, and black shoes with white highlights.
    Backstory: TBD (To Be Discovered)
    Noticeable achievements?: None, really.
    Family: His mother, father and sister.
    Other: Afraid of spiders. Both of them.
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  3. Accepted
  4. Name: cleo web
    Age (13-19): 13
    Powers(?): manipulation of size of objects around and including herself
    Personally: she is very self contained and hates to have people try make her talk and being put on the spot
    Appearance: she has pale skin, blue eyes and red hair. She wears a wool sweater and jeans, she will only ever wear a dress or skirt when trying to impress someone
    Backstory: she though she was just a normal girl until she shrunk a apple that she was about to eat, she got the letter and was amazed to discover she had powers and was just dreaming
    Noticeable achievements?: N/A
    Family: father, mother and younger brother (deceased)
    Other: she may be gay, she's not really sure
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  5. Could I have character that is vice principal and a teacher?
  6. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    NewName: Zyke Maxwell
    Age (13-19): 17
    Powers(?): Memory mimicry- if he watches someone use their power and understands how it works he can use it too
    Personally: hes normally friendly and jokes a lot. Likes to have fun, but not do stupid things and doesn't normally do things that get him I'm trouble
    Appearance: White hoodie; dirty blonde short crew hair and black fingerless gloves; red eyes; black jeans and shoes
    Backstory: (coming soon)
    Noticeable achievements?: N/A
    Family: father, mother
    Other: N/A
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  7. The same application sheet applies so fill it in and we will see
  8. Good application but she wouldn’t receive the letter until she has discovered her powers so just change this and you will be accepted
  9. Could you please further develop and explain your power as right now it is very vague, how did he discover his power, how does it work does he have to see it multiple times or see it in person or can he just search YouTube videos of powers and become very OP very quick
  10. Fixed the backstory up
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  11. Cool, and sorry that I didn't get it right the first time
  12. It’s fine
  13. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    No he has to see it in person. And he doesnt even know he has his powers yet. He got accepted because his powers were figured out by scientists (not like he was experimented on) because of his genetics. He also has to understand how it works. If he sees fire coming out of a persons body he has to find out if its something like a chemical reaction or the fire just appears or something for him to be able to use it
  14. Unfortunately him not knowing he has powers except for genetics doesn’t really fit the plan I had for this rp, I probably could have been more clear, in this universe powers arent tied to genetics
    So he would need to have exhibited his powers already to be sent and invitation
  15. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Ok then he learned that he was able to because he realized he can use the powers of his friends and family
  16. Much better
  17. I guess I'll make a Vice Principal Character

    Name: Elizabeth Propst
    Age: 25
    Powers: Electricity Manipulation and Creation, adding such abillites like flight and being able to become a human magnet.
    Personality: Elizabeth is Kindhearted soul who is willing to help those in need. Elizabeth is flirtasious and a hopeless romantic.
    Appearance: Elizabeth has Waist length brown hair and brown eyes. SHe wears a Pale pink blouse with a navy blue skirt.
    Backstory: TBA
    Noticeable achievements: When first going to get her Drivers licsense, group of five armed gunman attempted to take the DMV hostage. Elizabeth took the gunman on all at once electrocuting all five, incapacitating them all.
    Family: Deceased Father, Living Brother (Michael Propst) Living Mother
    Other: None

    And her little brother, who will be attending the school.

    Name: Michael Propst
    Age (13-19): 16
    Powers(?): He's a speedster, so superspeed, the ability to phase through walls, inhanced strength and regeneration.
    Personality: Michael is a real chill guy. Not really too talkative or outgoing, but nice to most people.
    Appearance: Short brown hair swept to the right and has brown eyes. Always wears(Regardless of weather) Blue shorts and a blue t Shirt. He always has running shoes on.
    Backstory: TBA
    Noticeable achievements?: None so far.
    Family: Dead Dad, Mother, ELizabeth
    Other: I see him being more of Anti-Hero

    Sorry for the lack-luster bios, I'm busy at the moment.
  18. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    no mean to rush since I know sometimes it's difficult, but when will the roleplay be up?
  19. Both accepted
    But just more out of curiosity what degree of speedster is Michael because I think at maximum he needs to max out at either sonic or sub-sonic
  20. When I’m done writing it,
    Heads up to everyone the next week is going to be very hectic so I will try to get it up in the next few days but if not it may not be up until next week
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  21. Yeah was gonna go Sonic, but once he fully devolved his powers it’d be Mach 2 at the highest.

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