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Private/Closed Super Mario 64 RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Jagson, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. Mark let out a breath as he checked to make sure everything was ready for when his friends showed up. Since his parents trusted him he was able to get the house to himself for the weekend. He let out a breath as he did a double check. He had a bunch of movies ready, The play station and switch where prepped and ready. He rubbed his neck as he started to walk to his room when something caught his eye. He looked and saw a weird sphere like device. He walked towards it and noticed that there was a small NES like controller. He opened a button and saw Super Mario 64 inside of it. He didn't remember buying this weird device. He shook his head as he brought it out. Maybe he and his friends might be able to play it if he knew how it worked.
  2. Valeria walked up to the door and knocked, waiting for an answer. She had been invited over to Mark’s house for a night of watching movies and playing video games, and, being the tomboy she was, accepted immediately. She heard noise on the inside of the house. She rang the doorbell in case he hadn’t heard the knock and waited for an answer.
  3. Ren hopped off his motorbike, he had gotten it not long after becoming a Wario Fan, and had immediately decided to accept the invite, considering that he was a Nintendo/Sony fan and liked most movies, he got off the bike, took off the helmet, and walked up to the door, he saw Valeria(and that she had already knocked), he said
    "Hey Valeria! Not seen you in a while!"
  4. Mark heard the knocking and walked to the door. He opened it and saw the two people standing there. " Ren, Val good to see that you both came." He said as he moved out of the way for them. " How have you both been today?" He asked.
  5. “Good,” Valeria said. “It’s good to see both of you guys.” She looked over at the TV. “What are we going to do first?” she asked, walking over. She saw the spherical console. “What’s this?” She picked it up and pressed the button, seeing the game inside.
  6. " I don't know." He said as he walked towards her. " I found it when I was getting everything ready." He said as he stepped beside her examing it. " Somehow it can play an N64 game." He said examining the game. " I kind of want to try it out. What do you guys think?"
  7. "meh, Okay." Ren had said when Mark asked how he was doing, Ren walked over, and stood next to Mark, he examined the console, he said
    "Hm, don't think I've ever seen a console like that before." then said "We should probably wait for the others, see what they think of it."
  8. Valeria sat down on the couch. “So who else is coming?” she asked Mark. She remembered that he said a few others were coming. She looked at the console. “I used to play that game with my brother. It was his favorite game back then.” She picked it up and examined it. “Do you guys think we should play it?” she asked, holding it up.
  9. Noah walked down the street. His vehicle was having repairs done to it, his console had died... He had the worst month he ever dreamed that anyone could have. He walked up to the door and knocked. Looking through the window, he saw three friends of his. He gave them a thumbs up to let them know he's there.
  10. Mark heard the knock. He looked over to see Noah giving him the thumbs up sign. He smiled as he motioned the boy in. "Well Noah for one." He said. " I also invited a couple other people but I don't know if they're going to show up." He said as he stood up and looked at the system. " This is one of the only games I ever hundred percent completed." He said with a little smirk. " Yeah I think we should play for nostalgia sake. What do you thing Ren?" He asked.
  11. "Eh, Sure. Been a while since I played Mario 64, been spending most of my free time on Wario Games." Ren Replied as he looked at the console and the game
    "Although, I do wonder why this console can play an N64 game without being an N64... Also hey Noah. Not seen you in a while either."
  12. Valeria put the console back on the floor. “Are there any controllers for the console?” she asked Mark. She looked at it. Something didn’t seem right, but she didn’t really know what. She stood up and looked for the TV remote to turn it on. She found it and picked it up, pressing the power button as she did so. “Turn the console on,” she said, “and then, we play.” She smiled at the others, excited to play one of her favorite games for the first time in a while.
  13. "Yeah. It has really been a long time, Ren." Noah replied to Ren. Seeing the console Noah was confused. "What is that? Definitely not an Xbox or anything like that." Hearing Valeria say to turn it on, offered Ren something. "Hey, Ren. Wanna do the honors? Or will I do them?" Noah offered.
  14. Mark looked at the consel connecting it to the TV was rather simple. He let out a breath as he pressed the on button. The screen lit up as a giant sphere appeared on the television. He let out a breath. A small controller came out of the sphere. Mark pressed a button as Mario 64 title screen appeared. He looked at his friends. "Ready?" He asked
  15. “Ready when you are,” she said. She smiled at the others, waiting for them to answer Mark’s question. “Should we start the game, guys?” She looked at Ren and Noah, waiting for an answer.
  16. "I'm ready..... You ready Ren?" Noah asked Ren. He had wanted to play this game forever. He had only played stuff like Banjo and Kazooie, The Legend of Zelda and Pokemon. He was itching to play.
  17. "Yep, I'm Ready. No point in waiting too long. Unless You wanna mess with Mario's Face." He smirked, he remembered that 50% of his game time was messing with Mario's face. he said "I'm ready to start."
  18. He nodded at them as he pressed start. Within a blink of an eye the power in the house turned off. Mark looked around. ' Weird.' He thought before turning back to the screen. A small blue dot appeared on the screen. Mark took a step closer to the TV as a blue vertex came out of the screen consuming him. He screamed as he felt himself being pushed into the TV. The blue vortex started to suck in anything near the TV.
  19. When the lights went down, Ren immediately said
    "WHAT IS GOING ON!?" then, the vortex appeared, he said "WHAT THE-!?" He got Sucked in quickly, and was surprised, and worried, and wondering if he hadn't left the keys for his motorbike on it. He also screamed. a lot.
  20. Valeria screamed as she watched the game suck her friends into oblivion. She looked down at her hands and realized they, too, were being pulled into the TV. She backed away from it, trying to escape the pull, but her body dissolved into nothing as she suffered the same fate as Mark and Ren. Her last action before disappearing completely was to look at Noah and point towards the door, telling him to escape.
  21. "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Noah screamed as he ran for the door. He was pushed down by force and began to crawl. He grabbed the door handle and thought it was all a dream. Collapsing on the floor, Noah was sucked into the TV. He was pretty sure that he was dead.
  22. Mark blinked as he looked around. ' I'm not dead.' He thought as he stood up and took in his surroundings. It looked like he was in a court yard. He stumbled around as he looked around. He saw the bodies of his friends. He rushed towards them. " Ren, Val, Noah." He shouted as he reached them.
  23. Ren only saw darkness, he assumed he was dead, until he heard Mark Call his name, along with Valeria's name and Noah's Name. he slowly got up, thinking
    I... don't think, uh, this is what death is... I'm not dead. He finished getting up, looked around, he saw that he was in a courtyard, but wondered why it looked so familiar. he looked at mark, and said
    "Right here... I think."
  24. Valeria opened her eyes. “What... the hell... was that...” she said, standing up. She saw her friends, all but Noah standing up. She looked over at Mark. “Something was wrong with that console. We should’ve known from the moment you said that it just appeared.” She looked around at the courtyard. “Does this place seem... familiar to you guys?”
  25. Noah woke up in a courtyard which looked weird. After hearing what Valeria said, he decided to speak. "I don't know. Might be familiar to you guys but I don't recognize it. Maybe only you guys recognize just because we got sucked into the game. But that's very unlikely to happen."

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