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Ask to Join Super-Mafia (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Killerbunny the god, Jun 22, 2020.

  1. A few years back, humans started developing superpowers as a sort of mutation. Either by accident or by random. You are one of those humans. Those without powers saw those with powers as threats but slowly began to tolerate them as not many bad people used their powers for evil.

    Atleast not in the open...

    One day, a criminal organization was founded. In it were mostly normal humans, though there were superhumans as well. The leaders name is William, or so it would seem.

    Law enforcements are working tirelessly to find William and put an end to the organization. The chief of police started getting rather frustrated with how they managed to escape her grasp with only minor backlashes. She was ordered by the Mayor to recruit superhumans to help the investigation, which he did not appreciate very much and would make life sour for any superpowered being trying to help move the investigation forward.

    You are either a part of the mafia, or a police officer trying to take the organization down. That is entirely up to you. I will play the part of William and the chief of police can be controlled by whomever needs to.

    - Follow Pokecharms rules
    - No pets
    - Age is 22-30
    - No autoing unless you have been permitted to do so
    - Be respectful
    - Powers should not be too OP
    - OC death is enabled but don't go crazy with it
    - Relationships are allowed but keep it PG-13
    - Add "Mafia" in the other sections of your character sheet so i know you've read the rules and so that i don't need to focus too much on finding it.

    Character sheet:
    Age (22-30):
    Backstory (optional):
    Mafia or police:

    My OC:
    Name: William.
    Age: 24.
    Appearance: Wears a black suit with a red tie. He has an athletic build and is quite tall (6'3). His hair is brown and his eyes are grey. When he needs to get his hands dirty he puts on a military uniform.
    Personality: He talks like a generic businessman, with a condescending tone. He's not scared to fight, but would prefer not to as he sees such savagery as beneath his dignity. His cold demeanor and condescending tone usually make a cold shiver run down anyone's spine.
    Sexuality: Straight.
    Backstory (optional): Not much is known about him other than that he is believed to be the founder of a crime organization.
    Mafia or police: Mafia.
    Power: Cryo-kinesis (ice-manipulation). He can create and manipulate ice, though there is a limit to it. It takes great focus to freeze an entire room, but with time he could do it.
    Other: Mafia.

    @Joelkjn Ōkami
  2. Joelkjn Ōkami

    Joelkjn Ōkami Previously Joelkjn the fox

    Name: Dai Frazer Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Green hair, black face mask covering the bottom of his face. Yellow eyes and always wears a black suit with fine shoes. Is 195cm tall and a slim body tip (think athlete)
    Personality: Is insane but can act normal when undercover. He does not take well to people who betray him
    Sexuality: Straight
    Backstory (optional): (will be explained as the rp goes)
    Mafia or police: Mafia (The boss behind the curtains but pretends to be in the police force)
    Powers: Conjuration Can make anything appear if it's small enough but he prefers razor sharp throwing cards and is quite good at throwing them. Banish Can make the thing he conjured disappear. Shadow Blend He can blend to the shadows, it does not make him invisible but you almost have to know where he is to see him
    Other: And that's how the mafia does things. Likes the taste of blood and always wants to try other peoples blood all the time.
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  3. Very well done. You have been accepted even though i technically shouldn't need to accept you lol
  4. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    This sounds interesting, I'll have a character written up in a short while
  5. I'll write a Bio tomorrow when I'm able.
  6. oooh this seems super interesting!
    I might join if I come up with a good character for this
  7. Is it okay if I play a non-powered character?
  8. Of course. If you want to, you could take the role of the chief of police even
  9. Name: Ashley "Ash" Winter

    Age: 23

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Ash is about 5.3 feet (or 163 cm) tall with a rather slim build. She has a pale complexion, but her skin is far from perfect. She has lightning-like scars all over her arms and hands with her hands having most of them, as a result from frequent usage of her power. She has storm gray eyes and lavender colored hair with one side shaved and the other side reaches 1/4 of her back. Normally she wears business-casual styled clothing, such as a button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows and blue-grey jeans. For mission or when she needs to get her hands dirty she puts on something more comfortable and practical, which is a plain white tank-top and a pair of black cargo pants.

    Personality: On the surface Ash seems like a very calm and collected person, rarely showing any sympathy or emotion towards anyone. Ash is very loyal to the organisation and would rather die than give up any information about the organisation or it's leader away. But it's a completely different story when she's around the organisations leader. She does anything that William says, be it stealing, destroying someone or killing someone within the group. Some say that Ash is like two different persons when compared to how she usually is to how she acts around anything that's related to their organisations leader. She's obsessed with William always trying to do her best to receive positive attention, and approval in anything she does or says. Some say that She's completely obsessed over him

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Backstory: N/A

    Mafia or police: Mafia

    Plasma Blast. Ash heats up the air molecules, which go into the fourth state of matter and then get converted into blasts. She can control how big the blast is and the smaller and less powerful the blast is the more accurate it is and vise versa. Bigger blasts do require a few second more before they can get blasted

    Other: Mafia
  10. Joelkjn Ōkami

    Joelkjn Ōkami Previously Joelkjn the fox

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  11. Mind if I reserve a spot? I've slowly developed a liking for mafia stuff.
  12. I don't mind. We need a few people for this RP
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  13. Never thought I'd be bringing this one back (with a few tweaks.)
    Name: Alexander "Alex" Armsworth
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He stands at 5'11" with Fair skin, Red eyes and Wine red somewhat messy hair with a few bangs on his forehead, his physical stature shows him to be slim and decently fit to say the least, although no signs of muscle or fat. His attire looks like that of a businessman; donning a White shirt under a Black closed smart jacket and a thick Grey scarf worn where the tie would be and completely covering his inner shirt, Black smart pants and jet Black loafers. He wears an ankle long smart Black coat on his shoulders much like a cape.
    Personality: Alexander is mainly seen as a calm individual who tends to show sarcasm and rude jokes from time to time, despite his formal like appearance, he's more laid back than you may expect. Alexander enjoys a good fight every now and then, especially if the fight meets two conditions; One, he wins. Two, his outfit stays clean. He's no stranger to killing people and wouldn't hesitate to do so if they 'have it coming'. His favorite type of music is the classics, but is happy with other types of the modern age.
    Sexuality: Straight.
    Backstory: Ever since Alexander was young, he and his parents lived a happy life, his mother always told him that if he kept smiling, the world would smile back and he took that lesson to heart. Some time after he turned 16, Alexander discovered that his parents were murdered by one of the mafias that ran the street he lived in. Alexander swore revenge on said mafia and decided to join one of his parents' killers' rivals so that he could climb the ranks and get his revenge, smiling his whole way through... and discovering that he likes the mafia job more than he thought.
    Mafia or police: Mafia.
    Power: Telekinesis - Alexander has the power to move stuff around without touching it, himself included. While he is strong with this power, he does have a limit to how heavy he can move things; He can freely move something up to around 10000 pounds which he seeks to improve, he can also levitate several people at once--up to groups of 6-7. Anything above his limit will make him prone to splitting headaches and may even pass out if he uses his power recklessly.
    Teleportation - Alexander can teleport for up to a maximum of ten meters, although the more he uses it within a short time, the longer it'll take to recharge, the maximum recharge time being five minutes, making drawn out fights in open spaces a potential hazard.
    Other: He doesn't smoke and only drinks on special occasions. Because of his friendly and gentlemanly persona, he has a small popularity with women.
    Despite his powers, he still carries an FN Five Seven and a combat knife should his powers fail him.
    "I'm sorry pal, that's just how mafia works."
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  14. @Red Gallade i would like to ask you to nerf him a little bit more as i don't want us all to be too OP. Not too much, your OC is pretty well balanced but a little more nerf would be preferred.

    Other than that, accepted.

    Now we need some police officers
  15. Nerfed how exactly; Dial down on teleportation or levels of telekinesis?
  16. The telekinesis was very well balanced so nerf the teleportation just a bit more
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  17. Understandable, I've dialed down his teleportation range from fifteen meters to ten.
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  18. I’ve been wanting to use this OC of mine for a while, and now I can do just that.

    Name: Bradley Dixon
    Age (22-30): 25
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Bradley has brown hair, but you almost never see it under his mask. He wears a white button up shirt with a blue tie. Grey sweatpants with light blue sneakers.
    Personality: Even though he wears a mask he I should very flashy. And loves to show off. He’s a chaotic good type of character who depose this area how you get it done as long as you do it.
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Backstory (optional): A very unstable backstory, he’s been through multiple foster families, all who hated him. One of them killing his brother.
    Mafia or police: Police

    Comeback: Bradley is a almost normal human. His power gives him no advantage in his regular life or for most of the battle. But just when it looks like he’s down for the count, his ability will awaken itself. When his ability, “Comeback” is awoken Bradley becomes way more powerful. His strength, durability, intelligence, and agility all become vastly stronger then they were before. His ability is an amplifier ability, which allows him to power up himself. As of now he can become 200% more powerful then he was before his ability activates.

    Flashy Fists: This ability is connected to Bradley’s comeback ability. When he looks like he’s about to lose, this ability starts up along with comeback. Flashy Fists (the name he gave it) slows him to set from his elbow down to his fingertips ablaze. He can control the fire, and cool it down to create a flame like gauntlet. This ability also gives him a fire immunity when activated.

    Setbacks: His ability can only be activate do near Bradley’s breaking point. If he’s taken out with one strong one blow, or contained his ability won’t activate. He’s an average human until he’s almost lost.

    Other: Tell me if he’s still at but OP or if he I us the doesn’t work for this, I have a backup if I need to use it.
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  19. @Delzen could you elaborate on your OC? I'm not sure I understand it correctly
  20. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    I was wondering, could my character work for the police but no be a police officer themselves. I was thinking of maybe playing a Suicide Squad type of character where I play a criminal assisting the police, which will lessen his sentence. If not, it's cool I can come up with something else
  21. Name: Lady in Black/ Lady
    Age (22-30): 28
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Lady has long black hair that comes down to the middle of her back. She stands at 5'4" and weighs in at 170 lbs. She has many different clothes she wears for various situations, but when talking business or going on missions, she'll usually wear a black, shiny skintight bodysuit and black high heels. As her name suggests, she tends to dress in black. She also wears black wraparound sunglasses. Lady usually carries a pair of pistols on her, as well as various weapons.
    Personality: Lady is cunning, manipulative, and greedy. Seeing as she is more of an information gatherer/broker, these traits help her immensely. She'll use whatever means necessary for her to gain the advantage in any situation, and while she is rather bad she does carry a slight 'moral code'. In reality, it's more like a 'business code'. Don't betray who you're working for. Always keep your word with your employer unless they backstab you first. Always have a plan. Etc, etc, etc. She tries to learn as much about people as possible, in hopes to find weaknesses to exploit.
    Sexuality: Bi I guess? Doesn't experience much attraction but will fake it in order to get closer to people.
    Backstory (optional):
    Mafia or police: Highest bidder, but usually mafia because working with the police tends to look bad on her. She usually gets hired to obtain information via espionage, but will also occasionally take jobs as an assassin if people as nicely enough.
    Power Skills: Lady does not actually have any superpowers, but she does not let something like that get in her way. She's very skilled at disguising herself and making it seem like she belongs in places she shouldn't be. Lady is also rather athletic, having mastered a few martial arts that make her rather tough to fight in hand to hand combat. She's very good at sleight of hand and pickpocketing. Finally, Lady is a very good shot when it comes to long-range shooting. In close combat gunfights her aim is above average, but when it comes to sniping she is very skilled.
    Other: She's worked with the Mafia a few times before, doing the occasional information purchase/obtaining or assassination for them.
  22. I allow that.

    Accepted :)
  23. Sure I can, is there any details you want me to specifically focus on?
  24. I don't quite understand the phrasing you had when you wrote the powers. Could you elaborate that?
  25. Ok I’ve edited the power section of Bradley’s application. If there’s anything else that need some to be cleared up just let me know.
  26. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    Name: Jason Lannings (Went by Métallon before being behind bars.)

    Age: 25

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Due to being in a secure prison for about a year, Jason's apperance has gotten pretty scruffy. He has some uneven stubble and his brown hair has grown out to about the bottom of his neck. He's got dark brown eyes, usually hidden behind a pair of reflective sunglasses. He's a got a larger build, standing at 6'3, with wide shoulders, and making sure to keep exercising even behind bars, he is still very much in shape. In his neck is a small metal disk a complience device to keep him in check, shocking him if he doesn't follow orders.

    He has multiple outfits depending on the situation. First is his 'incognito' outfit, which he wears as to not draw attention when working in public. The police don't really want the public to know they have a known criminal working with them. It's just a simple grey hoodie, with black jeans and work boots. Also has a cap on his head to keep his face hidden better.

    His 'action' outift, as in what he wears when he needs to get into a fight. He wears a metal mask on his face, that has one large slit for his eyes so he can see. Besides that it covers his whole face. He wears a plain black tank top, with the logo of the prison on the back, and a pair of blue pants that have the logo on one leg, and his prisoner ID number on the other. Essentially it's his prison uniform with his old mask on. He also has the work boots from his incognito outfit still on.

    Personality: Jason's time behind bars did make him a little jaded. As a result, he has a sort of dark sense of humour, and will face most situations with a sense of cynicism. Despite this, he has an unwavering resolve and will. He will take on any and every situation head on. He won't show it, but he will fight for the people he works with the keep them safe.

    Sexuality: Bi-Sexual

    Backstory: Not much is know publically about Jason. One day he showed up in the city, and using his powers, attacked others with powers, wether they be good or bad. He never killed them, but would do servere damage to them, crippling many and keeping them from using their abilities. He claimed that they were reckless and would hurt innocents and the only way to stop them is to beat them himself. Unfortuantly for him, he was considered just as bad by most of the public and of course, the police. He was eventually taken down and put into a prison for criminals with powers. He was there for a year, before being approached to work with the police to help take down the mafia in the city, in exchange for a lighter sentence. He agreed immediatly, and after being equipped with a shock disk, he was escorted to the police HQ to start his work.

    Mafia or police: Police (Criminal working for them to help ease up his sentence.)

    Power: Metal Shift. Jason was given the power to make his body become a strong greyish-black metal, unseen by man. It makes him strong and durable, but slows his speed. He can choose if he wants specific body parts to shift, like his arms and legs. Alongside this, he can shift said parts into weapons. The more his body is covered, the more energy it takes out of him, and if he hasn't been well fed or rested, he can easily faint after using his abilities.

    Other: He seems to have a strong disdain for the mafia, but has never explained why.
  27. Joelkjn Ōkami

    Joelkjn Ōkami Previously Joelkjn the fox

    @Delzen Turn your power down to 100% or at least 150%. 300% is to much IMO. Also instead of a magma hand can't you just have a fire fist? Fire fist can still do devastating dmg

    @The Alright Attorney I think you should have something indicating that you have the powers for other people to understand. Like a blue or gray hum around you that you really need to focus (almost zoom in on you) to see otherwise it looks good and accepted
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  28. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    Sounds good, I'll edit it into the powers shortly.
  29. I didn’t mean didn’t mean to put magma, my bad. And I turned down the power level pretty significantly.
  30. I think you could up it to 200% actually. 150% seems kinda weak considering the requirements your OC has for the activation. But that's entirely up to you. Accepted @Delzen
  31. I was thinking the same thing, thanks.
  32. @TheGrimmRemix027 are you gonna make a char sheet?

    Gonna make the RP thread tonight
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  34. Mind if I ask where you'd recommend our mafia guys to start in, maybe in a soon-to-go-bad weapon deal?
  35. Yes. William wouldn't want you guys near when he's speaking to the real leader.

    Also, I have a suggestion to make. How about we divide the Mafia and police into two conversations? I mean so that those who have decided to be police OC's will have one where the Mafia won't know what they're planning, although since @Joelkjn Ōkami is the leader of the Mafia there will be leaks of some things. He'll leave it as soon as he's revealed to be a bad guy though. But not everything. And there will be one where those with Mafia OC's have things planned and the police won't know what it is. This will exclude @Captain Cardboard from both conversations though
  36. Eh, Lady might find a way in somehow
  37. I dunno about conversations--sure it gives both sides the advantage of anonymity, but what if others are watching this RP; surely they wish to see the progress and action of the RP we make.
  38. That's a good point. Maybe we don't do it then

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