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Open Super humans, souls in the dark. (Sign ups!)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Nebula-Newt, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. Hello there everybody! I'm new to Pokecharms and am really looking forward to getting into the roleplaying community here. So basically my idea for this roleplay is that in this version of earth various individuals have gained superpowers through various methods, experiments, mutations and whatnot. Its these particular people who we shall be roleplaying as throughout this story. The general public are a little uncertain of these super humans as some have questionable motives and cause massive amounts of destruction wherever they go. The governments of the world have taken to deeming any use of a supernatural power illegal and even those who use their powers for good are sought after by their forces, seeking to put them behind bars or perhaps other more malicious tasks...

    You can chose a character from any nationality and any region of the world but they will all have to meet up for this to work, just remember that! Other than that the rules are as follows:
    • All the usual Pokecharms rules.
    • You can have a max of one main character and one side character that you roleplay as directly. You're free to create as many npc's as you want.
    • No overpowered abilities, I dont want to see somebody running around with something unbeatable.
    • Your free to have as much backstory as you like but if you'd rather explore it in the roleplay that's fine instead.
    Anyway now for my character bio! I will leave a blank copy should you wish to fill one out as well.

    Name: Jake Everett
    Age: 18
    Height: 5ft 8 inches
    Personality: Jake is the kind of guy who doesn't shy away from doing what he considers to be the right thing and due to this he can prove to be on the headstrong side of things. That said he is nice to everybody meets unless they give him a reason to distrust them. The usual reason for this is that he is extremely protective of his little sister and really doesn't like to let new people in too quickly. The boy is not afraid to got to extremes if he needs to and has been pushed into corners that require him to some dark things before.
    Physical appearance: Jake isn't tall for his age but he is built with a wiry frame, still tough. He possess a pair of hazel eyes that can give either a piercing gaze or a friendly look depending on the situation. His hair is a dark mess that is often untamed but still manages to suit him pretty well. A few freckles are scattered across his nose and over all he is a pretty good looking guy.
    Usual outfit: Dark jeans, whatever shirt he chooses and a navy blue jacket over it all. He normally also dons a pair of black combat boots.
    Powers: Can swap between his human form and another in which his skin becomes jet black and he loses all features bar his eyes and mouth. His eyes are replaced with fully yellow ones, no whites, and his mouth is just a black pit. When I say he can swap to this form, its often not willingly due to the way in which he gained his powers. This form is not completely solid, it can shift somewhat, his arms can reshape to blades, his limbs could extend or he could change his hands into a shield or whip. He often climbs on walls and ceilings, gecko style. Whatever his body is made up of in this form is harder than human flesh, it makes him a lot tougher than the average human. He has no organs in this form either as far as he can tell, no blood comes out when he is split. He is far from invulnerable though, heat and electricity affect him just like anybody else.

    And here's the template. I hope to meet you soon!

    Physical appearance:
    Usual outfit:
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  2. Oh also, I forgot to mention, I will be putting it to a vote with what direction people to wish to take this rp. If everybody would rather I just create the story myself that's fine but I love the effect of several minds coming together to make a story really shine!
  3. Name: Ry Burst
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'11"
    Personality: The best way to describe Ry's personality, is a ball of fire that's never goes out. He is very passionate about everything he does. He loves to help others and have fun, always doing having more than enough energy. He can sometimes seem hyperactive. He is quick to assume something, and even quicker to act upon it. He will never give up. No matter what it takes, he refuses to give up.
    Apperance: He has emerald green eyes, and light brown hair. He has a goofy lopsided smile and looks always happy. When upset, and when he is fired up, he hits his teeth and his hair spikes up.
    Usual Outift: Always wears a black fireproof suit under his clothes. Over the suit he wears a red t-shirt and white open hoodie. He has Navy blue jeans and red converse sneakers. On his head, he has a pair of goggles, which he has on his forehead. Over his shoulder is a brown leather satchel for having his tools.
    Powers: At a young age, he was a Pyromaniac. He played with matches and never got burnt. His father who was an engineer, fist learned of his son's ability, when he took him to work one day. His father was a mechanic, and when a fire broke lose, Ry stopped the flames. He absorbed them into his palms.
    Ry has the ability to create, absorb and manipulate fire. He also has an immunity to it. He sometimes screws around by making shapes of dragons with his flames. He also has a transformation., When angry or upset, something inside him triggers releasing his flames. His body becomes incases in flames, and his senses and strengths multiply. However he loses most forms of control when in this form, so he tries to use it very little. This is also the reason he wears a fire proof suit. He shows n affect from heat increases and his body tempature is never affected by his surroundings, as in when it's hot or cold, he feels no change in tempature. When he uses his power, his eyes turn red and his hair spikes up.
    After using his powers, he expirences fatigue and becomes very hungry. This gives him a big appetite.
    Extra: He is a mechanic. He loves to create small things, like machines, doohickeys, and sometime little gadgets that help him. He has small pieces of scrap and tools in his satchel to tinker with.
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  4. Approved! If we just get a few more people we'll be ready to go :)

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